Best Bluetooth Earphones under 1500 Rs. in India 2022

Our Top Bluetooth Earphones under 1500 Rs in India Picks 2022

#1 Boult#2 Noise#3 Arbily Bluetooth
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Are you searching for best Bluetooth earphones under 1500 in India? If yes, then you are at correct page. Here you can compare the reviews and features of best wireless earphone deals available at cheap price and easily buy them.

There are some of the accessories that play a vital role in our daily life. Being an avid fan of music, the need for a right earphone always helps the user to get a unique sound experience. If you are looking for a fair and affordable earphone that helps in getting maximum benefit, then this review about best Bluetooth earphones under 1500 Rs 2022 will help you in the best possible ways.

The selected earphones in this list are frontrunners in the market. It allows you to narrow down your choice towards a useful accessory. Apart from that this review also contains some of the queries that often pops up in the mind of users. This is going to help you in getting maximum support.

Best Bluetooth Earphones under 1500 in India 2022

This list is equipped with almost all the best in class products that are fitted with class apart features. Getting all the information about these earphones will make you select wisely. Help yourself in gaining knowledge with this list of best Bluetooth earphones under 1500 in India 2022.

#1. Boult Audio Pro bass X1-Wl In-Ear Wireless Earphones

Boult is among the renowned brands that provides a multitude of music accessories. If you want to get a class apart earphone that can provide the ultimate sound effect, then this is going to be the best one. It is equipped with the entire feature that can help the user to get the maximum benefit. 

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It is equipped with a long battery life that offers a playtime of 12 hours. It will take 1.5 hours to charge, which is quite fast. The design of the earbuds makes it quite ergonomic. This design helps to provide sound clearly into the ear canal. The packed structure helps to isolate the noise so that you can get the best sound experience.

The design of the neckband can quickly surround your neck. The effective method helps to accommodate good shape. It provides ultimate comfort and access to the inline controls. With the standby time of 1-2 days, it is entirely redundant in the usage. Apart from all the features, the aesthetics of this earphone make it worthy of every penny invested.


  • It provides a crisp deep bass that stimulates your senses. 
  • Comes with long battery life and massive standby time.
  • It takes 1-1.5 to get fully charged with this; you can quickly get 1-2 days of standby.
  • The waterproof resistant manufacturing helps to withstand it from 1 meter deep for 30 minutes.
  • It is equipped with an improved high-quality mic that helps in getting the best on-call experience. 

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#2. Noise tune active wireless Bluetooth earphones 

The core benefit this best Bluetooth Earphones under 1500 is the support. With this, you are getting one year of assured warranty. In case of any discrepancies, one can quickly get assistance from the manufacturer’s support center. Apart from this, the earphone provides a unique sound experience that can help you to get rid of all the stress.

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It is equipped with a massive battery life that can help in getting 10hours of playback time. You can easily enjoy the maximum time possible. With a better sound and stable connection, the user will get the ultimate experience. The AI-enabled approach of this earphone makes it quite attractive as it can quickly help to command Siri or Google, assistant.

It is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology that helps in getting a strong connection. The wingtips of the earbuds are constructed with silicone that helps in providing a secure fit to the ears. One can comfortably wear it throughout the day. It has an inline remote control from which you can easily control playback and volume.


  • It comes with a 1-year assured warranty from noise.
  • Helps to get 10 hours of playtime
  • Comes with better sound quality and provides stable connections.
  • It comes with Bluetooth 5.0 technology that has optimal functionality to connect with effectiveness.
  • It comes with a full remote control that helps in getting proper support. 
  • The AI-based feature that supports Siri/Google’s assistant makes it quite attractive.

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#3. Arbily Bluetooth earphones Bluetooth 5.0 

Getting the right earphone with all the features is a cumbersome process. If you are looking for a good one, then it is going to be an ideal choice as it has all the features that make it apt for a music lover. Apart from that if you want to do all the chores while talking or listening to music, then this earphone is an apt one.

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It comes with technologically useful additions that make it apt for any rough usage. This can provide optimum compatibility that offers a connection to all the devices. You don’t have to worry about getting connected to different Bluetooth enabled devices. 

It has an ergonomic design that has water-resistant features. It can be used while doing anything. Whether you are cycling, hiking, or doing any exercises. It has a massive battery life that keeps it at the top position. With the 240 hours of standby, time expects for an earphone that is going to be the best accessory for you.


  • Comes with a 12 months lifetime warranty guarantee that enables the user to get hassle-free usage. 
  • In case of any discrepancy, the customer services team will help you 24×7.
  • You can obtain a feel of hands-free all day while doing all kinds of chores.
  • It provides 240 hours of standby time that helps in getting the maximum out of this earphone. 
  • It is equipped with the modern technology of sp604 Bluetooth, which provides a significant connection.

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#4. Ambrane Bluetooth wireless earphones

Ambrane is a renowned name in the electrical accessories category. It has all the features that make it apt for getting the ultimate sound experience. If you are looking for an earphone that can help you to get effective functionalities, then this is going to be the best in class wireless earphones. 

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It has titanium sound drivers that can quickly provide high definition sound quality with rich bass. With this, you can get 10 hours of powerful music experience that can cut all the stress. The long battery life of these Bluetooth wireless earphones is compatible with any smartphone. 

A Voice assistant or AI-enabled approach is the best thing about this earphone. Apart from these features, the inline remote controls can help you to access almost all the functions. You can quickly get all the significant advantages that a nice earphone cam provides. It is way perfect for a music lover.


  • Comes with a collar neckband with magnets that can provide comfort. 
  • It has tangle-free use as the wires are of superior material. 
  • It is equipped with an inline remote for multi-functions. You can quickly get access to all the functions.  
  • It supports both Google’s assistant and Siri voice assistant that is the need of this time.
  • The mechanism provides high bass and noise cancellation for a better sound approach. 

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#5. U&i titanic series Bluetooth neckband Bluetooth headset 

Opting for a class apart accessory needs a different level of research. This headphone is equipped with all the functionalities that help in fulfilling all the needs. It has the inclusion of all the efficient technology that makes it quite useful. It has a lightweight design and easy to carry function.  

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The trendy design of this earphone will help the user to get a full complement. It comes with 10 hours of playback time that is worth your investment. The inclusion of a magnet inside the earbuds helps the user to get maximum comfort. With this, you can get the optimum level of sound experience.

This Bluetooth earphone is gaining its fair share of popularity. This is among the best features that make it quite useful. All the features of this earphone help to get maximum value for the money invested. If you are looking for a rugged earphone that can cater to all they need, then this is the best one. 


  • Comes with 10 hours of battery backup which helps in practical usage for a long time.
  • Minimal 2 hours of charging time make it apt for the usage.
  • The trendy and fashionable design helps the user to get the maximum out of this.
  • The earbuds come with a magnet, which helps in getting connected when it is idle.  
  • The lightweight of this earphone makes it quite apt for regular usage.

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#6. Basso weedo wireless Bluetooth 5.0 earphones 

There are different wireless Bluetooth earphones available in the market that are equipped with all the functionalities. These features don’t only help in listening to music but also provides access to different functions such as calls or command prompts. It is advisable to opt for this product as it has a maximum advantage as compared to others.

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It is equipped with some of the features that make it unique. These features coincide with the mechanism that helps on getting optimum sound experience. If you want a perfect sound with minimum hassles, then this is going to be an ideal product. Opting, this can help you effectively.

This earphone is compatible with numerous devices such as windows devices, and all popular Bluetooth devices, Realme 2 Pro, Redmi Note 5, One Plus 6, One Plus 7, Samsung Galaxy, Android Smartphones Redmi 6 Pro, Galaxy J7 Pro, Samsung j7 prime, Realme 2 Pro, iPhone xs, x, 8, 7, 6, all pads, and tablets.


  • It is manufactured with the robust build quality and numerous quality testing that ensures practical usage.
  • The inline control provides access to full call control.
  • Comes with IPX7 water resistance that prevents any damage due to splash of water.  
  • For gymming enthusiasts and agile people, it has a sweat-proof feature that enables them to use it while doing any activity.

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#7. Mulo Wonderloop 500 wireless neckband earphone 

The hands-free approach and voice command feature makes it apt for usage. You can quickly get things done with the use of voice commands. You can help yourself in best possible ways with this earphone. Opt for this and get a surreal music experience with all the other functionalities in check. This neckband wireless Bluetooth earphone is capable of different functionalities. 

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The best wireless neckband earphone under 1500 is designed with keeping the view of providing ultimate benefits. You can answer alerts and incoming calls just in the touch of a button. It provides a rich quality of sound that has optimal bass and treble, which offers a unique music experience altogether.

The noise cancellation technology helps in preventing all the outside noise with ease. The powerful 130 mah battery is capable of providing nine hours of playtime. It only needs 2 hours to get fully charged. The construction of this earphone is equipped with maximum comfort.


  • It is equipped with easy access controls that make it quite useful for any operation.  
  • With this, you can attain calls noise-free. It prevents the outer sound.
  • It ensures high voice clarity while talking on the call.
  • Comes with a playtime of 9 hours in just one charge.  
  • The design is relatively lightweight and helps the user to carry it with ease.
  • The flexible wire makes it quite useful and helps the user for hassle-free usage.

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#8. Anker nb10 Bluetooth 4.1 sport earbuds

The avid fan of sports always needs motivation. Music is the best alternative to gain maximum inspiration. For this, they need an accessory that can help them to get optimal sound experience. This is among the best in class Bluetooth earphones that holds the top place among contemporaries. The features of this product will help you to get a unique music experience for an extended period.

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It has a secure grip that holds the earphone on your ear. With the water-resistant approach, people get prevention against the water or sweat. It has a double layer of internal Nano-coating that helps in providing maximum protection altogether. It is equipped with 12mm audio drivers that can be connected to any of the devices.

The compatibility factor of this earphone makes it apt for connecting to any smartphone. The aesthetics of this earphone is capable of providing a double layer of protection that helps in the best possible ways to cater to the needs of people. You can get effortless connectivity with this Bluetooth earphone. 


  • The earphone has a flexible hooking design that provides a big group.
  • Comes with fit clips and ear tips that make it quite useful for regular usage.  
  • Comes with an oversized 12mm audio driver that caters to the need of people to connect with different kinds of devices.
  • It has a feature that makes it universally compatible with any device. 
  • The water-resistant and sweat-resistant feature makes it quite useful for a different kind of usage.

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#9. Maxobull power full audio machine pam-24 smart Bluetooth 5.0 

AI is getting popular day by day. It is mandatory to include them in the regularly used devices. If you are not able to access some of the AI-based features while attaching earphones, then this product will help you to address that. It has a function that allows providing Google and Siri assistance just in one touch. Help yourself to attain an effective and hassle-free accessory that can give maximum value for money.

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The HD level sound clarity is the best feature this earphone provides to the music lovers. The ultimate sound effect from this earphone makes it quite useful and helps the user to attain the top level of music listening. It is equipped with noise-isolating Bluetooth headphones that prevents the outside sound.

It has Bluetooth 5.0 technology that helps in providing smooth transmission. It also helps in consuming less energy as well. If you want a perfect accessory that can help you in getting the ultimate music experience, then it is an ideal product. The smooth transmission and flawless design make it apt for usage. Enjoy the best in class experience with this earphone. 


  • The noise-isolating Bluetooth function makes it entirely redundant to prevent the outer sound.
  • It provides thumping bass and great pitches, which in turn helps in providing adequate sound quality. 
  • The earphone is equipped with 10mm dynamic drivers for better compatibility and stable connections.  
  • One of the important things is the long standby that helps in using it for an extended period. 
  • Comes with Bluetooth 5.0 version which is the best among the contemporaries. 

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#10. Egotic fusion Bluetooth earphones wireless with mic

Everybody wants to attain some of the accessories that provide ultimate functionalities. This fusion best Bluetooth earphone has all the functionalities that make it quite apt for usage. You can expect top-level sound experience with thumping bass and balanced Bluetooth technology. With this, you are going to get the ultimate sound experience. Opting this can be the best investment made for the accessories for music. 

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The ergonomic design of this earphone makes it entirely adjustable and sets over the ear quickly. You can get a customized look that helps in attaining maximum comfort. While doing any activity, you can use it with ease. Whether you are a regular jogger or a gym, freak this is going to be the best in class product.

It is equipped with a mechanism that helps in quick charging. It gets fully charged in just 2 hours. It has ipx7 rated splash-proof material that makes it waterproof and also prevents it from any damage due to sweat while exercising. It is among the most compatible earphones that can cater to all the needs.


  • It comes with a QUALCOMM CSR chip that helps in providing effortless music connectivity. 
  • It is equipped with noise cancellation technology to provide optimal sound.  
  • It comes with a lightweight design that helps the user to carry anywhere.
  • With the super quick charge time, it is quite fast in getting ready for providing a unique music experience. 
  • Comes with ipx7 rated splash proof that makes it waterproof as well as sweat-proof. 

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Which is the best Bluetooth earphones under 1500 that provides long-lasting usage?

There are numerous earphones available that provide maximum playback time. On average, an earphone with Bluetooth can be used for 10 hours regularly while listening to songs. The above list also contains different earphones that can be able to give 10 hours of playback time with maximum standby time.

What are the charging options for earphones?

These earphones can be charged with the dedicated USB cable provided by the manufacturer. The charging process is relatively easy, and most of the earphones are equipped with these reliable cables.

Which are the best options based on standby time and playback time?

There are different renowned brands available such as bolt or noise that provides maximum standby and playback time. Apart from these they also help in providing optimal aesthetics which helps you in carrying these with poise.

In case of any fault whom should we consult?

If there is any problem with the package, then the reseller should be addressed. If it comes with a warranty, then the customer care support from the manufacturer’s end will help you to eradicate that in case of physical damage, mostly the retailer’s exchanges the product.

Do we get a warranty on these products?

Yes, most of the earphones come with one year of assured warranty. This is among the best aspects as it is going to help you with the best possible ways to attain hassle-free as well as practical usage.  

How can we get the maximum benefits of the earphones?

The multitasking youth needs different accessories that can help them to make life simpler. These earphones enable them to cater to all the needs as well as doing other works too. For example, you can easily talk without touching your phone due to the inline remote control available on the earphones.  

What can we expect from the manufacturer?

In case of any discrepancies, the manufacturer provides all the support. The list contains different products from renowned brands that have a credible name in the market. If you are facing any difficulties, and then feel free to contact the customer care. 

Final Words

The availability of these products is based on different factors. Above mentioned best Bluetooth earphones under 1500 INR in India 2022 are excellent and help you in getting the ultimate music experience. If you are in confusion where you should opt for buying, then it is recommended to opt for different e-commerce platforms as it provides significant discounts at a specific time. Keep a check on that period and help yourself in getting a good deal.

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