Important Areas That Indian Men Need to Groom for Properly To Look Handsome

Important Areas That Indian Men Need to Groom for Properly To Look Handsome

Good habit is always appreciable. When it comes to groom men then we need to work on many areas. Of course this is not tricks that men should spend most of the time in bathroom and always think of hygiene and having always in maintenance mode. Unnecessarily you should not ignore yourself or unnecessarily do not be over caring. Men should allow themselves to be groomed in healthy way. Regular maintenance is most essential thing, men should learn to build their personality and for the personal growth. Here at Fashion Guruji, Take a look at the 10 important areas that men need to groom:

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10 Important Area That Indian Men Need To Groom


eyebrows of indian menEyebrows are the area that you men need to work in it. It does not mean that you need to go for eyebrow shaping in parlor. At-least you can manage to get its extra hair that will not look awkward.  You can make it look good in home by using tweezers to feel good inside out.


Finger nails of indian menFingernails look so awesome on women but when it comes to men they should think twice and thrice if they are having feeling of growing nails like women. Men should avoid doing this as it looks so ugly on men and out of place. In the name of fashion and trends men are adopting unfair means too; keeping grown nails like women is also one of them.

Nose Hair

Nose hair looks so vulgar when it shows from inside. Men should regularly trim out their nose hair. Otherwise it can be obstacle for your good personality. Nose hair is natural but few things we need to groom for the growth in life. This is such area which is apparently visible when anybody looks at your face. Nose hair should be trimmed and yes it is most important area than men need to groom.


Underarms groom of indian menUnderarms hair no doubt, sign of macho or manhood. These days, men are going for clean underarms and it is acceptable now. Everybody likes this change. But all these stuffs are subjective too. Few people like it and few people dislike it. Due to hygiene purpose clean underarms is also good. It does not create odor in sweat and looks nice too. Neat and clean underarms are the new in trend for men.

Facial Hair

We are not talking about beard. As beard is so much in trend. Every single men out there is having beard look. No shave look is big no for this season. But unwanted area of your face having hair then you need to cut it down like forehead, over grown eyebrows and more. You need to clean then regularly so that your face will be free from unwanted facial hair. You can check our top selected indian beard styles.

Feet Care

If you are not parlor goers then you can take care of your feet at home. If regular pedicure and manicure is not your thing then bring it in your monthly routine. So that men will be ever groomed and regular feet care will become part of your life. Daily moisturizing in your feet will also create positive change in your feet and it will not look rough and dry. Without feet care you will not look perfect if you are prone to wear floater and sandals. Generally men forget to take care of their feet even if they are attentive for their grooming.

Back Acne

Back Acne of indian men to groomBack acne is most probably does not visible but in few cases it is high in visibility. You can concern skin specialist if problem is huge. You need to make it disappear otherwise with time it will grow all over your skin. Taking care of your back is also important to make yourself up to date. This will enhance your personality.

Private Parts Hair

Private Parts Hair of indian menYes you need to trim those hairs of your private part so that bad smell will not arise. Avoid fungal infections and other disease by keeping the hair trimmed of private part. Regular trimming has lot of benefits like it keeps the area dry and clean. Maintaining your private part is most essential and make it part of your daily routine to clean it.

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Ear Wax

Ear Wax of indian menMen tend to forget those important areas which need to be take care most. Ear is one of them that needs to be maintained regularly. Ear wax will keep your ear clean and out of danger. Do not create such scene that you cannot hear people say and before the situation worsen you need to clean it thoroughly so that your ear will remain clean and safe. Waxing them on monthly basis will not cause ear infection. So, men start from today to take your ear care.


Space between the toes remains many times ignored. So you need to take care this area too if you want to remain in good books of women. Men should be conscious for those important and tiny areas where disease can form and worse the situation. You make sure that you clean up the area on daily basis and apply moisturizer to keep it hydrated.

If men will look after those above 10 important areas that men need to groom then they will be maintenance king. Their personality will enhance and they will come in good books of good men. If you are the one who avoid doing such cleanliness then beware and make them follow in your daily routine. You can also suggest important areas that men need to groom so that I can include it in my list. Also comment below do you take care of your important areas regularly.

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