Are Treadmills Bad For Knees?

One of the few workout machines that become quite popular in recent decades is the treadmills. The simplicity and the versatility of these devices make it a popular choice among users concerned about their fitness. The greatest advantage of treadmill machines is that you can burn a high amount of calories when you exercise.

One of the things that users of treadmill say as a disadvantage is that they are bad for knees. To give a straightforward answer of whether they are bad of knees or not, it a definite no. For an elaborate explanation, keep reading to find out.

Can knees handle workouts?

Generally, you absorb hundreds to thousands of pounds of force when you walk. This escalates when you run or jog. But no matter what you do, the knees are capable of handling such forces regularly if no past injuries are there.

Aggressive workouts and exercises take a toll on the knees, especially if the person is recovering from a knee injury. But studies show that treadmills can promote healthy joints.

Cause of pain

Since the design of the knee makes it capable of absorbing shocks, can treadmills cause harm? The simple answer is no. But there are chances for injuries to occur if the user does not properly use the treadmill. While exercising, if you experience pain, then you are doing it wrong. Like any other devices, to get the maximum benefit without problems, you need to know the right way of exercising in a treadmill.

Before you start on a treadmill, things like warm-up exercises and wearing the correct running shoes can help in the long run.

How to use treadmills correctly?

When used in the right way, treadmills are quite good for the knees. As you take every step, the force gets applied on the knees because they are right in the middle of hip joints and ankles. So, if the positioning of your feet when you walk or run is not correct, you will feel pain in the knees.

Most treadmill runners run with their toes which makes their knees bend to a greater extent. At first, this may not cause any pain to the runner. Due to the repeated stress on the knees in this position, pain can be felt in the long run.

Rather than allowing toes to touch the surface, runners should make sure that the middle of their feet touches first. This stance will help to balance out the force throughout the body rather than piling on the knees alone.

Again, knee pain depends on how the treadmill gets used rather than the treadmill itself. So, make sure you walk or run correctly when on a treadmill.

The bottom line

This article would have given you a clear picture – treadmills are not the cause of knee pain when used correctly. Don’t let myths blind you to the many advantages that treadmills offer. Truly, treadmills have been one of the few devices that helps anyone to stay fit.

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