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7 Types Of Shoes Every Man Must Own

When it comes to picking an outfit, obsessively shoes stand at the first choice and also play the main role. Hence men want to go with suitable shoes to complement every ensemble and it can point you as well as your feet in the direction. Though there are a number of shoes out in the market, it is important to go with the right shoes which always deliver a confident and great look. So here is the list for 7 types of shoes for men which one must own in 2019.

7 Types Of Shoes Every Man Must Own

1 Loafers:

It has become one of the great fashionable shoes over the streets of Paris and some parts of London. This shoe is well designed with great looks and allows to be worn without socks providing the epitome of an elegant and casual look. It is highly suitable during the summer and delivers a great chance to obtain small changes when it comes to the colour palette.

2 Chelsea Boots:

This shoe provides you with a really cool and simple look. Chelsea boots are quite slim around the ankles which work well with the major skinny fit jeans. Even men prefer wearing these boots regularly as they can feel comfortable. Particularly, it is suitable to wear for a cooler day in autumn and spring.

3 Brogues:

These shoes are special due to their holes and pattern. They tend to remain popular amongst young men. They are a must-have style in your shoe collection. They are smart and fashionable and provide you with the ultimate unique look. Whether it is a smart casual look or a semi-formal look, brogues are there to complete your look.

4 Low-top Trainers:

It is one of the ideal choices for those who walk for long distance and it delivers special comfort at all time. On the other hand, they become a smart and more genuine option with prefer suit. Low-top Trainers deliver a casual look that makes smarter and stylish and also it is one of the safe and solid choices in the current days. It is lightweight and suitable for walking and jogging in the early morning. It is out to choice with wide colour and style and size so men can have to go with deep research and meet real comfort.

5 Espadrilles

Espadrilles are the kind of shoes for men who work out for everybody. It is the oldest form of shoes but still on the list due to its comfort. This shoe has a highly breathable and perfect choice for the weather and you can enjoy a relaxing look. It is the kind of shoes which can be worn on the beach too. You can find a huge range of colours to choose from according to your needs. The above shoes for men are really fit and deliver smart look for a casual day.

6 Chukka boots

Chukka boots are the classic style shoes for men. They give you a fashionable, casual yet a classic look. It is the best option for shoes when you are looking to opt for a refined look. This shoes gives you an informal look and hence are also appropriate for the cold weather. They are comfortable and stylish which can be worn to multiple ocassions.

7 Running trainers

When you come to this type of shoes, this is specially designed for comfort and gives additional protection and support to the foot while having a run. It is not too heavy and so it is one of the great choices for a trainer. If you are runner, obviously these shoes for men will meet all needs. You can find a huge range of running shoes in various colours like navy blue, black, etc. to go with your look.

Over to you

With the above mentioned 7 shoes for men, you are sure to make your feet feel good always. But do make sure your laces are tied perfectly. Therefore for men, who are looking for shoes, just go with the above ideas and pick the best option as per your needs.

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