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best charcoal peel off

I have seen the real and the best result given by charcoal peel off mask. If you want to have unblemished skin and make your pores breath with all cleanliness then you need to look at those top 7 best charcoal peel off masks in India. Everyone is craving for charcoal these days as it is giving the real result on the skin as the action of the activated charcoal works superfast to keep your skin flawless by soaking up all the impurities. It is so useful and becoming everyone’s favourite because when you see your skin at the best condition and shine with the brightness then you should not wonder.

Take a look at the top 7 best charcoal peel off mask in India for helping your skin remain in better condition by eliminating all the pollutions. So check how effective those top 7 best charcoal peel off masks that pulls out the dirt.

Best Charcoal Peel Off Mask in India

1. Aarrt Activated Charcoal Black Peel Off Mask

Aarrt Activated Charcoal Black Peel Off MaskAarrt Activated charcoal black peel off mask removes blackheads creates glow by making your skin flawless. This activated charcoal has all must have ingredients that smoothens the skin and increase the blood circulation.. The clean and clear skin is the every men and women dream so to attain the certain glow with the presence of Aqua and Glycerin. Charcoal mask stuck in your mask and take out stubborn blackheads and other impurities.

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2. Eartha Naturals Charcoal Peel Off Face Mask

Eartha Naturals Charcoal Peel Off Face MaskEartha naturals charcoal peel off face mask is super easy to apply to radiant your skin. It leaves the great impact that will make your skin perfect by removing all dead cells that builds due to the pollution and dirt every day. Eartha is good in removing all impurities in 10 to 15 min and the joy of having glowing skin will pour extra confidence in you. It is good in removing tan with the regular use. You can have all the richness of ingredients and heals the breakouts with ease. In fun you can use it and have healthy glowing skin.

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3. Blossom Koccar Aroma Magic Activated Bamboo Charcoal Pack

Blossom Koccar Aroma Magic Activated Bamboo Charcoal PackThis aroma magic charcoal face mask from Blossom Kochar is good in enhancing your skin glow and leaves it hydrated. It helps in lightening the skin as it exfoliates the dead skin cells easily. The activated carbon gives instant result and removing the black heads is the easiest task that ever can be done. The tightening of the skin is unbelievable with this charcoal peel off face mask. It is great for the skin and the regular use will enhance your glow day by day. Works well in all skin types.

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4. Matra Activated Charcoal Face Pack

Matra Activated Charcoal Face PackIt purifies your skin in healthy way and you will have the best skin ever in the crowd if you will use this charcoal peel off face mask without missing out its regularity. Charcoal makes the skin soft and silky and improves the complexion. The toning of your face is the regular beauty indulgence but nobody is bothered. Now, this is the time when you can apply all over your face to absorb all that toxins. The fresh feel of the face with the deep purification will leave a great impact. You need to apply its thin layers and in 10 to15min, your skin will become healthier. One use can show such a result then regular use will make you blow.

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5. Health Vit Activated Charcoal Face Mask Peel off

Healthvit Activated Charcoal Purifying Peel Off MaskThe health vit is impressive and having all the rich ingredients that removes dead skin cells. You need to use it regularly so that the rich glow you can feel with this Health vit activated charcoal. This carbon based products stick in your face to draw out all bacterial and black heads. Your face will be free from all the hazard of acne, pimples and the dangerous layers of dead skin cells. You haveto apply its thick layers for the better cleaning. It completely dries your skin and takes the blackheads easily. It keeps your skin hydrated and clean.

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6. Mama Earth Charcoal, coffee and clay face mask

Mamaearth Charcoal, Coffee and Clay Face MaskThis mama earth needs no introduction as it has best of the products to enhance the glow of your skin. It is made of charcoal, coffee and clay so all that face needs absorption to draw out toxins like black heads, blemishes, and pores and enhance the elasticity of the skin. You will be getting better with time as all these impurities out then you will remain youthful. It prevents premature ageing so regular application of this charcoal pee off face mask will regulate well in your skin to make it radiant. No acne and scars will develop so it will be good to go with mama earth charcoal, coffee and clay mask.

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7. Skinatura Charcoal Face Pack

Skinatura Activated Charcoal Acne Control Face PackThis product is going to give you best result every day. In this thickly polluted country this charcoal peel off face mask is worthwhile to use. The refreshing experience will rejuvenate and clarifies the skin deeply. So regular use will be best for the best result and you will like to remove your black heads, acne, pores and gives the skin unmatched beauty. So you should put that effort to make your skin healthier. Removing the dead skin never could be easier like this so you should make it the suitable option.

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For the clean and clear look you should rely on those above top 7 best charcoal peels off face masks. Using it with ease will all awesomeness will flaunt the radiant skin by removing dead cells layers. After few days you will see the benefit and no scars and spots will be the obstacles in your beauty. Never forget to use mask in extra clean face. Keep coming on Fashion Guruji for men’s fashion & styles update

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handsome men to groom

Good habit is always appreciable. When it comes to groom men then we need to work on many areas. Of course this is not tricks that men should spend most of the time in bathroom and always think of hygiene and having always in maintenance mode. Unnecessarily you should not ignore yourself or unnecessarily do not be over caring. Men should allow themselves to be groomed in healthy way. Regular maintenance is most essential thing, men should learn to build their personality and for the personal growth. Here at Fashion Guruji, Take a look at the 10 important areas that men need to groom:

handsome men to groom

10 Important Area That Indian Men Need To Groom


eyebrows of indian menEyebrows are the area that you men need to work in it. It does not mean that you need to go for eyebrow shaping in parlor. At-least you can manage to get its extra hair that will not look awkward.  You can make it look good in home by using tweezers to feel good inside out.


Finger nails of indian menFingernails look so awesome on women but when it comes to men they should think twice and thrice if they are having feeling of growing nails like women. Men should avoid doing this as it looks so ugly on men and out of place. In the name of fashion and trends men are adopting unfair means too; keeping grown nails like women is also one of them.

Nose Hair

Nose hair looks so vulgar when it shows from inside. Men should regularly trim out their nose hair. Otherwise it can be obstacle for your good personality. Nose hair is natural but few things we need to groom for the growth in life. This is such area which is apparently visible when anybody looks at your face. Nose hair should be trimmed and yes it is most important area than men need to groom.


Underarms groom of indian menUnderarms hair no doubt, sign of macho or manhood. These days, men are going for clean underarms and it is acceptable now. Everybody likes this change. But all these stuffs are subjective too. Few people like it and few people dislike it. Due to hygiene purpose clean underarms is also good. It does not create odor in sweat and looks nice too. Neat and clean underarms are the new in trend for men.

Facial Hair

We are not talking about beard. As beard is so much in trend. Every single men out there is having beard look. No shave look is big no for this season. But unwanted area of your face having hair then you need to cut it down like forehead, over grown eyebrows and more. You need to clean then regularly so that your face will be free from unwanted facial hair. You can check our top selected indian beard styles.

Feet Care

If you are not parlor goers then you can take care of your feet at home. If regular pedicure and manicure is not your thing then bring it in your monthly routine. So that men will be ever groomed and regular feet care will become part of your life. Daily moisturizing in your feet will also create positive change in your feet and it will not look rough and dry. Without feet care you will not look perfect if you are prone to wear floater and sandals. Generally men forget to take care of their feet even if they are attentive for their grooming.

Back Acne

Back Acne of indian men to groomBack acne is most probably does not visible but in few cases it is high in visibility. You can concern skin specialist if problem is huge. You need to make it disappear otherwise with time it will grow all over your skin. Taking care of your back is also important to make yourself up to date. This will enhance your personality.

Private Parts Hair

Private Parts Hair of indian menYes you need to trim those hairs of your private part so that bad smell will not arise. Avoid fungal infections and other disease by keeping the hair trimmed of private part. Regular trimming has lot of benefits like it keeps the area dry and clean. Maintaining your private part is most essential and make it part of your daily routine to clean it.

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Ear Wax

Ear Wax of indian menMen tend to forget those important areas which need to be take care most. Ear is one of them that needs to be maintained regularly. Ear wax will keep your ear clean and out of danger. Do not create such scene that you cannot hear people say and before the situation worsen you need to clean it thoroughly so that your ear will remain clean and safe. Waxing them on monthly basis will not cause ear infection. So, men start from today to take your ear care.


Space between the toes remains many times ignored. So you need to take care this area too if you want to remain in good books of women. Men should be conscious for those important and tiny areas where disease can form and worse the situation. You make sure that you clean up the area on daily basis and apply moisturizer to keep it hydrated.

If men will look after those above 10 important areas that men need to groom then they will be maintenance king. Their personality will enhance and they will come in good books of good men. If you are the one who avoid doing such cleanliness then beware and make them follow in your daily routine. You can also suggest important areas that men need to groom so that I can include it in my list. Also comment below do you take care of your important areas regularly.

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Anti Tan Face Pack for Men

Face pack is not just made for women instead men are playing important role in getting groomed day by day like women do. But it is not about comparing, it is all about rise above little things and be the change you want to see. Anti tan face pack for men is becoming most essential part of daily routine. In India, the pollution level and the hot climate is burning you not internally but damaging your skin also. In that way you will find a great alternative anti tan face pack for men which can be used twice in a day for the instant result.

Check my list of 7 best Anti Tan face pack for men in India, in order to get the best solution for the men’s skin without compromise.

1. VLCC Clear Tan Fruit Face Pack

VLCC Clear Tan Fruit Face PackVLCC Clear tan fruit face pack is made with fruit extracts like cucumber, pineapple, mulberry and Ayurvedic herbs. Those fruit extracts keeps your skin supple, young and glowing. Because of its deep cleansing action, VLCC fruit face pack removes tan and all dirt. No more sun spots, dark patches and only fresh skin will stay with you.

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2. Bio Mantra D-Tan Cream Pack

Bio Mantra D-Tan cream pack is absolute solution to the full of spots skin. This is ideal for men’s tough skin and extra actionable to removes pollution and dirt with ease. The cost is also very reasonable. It contains milk protein that helps in reducing the tan and makes your skin luminous. The ingredients like honey, lemon grass oil and olive oil is suitable for all skin types. It keeps your face naturally glowing and whitening every passing day with Bio Mantra D-Tan Cream Pack regular use.

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3. Menglow Anti Tan Pack

Menglow Anti Tan PackMenglow Anti Tan Pack is ideal for both men and women use and it is not high chemical based products. It remove sun tanned skin dead cells and gives skin lightening. No other facial flaws will reappear if you will use this on regular basis. It is easy to apply and remove. It absorbs in your skin seamlessly and no skin dullness anymore. You can take it along anywhere you are traveling as your beauty partner. Getting all the features in very less price will be worth deal.

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4. Biotique Bio Milk Protein Pack

Biotique Bio Milk Protein PackBiotique Bio Milk Protein Pack is absolutely one of the best products out here. Biotique works more in making your skin glowing in healthy manner so it is free from all harsh chemicals that sooner or later makes your skin rough. The100 % natural herbal products are Biotique’s ingredients are apt for enhancing the skin texture of men and do not make it dull with environmental attacks.

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5. Jovees Wheatgram & Carrot Anti Tan Face Pack

Jovees Wheatgram & Carrot Anti Tan Face PackAnti tan face pack like Jovees is truly amazing to make your tough skin smoother without letting you compromise in cleanliness. Men are getting absolutely complete package as all the ingredients available in this perfect for sensitive skin and other skin types. The stubborn tan will also go gradually from the skin and it works well in removing damage effect of the UV rays. Jovees Wheatgram and carrot based anti tan face pack will helps you in getting your complexion back sooner and you will be super surprised with the result.

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6. Organic Harvest Anti Tan Mask

Organic Harvest Anti Tan MaskThis Organic harvest anti tan mask is ideal for men all skin types. This anti tan mask is paraben free and increases the elasticity and restores the firmness. The mulberry extracts do wonder in your skin by controlling the melanin formation. Its easy application and the instant action will surprise you. The presence of the ingredients like olive oil, vitamin c, organic daisy flower and many more will kill the sun damage on the skin. The younger looking kin looks so amazing and gives full confidence to make you presentable.

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7. Glowing Buzz Natural Anti Tan Face Pack

Glowing Buzz Natural Anti Tan Face PackGlowing buzz is especially formulated to anti tan your skin in natural way. The natural ingredients like papaya, rosewater is here to make the thick paste to apply all over the face and neck. If you want to keep your skin hydrated and even tone skin then switch to this anti tan face pack. The better you every day, you will feel and makes your life all amazing with the glow and lightning on your skin. The unmatched awesomeness the skin will inhale by preventing the melanin formation. Glowing buzz offers best result and improves complexion on daily basis.

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All the above list of 7 best anti tan face pack for men in India will keep your skin super hydrated on the go. They reduce the tan with those amazing pack of anti tan. They all sell like cake as their demand in the market is so high. Those brands have built trust and keep men’s skin conditioned and manageable in all conditions. If you will pick any brands of your choice you will not regret. Infact you will thanks many times to us that we have opened before you many options. After using those products you will realize their worth and will love to go with them.

Even at price point, you are not going to compromise. You are going to have all in one package. Easy availability of those products due to their demand is making all men happier. Getting groomed with naturality is commendable for all men and result is before you.

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best bleach cream for men

Now men leave behind women in grooming themselves. They also want to get attention and get pampered so they are trying their best for the best transformation. You are worried about the unwanted hair on your face and it is visible to everyone then you need not cry anymore. We have the best bleach cream for men to offer the best natural skin hair color. Your black hair over the face will turn in golden color and it will not be visible to anybody.

It is time to unfold the 5 best bleach creams for men in India which is my favorite too. So you should try once to get the result at its best and I am sure you would love to make them your regular beauty regime.

Best Bleach for Men in India

1. VLCC Insta Glow Diamond Bleach

VLCC Insta Glow Diamond BleachDiamond bleach is my first choice because it leaves your skin so manageable with makeup. Your skin will look fairer, hydrated and purifies your skin gently. We can rely on VLCC as it has made its name in manufacturing all beauty products then you be hesitant for insta glow bleach. It lightens the facial hair and gives even tone. VLCC Insta glow diamond bleach removes marks and there is no burn and redness produce when you apply it over face. Apply it for 15 min and result is all here as you expected or more that you expect. A must try and be ready men for salon style look.

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2. Nature Essence Gold Bleach

Nature's Essence Gold BleachThese days the demand of Nature Essence gold bleach is creating buzz and becoming sensation star among the users. Your facial will turn in golden color and gives the natural glow and shine. Men must try this for slow down the premature ageing. It gives even tone and healthy glow to your skin without leaving irritation in your face. You can use this bleach cream on every 15 days to 1 month gap. So that you can fight better all odds for your skin. Whether you move in sunny day or in night party you will get all attentions from women.

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3. Oxy Pearl Facial Bleach Cream

Oxyglow Insta Glow Pearl Bleach CreamPearl is good for the skin and for men skin it does wonder too. The Oxyglow pearl bleach cream will enhances the complexion by removing all the layers of pollution, dirt by giving the rich glow naturally. Men must go for this to see the new you and apply in clean shave face and leave for only 15 minutes. This is perfect for dry skin. This bleach cream is made with care so no hassle of redness, rashes and burns in your face. Do bleach with Oxy Pearl facial bleach cream once in a month and get your dream girl sooner.

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4. Jolen Aloe Vera Mild Bleach

Jolen Creme Bleach Mild Formula Plus Aloe VeraJolenAloe Vera Mild Bleach, I have been using since long. But I switch to many other brands too. Jolen is unique and its action in your face is instant and gives white beauty. This bleach cream is good in eliminating whiteheads and blackheads. Apart from this, Jolen has been favorite in India for young hunks. This mild bleach cream with enhance the glow and there will be no burn as it manages your skin undoubtedly naturally. Less chemical used and heals your skin by making it beautiful and clean. The aloevera based bleach cream will give the perfect complexion to all men in no time. The price is affordable before its virtue.  The skin will look full of life and there is risk factor using Jolen so you are safe.

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5. Olivia Heb Bleach Cream

Olivia Herb BleachThis herbal based bleach cream is made in India. The natural use of ingredients is making me helpless to give it full marks. The use of lemon, sandalwood and turmeric repairs the damage and let you say goodbye to uneven tone. Good protection from tanned skin and your face will have healthy glow with the divine result. The brighter and cleaner glow in your face will make all women crazy for you. It works great in all skin types but best for sensitive and oily skin. You can apply it twice in a month as it is herbal bleach cream so your skin will stay away from chemical damage. It removes the excess oil and you better follow the manual if you do not know how to use.

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By using any of the above bleach cream you will have the wonderful result and keeps your skin hydrated by unclogging the pores. It reduces the aging factor and experiences the visible changes in your tough skin. This bleach is best for all skin types and no burns and redness will bother your face. All the bleach cream is easily available in India with good price point. Say bye to dull and tired skin and remain brighter and glowing like miracle throughout the day.

The texture is light and the better consistency is required to make your skin healthier. Avoid excessive use of bleach cream and maintains the moderate level of result with the effective application. Keep coming on Fashion Guruji.

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Men are so conscious and particular about their hair styling. In hair care lot of steps and hair essentials are required but due to hectic lifestyle you are not able to cope with regular hair maintenance. No extra effort only one applies and you are here with great hair styling with super quality with the best Hair serum in India. Best Hair serum for hair fall is one thing that keeps your hair goes in tough environmental damage. When you use best hair serum for frizzy hair then your hair becomes healthier, shinier and hydrated by reducing frizz. You can get manageable and salon styling at your home then you must opt for 7 best hair serums for Indian men.

Best Hair Serums for Indian Men

1. Streax Hair Serum

Streax Hair SerumStreax hair serum is absolutely good to go with. It submerges deeply in your hair and makes it smoother and non-frizzy. You confidently carry your hair in party night or for street styling. This hair serum is ideal for men’s hair as it is sulfate free and no other chemical added. The way this serums work on your hair that hair will smoothens rough and damaged strands. It makes you manage hairstyle as per your wish. Streax hair serum is must have for the hair experts for making the necessary treatments for dry and damaged strands. The result would be frizz free hair all day long.

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2. Beardo Hair Serum with Argan Oil

Beardo Hair Serum With Argan OilBeardo hair serum with Argan oil is enriched with good properties that never let your hair grey. By adding healthy shine and making it strong, Beardo keeps your hair harmful chemical-free. You can pamper your beard with less effort with this hair serum. It makes your hair feel lighter, stronger, and smooth with the straight look. This serum is enriched with all essential ingredients that keep your hair hydrated and suitable for all kind of hair. It nourishes deeply hair scalp and hair.

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3. Habib Aesthetics Hair Serum

Habibs Aesthetics Hair SerumHabib Aesthetics hair serum is especially made to resolve slit ends hair problems. You can take its 3 or 4 drops and equal quantity of water then apply all over the hair. So result will be there and you will see the most manageable hair and extra shine and healthiness hair feels with this. If you go for lot of chemical treatments in your hair then you must use serum to improve the health of hair and no tangles will be source of interruption for the quality hair. The texture of your hair will be better and improves day by day after every application of this virtuous serum.

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4. L’Oreal Professional Tecni Art Liss Control Plus Smoothing Serum

L'Oreal Professionnel Liss Control PlusThis hair serum from L’Oreal is so affordable and does not weigh your hair down. Hair texture will improve with time and the good fragrance will impress others. When you want to get ready for the party and want to add instant shine and for straight hair look then this hair serum is your beauty essentials. Your hair will never ditch you in quality and no more curls and strands. Its bottle is so pretty and there is pump dispenser and one bottle you buy it goes longer, you have to use its 3 or 4 drops only.

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5. John Frieda Frizz Ease Perfect Finish Polishing Serum

JOHN FRIEDA Perfect Finish Polishing Hair SerumThis polishing serum is designed especially for frizzy hair and keeps your hair extremely attractive with its shine and smoothness throughout the day. This hair serum texture is soft and light and at the same time non-greasy. You will get tangle free hair whether you are in office or in outdoor activities. This serum keeps your hair extra manageable that will not get damaged by environmental attacks. So this serum is for you to stop frizziness and get glossy shine for everyday handsome you.

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6. Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser

Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser Reconstructor ButterThis hair serum from Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser strengthens your hair gradually after regular use. You will get your manageable round the clock without fail. It prevents hair strengths and takes care of your hair from root to tip. No damage of hair can be experienced when you have your beauty essentials like this Garnier hair serum. It seems to be working so well and with time your hair quality will be improved.

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7. Khadi Herbal Hair Serum

Khadi Natural Hair SerumThe smell of this serum Khadi Herbal Hair serum is so amazing and it has thick texture so after application your hair feels so better with proportion moisturizing. The keratin finish and salon perfection you will get with this hair serum. Rejuvenates your hair completely and you will feel better with each passing day and you will have no issue of hair damage even you comb your hair many times. From root to tip your hair ill feel extra moisturized. So this is for you for your daily use and there is no harm in using it on daily basis when you are taking it 3 or 4 drops only. No risk of premature graying of hair and helps in improving hair texture day by day.

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These days hair loss in men is growing day by day. But you can prevent it by providing your hair complete moisturizer with the best hair serum for hair growth. All the above best hair serum for damaged hair are truly gems by enhancing its quality. The keratin like shine and the thick texture of your hair will be layered with the best serums then you will be having the excellent result.

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Best Shaving Razor Brands

The best shaving razor brands are many but there are only few brands who can understand the need of your skin thoroughly. Men are too showing their interest in grooming themselves and taking care of their skin has become their priority. The shaving razors are becoming the best beauty essential for men to invest in. With the best shaving cream the shaving razors becomes winner in performing.

When you go through best shaving razor brands in India then there is no compromise in skin protection system to battery backup, head flex and countering. You are going to have great user experience with the double edge safety razor India and more options to avail. Here at Fashion Guruji, We create  a list of 10 best shaving razor brands in India whom you can rely blindly.

Best Shaving Razor Brands in India

1. Ameego Shaving Razor

Ameego Safety RazorThis innovative piece of shaving razor is designed to give full comfort to your skin. It is made of good quality steel and Teflon coating keeps the rust away after many times uses. This generous razor is having lubricating strip and the layers of Aelo Vera and Vitamin E saves your skin from rashes, burn and other skin irritations. This shaving razor from Ameego is having 5 blades and good in give great shaving experience.

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2. Merkur Shaving Razor

Merkur Shaving Safety RazorThe extra soft and easy shave is every men desire so Mekur shaving razor is one for you. The clean and close-up shave will be never like this. This razor will flaunt your clean face and gives so soft and silky feel. No irritation with swapping out blades and having simple design but offerings are unlimited. It is bit expensive but great investment because it can be such long time partner for your daily shaving.

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3. Philips Shaving Razor

Philips Shaving RazorThis Philips shaving razor is absolute peace of mind when it comes to give smooth experience while shaving. Its sharp edge works well on your skin and apt for sensitive skin also. It ensures a great dry and wet shave and with its sharp blade trimming is easy long and short hair both. The tough areas can also be handled amazingly so no chance of getting hurt with this soft Philips shaving razor on your skin.

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4. Dollar shave Club

Dollar Shave ClubDollar shave club razor can make a great difference in your life and a must try for sure. This will groom you and using this safe razor is always wide decision. No red, burns, cuts with this razor as it gives smooth facial coverage with its most flexible heads and ensures level contact with the skin. Use it rightly so that you will have smooth close shave.

5. Wilkinson Sword Shaving Razor

Wilkinson Sword Double Edge RazorWilkinson sword is a manufacturer of shaving razor for decades. The combination of comfortable and clean shaving is all about Wilkinson sword. It gives good facial coverage and can take out the beard quite easily. The curve area is also wonderful to cover without fail; such a clean shave from Wilkinson is amazing. The grip in handle of razor makes you better performer and there is no chance of cut, redness and burn if you reuse it for the better clean shave.

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6. Gillette Shaving Razor

Gillette Shaving S RazorGilllette is number one shaving razor and it offers twin blade system Atra and Contour system. No compromise while using this shaving razor as it is having lubricating strip and 3 blade technologies let you open with more options. You can use its battery technology and pivoting razor built. You are in safe hand and no cuts and inflammations while having smooth shave. The real performer for heavy beard and takes out easily with no compromise.

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7. Dorco LetsShave Shaving Razor

Dorco LetsShave RazorThis shaving razor gives fine cleaning experience without burns, cuts and inflammations. You get many features that support complete customer satisfaction. In India, this brand is pioneer in razor industry. It ensures complete safety while shaving and removes every single hair of beard and no hurt and inflammations. True performer and the finest razor with sharp blades which is not harsh on skin.

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8. Personna Shaving Razor

Personna Shaving RazorThis Perosonna shaving razor is absolutely finest razor men can have. It is having unique design and all latest technology is in-built in this shaving razor. Available in good designs and price is also reasonable. Personna is highly durable and no doubt gives good offering in terms of having great shaving experience without any troubles. The better battery backup nd lightweight.

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9. Pearl Shaving Razor

Pearl Shaving RazorThis Pearl shaving razor is established in 1990.It is empowered with different razors that includes double edge safety razor twist to open safety razor and two pieces safety razor and there is no doubt about its quality. Its metallic appearance looks so royal and easy to hold and use it without hassle. This is waterproof so you can use it in bathroom and design is also very impressive. The grip for holding this device is amazing.

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10. Braun Silk Epil 7 7-561 cordless Epilator

braun razor for menThis Braun model wet and dry cordless epilator is incredible. This is the complete package and does good job on short hairs. It is no way harsh though very gentle for skin. It includes 6 extras such as a shaved head, trimmer cap, massage cap, sensitive area cap, a facial cap and efficiency cap. Braun is having 40 close group tweezers that works well in removing hairs without irritation.

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It depends on your usability when you pick one best shaving razor brands for regular use. The entire above list is the best shaving razor brands in India with the shaving razor price. Comment down below which shaving razor brand you use yourself or in your family.

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Best Hair Dryers in India

Hair dryer are one of the essential tool for both men and women for their hair styling needs. They allow you to blow dry your hair as fast as possible and also helps you to styling your hair. Your hair styling needs can be accomplished at home with the best hair dryers. When you land with multiple options before you, to choose best hair dryers to blow dry your hair in best and unique way. Here you can see the 100+ best hairstyles for indian men.

Best Hair Dryers in India

So at Fashion Guruji, We are selected the top 10 best hair dryers in india. My list for best hair dryers in will guide you which hair dryers are suitable option for you to fulfill your requirements.

Best Hair Dryers In India

Panasonic EH-ND21 Hair Dryer

Panasonic-EH-ND21-Hair-DryerPanasonic EH-ND21 hair dryer is best solution in managing Indian hair. Its feature is apt for all kind of hair and few things that you need to take into consideration like wattage, heat setting, dual voltage, diffuser and more. When it comes to design it is featuring foldable handle and gemstone coating looks so attractive. If you will go with the medium level of heat and higher level of heat even your hair will not experience any damage. Hair shiny texture will remain maintained post blow bry.

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Vega Pro Touch VHDP-02 Hair Dryer

Vega Pro Touch VHDP-02 Hair DryerVega pro touch hair dryer is absolutely amazing in your hair. It comes with heat and setting and there is cool shot button. The auto cut features is safe to use to avoid overheating. The foldable handle is the source of easy use while styling your hair. 2 years warranty and powered with 1200 w.

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Havells HD3151 Hair Dryer

Havells HD3151 Hair DryerHavells HD 3151 hair dryer is powered with 1200 w so the heat capability is sufficient to give curly style and other hair styling with the help of the 3 adjustable temperatures… This is so portable and no excessive heating will promote hair damage. The design is so sophisticated and you need to take care this hair dryer more than any other dryers in the list.

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Syska HD1605 Hair Dryer

SYSKA HD1605 1000W Hair DryerSyska HD1605 is powered with big wind so blow drying your hair will be convenient. Over heat protection is also reasonable with the help of the heat balance technology. The 2 years warranty and this is good for travelling point of view. The hot air throw is so accurate and salon style hair home within half an hour whether you are creating curls or doing any casual styling. This is also hair dryer with cool air setting.

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Wahl 5439-024 Hair Dryer

Wahl-5439-024-Hair-DryerThere are many unbeatable features that compliment your hair dryers and perfect for styling your hair differently. It avoids over-heating and there is 2 heat temperature setting button for providing suitable heat to hair while speed for convenience. Lot of heat can damage your hair and makes it dry day by day but with this dryer you will not get such issues. 1 year warranty and 2000 w powered and you can have bit issue with its bulk weight.

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Nova Silky Shine Foldable Hair Dryer

Nova NHP 8100 Silky Shine 1200 W Hot and Cold Foldable Hair DryerThis hair dryer from Nova featured hair Iconic technology that assures smooth result on your hair. You can take care of your hair at home in most flexible manner. It is powered with 1200 w and you can set 1 speed and 2 temperatures modes. So you will like its portability due to its foldable construction and very convenient option for traveling. The hair dryers make sure that it does not make your dull and rough in looking. The airflow setting is perfect that provides the glossy hair finish after having excessive heat.

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Remington D5000 Hair Dryer

Remington D5000 Hair DryerRemington hair dryer is absolute solution for all your hair queries. Drying and styling your hair is so quick. It comes with Ionic conditioning and 1875 w power is sufficient. It comes with 2 years warranty and compact in look suitable for traveling. Available in different colors. All exclusive designs are available in Remington. It maintains the quality of the hair by accomplishing your hair styling goals within half an hour.

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Roots Sonic HD22 Hair Dryer

Roots Sonic HD22 2200 Watts hair DryerRoots Sonic is having 2 speeds and 2 temperatures and there is also one cool shot button. This is not foldable hair dryer but this is having cool air aswell. This Roots sonic is just what you have seen stylist using it. So responsive performance and switch for speed, temperature easily. The motor performance and sound is easy to tolerate.

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Torlen Professional Hair Dryer

Torlen Professional Hair DryerTorlen has a ceramic technology and AC moor longevity is huge though the performance is having no compromise in its quality. Torlen is featured with 3 heat setting, 2 speed setting and there is 2 slim concentrator attachment. The 3 meter swivel cord let your hand stretch while using this pretty hair dryer. Empowered with 2000 w and1 year warranty is good enough to minimize any sort of troubles. Perfect for heavy duty hair dryer and maintenance is easy.

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Braun HD Hair Dryer

Braun-HD-180-Satin-Hair-DryerThis Braun Dhir dryer is powered with 1800 w and there is heat distribution evenly. It powerful motor ensures speed dry and maintains the growth and shine of the hair as well. This will be your ideal hair dryer as it offers no damage of the hair in case there is over-heating.  The design and colors of this hair dryer is absolutely stunner. This dryer is travel friendly as it is foldable.

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You know whatever your hair type is, all those above top 10 best hair dryers in India keeps your hair extra manageable and perfect for your regular grooming. Those multi purposes hair dryers is having all essential techniques that will assure you extra gorgeous hair without any flaws. There is 360 degree magnetic rotating attachment in most of the hairdryers I have compiled. For the improved styling without any hassle, you can go through best hair dryer in India 2018.

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Suresh raina french beard

Suresh Raina is an Indian international cricketer. An aggressive left-handed middle-order batsman and an occasional off-spin bowler, he is also regarded as one of the best fielders in world cricket. He has also captained the Indian cricket team and is the second-youngest player ever to captain India. He is the first of the three Indian batsmen to ever score a century in all three formats of international cricket.

Suresh Raina has very good taste in his hairstyles and his facial haircut. Most of the time he has french beard style. He is always well groomed and always looking fresh, that’s why he has an enormous social media fans following and people want to copy him.

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Today at FashionGuruji, We have compiled a large list about his hairstyle and beard styles. So here are the best Suresh Raina hairstyles & beard styles you should consider in next when you go to the barber shop.

Suresh Raina Hairstyles & Beard Styles

Suresh raina older haircut

Suresh raina older haircut

Shuresh Raina Stylish Hairstyle


Suresh Raina Short Hairstyle

Suresh Raina Short Hairstyle

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Suresh Raina Hairstyle with Beard

Suresh Raina Hairstyle


Suresh Raina Hairstyle in Young Age

suresh raina hairstyle in young age

Suresh Raina Hair and Beard Style

Suresh Raina Hair and Beard Style

Suresh Raina Funky Hairstyle

suresh raina funky hairstyle

Suresh Raina French Beard with Short Hairstyle

Suresh raina french beard

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Shuresh Raina Hairstyle and Beard

Shuresh Raina Hairstyle and Beard

Shuresh Raina Hairstyle with Amazing Beard

Shuresh Raina Beard Look

Hope You like Suresh Raina Hairstyles and Beard and maybe wear one of the hairstyle & beard cut on your face. You can also check the indian men hairstyles which trends in 2018. Comment down below the best hairstyle and beard look of suresh raina which you try on you next time.

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With the increase in environmental pollutants day by day, the need for a deep exfoliation grows. Men are exposed to these pollutants more and require a deep cleansing of the facial skin pores. This not only cleans but also removes the grease and dirt that cause acne and gets rid of clogged pores. So it becomes extremely essential for today’s men to get their hands on a best facial scrub that suits him the most.

Here’s a list of the top 10 best facial scrubs for men available in India.

Best Face Scrubs for Men in India

The Body Shop Daily Scrub Tea Tree : best body scrub in india

The Body Shop Daily Scrub Tea TreeThe tea tree oil that is the magical element in this facial scrub for men has anti-bacterial properties. It is used in cosmetics to reduce blemishes and purify the skin. The skin whitening scrub has micro-fine exfoliants with bursting heads that cleans the clogged pores without over-drying. The Body shop scrub is best suited for blemished skin. Price:INR 895/- (100ml)

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Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow Oatmeal and Yogurt Skin Whitening Scrub

Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow Oatmeal and Yogurt Skin Whitening ScrubThe Lotus Herbals White Glow Scrub is enriched with oatmeal and yoghurt enzymes. These ingredients gently exfoliate the skin and removes dead cells. The yoghurt enzymes lift off the dirt, excess oil, blackheads and leave the skin clear and spotless. It reduces the dullness of the skin, prevents discoloration and evens out the skin tone. Yoghurt enzymes prevent tanning while oatmeal retains the natural moisture of the skin and hydrates it. It is suitable for normal, dry, oily and combination skin tones.

Price: INR 210/- (100gms)

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Vaadi Herbals Skin Lightening Fruit Face Scrub

Vaadi Herbals Skin Lightening Fruit Face ScrubThe main ingredients of this best facial scrub for men are almond oil, lemon peel powder, orange peel powder and walnut grains. Walnut grains act as micro-exfoliants, while the orange peel powder unclogs pores, clears acne and blackheads and vitamin C helps in giving you a flawless skin by removing dark patches, blemishes and spots. The lemon peel extract maintains the pH balance and acts as an astringent and toner. It also removes skin tan giving you a fresh looking skin. Price: INR 152 (50gms)

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Auravedic Amla Tamarind Brightening Skin Polish Professional

Auravedic Amla Tamarind Brightening Skin Polish ProfessionalThis scrub from Auravedic has a lot of active ingredients like Amla, Tamarind, Mulberry, Kokum Butter, Mango Butter, Beeswax, Sunflower oil, Lemon oil and Jojoba Beads. It exfoliates the dry and rough skin and cleanses it. The scrub nourishes the skin, hydrates it and the jojoba beads help in removing dead cells. It brightens the skin and smoothes under eye and wrinkles bringing in firmness. Price: INR 150/- (150ml)

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Himalaya Herbals Clear Complexion Whitening Face Scrub

Himalaya Herbals Clear Complexion Whitening Face ScrubThe Himalaya herbal clear complexion whitening face scrub is enriched with licorice, apricot granules and white dammer. While the apricot granules gently exfoliates the skin and deep cleanses it, licorice helps in melanin synthesis. It reduces dark spots and evens out the skin tone giving you a clean fresh looking radiant skin. Price: INR 70/- (50gms)

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Oriflame Sweden north for men fairness face wash & scrub Face Wash

Oriflame Sweden north for men fairness face wash & scrub Face WashThis invigorating facial scrub for men is equipped with an Arctic Pro defence formula. It deep cleanses the skin and removes excess oil and impurities while taking care of not drying it up completely. The Scrub is known to awaken the skin refreshing it. It also hydrates the skin and helps in retaining the natural moisture of the skin. Price: INR 469/- (150ml)

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Jovees Apricot & Almond Facial Scrub

Jovees Apricot & Almond Facial ScrubJovees Apricot and Almond Face Scrub is a luxurious cream based scrub that has apricot granules and almond in it. The apricot granules exfoliate and cleanse the skin while removing the dead epithelial cells. It also initiates regeneration of new cells while almond extracts reduces the dark spots and whiten the skin. The Vitamin E present moisturizes the skin and improves skin texture and complexion. This facial scrub for men is suitable for all skin types.

Price: INR 240/- (220gms)

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Vlcc Men Active Light Fairness Face Scrub

Vlcc Men Active Light Fairness Face ScrubThe VLCC men active light fairness face scrub contains mulberry extract and mint leaf extract as its key ingredients. Mulberry is packed with anti-oxidants and enhances blood circulation and skin lightening. Mint leaf extracts also lightens skin and removes toxins and purifies the skin. Mint leaf extracts have an additional effect of smoothening irritated skin during summers. The micro granules unclog the pores and deep cleanse the skin of dirt and impurities and removes dead cells as well. this facial scrub for men also maintains the pH balance of the skin smoothen it and evens out the skin tone giving you a lighter spotless skin.

Price: INR 160/-  (100gms)

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Garnier Skin Naturals White Complete Scrub

Garnier Skin Naturals White Complete ScrubApart from the exfoliation done by the micro granules present in this facial scrub, the Garnier Skin Natural White Complete Exfoliating Scrub Fairness is enriched with natural lemon extracts. The lemon extract acts as an astringent and toner and provides nourishment to the skin. It is also known to possess anti tan properties and evens out the skin tone and removes the tan formed from exposure to sun’s rays.

Price: INR 170/- (100gms)

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Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub : best facial scrubs for blackheads

Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Daily ScrubThe Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Scrub is specially formulated to remove blackheads. It not only removes them but also prevents fresh ones from appearing. The scrub exfoliates the skin and unclogs the pores removing the dirt and excess oil. The salicylic acid present in this best facial scrub for blackhead is highly effective against acne and daily use can give you a clean, clear and rejuvenated skin.

Price: INR 251/-(100gms)

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So, next time you are back from a hectic schedule exfoliate your skin with one of these best facial scrubs that are readily available in India.

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Best Face Creams for Men

Few Years back, men’s are not behind in the fashion and beauty industry. You can find them searching for the beauty products, especially before their weddings or any parties. The old and out dated concept of creams being a “woman thing” has long been over. The UV rays and pollutants do not segregate between men and women and have equal effect on both the genders. The quality or texture of the skin may differ between the genders. Men may have a less sensitive and rugged skin but that does not mean that they would not require an external applicative to protect them from the harsh effects of the pollutants. The essential ingredients of a men’s cream may differ and hence most cosmetic companies have come up with men’s face creams to suit his skin.

You can see there are many advertisements for Best Face Cream For Men everywhere. What you think are they really effective? Is these skin whitening creams and lotions really change your skin color drastically. These skin whitening creams just lighten the skin color, they removes the tanning from the men’s skin which is the main cause of dark complexion. Here’s at Fashion Guruji comming up with a list of the best 10 face creams for men in India which are available to buy both online and in shops.

Best Face Creams For Men In India

L’Oreal Paris Skin Care Men Expert Hydra Energetic Anti-Fatigue Daily Moisturizer

LOreal Paris Skin Care Men Expert Hydra Energetic Anti-Fatigue Daily MoisturizerThis moisturizer from L’oreal is non-sticky, non-greasy and absorbs easily into the skin and helps to fight the signs of stress and fatigue. The vitamin C has skin brightening properties while caffeine acts as a stimulant and enhances micro-circulation thereby providing the skin with adequate nourishment. The moisturizer leaves a long lasting rejuvenated look and makes you look fresh. It gives firmness to the skin. It is suitable for all skin types and can be applied anytime of the day.

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Man Arden Ultra Energetic Day Face Cream Island Emperor With Vitamin E

Man Arden Ultra Energetic Day Face Cream Island Emperor With Vitamin ESuitable for all skin types, Man Arden Ultra Energetic Day Cream has a non greasy and non-sticky formula. It absorbs easily into the skin. The cream is enriched with Vitamin E and green tea extracts. These ingredients revive the stressed out effect on the skin and protects the skin from external factors and keeps the skin supple and soft resulting in a fresh and healthy look. The cream is free of harmful parabens and SLS.

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Avon For Men Brightening Cream With SPF 15

Avon For Men Brightening Cream With SPF 15The skin brightening cream from Avon is enriched with a Pro-white five in one complex. It has Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), Caffeine, Willow (Salix Alba) Leaf Extract, Vitamin E derivative, Cotton Bloom (Gossypium Herbaceum) Extract, Cupressus Sempervirens Cone Extract as its ingredients. The cream prevents melanin formation and reduces pores. It also reduces discoloration and dark spots and gives you a radiant, youthful and fairer skin.

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Nivea Men Dark Spot Reduction Cream

Nivea Men Dark Spot Reduction CreamThis extra light cream has a breakthrough skin care formula specially designed for men. The cream contains UV filters and licorice extract that reduces the dark spots and protects the skin from the harmful UV rays. It absorbs quickly and has a non greasy effect. It removes excess oil and impurities and suits all skin types.

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Nivea Men Oil Control Moisturiser (10X whitening)

Nivea Men Oil Control Moisturiser (10X whitening)The Nivea for men Oil control moisturizer has an ultra light texture. It absorbs easily into the skin, controls oiliness and reduces acne formation up to 99%. The cream contains Whitanat Vita Complex Plus- a skin whitening vitamin complex with 10 ingredients including Whitanat. This formula whitens dull and damaged skin and effectively reduces the appearance of dark spots.

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Garnier for Men Oil Control Fairness Cream

Garnier for Men Oil Control Fairness CreamThis is essentially a fairness cream for men. The effective formula controls sweat and oiliness on the surface of the skin and gives intensive fairness. The cream is best suited to men with oily or combination skin. The cream also acts as a moisturizer and hydrates the skin making you feel clean and fresh throughout the day.

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Kaya Men Energising Cream SPF 15

Kaya Men Energising Cream SPF 15This multi-mineral active enriched skin from the house of Kaya restores skin vitality and and reduces the harsh environmental effects on the skin. The multi-mineral active combines magnesium, copper and zinc and is responsible for boosting oxygenation of skin cells and skin regeneration. The cell renewal system helps in reducing the environmental effects, strengthens skin defence and protects the skin from UV rays. The non-oily formula hydrates the skin and provides an overall protection.

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Meglow Whitening Face Cream For Men

Meglow Whitening Face Cream For MenMeglow whitening face cream for men provides instant visible fairness to the skin. It is enriched with Triple pro-vitamin complex, 3x sunscreens and anti-oxidants that protect the skin from the harmful effects of the environment and the suns UV rays. The non greasy formula effectively reduces the dark spots viz. sun spots, acne spots, pimple marks, freckles and dark patches. this is one of the best face cream for mrn in india.

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Fade Out Brightening Moisturiser for Men SPF 25

Fade Out Brightening Moisturiser for Men SPF 25Fade out brightening men’s face cream is Enriched with natural active ingredients like mulberry, licorice and naturally occurring lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, haloxyl, sacha inchi oil and rosehip seed oil. the fade out brightening moisturizer for men is specially formulated for the tough skin of men. It hydrates the skin and reduces discoloration and dark spots. It leaves the skin bright, radiant and even in tone. It has an SPF of 25 and protects the skin from UV rays with UVA and UVB filters.

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Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow Skin Brightening and Whitening Gel Crème SPF 25

Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow Skin Brightening and Whitening Gel Crème SPF 25Lotus Herbals is the trusted brand in india. This light and non greasy formula has a milky texture. It is more of a gel cream and absorbs easily into the skin. It has mulberry, Saxifrage and grape extracts as its ingredients that reduces the dullness of the skin. Ideal for all skin types it controls sweat and is suitable for all skin types and for men of all ages. The milk enzymes present removes the tan and gives you a bright and glowing skin.

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All the above mentioned the best men face creams in india are formulated to suit the needs of today’s man for different skin types like dry, oily, combination etc. and are readily available in the market and online, you can purchase without any doubt. Try them and also share your views with us! Hope you will like these men face creams. Soon we will update more fashion tips & style guides for indian men. Stay connected with Fashion Guruji for the more men’s fashion updates.