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How to Get into Film Industry Easily and become a Bollywood Actor in 2021

We are getting many Emails, messages on facebook, People always ask ” I want to work in Bollywood Films, How to become a bollywood actor” etc. These are the basic things to do which you need to become a actor in Bollywood or in any film industry in india.

How to Become a Bollywood Actor
How to Become a Bollywood Actor

Bollywood is one of the biggest film industry of the world. Producing over 1000 films per year &with an industry worth of multi-billion dollars. more than 2.2 billion movie tickets are sold in Indiaevery year, placing the country as the leading film market in the world. There are thousands of young men & women trying to get into the industry. The industry will give you fame, money & everything else you can imagine of. On the flip side there is no easy way to get into Bollywood. The following ways might make your life a little easier.

Basic Thing You Need To Enter In Bollywood

Acting Classes

Anupam kher acting classClose your eyes & get into acting classes first. Join any type of acting class, community classes, performance centre anything will do. Try to find out classes which promote or teach Bollywood acting style. The best would be getting into a recognised institute for learning acting, for which you may need to travel to another city or state. Often you’ll be able to find & meet big & famous producers, directors or actors.

Dancing Class

Dancing ClassDancing is a part & parcel of Bollywood movies. No Bollywood movie is complete without great dance. Bollywood dance or western dance either would fetch you great scores. There are many famous dance academies which would work great for you. Often academies run by famous choreographers would end you up in big Bollywood award functions. Shamak Davar Dance Academy or Ganesh Acharya Dance academy are few great academies you can join in.

Get Into Modelling

Get Into ModellingModelling is a great way to get into Bollywood. If not directly but through small commercials or photoshoot for some consumer products or any kind of product. Often working with industry specialists would end you in the path of any director or producer.

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Stay Healthy & Fit

Stay Healthy & FitFitness is one of the major priority of the recent Bollywood. There was time when actor & actresses where not health conscious or fitness conscious but as of now people themselves are fonder of fitness & like watching fit actor & actresses on screen. So remember if you want to get into Bollywood then eat healthy, stay fit &exercise daily.

Keep Auditioning

Casting Calls: A small part would also help

Always, at any time, whenever you get a change attend any casting calls. Only attending casting calls would take you closer for a proper bollywood movie role. You might have to go off to Mumbai for a proper casting calls. Another part which is important while attending the casting calls is choose only the once which fits your physical description & training. Going to casting calls will give you chance to meet directors & producers, also increase your confidence.

Be Prepared

Preparation is the key. Always be prepared for any audition. A great audition can send you in the land of opportunities. Practice would make you perfect &remember to practice hard. Stand in front of a mirror & practice if you need to but remember to practice hard.

Show Your Talent

A chance is only a chance & you may have just have one chance. When you get a chance don’t let you go of it & grab it with both hands. Don’t hesitate & don’t be shy to show off your talents. Break your boundaries & shine on.

Might Help

If you are landing up with few or many opportunities hiring a talent manager would help. A good talent manager would find you good opportunities. Whenever you get traction in the industry getting a talent manager would help you more.

Strong Networking

Social Media

Social media is one of the best way to create or expand your network. Get connected with people who can influence. Often good connection can end you with great chances, & obviously one chance can change the whole scenario for you. Connect with celebrities on Facebook, Instagram. There are chances they might notice you. It is all about getting noticed in the Bollywood, now it is also important to maintain your social media account properly. Showcase your dance moves, modelling pictures or anything you may think it will work.

Reality Shows

Now a days, reality shows is on the boom speacially Bigg Boss, If you enter in any reality shows then they can be a stepping stone for your entry in bollywood. There are lots of reality shows in indian like Rodies, Dance shows, singing shows or any other shows. Once you got on the Tv screen, entry to bollywood can be very easier.

A Mentor would be a great help

There are people in film industry who have mentors & they have got opportunities through them. Having a mentor would help in other aspects too. Mentors are people who are often experienced & senior in the Industry. Getting their piece of little experience, knowledge or anything from them would be useful & helpful at the same time.

Attend Bollywood Parties or Events (If Possible)

Attend Bollywood Parties or EventsIt is important to create network in every Industry. Networking has become a mantra for success in a way. I accept it is difficult to get an invitation for any kind of celebrity event but at any point if you find one it would be a perks in getting into Bollywood.

Hard work is the key to success, you cannot have a shortcut into things. The three steps that are discussed about above are not a full proof without your hard work. Go ahead with your dream & remember only you can achieve your dream for you.

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