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Recently while on my visit to my dentist for an implant, I was shown a color card to select the color of the teeth that suits mine. And I found out that my teeth are not milky white in color and has a light yellow tinge to it. The yellow tinge is not due to any lack of hygiene on my part, but is rather genetic. The whole idea behind narrating this incident is that this was the first time that I came to know of the fact that teeth are not always milky or pearl white in color and so all promises of a milky white teeth made by leading toothpastes may turn to be untrue. But none the less, maintaining the oral hygiene is of utmost importance and this is where your toothpaste can do its job. So forget about getting a sparkling set of teeth after using a certain tube of toothpaste, rather you can be wise and choose one that suits you and maintains the oral health.

There are a ton of toothpaste brands accessible in the market from which you could choose the one that you observe to be most reasonable for your requirements and wishes. India is the country where Ayurveda borns. Therefore, Indian toothpaste brands always prefer to use the natural ingredients that our ancestors used directly. Here we at Fashion Guruji have come up with the list of  10 Best Toothpaste Brands in India to help you to choose the best product for your teeth care.

Best Toothpaste In India

Patanjali Dant Kanti

Patanjali Dant KantiPatanjali products are favored by many and if you are one of them you might already be using the Patanjali Dant Kanti toothpaste. Patanjali claims that this product acts as a dental guard and also enhances dental beauty. This completely natural product is supposed to diminish gingivitis, pyria and bad odour on regular use.

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Colgate Toothpaste

ColgateOne of the oldest and leading brands in India whose name is synonymous to toothpastes, Colgate has been ruling the industry for quite some time now. It is unarguably the best toothpaste brand in India and has come a long way since its inception. Colgate has a wide range of toothpastes viz. Colgate Strong Teeth, Colgate Max Fresh, Colgate Sensitive Original, Colgate Total, Colgate Visible White, Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief, Colgate Fresh Energy Gel, Colgate Active Salt and Colgate Herbal. Colgate has a special range of toothpastes for kids. All of them primarily aim at giving maximum protection to the teeth and providing fresh breath

Close Up Toothpaste

close up toothpasteThis is the first brand to introduce gel toothpastes and have been the brand that represents the youth since 1967. Marketed by Unilever Ltd. this brand has combined toothpastes with mouthwash gels and aims at providing long lasting freshness along with teeth whitening. It claims to remove the yellow stains that are formed due to lack of hygiene. Close Up Diamond Attraction Power White, Close Up Deep Action, Close Up Fire Freeze, Close Up Icy White and Close Up White Now are the different categories which are available in the market.

Pepsodent Toothpaste

Pepsodent ToothpasteAnother brand from the house of Hindustan Unilever Ltd., Pepsodent was launched in India in 1993 and has gained immense popularity since then. Pepsodent claims to bring about the prevention of germ formation with an ingredient derived from the sassafras tree and has been endorsed by the World Dental Association (FDI) globally. Pepsodent Germi-Check, Pepsodent Clove and Salt, Pepsodent Super Salt, Pepsodent 2 in 1, Pepsodent Gum Care and Pepsodent Whitening are some of its major toothpastes.

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Sensodyne Toothpaste

Sensodyne ToothpasteTeeth that have become sensitive to cold and the cooling effect of most toothpastes should be treated with sensitive toothpastes and Sensodyne is one of the leading sensitive toothpastes in the country. Sensodyne is owned by GlaxoSmithKline and claims to be the No.1 dentist recommended sensitive toothpastes in the world. Sensodyne Repair and Protect, Sensodyne Rapid Relief, Sensodyne Fresh Mint and Sensodyne Fresh Gel are the different varieties available.

Dabur Meswak Toothpaste

Dabur Meswak ToothpasteDabur is one of the leading manufacturers of Ayurvedic consumer products since 1884 and it has its own range of dental care products. The dental care products are by the names of Dabur Babool, Dabur Meswak, Dabur Red Paste and Dabur Lal Dant Manjan. While the Dabur Red Paste and Dabur Lal Dant Manjan gives you complete oral care the Bobool and Meswak toothpastes are enriched with extracts of the babool and meswak respectively to add to its effects. Dabur also has a Promise and a Red Gel toothpaste.

Oral B Toothpaste

oral b toothpasteOwned by the American Multinational Company, Procter and Gamble, Oral B has been associated with oral hygiene for quite some time now. The Oral B toothpastes are marketed under the following categories viz. Oral B Gum and Enamel Repair, Oral B Complete, Oral B Pro Expert, Oral B 3D White and Oral B Kids. The Oral B toothpastes contain the patented stannous fluoride complex that has numerous effects including protection from plaque, helps fights gum problems and relieves you from sensitive teeth.

Himalaya Dental Cream

Himalaya Dental CreamThe Himalaya Drug Company dates back to 1930 and Himalaya Herbal Healthcare’s Dental Cream is the most popular toothpaste from this house. This all natural toothpaste has bishop’s weed, fluorspar, neem, pomegranate, toothache tree, babool, triphala, five leaved chaste tree as its ingredients.  The other toothpastes from Himalaya herbals are the Himalaya Complete Care Herbal Toothpaste, Himalaya Mint Fresh Herbal Toothpaste, Himalaya Neem and Pomegranate Toothpaste, Himalaya Sensi Relief Herbal Toothpaste and Himalaya Sparkly White Herbal Toothpaste.

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Vicco Vajradanti

Vicco VajradantiIf you were a kid or a teenager in the early 1980s and have been an avid viewer of television, then this is the toothpaste that is associated with breaking a walnut shell with your teeth. Vicco Vajradanti toothpaste has babool, bakul, jambhul, lavang, manjistha, bor, acrod, akkal-kadha, jasthimadh, ajwan, dalchini, khair, patang, harada, vajradanti, anantmul, amla, behada, kavab-chini and maifal as its ingredients. All these ingredients have therapeutic properties and help in giving you complete protection and stronger teeth. They do have a Vicco Vajradanti Powder for those who prefer the powdered form.

Amway Glister Toothpaste

amway glister toothpasteGlister toothpaste has gained immense popularity in recent times. It contains fluoride as an active ingredient that prevents plaque formation and a polishing agent named Sylodent that helps in removing stains that may have developed due to coffee, cigarettes etc.

These are the top 10 most selling Toothpaste Brands in India. All these toothpaste brands are well liked our families. As the market has a lot of variety but you should aware of choosing the perfect toothpaste for strong white teeth. You can keep on changing your toothpaste to suit your needs but using a sensitive toothpaste when it is not required is something that you should avoid. That’s what my dentist suggests and may be yours too.

Comment down below which toothpaste brand you use in your family.

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Alcohol is not an ideal solution for everything but when it is rum, it means fun and life without rum has no point. Rum is one of the favorite alcoholic drinks, which has an avid fan following among party lovers around the whole india. In a Rum their is a special taste and a unique flavor. Most of the people love Rum and are known for some interesting tastes and collection they possess.

When Rum connoisseur Erik Voskamp says, “There’s a rum for everyone but they don’t know it ….yet” you got to believe him. The earliest reference of rum dates back to a 1651 document from Barbados. Rum is usually produced by countries that have high sugarcane production and most of the rum producing nations belong to Latin America or Caribbean Islands. India has its own share of rum production which is not only for domestic consumption but it’s also one of the exporters of rum to the world. So, Here is a list of top 10 best rum brands in India, we have also mentioned their price but it can change from state to state and time to time.

Best Rum Brands in India

Malibu Rum

Malibu RumThe rum that has its origins in Barbados and is famous all over the world for its unique coconut flavor is manufactured by Pernod Ricard and is a favorite cocktail base. This white base rum has a slight sweet taste that adds a specific character to it. Malibu is also available in other flavors like the Malibu Island Spice, Malibu sunshine, Malibu Sundae, Malibu Swirl, Malibu Mango, Malibu Banana, Malibu Passion Fruit, Malibu Pineapple and Malibu Island Melon although only Malibu Original, Malibu Red (Rum and tequila) and Malibu Snowcoco are available in Indian markets. Malibu also has a dark-rum by the name of Malibu Black.

Alcohol content: 21%

Malibu Rum Price in India

Price by volume: 750ml- INR 1650/-

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Bacardi Rum

Bacardi RumSince its inception in 1862, Bacardi has been one of the most popular brands among the Indian manufactured foreign liquors category. This rum has a sweet and fruity taste with notes of vanilla complementing it. Bacardi has three main varieties based on the hue and density namely, Bacardi Black (Dark rum), Bacardi Superior (White Rum) and Bacardi Gold (Gold Rum) along with flavored ones like the Lemon, Orange, Raspberry, Apple and Dragon-berry.

Alcohol Content: 42.8%

Bacardi Rum Price in India

Price by volume:  Bacardi Superior 1lt- INR 1300/-

Bacardi Black 750ml- INR 875/-

Bacardi Gold 750ml- INR 1100/-

Havana Club Rum

Havana Club RumAnother stellar from the house of Pernod Ricard and the Cuban Government, the Havana club rum is bottled in Punjab and has a rich chocolate taste attached to it. Havana Club has dark as well as white rums to its credit. The variants differ in age. Hence you have Havana Club Añejo Blanco, Havana Club Añejo 3 Años, Havana Club Añejo Especial, Havana Club Añejo Reserva and Havana Club Añejo 7 Años.

Alcohol Content: 40%

Havana Club Rum Price in India

Price by volume: Havana Club 750ml- INR 800/-

Captain Morgan Rum

Captain Morgan RumThis is one of the most popular spiced rums available in the market. The Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold, Captain Morgan White Rum and Captain Morgan Jamaican Rum are the three varieties available in the market. It is marketed in India by Diageo.

Alcohol content: 42.8%

Captain Morgan Rum Price in India

Price by volume: Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum 750ml- INR 960/-

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Hercules Rum

Hercules RumSold mostly to the defence personnel, Hercules is an extremely popular Indian Rum with dark and white variants. Hercules Deluxe Rum, Hercules XXX Rum and Hercules White Rum are available in the market.

Alcohol Content: 42.8%

Hercules Rum Price in India

Price by volume: Hercules Deluxe 1lt-INR 637/-

Hercules White 750ml-INR 674/-

Mc Dowell’s Rum

Mc Dowells RumThe most popular rums in India, the Mc Dowell’s No.1 Celebration rum is a product of the United Breweries and has a distinct vanilla and caramel flavor to it. The brand has a white rum in the name of Mc Dowell’s No.1 Caribbean apart from its more popular darker variant.

Alcohol content: 42.8%

Mc Dowell’s Rum Price in India

Price by volume: Mc Dowell’s No.1 Celebration rum 750ml-INR 280/-

Jolly Roger Rum

Jolly Roger RumProduced by Allied Blenders and Distillers, Jolly Rogers is prepared by the fermentation of molasses. It is a matured rum with a note of spices and is often favored by ones who prefer a strong flavor.

Alcohol Content: 42.8%

Jolly Roger Rum Price in India

Price by volume: Jolly Rogers 750ml- INR 270/-

Contessa Rum

Contessa RumWinner of the Silver medal at Monde Selection 2008 and a Bronze Medal at International wine and spirit competition in 2007, Contessa Special XXX Rum from the house of Radico Khaitan, is the only rum in India which is produced from cane juice. The rum has a note of raisins in it.

Alcohol Content: 42.8%

Contessa Rum Price in India

Price by Volume: Contessa Special XXX Rum 750ml- INR 260/-

Old Port Rum

Old Port RumThis rum is manufactured by Amrut Distilleries, India. It has a rich vanilla flavor with a hint of butterscotch and molasses. Old Port has four variants i.e. Old Port Deluxe Rum, Amrut XXX Classic Rum, Old Port Matured Rum and Amrut XXX.

Alcohol Content: 40% approximately

Old Port Rum Price in India

Price by Volume: Contessa Special XXX Rum 750ml –INR 260/- | 375ml – INR 135/-| 180ml – INR 65/-

Old Monk Rum

Old Monk RumAnd we have saved the best for the last. They say that once you have tasted Old Monk you wouldn’t like to settle for anything else. It is the most celebrated rum in India with a predominantly large loyal fan base. The rum produced by Mohan Meakin Ltd, has a dark hue and a distinct note of vanilla in its taste. Old Monk is aged for a minimum of 7 years and also has a 12 year old variant. This rum launched in 1954 has been the largest selling dark rum in the world at a time according to TOI reports. You can choose from 6 different varieties Old Monk Supreme Rum, Old Monk Gold Reserve Rum, Old Monk XXX Rum, Old Monk Deluxe XXX rum, Old Monk White Rum and Old Monk Legend Limited Edition Rum.

Alcohol Content- 42.8%

Old Monk Rum Price in India

Price by volume: Old Monk Supreme Rum 750ml- INR 600/-

Old Monk Gold Reserve Rum 750ml- INR 550/-

Old Monk Classic Rum 1lt- INR 528/-

The consumption of rum in India has decreased considerably over the years with foreign liquors making their ways into the Indian market but a percentage of the population still believe, “Once a rum man, always a rum man.”

Comment down below which is your favorite rum brands which you tasted in in your life. Hope this article help you to selecting the best rum brands for your drinks. Keep Coming on Fashion Guruji!!!!

Hello Everyone…

I am littlebit busy with my college project this week, so no video on my Youtube Channel Fashion Guruji.

I started the FashionGuruji YouTube channel in 2017. Since then – the channels targeted towards helping men have exploded.

I am a self-proclaimed YouTube junky boy.  I don’t know about you guys, but I’d much rather watch the videos than read anything or the book. If there is something I need to learn, buy, or research you can bet I’ll be on YouTube scrolling through videos until I find what I need.  The topic of men’s fashion, grooming & styling is something that I have been learning about, almost exclusively on YouTube, for some time now.  So I thought I would share with you to best youtube channels for indian men.

The following criteria were applied to score these men’s fashion & style youtube channels:

  • The total number of subscribers.
  • The total number of video views.
  • Activity in the last 60 days.
  • Quality of content (rated 1-10)
  • Our very subjective opinions

Fashionable Brat -RG

Fashionable Brat RG Youtube Channel
Fashionable Brat RG

Youtube Channel Name: Fashionable Brat -RG
Number of Videos: 65 Videos
Topics They Cover:  Hair Care, Skin care
Number of Subscriber: 332,300 subscribers
Connect His Social Medias: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
One of His Popular Videos

Man Behind Fashionable Brat -RG: RG Mahajan
RG Mahajan from Fashionable Brat Rg
RG Mahajan

UrbanGabru Men’s LifeStyle

UrbanGabru Mens LifeStyle Youtube Channel
UrbanGabru Men’s LifeStyle

Youtube Channel Name: UrbanGabru Men’s LifeStyle
Number of Videos: 81 Videos
Topics They Cover: Men’s Fashion trends, Hair Care & Styling, Grooming
Number of Subscriber: 307,302 subscribers
Connect His Social Medias: Facebook, Instagram
One of His Popular Videos

Man Behind UrbanGabru Men’s LifeStyle: Lakshay Thakur
Lakshay Thakur from UrbanGabru Men's Life Style
Lakshay Thakur

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Danish Zehen – Lifestyle

Danish Zehen Lifestyle Youtube Channel
Danish Zehen – Lifestyle

Youtube Channel Name: Danish Zehen – Lifestyle
Number of Videos: 82 Videos
Topics They Cover: Vlogging on Street, Shopping in market, Hair Care & Styling, Grooming, Indian Lifestyle
Number of Subscriber: 310,178 subscribers
Connect His Social Medias: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat
One of His Popular Videos

Man Behind Danish Zehen – Lifestyle: Danish Zehen
Danish Zehen from Danish Zehen - Lifestyle
Danish Zehen

Be Ghent

Be Ghent Youtube Channel
Be Ghent

Youtube Channel Name: Be Ghent
Number of Videos: 85 Videos
Topics They Cover: Men’s Fashion trends, Men’s Styling, Hair Care & Styling, Men’s fashion Tips, Travels
Number of Subscriber: 302,001 subscribers
Connect His Social Medias: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
One of His Popular Videos

Man Behind Be Ghent: Rishi Arora
Rishi Arora from Beghent
Rishi Arora

Asad Ansari

Asad Ansari Youtube Channel
Asad Ansari

Youtube Channel Name: Asad Ansari
Number of Videos: 43 Videos
Topics They Cover: Hair Care & Styling, skin Care
Number of Subscriber: 287,829 subscribers
Connect His Social Medias: Instagram, Facebook
One of His Popular Videos

Man Behind Asad Ansari: Asad Ansari
Asad Ansari
Asad Ansari


SAYAN Youtube Channel

Youtube Channel Name: SAYAN
Number of Videos: 62 Videos
Topics They Cover: Hair Care & Styles, Skin Care, Men’s Style Guide
Number of Subscriber: 275,075 subscribers
Connect His Social Medias: Facebook, Instagram
One of His Popular Videos

Man Behind SAYAN: Sayan Dutta
Sayan Dutta
Sayan Dutta


YOU R AWESOME Youtube Channel

Youtube Channel Name: YOU R AWESOME
Number of Videos: 60 Videos
Topics They Cover: men’s Fashion Tips, Girls Love & Relationship, Hair Care & Styling
Number of Subscriber: 146,034 subscribers
Connect His Social Medias: Facebook, Twitter
One of His Popular Videos

Man Behind YOU R AWESOME: QAzee
qazee, Founder of YOU R AWESOME

Mayank Bhattacharya

Mayank Bhattacharya Youtube Channel
Mayank Bhattacharya

Youtube Channel Name: Mayank Bhattacharya
Number of Videos: 219 Videos
Topics They Cover: Men’s fashion tips, Mens style guide, Men’s Grooming
Number of Subscriber: 65,488 subscribers
Connect His Social Medias: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
One of His Popular Videos

Man Behind Mayank Bhattacharya: Mayank Bhattacharya
Mayank Bhattacharya
Mayank Bhattacharya


BeerBiceps Youtube Channel

Youtube Channel Name: BeerBiceps
Number of Videos: 287 Videos
Topics They Cover: Foods, Fitness, Men’s Fashion Tips & Style Guide
Number of Subscriber: 872,738 subscribers
Connect His Social Medias: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
One of His Popular Videos

Man Behind BeerBiceps: Ranveer Allahbadia
Ranveer Allahbadia, Owner of BeerBiceps
Ranveer Allahbadia


TheRealMenShow Youtube Channel

Youtube Channel Name: TheRealMenShow
Number of Videos: 60 Videos
Topics They Cover: Hair Styling & care, Grooming
Number of Subscriber: 154,414 subscribers
Connect His Social Medias: Facebook, Instagram
One of His Popular Videos

Man Behind TheRealMenShow: AJeesh Nair
AJeesh Nair, Owner of TheRealManShow
AJeesh Nair

And The Extra One

Fashion Guruji

Fashion Guruji

Youtube Channel Name: Fashion Guruji
Number of Videos: 70 Videos
Topics They Cover: Men’s fashion Tips, Hair care & Styling, Skin Care & Grooming, How To Fashion
Number of Subscriber: 10000 Subscribers
Connect His Social Medias: Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
One of His Popular Videos

Man Behind Fashion Guruji: Prakash Thakur
Prakash Thakur, Owner of Fashion guruji
Prakash Thakur

So Subscrice these youtube channel and follow him on social medias for best tips and guide of men’s fashion and lifestyles. Comment down below which one is your favorite youtube channel of men’s fashion & style and keep coming on your favorite fashion blog

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Are you on the lookout for a fabulous hairstyle? Oviously yes, then look at these hairstyles best suited for Indian men. The best new men’s haircuts and hairstyles for Indian Men are here at Fashion Guruji and we promise there’s something for everyone, including adult men, young boys, teens, and college guys! From straight, curly, and wavy hair types to thick and thin hair textures to short, medium and long hair lengths, check the pictures below show off the most popular haircuts for indian men in 2018.

Best Hairstyles for Indian Men


Indian Mens Hairstyles for Short Hair


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Medium Length Hairstyles for Men


Long Hairstyles for Men


Curly Hairstyles for Men



Pompadour Hairstyle for Men


Hairstyles for Men According to Face Shape

Picking the wrong hairstyle is an easily avoidable mistake many men in india make when sitting in the barber’s chair. So, The solution is Get it right the first time by figuring out the correct hairstyle for your face shape. Here we are giving some best hairstyle for men accourding to face shape.

Oval Face Hairstyles Male

Hairstyle for Oval face Akshay KumarSquare face hairstyles male

Hairstyle for Square faceRectangle face hairstyles male

Hairstyle for rectangle face hrithik roshanRound face hairstyles male

Salman Khan Round face HairstyleDiamond face hairstyles male

Hairstyle for Diamond face Ranbir KapoorHeart face hairstyles male

Heart face hairstyles maleTriangle face hairstyles male

Hairstyle for Triangular face Farhan Akhtar

In a tropical climate where sweat is inevitable getting rid of your body odor becomes a very important part of grooming. Choosing a deodorant that suits you or your preference of fragrance notes has to be coupled with its ability to last all throughout the day. You may prefer them in the form of spray or a stick that can be rolled on easily but it’s almost next to impossible to do without one. Here at Fashion Guruji We are putting a list of the top 10 deodorants for men available in India.

Best Deo for Men in India

Mont Blanc Legend Spirit Deodorant Stick

Mont Blanc Legend Spirit Deodorant StickThough a trusted and reputed manufacturer of writing instruments for over a century, this deodorant stick from Mont Blanc is definitely a winner. The masculine fragrance has clear and distinct top, heart and down notes. The fresh aromatic duo of French Lavandin and Italian Bergamot encompasses the top notes while the heart note reveals the floral woody tones of cedar, Jasmine and pomarose. The deodorant leaves you with dry contrasting down notes of sandalwood and tonka beans.

Price-INR 1,652 (approx for 75gms)

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Armani code for men

Armani code for menThis alcohol free deodorant stick is strong and persistent. It has the characteristic Armani trademark of a seductive fragrance. The deodorant has notes of bergamot and lemon with olive tree blossom, guaiac wood and tonka bean. The stick glides smoothly and provides a long lasting protection from body odour.

Price- INR 2511 (approx for 75gms)

Trussardi Blue Land Deodorant Spray

Trussardi Blue Land Deodorant SprayThis is known for its long lasting presence and protection from body odors and perspiration. The deodorant dries up fast with a fragrance that has notes of bitter orange, ginger, crisp green apple and fresh sea breeze accords. The fragrance is typical of the brand’s Blue Land range and is infused with hyaluronic acid that hydrates the skin.

Price- INR 9319 (approx for 100ml)

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Boss The Scent

Boss The ScentThis deodorant from Hugo Boss is meant to be seductive. The sensually arousing fragrance is marked by the masterful orchestration of masculine leathery notes along with the aphrodisiac maninka fruit from Africa and ends with a fine lingering note of spicy ginger.

Price- INR 920 (Approx for 150ml)

Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Men Deodorant Spray NYC

Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Men Deodorant Spray NYCThis is a classic and timeless creation which is a perfect blend of aristocratic luxury and elegance. The fragrance opens up with top notes of lime and caviar followed by chilled vodka and frozen mint heart notes and ends with a final base note of king wood accords. It also keeps the body cool and dry throughout the day.

Price- INR 950 (Approx for 150ml)

Scuderia Ferrari Black Natural Deodorant Spray

Scuderia Ferrari Black Natural Deodorant SprayThis is one of the best selling deodorants from the house of Scuderia Ferrari. The fragrance which is inspired by spirit, mystery and sensuality has lime, bergamot, red apple and plum as its top notes which flow into the heart of jasmine, rose, cardamom and cinnamon and ends with the base notes of cedar wood, amyris wood, vanilla, amber and musk.

Price-INR 700 (Approx for 150ml)

Prada Luna Men’s Rossa Deodorant Stick 2.5 oz

Prada Luna Men’s Rossa Deodorant Stick 2.5 ozInspired by the sailor, this deodorant reinterprets the traditional ingredients of men’s perfumery. It opens up with the freshness of lavender and bitter orange that forms the backbone of the fragrance and moves into a cool transition of spearmint and sage and finally leaves woody amber notes behind.

Price-INR 2518 (Approx for 75ml)

Issey Miyake Leau Disse Pour Homme

Issey Miyake Leau Disse Pour HommeIssey Miyake deodorant has a fragrance that smoothly blends in the freshness of the citrus notes of yuzu and the woody notes of sandalwood. The distinctive signature masculine fragrance of Issey Miyake strikes a perfect balance between power and delicacy.

Price: INR 2700 (approx for 150ml)

Davidoff Cool Water Mild Deodorant

Davidoff Cool Water Mild DeodorantAs the name suggests this is mild but has a long lasting effect. It has a cool aquatic fragrance blending notes of oakmoss and sandalwood with a heart of musk over a lavender and jasmine base. It is one of the very few deodorants that have maintained their position as bestsellers in world perfumery over the years.

Price- INR 1800 (approx for 75ml)

Old Spice Original High Endurance Deodorant Stick

Old Spice Original High Endurance Deodorant StickThis is a must have in the top ten best deodorant list as it has been in the minds of every man in India since time immemorial. Old Spice exudes masculinity in every aspect and the notes of citrus and clove just gives the final touches to a fragrance that tells you how to smell like a man. This deodorant has exceptional endurance and gives a protection from body odor for more than 24 hours.

Price – INR 650 (Approx for 85gms)

Most of the deodorants that have made their way to our list may seem to be expensive compared to the cheaper varieties flooding the markets now a days but these last for a longer period of time and its worth investing in one if you want to keep fresh all day long.

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Dark circles and under eye bags or puffiness is a common phenomenon that affects most individuals with age. When you grow old the tissues around your eyes weaken along with the muscles that support your eyelids. The fat that supports the eyes may move to the lower eyelids causing them to swell and look puffy. Water or fluid retention may also cause similar effect. If they are not affecting your vision, the need or desire to get rid of them is purely cosmetic. There is a debate on the number of different ways of getting rid of them. Some say that it may be caused because of hereditary reasons or due to lifestyle problems and can be removed by altering or adding a few things to your daily routine while others feel that an external application can solve the problem. So, Here at Fashion Guruji We are select top 10 best under eye creams for men from the internet that would treat puffiness and dark circles.

The Body Shop for Men Maca Root Eye Rescue Serum

The Body Shop for Men Maca Root Eye Rescue SerumThere are very few under eye creams that are specially formulated to suit the man. This is definitely one of them. The easily absorbable serum moisturizes and hydrates the skin near the eyes making them look fresh and less puffy. The Peruvian Maca root and creatine revitalizes the skin while the Brazilian nut oil and sesame oil moisturizes and softens it. The serum also has Vitamin C and E which are natural anti-oxidants that will remove free radicals and protect the skin from environmental aggressors.

Check Price or Buy Now

Natio for Men Firming Roll On eye Serum

Natio for Men Firming Roll On eye SerumThis serum enriched with pure aromatic and essential oils specially targets the under eye bags and dark circles. The plant peptides help in firming the skin while the moisturizing is done by hyaluronate and jojoba. Cucumber and aloe soothe the skin bringing about an all-round effect. The roll-on applicator makes it easy and fuss free to use.

Check Price or Buy Now

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Olay Regenerist Revitalizing Eye Serum

Olay Regenerist Revitalizing Eye SerumThis innovative eye serum contains amino-peptide complex that rejuvenates the skin. The amino-peptides hydrate the skin and firm it reducing the appearance of dark circles and under eye puffiness. The presence of Vitamin E, pro-vitamin B5, green-tea extract, allantoin and glycerin adds to an anti-ageing effect that’s promised by Olay.

Check Price or Buy Now

Himalaya Herbals Under-Eye Cream

Himalaya Herbals Under-Eye CreamEnriched with a safe blend of herbs, this cream boasts of having Cipadessa Baccifera, Winter Begonia and Wheat Germ Oil as its key ingredients. Cipadessa Baccifera helps in reducing the lines and dark circles while Winter Begonia which has high medicinal values lightens the under eye skin and Wheat germ oil which is a natural source of vitamin E hydrates and protects the skin from environmental pollutants and UV rays.

Check Price or Buy Now

Aroma Magic Under-Eye Gel

Aroma Magic Under-Eye GelThis gel comes from the house of the lady who introduced aroma therapy oils in India, Dr. Blossom Kochhar. The gel contains extracts from roses, flaxseed, green tea, aloe-vera, witch hazel, fennel and chamomile. Together they rejuvenate the skin and help in reducing dark circles, under eye puffiness and wrinkles.

Check Price or Buy Now

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Lotus Herbals Nutraeye Rejuvenating & Correcting Eye Gel

Lotus Herbals Nutraeye Rejuvenating & Correcting Eye GelThis gel encompasses the goodness of hydrolyzed Wheat Proteins, Soy Bio Peptides, Rice Bran extracts and Vitamins A and E. It diminishes the under eye lines and wrinkles, reduces the dark circles and puffiness and hydrates the skin around the eyes so that they look fresh and energized.

Check Price or Buy Now

Biotique Bio Almond Soothing and Nourishing Eye Cream

Biotique Bio Almond Soothing and Nourishing Eye CreamThis cream has almonds, sunflower gel and nutmeg as its ingredients. Almond extract has proteins that are absorbed slowly into the skin and hydrates it. Sunflower oil helps in reducing the fine lines around your eyes and the nutmeg extract has anti-inflammatory properties that reduces and minimizes the puffiness.

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Oriflame Sweden Ecollagen Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream

Oriflame Sweden Ecollagen Wrinkle Correcting Eye CreamEnriched with plant stem cell extract this easily absorbable cream stimulates the production of collagen and re-plumps wrinkles from within. Though known for removing wrinkles, regular application with the roll-on applicator shows a marked reduction in the dark circles and under eye puffiness.

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Khadi Herbal Under Eye Gel

Khadi Herbal Under Eye GelThis wonder gel has Almond Oil, Jaiphal Oil, Sunflower Oil, Sandal Oil, Wheatgerm Oil, Olive Oil, Aloevera and Soya Protein as its ingredients and reduces the dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles under the eyes with immediate effect.

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St.Botanica Under Eye Gel

St.Botanica Under Eye GelThis gel is packed with aloe vera, cucumber, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, argan oil and Vitamin B3. This gel soothes and awakens the puffy eyes while moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin from a cellular level.

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So we have given you a list of some of the best under eye creams for men in the market. I would personally prefer combining the best of both i.e. altering the lifestyle a bit along with the application of an under eye cream. You can continue debating or get a first hand proof by trying one yourself. Comment down below which under eye cream you use in daily life.

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You might have often seen a short stemmed succulent plant with thick leaves in the form of a rosette in a pot in your friend’s balcony or you might own one yourself. This plant which has been grown as an ornamental plant in almost every alternate house in the tropical regions has more than just ornamental value attached to it. If you just rip open one of the leaves, you will find a gel like substance that forms the major part of the leaves. This translucent gel attributes to the wide array of benefits that Aloe Vera has on human beings.

The recorded use of Aloe Vera by humans dates back to 16th century BC. It has been mentioned in the Ebers Papyrus (an Egyptian Medical record). In ancient Egypt it was known as the “plant of immortality”.  There are even stories that Cleopatra used aloe vera to maintain her youthful appearance. Today it is used as a flavoring agent in foods, in medicines and is also used in cosmetics.

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To choose your aloe vera product smartly you need to be wise and consider a few points before investing in one.

  • Be sure of the aloe vera content in the product. Choose a product with a high aloe vera content over the ones which just boosts of its presence.
  • Choose a product with the International Aloe Science Council seal. The product needs to be approved by the Council and shouldn’t be just a part of the advertisement campaign.
  • A pure Aloe Vera product is always more potent and beneficial than one that has “Aloe vera extract” or “reconstituted aloe vera” in it.

We would now give you a list of the 10 best aloe vera products that we know of along with their benefits.

Best Aloe Vera Products

Rustic Art Organic Aloe Vera- Neem Basil Gel

Rustic Art Organic Aloe Vera- Neem Basil GelYou have to be extremely careful in choosing a product for babies. This gel from Rustic Art is 100% natural and packed with the goodness of aloe-vera, neem and basil. It soothes nappy rashes, moisturizes rough knees, soothes insect bites, can be used for minor cuts & wounds, heals inflammation, and relieves itching. This complete skin care gel though suited for babies of all skin types, a patch test should always be done before starting off with this product.

Price: Rs. 320

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Seven Minerals 99% Organic Aloe Vera Gel

Seven Minerals Organic Aloe Vera GelThis gel from Seven Minerals is 100% natural and 99% organic. Seaweed extract is used as a natural thickener in this gel instead of xanthan. The gel can be used to treat face skin and hair. It is absorbed rapidly in the skin and does not leave any sticky residue behind. It can be used as an after shave or to treat dandruff as well.

Price: Rs. 1387

GNC Natural Brand Aloe Vera Juice

GNC Natural Brand Aloe Vera JuiceContaining 99.7% certified aloe vera juice along with citric acid, this GNC product is definitely worth a mention in our list. It contains maximum amount of aloepolysaccharides, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes per serving. It is devoid of alloin and emodin, the bitter constituents of aloe vera and aids in digestion.

Price: Rs. 1279

Kama Ayurveda Organic Aloe Vera Juice

Kama Ayurveda Organic Aloe Vera JuiceThis is a 100% organic unadulterated aloe vera juice. Not essentially consumed as in drunk, this juice is used as an astringent and also as a hydrating lotion and applied with facial masks. It can also be used as an excellent after shave lotion. It’s supposed to be a daily remedy for naturally glowing skin.

Price: Rs. 550

Forest Essentials Light Hydrating Facial Gel

Forest Essentials Light Hydrating Facial GelForest Essentials is a reputed brand in Skin Care. This light and cool facial gel has Genhu extracts along with pure aloe vera gel. It soothes and moisturizes the skin while the genhu is said to prevent premature ageing and protect your skin from the UV rays.

Price: Rs. 1300

GNC Natural Brand Aloe Vera Gel (dietary supplement)

GNC Natural Brand Aloe Vera Gel (dietary supplement)This gel comes in the form of capsules and is a perfect dietary supplement. The capsule enables easy intake and aids in digestion, reduces inflammation and induces healing of tissues. A single capsule contains 25mg of Aloe vera in the ratio 200:1 along with soyabean oil, gelatin and glycerin.

Price: Rs. 1679

Amara Organics Aloe vera Gel

Amara Organics Aloe vera GelThis cold pressed aloe vera gel contains 99.75% pure aloe vera and 0.25% natural preservatives. This is 100 % organic gel and is suitable for the treatment of acne, dandruff, scalp itch, insect bites, sunburn, razor burn, and rashes. It can be used as a great after shave, hair gel, or leave in conditioner for stronger, shinier hair. This gel works great for pet’s dry or irritated skin as well. It absorbs quickly on the skin and does not leave any sticky residue. What more, they give you a complete money back if you are not satisfied with the product.

Price: Rs. 2114

Jason Moisturizing 84% Aloe Vera Shampoo

Jason Moisturizing 84% Aloe Vera ShampooFortified with Aloe vera and Spirulina Maxima extracts, this shampoo is essentially for dry hair. The Equisetum Arvense Leaf Extract and Vitamin E retains the moisture in the hair and add shine to it. This shampoo is also suitable for colored hair. This product is IASC certified.

Price: Rs. 1938

Seven Mineral’s Aloe Vera skin and body Spray

Seven Mineral’s Aloe Vera skin and body SprayThis is 99% organic. It is free of thickeners and is an excellent daily moisturizer for the entire body. It absorbs easily in the skin. Seven Minerals also offer a money back guarantee on their products.

Price: Rs. 2558

Pharm-Aloe 98% Aloe Vera Leaf Gel

Pharm-Aloe 98% Aloe Vera Leaf GelWe had saved the best for the last. This Aloe vera juice is considered to be the best in the market due to its high aloe vera content and MPS value. It’s a perfect dietary supplement and an excellent laxative.

Price: Rs. 1442

So we have given you a list of some of the best aloe vera products in the market. They may seem a little expensive compared to the cheap varieties available. But if you want the benefits of aloe vera in your product then these are the ones to select from and you can notice the difference for yourself. Comment down below which aloe bera product you use in daily life.

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We are getting many Emails, messages on facebook, People always ask ” I want to work in Bollywood Films, How to become a bollywood actor” etc. These are the basic things to do which you need to become a actor in Bollywood or in any film industry in india.

How to Become a Bollywood Actor
How to Become a Bollywood Actor

Bollywood is one of the biggest film industry of the world. Producing over 1000 films per year &with an industry worth of multi-billion dollars. more than 2.2 billion movie tickets are sold in Indiaevery year, placing the country as the leading film market in the world. There are thousands of young men & women trying to get into the industry. The industry will give you fame, money & everything else you can imagine of. On the flip side there is no easy way to get into Bollywood. The following ways might make your life a little easier.

Basic Thing You Need To Enter In Bollywood

Acting Classes

Anupam kher acting classClose your eyes & get into acting classes first. Join any type of acting class, community classes, performance centre anything will do. Try to find out classes which promote or teach Bollywood acting style. The best would be getting into a recognised institute for learning acting, for which you may need to travel to another city or state. Often you’ll be able to find & meet big & famous producers, directors or actors.

Dancing Class

Dancing ClassDancing is a part & parcel of Bollywood movies. No Bollywood movie is complete without great dance. Bollywood dance or western dance either would fetch you great scores. There are many famous dance academies which would work great for you. Often academies run by famous choreographers would end you up in big Bollywood award functions. Shamak Davar Dance Academy or Ganesh Acharya Dance academy are few great academies you can join in.

Get Into Modelling

Get Into ModellingModelling is a great way to get into Bollywood. If not directly but through small commercials or photoshoot for some consumer products or any kind of product. Often working with industry specialists would end you in the path of any director or producer.

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Stay Healthy & Fit

Stay Healthy & FitFitness is one of the major priority of the recent Bollywood. There was time when actor & actresses where not health conscious or fitness conscious but as of now people themselves are fonder of fitness & like watching fit actor & actresses on screen. So remember if you want to get into Bollywood then eat healthy, stay fit &exercise daily.

Keep Auditioning

Casting Calls: A small part would also help

Always, at any time, whenever you get a change attend any casting calls. Only attending casting calls would take you closer for a proper bollywood movie role. You might have to go off to Mumbai for a proper casting calls. Another part which is important while attending the casting calls is choose only the once which fits your physical description & training. Going to casting calls will give you chance to meet directors & producers, also increase your confidence.

Be Prepared

Preparation is the key. Always be prepared for any audition. A great audition can send you in the land of opportunities. Practice would make you perfect &remember to practice hard. Stand in front of a mirror & practice if you need to but remember to practice hard.

Show Your Talent

A chance is only a chance & you may have just have one chance. When you get a chance don’t let you go of it & grab it with both hands. Don’t hesitate & don’t be shy to show off your talents. Break your boundaries & shine on.

Might Help

If you are landing up with few or many opportunities hiring a talent manager would help. A good talent manager would find you good opportunities. Whenever you get traction in the industry getting a talent manager would help you more.

Strong Networking

Social Media

Social media is one of the best way to create or expand your network. Get connected with people who can influence. Often good connection can end you with great chances, & obviously one chance can change the whole scenario for you. Connect with celebrities on Facebook, Instagram. There are chances they might notice you. It is all about getting noticed in the Bollywood, now it is also important to maintain your social media account properly. Showcase your dance moves, modelling pictures or anything you may think it will work.

Reality Shows

Now a days, reality shows is on the boom speacially Bigg Boss, If you enter in any reality shows then they can be a stepping stone for your entry in bollywood. There are lots of reality shows in indian like Rodies, Dance shows, singing shows or any other shows. Once you got on the Tv screen, entry to bollywood can be very easier.

A Mentor would be a great help

There are people in film industry who have mentors & they have got opportunities through them. Having a mentor would help in other aspects too. Mentors are people who are often experienced & senior in the Industry. Getting their piece of little experience, knowledge or anything from them would be useful & helpful at the same time.

Attend Bollywood Parties or Events (If Possible)

Attend Bollywood Parties or EventsIt is important to create network in every Industry. Networking has become a mantra for success in a way. I accept it is difficult to get an invitation for any kind of celebrity event but at any point if you find one it would be a perks in getting into Bollywood.

Hard work is the key to success, you cannot have a shortcut into things. The three steps that are discussed about above are not a full proof without your hard work. Go ahead with your dream & remember only you can achieve your dream for you.

Special Information: If You are a Male Model or Aspiring Model, You can send us your Portfolio at If Your portfolio will match our criteria and if you will be Lucky, You will have chance to get Feature on so Don’t Forget to send us your Portfolio.

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Sooraj Mahato is a freelance model from Kolkata (West Bengal). By nature he is very down to earth and simple person, love to make friends and meet people, looking forward to make name & fame in the fashion industry. He is interested in Modeling, Acting in Print Media, Catalogue, Ramp Walk shows etc. His perfect jaw line and posing style gives him very handsome and attractive looks.

Sooraj Mahato Model from Kolkata
Sooraj Mahato

Sooraj Mahato’s bold and impressive looks gives him an edge above the other competing models in this category. He loves to spend time in surfing and also always in search of updates with latest fashion technologies & working-out in gym. He wants to be a distinctive model cum bollywood actor. He believes in trying new themes and explore the world.

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Here at Fashion Guruji, We are giving some photoshoot of Sooraj Mahato, You can learn some dressing styles and posing style from him.

Keep Silent

Sooraj Mahato Kolkata

Full of Swag

Sooraj Mahato Model from Kolkata

Black & White

Sooraj Mahato Photoshoot

Leaning Pose With Style

Sooraj Mahato Photo Pose

A casual pose

Sooraj Mahato Model Kolkata

Sooraj Mahato in Shopping Mall

Sooraj Mahato Model

Breakup Pose in College Dress

Sooraj Mahato College Look

Desi Look

Sooraj Mahato Desi Look

Crossed arms Pose with Black Outfit

Sooraj Mahato in Black

Focus on the Pose

suraj mahato model kolkataInformation About Sooraj Mahato

Name – Sooraj Mahato

Country – India

City – Kolkata

Date of Birth – 9 April, 1995

Eye color – Black

Hair color – Black

Weight – 60 Kg

Shoe size – 8

Height – 5 Ft. 6 Inch

Marital status – Single

Languages known – Hindi, English, Bengali, Bhojpuri

Modeling Agencies or Advertising Agencies can Contact him on his given mail id, rest of us can check his profile dressing sense and poses.

You can Connect with him on



Email Id:

Special Information: If You are a Male Model or Aspiring Model, You can send us your Portfolio at If Your portfolio will match our criteria and if you will be Lucky, You will have chance to get Feature on so Don’t Forget to send us your Portfolio.

Our outfits have evolved over the time making it colourful, stylish & comfortable. Nehru Jacket as the name suggests it is hip length jacket which our Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru used to wear from 1947-1964. But Nehru jackets can be traced back to the times of Mughals. Over the year it evolved to Sherwanis to very recent formal wears & informal wears which are shorter in length.

The evolution has given a long line of different types of Nehru jackets which varies from fit, fabrics, to design. Nehru jackets have evolved to be a particular apparel which can be wore for all types of occasion starting from formal meetings to wedding. So Here at Fashion Guruji We are suggested some nehru jacket styles which you love to wear.

Stylish Nehru Jackets for Men

Nehru Jackets On the basis of Fabrics

Linen Nehru Jackets

Linen Nehru JacketsThese are made out of linen fabrics. It is one of the most common fabrics used which can be used in summer as well. This gives a touch of both modern & classic design which goes well with Indian ethnic as well as western semiformal dresses. These are light in weight & suits. you can style these nehru jacket in several ways and feel very comfortable.

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Jute Nehru Jackets

Jute Nehru JacketsThis is a type of Nehrujacket which is woven out of Jute. Jute gives a classic look to your outfit. Good for all season this nehru jacket style type will make you flaunt your outfit.

Khadi Nehru Jackets

Khadi Nehru JacketsThis type is crafted out of Khadi as the major material & is time-honoured. Favoured by all age groups this type is not available easily & is little costly as compared with the others. Looks best when paired with ethnic Indian dress.

Polyester Nehru Jacket

This type is usually polyester & cotton mix. Often have a light shiny finish which is favoured by young guys. It looks best when paired with trouser & shirt. It is not an all-weather jacket as polyester doesn’t allow breathability.

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Silk Nehru Jackets

This is a very light jacket as silk itself is very light. Have a very shiny finish with bright colours & would obviously not meant for any formal occasion. It will also not be good for summer places with high humidity as silk will make you sweat a lot.

Cotton Nehru Jackets

Maroon Cotton Nehru JacketsThis is the best of the lot. It is trendy, comfortable & have lots of option. Easily washable, this kind have a huge fan following. It is available in both 100% & mix cotton option. Can be used in any season & fits perfectly in any occasion be it a formal meeting with your boss or a party night with your friends.

Woolen Nehru Jackets

Even Woolen Black Nehru Jacket for MenThis is one of the type which is a must have for all of you guys. Woollen jackets are best for winters & it requires dry wash. Comes with sophisticated as well as bright colours it suits all occasion & is meant for all age groups. Like the Khadi Jackets these are also on higher side of the price line.

Velvet Nehru Jackets

Velvet Nehru JacketThis is another type which have a velvety finish on the outside. It gives a different look to your outfit & is perfect for party wear or evening wear. It also requires dry wash. It is for young men out there &pairs perfectly with casual attire. This will suit all weather conditions but is best for winter.

Poly Viscose Nehru Jackets

Raymond Ethnix Blue Printed Poly Viscose Nehru JacketThis one is a mix of polyester & synthetic. This is another great jacket for summer season. It is light weighted & is very breathable fabric.

Nehru Jackets On the basis of Design

Checked Nehru Jackets

As the name suggests these are checked in design. Checks varies from small checks to big checks & looks good. Suits all age groups & when properly paired it works well both for formal & informal occasion. Checks comes with many fabric types & looks trendy & fashionable.

Striped Nehru Jackets

Stripes are classic & never go out of fashion. It looks different & makes you stand out. Stripes comes both as horizontal & vertical. Vertical stripes make shorter people look taller but if you are a little healthy you should avoid horizontal stripes.

Nehru Jackets On the basis of Fitting

Sleeveless Nehru Jackets

In modern day when we refer to Nehru Jackets it is actually half sleeve. But full sleeve Nehru jackets are also available. This type of jacket is actually setting modern day trend with its versatility & varieties.

Double Brested Nehru Jackets

Double Brested Nehru JacketsThis type of jacket has two buttons which are visible on the outside & looks the best of all types. It is a more formal style of jacket which looks fabulous. Looks great on all age group & makes you look slimmer.

Slim Fit Nehru Jackets

Slim Fit Nehru JacketsA separate category of slim fit Nehru jacket is created because most of the jackets available are comfort fit. This gives you the smartest look as it takes the body shape. It suits all occasion.

How to Style Nehru Jacket

#1. Slim Fit Orange Jacket and Jeans

Slim Fit Orange Jacket and Jeans

#2. Fun Printed with Trousers

Fun Printed with Trousers

#3. Classic and Casual Look

#4. Black Nehru Jacket on Kurta Pyjama

#5. Woolen Nehru Jacket with Jeans

Woolen Nehru Jacket with Jeans

#6. Teal Blue Velvet Nehru Jacket With Trouser

Teal Blue Velvet Nehru Jacket With Trouser

#7. Simple Red Nehru Jacket and Kurta

#8. Loose Fitting Nehru Jacket with Jeans

Loose Fitting Nehru with JeansNehru Jacket is a must have for all the men. Such a versatile attire that suits all occasion & nearly all season. Hope this guide will give you guys an in- depth of all types of Nehru jackets & help you to choose the perfect one for your wardrobe. Comment down below with your best nehru jacket style & let us know about your choices and keep coming on India’s Mens Fashion and Style Blog.