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Men and their fashion trends that they have started to follow in the last decade has changed the course of men style statements. Not just with branded clothes now men also experiment their looks with innovative hairstyles and facial hair accourding to newest trends.

Now a days Goatee beard style is the popular facial hair style for business professionals, college students, and guys in general, the goatee just seems to look great regardless which variation you choose. First, let us tell you what is a goatee. It is a facial hair style which is grown mainly on the chin. To be precise, the width of the goatee beard is the same as the width of our mouth. Since the beard style represents the chin of a goat, the term ‘Goatee’ has emerged. However, there is also a debate among different people whether to call it a goatee or van dyke.

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The first step for having goatee style is understanding which style works best (looking cool) with the shape of your face. Here We are collecting 20 best goatee styles which help you to choose the perfect goatee beard styles for your face or face shape.

#20: The Classic Goatee


#19: The Full Goatee

The Full Goatee Amitabh

#18: The Cool Dude


#17: Robert Downey Junior Goatee (Balbo Style)


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#16: The Landing Strip Goatee

The Landing Strip Goatee

#15: The Van Dyke Goatee

The Van Dyke Goatee

#14: Goatee With Mutton Chops

Goatee With Mutton Chops

#13: Pretty Boy Goatee

Pretty Boy Goatee

#12: Salman Khan Goatee

Salman Khan Goatee

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#11: The Goat’s Goatee

The Goat’s Goatee

#10: Goatee With Chin Strap

Goatee With Chin Strap

#9: Goatee Style for Young

Goatee Style for Young

#8: Bolding in the Bald Head Goatee

Bolding in the Bald Head Goatee

#7: Gaotee With the Mohawk Hair

Gaotee With the Mohawk Hair

#6: Gaotee With the Mohawk Hair

Gaotee With the Mohawk Hair

#5. Virat Kohli Gaotee Style

Virat Kohli Gaotee Style

#4: The Businessman Goatee

The Businessman Goatee

#3: Highlighted Goatee

Highlighted Goatee

#2: Goatee for The Elderly Man

Goatee for Old Man

#1: The Pointed Goatee

The Pointed Goatee

How To Trim and Style Your Goatee

  1. First, Make sure that your skin and the beard are all dry.
  2. Set the beard trimmer settings to 5mm (not more) and Trim your beard and mustaches evenly with beard trimmer.
  3. Depending on the goatee beard style you’ve selected, just follow the pattern and remove the rest of your beard and mustaches except soul patch and wide area underneath your mouth (keep goatee style beard picture infront of you for reference).
  4. If you’re still worried about getting the right goatee style, Dont worry Use precise trimmer and beard shaping tool to create perfectly shaped oval jawbone line and curved lines on soul patch that connect with your beard.

Now, your goatee is ready. But, that’s not the end of it. You’ll need to maintain your goatee style every few days. Hope you like this article, Do you have anything to say about these Goatee facial hairstyles? Please leave your comments below and keep coming on Fashion Guruji.

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Now, there was a time when our grandmother & mother used to tell us to oil our hair daily. Obviouslythey had a reason for that. Oiling is very vital for our hair, for hair nourishment as well as hair growth. Oiling is not only important for women but also for men. There are several types of hair oil which facilitates different aspects like dandruffs, dryness, split ends etc. Here at Fashion Guruji We are providing a list of 10 indian brands of hair growth oil for men with their details which helps to select the perfect hair growth oil for you.

Top 10 Hair Growth Oil for Men

Satthwa Premium Hair Oil

Satthwa Premium Hair OilThis is one of the newest offerings in the market. ‘SATTHWA’ means ‘Pure to the Core’ which is the company’s moto. The oil is 100% natural & is paraben free. Enriched with the goodness of nine different oil which helps control of hair fall, fight dandruffs & facilitates hair growth. Contains Omega 6 & 9, iron, calcium, magnesium & vitamin K.

PRICE: Rs 599

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Bajaj Almond Drops Hair Oil

Bajaj Almond Drops Hair OilThis product from Bajaj has covered 60% of the market share. Mapped with almonds it contains a large amount of Vitamin E. Gives you a non-sticky look the oil is light &gives you scope for hair styling. It nourishes & hydrates hair from the core. With the extracts from real almonds it has 300% more vitamin E than normal coconut oil.

PRICE: Rs 56

Murtela Hair Oil

Murtela Hair OilMURTELA is now making skin care products for nearly a century now. It is one of the fastest growing company in India. Their hair oil is excellent for both men & women. The hair oil not only nourishes the scalp but also aid hair growth by reducing hair fall. It has the grace of Lemon oil, Tea tree oil, Peppermint & Almond. It reduces dandruffs, scalp bacteria, fungi & dryness.

PRICE: Rs 249

Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment

Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Intensive Hair TreatmentKama Ayurveda as the name suggests is a Ayurvedic skin care company who deals with 100% natural products. Their Bringadi hair oil is an all-in-one hair oil which fights hair loss, premature greying, dandruffs & nourishes hair growth at same time. Traditional Ayurvedic formula contains potent herb extract, Sesame Oil & milk. From preventing of hair loss, preventing scalp infection to working as a natural conditioner this oil from Kama Ayurveda is an excellent option.

PRICE: Rs 575

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Khadi Tulsi Oil

Khadi Tulsi OilKhadi is another company which makes 100% natural products. Not only natural this one is handmade. With over 50 authorised dealers & distributors, any product is worth the money you spend. As the name suggests the main ingredient of this oil is Tulsi. It makes hair natural black & healthy. Other than Tulsi it has the best herbs recommended in Ayurveda to prevent hair loss, like Mineral Oil, Sesame oil, Lemon Oil, Basil Oil & Neem oil.

PRICE: Rs 125

Beardo Beard and Hair Growth Oil

Beardo Beard and Hair Growth OilBEARDO is an Indian startup for men’s grooming products. This is a 2 in 1 hair for both of your beard & hair. It promotes growth of hair, nourishes them, makes it frizz free & also nourishes both skin & scalp from the inside. Composed with other great ingredients like Sesame Oil, Rose, Hibiscus & Vitamin B6.

PRICE: Rs 750

Biotique Bio Bhringraj Fresh Growth Oil

Biotique Bio Bhringraj Fresh Growth OilTwo major ingredients of this oil from BIOTIQUE is Amla & Brahmi with combination of Coconut Oil. Amla Oil is known for its induced properties, reducing premature greying & Amla is known for stimulating hair growth. Biotique claims the intensive formula with pure Bhringraj & other Ayurvedic herbs can treat Alopecia & other causes of hair fall.

PRICE: Rs 159

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Himalaya Herbals Anti-Hair Fall Hair Oil

Himalaya Herbals Anti-Hair Fall Hair OilA product from the well-known company Himalaya is worth a mention in this list. Users have a great review about the product. It is enriched with the presence of Bhringraj & Amalaki. It prevents hair fall & nurtures hair growth. The oil is light in nature & is non sticky. It makes the hair soft, thickness, bouncy & reduces frizz. It also reduces split ends& strengthens hair from the roots. Priced very nominally it is an excellent buy. According to me it is the best hair oil in india for hair fall

PRICE: Rs 100

Aroma Magic Stimulate Oil

Another 100 % organic product which is great for hair growth. It helps remove infection & nourishes hairs from the roots & increases blood flow. It prevents hair loss & thinning, boosting hair growth. Ingredients like Eucalyptus Globulus Essential oil, CedrusAtlantica Bark oil etc. makes the perfect product to improve hair growth. It has a sweet smell & is non greasy in nature.

PRICE: Rs 375

Parachute Advanced Scalp Therapie Oil

Parachute Advanced Scalp Therapie OilA Oil from Parachute which contains Coconut Oil, Mineral Oil, Vitamin E & B. It makes hair thickness, softer & healthy from the roots. The oil smells medicinal but not very sticky. It is tested by dermatologists.

PRICE: Rs 150

It is recommended to use the oil twice to thrice in a week for better results. The oil should be massaged on the scalp & to be kept for at least 30-40 minutes before washing it off. As always this is not a ranking but these are few good hair oil brands of hair growth for men available in market. Comment down below with any other product or suggestions & let’s share our views together.

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We all are living in an era where we have to deal pollution, smoke, ultraviolet rays from sun& what not, every day. We take a walk, jog, swim, cycle or just stroll down the lane to the park with your kid, we all face harsh sunlight. Even when it is winter or cloudy harmful rays from sun still penetrates & kisses our skin. The best thing we can do, as suggested by doctors is use sunscreen & protect our skin from UVA, UVB& other harmful rays from the sun. Doctors suggests use of sunscreen not only to adults but also kids who have outdoor activities. These harmful rays can create serious problems starting from skin darkening or tanning to Melanoma. So we are at Fashion Guruji putting a list of 10 best sunscreen for men available in the indian market which would work on our tough skin.

List of Best Men’s Sunscreen in India

Following is a list for best men’s sunscreen for different skin types. To start with men who have oily skin or acne prone skin.

Lakme 9 to 5 Mattifying SPF 50 Super Sunscreen Lotion

Lakme 9 to 5 Mattifying SPF 50 Super Sunscreen LotionThough advertised for the use of women, this product from Lakme is brilliant for men also. If you have an oily or acne prone skin this is one of the best product you can spend your money. With both UVA & UVB protection it has a SPF 50. It is non-greasy in nature& dermatologically tasted.

PRICE: Rs 500

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Lotus Herbals Safe Sun 3-In-1 Matte Look Daily Sunblock

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun 3-In-1 Matte Look Daily SunblockWith SPF range of 40, it is another good sunscreen for your oily skin. The matte finish will give a fairer skin while protecting your skin from UVA & UVB rays. It also moisturizes & nourishes skin.

PRICE: Rs 365

Vichy Ideal Soliel Spf 50 Mattifying Face Fluid Dry Touch

Vichy Ideal Soliel Spf 50 Mattifying Face Fluid Dry TouchCombatting UVA & UVB rays it has a SPF range of 50. It is first shine free enriched with thermal Spa water. It is light on skin & have a dry touch which is good for oily skin. It is lightly scented & water-resistant texture offers a soft dry to touch finish for your skin. It also has a matte finish on your skin.

PRICE: Rs 1300

Ustraa By Happily Unmarried SPF 50+ Sun Screen for Men

Ustraa By Happily Unmarried SPF 50+ Sun Screen for MenThis product from Ustraa is one of the newest in market. It has SPF range of 50, with UVA & UVB protection. Specially designed for men it is non-greasy, non-sticky & leaves no white residue. It suits all skin type & is cream based. Also, it is Sulphate & Paraben Free.

PRICE: Rs 599

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch SunblockIt has a sun protection range of SPF 50 with Helioplex. It provides a broad spectrum of protection from sunrays including UVB & UVA rays. Though it is cream based like the one from Ustraa, it too is non-greasy & non-sticky, Neutrogena calls it dry touch technology. It also fights skin ageing & is water proof & sweat proof.

PRICE: Rs 425

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Following are some of the other sunscreens available, which can be used by men, who have normal to dry skin

Amway Attitude Sun Screen Cream

Amway Attitude Sun Screen CreamA product from Amway’s  It comes with SPF 30 & PA+++. It is cream based & thick in nature but it settles well in skin. It also has UVB & UVA protection.  Also, dermatologically tested & suits all type of skin. It is non-greasy & leaves no white patches on the skin. Best part is it requires very small amount to be applied.

PRICE: Rs 419

L’Oreal Paris UV perfect Even Complexion

L'Oreal Paris UV perfect Even ComplexionThis product comes from Loreal’s line up of skin products. Comes with SPF 50 (P+++). Company claims it has a 12-hour long protection with both UVB & UVA protection. It is non-greasy & has a cream base. Works well for dry skin men. It also gives protection from dark spots & lightens skin complexion.

PRICE: Rs 550

Aroma Magic Sunscreen Sun Block Cream

Aroma Magic Sunscreen Sun Block CreamSunblock from aroma magic has SPF 30 & PA++. It is all natural & 100 % free of oxybenzone, paraben, harsh chemicals, alcohol and artificial fragrance. It has a long spectrum of UVA & UVB protection. Provides vitamins B5, C, E and prevent signs of ageing on skin.

PRICE: Rs 320

VLCC Matte Look Sunscreen Cream

VLCC Matte Look Sunscreen CreamWith an affordable price it is one the best from VLCC. With SPF 30 & P+++ formula it is both UVB & UVA protection. It has a cream base & is best for dry skin. It gives a matte finish on your skin & is Paraben free.

PRICE: Rs 315

Nivea Sun Moisturising Immediate Sun Protection

Nivea Sun Moisturising Immediate Sun ProtectionWith a sun protection of SPF 50 & PA++++. With UVA & UVB protection It protects skin’s collagen to help prevent wrinkles caused by frequent sun exposure. It is light & has a non-stick formula which dries quickly. It is water resistant & also act as a summer moisturizer.

PRICE: Rs 252

So here are few of the best sunscreen available in indian market. It is advised to wear sunscreen every time you are out in sun. There are many other similar products which can be used as well. Hope this list of  best men’s sunscreen will guide you to make better purchases.  Share with us your views comment down below with any queries.

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We live in a society where people mostly are stereo types believing in the notion that fairness cream or using any type of beauty product is meant for women. Fact is we men also can & will use products to make us look & feel good. Men’s skin is tough so not all grooming product would do good. Most of us would notice that we have two different shades on our skin. We get a lot of tan, courtesy sun. There are products which would lighten our skin, not a whole lot though, but one or two shades lighter without bleaching. Fairness creams works by removing the tan from our faces & hands. So we are putting a list of 15 best fairness cream available in the indian market which would work on our tough skin.

List Of Best Fairness Creams for Men in India

L’Oreal Paris Men Expert White Activ Whitening Moisturing Fluid

L'Oreal Paris Men Expert White Activ Whitening Moisturing FluidExpert White Activ Whitening Moisturizing Fluid from L’oreal Paris is a moisturizer that eliminates the dullness and dark spots from the skin& can help you gain a good fair skin. It has a serum like texture & would make your skin greasy if you have an oily skin. This product is best fairness cream for men who have dry to normal skin. It also protects you from sun with SPF 20. You can also skip sunscreen if you don’t have to stay for a long time in the sun.

Price: Rs 875

Wow Fairness Cream Spf 20 Pa++

Wow Fairness Cream Spf 20 Pa++It is a great cream which have both fairness & sunscreen qualities. It is 100% natural & is a vegan product. It gives 5 fairness benefits: fairer skin, protection from sun’s darkening rays, delayed signs of aging, less visible age spots and brighter even-toned skin. It has goodness of clinically proven bioactive like Saffron Extract (lightens pigmentation), Mulberry Extract (inhibits melanin production), Liquorice Extract (protects from sun’s UV rays), Shea Butter (reverses signs of ageing), Arbutin (inhibits melanin synthesis) and Kojic Acid (lightens skin tone) that’s the reason this product is picked in the list of best fairness creams for men in india.

Price: Rs 850

Meglow Premium Fairness Cream SPF 15

Meglow Premium Fairness Cream SPF 15It is an excellent cream made solely for men & for their tough skin. The product is non greasy & is good for all skin types. It reduces tan & dark spots, deep repairs & moisturizes the skin. It has SPF 15 to protect your skin from sun.

Price:Rs 102

Garnier Men Power Light/White Face Wash

Garnier Men Power Light White Face WashThis is one of the fairness cream which is most sold in the market. It controls the oil level in your skin & lightens dark spots to give you a fairer skin tone. It works best for men who have oily skin or acne prone skin. It also protects you from light exposure to sun with a SPF of 15.

Price: Rs 195

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Nivea Men Dark Spot Reduction Moisturiser

Nivea Men Dark Spot Reduction Moisturiser SPF 30This is Nivea’s answer for men fairness skin. As the name suggests it moisturises & reduce dark spots. It is suitable for all skin types & do not have a greasy touch on the skin. In addition, it also has a benefit of sunscreen with SPF 30. It is cheap & easily available.

Price: Rs 99

Nivea Men Oil Control Moisturiser (10X whitening)

Nivea Men Oil Control Moisturiser (10X whitening)Another product from Nivea which is made for men who have oily skin or acne prone skin. It removes extra oil & repairs dull & damaged skin to improve complexion. Key ingredients Whitanat, Vitamin C, Licorice works for an improved skin quality.

Price: Rs 190

Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Skin Whitening And Brightening Gel Cream

Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Skin Whitening And Brightening Gel CreamThis is a unique proposition from Lotus which is a unique with its cream & gel base. Enriched with grape, mulberry, saxifraga extracts and milk enzymes. It also has a SPF 25 certification & protects you from sun. It is a herbal product with three properties which lightens, brightens & whitens skin. It suits all types of skin & is non greasy.

Price: Rs 363

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Ponds Men Oil Control Brightning Moisturizer

Ponds Men Oil Control Brightning MoisturizerIt is another product for men having oily skin. With mineral clay & spot fighting vitamins it removes the excess oil, brightens & moisturizes skin. It is non greasy & smells excellent. It energizes skin & exfoliates from the inside.

Price: Rs 144

Fair & Lovely Men Anti Marks Fairness Cream

Fair & Lovely Men Fairness Cream, Anti MarksIt is a fair & lovely for men, it is designed to penetrate tough skin. It is clinically proven with its formula which removes dark spots & tan marks to improve fairness.

Price: Rs 103

POND’S Men Energy Charge Gel Moisturizer

PONDS Men Energy Charge Gel MoisturizerIt is a gel moisturizer with coffee bean extracts & fairness vitamins. The gel formula makes it light & quickly gets absorbed. Gel also makes it non greasy. The fairness vitamins nourish dull skin & exfoliates skin, making all the dark spots lighter giving a fairer skin.

Price: Rs 90

Fair and Handsome Fairness Cream for Men

Fair and Handsome Fairness Cream for MenThis is an only men fairness cream with five action. It absorbs sweats, control oils, reduces dark spots with a long lasting fairness. That’s not it, it also has sunscreen protection which saves you from UVA & UVB rays.

Price: Rs 114

Oriflame North For Men Moisturising Fairness Lotion

Oriflame North For Men Moisturising Fairness LotionThis is one of the great product to put your money on. It is beautifully packaged& comes with both fairness cream as well as sunscreen with SPF 18. This is best for men with dry to normal skin. It is a cream based product but not greasy in nature. The mulberry and the grapes extracts keeps the skin in moisturised and also lighten the skin. Sometimes if the skin is oily it tends to be sticky.

Price: Rs 335

Olay Natural White 7 in 1 Instant Glowing Fairness Cream

Olay Natural White 7 in 1 Instant Glowing Fairness CreamThis is one of the cheapest product from Olay. Suitable for both men & women it has 7 benefits. It contains Olay’s fairness formula with a tri-Vitamin boost of B3, pro-B5 and E. 7 effects include lightens skin tone, brightens dull skin, reduces visible dark spots, even skin tones, moisturises, smoothens skin & last but not the least it protects from sun with its UV protection. It is non greasy in nature.

Price: Rs 89

X-men Instant Fairness Cream

X-men Instant Fairness CreamThis fairness cream comes with Triple Action of revolutionary molecule ‘Active Whitening Peptide’ it makes skin even toned, brighter & lighter. It moisturises, hydrates the skin & doesn’t make it greasy or oily. It is good for men with oily skin. It reduces dark spots & protects from sun with SPF 15. It usually comes with a combo so is easy on pockets

Price: Rs 180(Only the cream)

Kaya Skin Clinic Whitening Moisturiser with SPF 15

Kaya Skin Clinic Whitening Moisturiser with SPF 15This product comes from Kaya for men. Developed from the formula of dermatology. Its potent whitening active, Azelaic Acid gives lighter & whiter skin. Specially developed for men’s skin & enriched with Vitamin C it moisturises & also protects from sun with SPF 15.

Price: Rs 750

It is advisable to apply fairness moisturisers after cleaning the face with face wash. Apply twice a day for best result & remember to use Sunscreen to get the optimum result. Hope this list of best fairness creams for men in india would make your life easier while choosing the best from the market. Share with us if you feel there are any other good fairness creams available in the market or online sites and keep coming on Fashion Guruji for everything about Men.

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Hair is an important part of everyone’s beauty, Be a man we all need hair which helps to make us look younger. Two things which are very critical for this article is ‘hair’ & ‘Ayurveda’. To start with ‘hair’it is a critical attribute for everybodies excellence. On the other hand, ‘Ayurveda or Ayurvedic science’ dates back to more than 5000 years. ‘Ayuh’ r means life & ‘Veda’ means science.

Who doesn’t want healthy hair? Pollution, heat, chemical treatments or pinched nutrition everything goes into for a sunken hair. Now to make your life a little easier & your hair smoother we are providing a list of best Ayurvedic hair oil.

Parachute Ayurvedic Oil

Parachute Ayurvedic OilA oil we have all heard about from our childhood. It is made up of coconut oil & ayurvedic herbs which mainly fights hair fall. Company claims regular use can prevent greying of hairs, dandruffs & overall keeping the hairs healthy.

Price: Rs 190


Biotique Bio Bhringraj Fresh Oil

Biotique Bio Bhringraj Fresh OilA product from Biotique which features pure bhringraj, butea frondosa, amla and centella blended with coconut oil and the healthfulness of goat milk. It nourishes the scalp, helps fight different causes of hair fall & diminishes greying of hairs.

Price: Rs 119


Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Intensive Hair Oil

Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Intensive Hair OilCame into existence in 2002, the oil is multifunctional according to the company. It has a broad usage from damaged hair, dandruffs & premature greying. It consists of potent herbs extracted into pure Sesame oil and Milk. Also, it has benefits of Indigo, Eclipta Alba and Gooseberry.

Price:Rs 575

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Forest Essentials Ayurvedic Oil

Forest Essentials Ayurvedic OilMade up of an ancient recipe from Vedas, which includes values of Black Sesame and virgin Coconut Oil along with Goat’s Milk and Herbal Extracts. It is best for hot oil treatment. It fights hair loss and scalp problems & aids the growth of healthy hair.

Price: Rs 1250


Patanjali Almond Hair Oil

Patanjali Almond Hair OilPatanjali Almond oil is very beneficial in dry and damaged hair. Almonds are extremely rich in vitamin E and essential vitamins. This can be used for hair massaging and oil massaging as well.

Price: Rs 50


Khadi Bhringraj Ayurvedic Hair Oil

Khadi Bhringraj Ayurvedic Hair OilKhadi Naturals is one of the largest manufactures, exporter & supplier of natural products. Their Bhringraj hair oil one of their best product, made up of Bhringraj Sandal Oil, Lemon and Other Rare Herbs. It revitalizes hair growth, imparts hair growth & relieve tension.

Price: Rs 180

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Khadi Vitalising Hair Oil

Khadi Vitalising Hair OilKhadi has a long list of natural products for hairs & skin. In our quest to find good hair oil for your hair,Vitalising hair oil from Khadi is a worthy mention. Made out of Vetiver also known as Khus Oil, it prevents split heads, dandruffs & nourishes hair from the scalp. Sesame Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Wheatgerm Oil, Bhringraj, Brahmi Extract etc. are some of the key ingredients.

Price: Rs 350


Aroma Magic Stimulate Oil

Aroma Magic Stimulate OilFounded in 1992 Aroma Magic is branded under Blossom Kochhar Beauty Products Pvt. Ltd.never deviated from the path of nature, their products are natural, safe & sustainably from plant extract & are 100% organic. Stimulate hair oil, enriched with goodness Simmondsia Chinensis Oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis Essential Oil, CedrusAtlantica Bark Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil, Chamaemelum Nobile Essential Oil. All the goodness is great for prevention of hair fall, boosts hair growth & thickens hair.

Price: Rs 360


Oshea Herbals Hair Vitalizer

Oshea Herbals Hair VitalizerOshea herbals hair vitalizer oil has the goodness of natural herbs. This hair oil is non sticky and keeps the hair stronger and healthier. It will also give a boost of shine on the hair. Hair hail and hair loss is reduced using this hair oil. Furthermore, your headache or the sleeplessness can be cured using this oil.

Price: Rs 404


Shahnaz Husain Shalocks Plus Ayurvedic Oil

Shahnaz Husain Shalocks Plus Ayurvedic OilThis herbal product from Shanaz is a blend of oils, like olive oil, sesame seed oil, almond oil and wheatgerm oil. Known among best hair oils in India, it also contains herbal extracts of Shikakai, Brahmi, Amla and Henna. The combination protects the hair & reduces dandruffs as well as hair loss.

Price: Rs 637


Benefits of Natural and Ayurvedic Hair Oils

  • Ayurvedic hair oils are increasing the blood circulation.
  • It will also make the hair roots stronger and controls the hair damage.
  • This oils will also increase the thickness of the hair strands so that hair appear voluminous.
  • The hair damage that we experience due to pollution, dust, heat and sun that is also reversed by the ayurvedic hair oils.
  • Ayurvedic hair oils have zero side effects.

All the above-mentioned brands have more than one product which are useful in different condition & are for different hair conditions. We have listed few & are not ranked, hopping to make your purchase decisions a little easier. Thoughit is recommended to buy that particular product which suits your condition. Please comment down below with any other product which you think can help others make their decisions and keep coming on Fashion Guruji.

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Bathing is an integral part of our life. It energizes, refreshes us from both exterior & interior. It is good for skin as well as our mind. We have a varied option of what soap to use or what gel to use. Markets these days have all sorts of soaps or gels for all types of skins, seasons, type etc.

We are here to provide few of the best soaps for men you can buy here in India for your daily use at different price points. We will provide few basic ingredients for soaps which will help you choose the right soap.

Fiama Di Wills Men Refreshing Pulse Gel Bar

Fiama Di Wills Men Refreshing Pulse Gel BarFiama is brand from the FMCG giants ITC Ltd. Launched in September 2007 it has been a favourite of many. It is a gel bar which comes as liquid gel too. It is powered with micro gel conditioner which helps penetrate rough skin of men. Enriched with Sea Minerals, Blue Lotus extracts and refreshing fragrance, it keeps you fresh all day long with its fresh aquatic smell.

Price: Rs 70-75

Pears Glycerin Soaps

Pears Glycerin SoapIt came into existence in 1807, they are manufactured to be soft & gentle with the skin. A special process of manufacturing is followed by them where the soap is dried to remove the alcohol content from the soap. Pears have both winter & summer soaps which nourishes & moisturizes the skin.

Price: Rs 30 – 35

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Nivea Cream Soft Bathing Soap

A German skin & body care company operating since 1882. The soap is rich with almond oil& has a solution for mildcleansing which is dermatology approved. It balances pH level of skin & deeply moisturizes.

Price: Rs 75

Bombay Shaving Company Menthol Refreshing

Bombay shaving company is a Bombay based start up founded in 2015. The main ingredient of the soap is Poppy & Menthol. A soap for all types of skin which refreshes and moisturises your skin. Poppy seeds help exfoliate dead skin cells while the menthol works to soothe itchiness, redness and sunburn.

Price: Rs 195

The Man Company Argan and Mint Natural Soap

The Man Company is another startup making it to the list. They have all range of grooming products for men & are 100 % natural. Argan & Mint, with key ingredients like Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Mahua Oil, Castor Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Water, Geranium Oil, Mint Oil, Cedar Wood Oil, Rosemary Extract, Cinnamon Extract which pampers your skin with the revitalizing and refreshing wellness of mint.

Price: Rs 200

Oriflame North For Men Cleansing Fairness Soap

North by Oriflame is a men’s grooming brand by Oriflame. Their soap is a fairness soap for men with key ingredients like AQUA, TALC, PARFUM, GLYCERIN, MENTHOL, PALM ACID, SODIUM CHLORIDE, PALM KERNEL ACID etc. It removes dirt& moisturizes skin.

Price: Rs 120

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Denver Black Code Soap for Men

Denver Black Code Soap for MenDenver is men’s grooming company their Black code soap for men revitalises, smoothens & softens skin. It suits all types of skin & have a subtle cologne fragrance with active germ technology.

Price: Rs 25-30

Wild Stone Soap

A product from McNROE Consumer Products Private Limited.It has a long range of deodorant soaps which are based on their line ups of deodorants. It creates lather that cleanses and moisturizes leaving you fresh and smelling great. Their line up consists of Forest Spice, Ultra Sensual, Musk.

Price: Rs 30-35

BEARDO Activated Charcoal Brick Soap

Major ingredient Activated Charcoal is an excellent antioxidant which cleanses the skin from the impurities from pollution, toxins and also unclogs the pores and removes the dead skin cells.Made up of ingredients like coconut oil (for cleansing), sugar (nature’s scrubber), castor oil (skin tightening), aloevera (freshness and moisturising), cedarwood oil (for freshness) and patchouli oil (for disinfectant properties) as well as glycerine (for glowing skin).

Price:Rs 195

Soulflower Deodorizing Charcoal Soap

Soulflower Deodorizing Charcoal SoapSoulflower is a company which makes 100% natural & 100% vegan. They have a wide product portfolio from head to toe & are for both men & women. Their deodorizing charcoal soap suits all kind of skin& charcoal does its job of drawing out dirt, toxins from skin and cleaning oil blocked pores resulting in a smoother, brighter complexion.

Price: Rs 250

There are numerous other great soaps which you can opt for depending on the budget, skin type, working environment, seasons etc. Our list will help you choose them reasonably. Comment down below if you have used any other soaps which you think is good and keep coming on Fashion Guruji for men’s fashion tips and styles guide article.