Best Bluetooth Headphones Under 1000 Rs. In India 2022

Our Top Bluetooth Heaphone Under 1000 Rs in India Picks 2022

#1 pTron#2 Zebronics#3 pTron
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Hearing music on tape recorders have become obsolete. Nowadays, everyone prefers listening to music on iPods, smartphones, and tablets. These gadgets can be easily carried to places and hence people can uplift their mood with their favorite tracks on the go. To be able to enjoy good sound quality, you should fetch a headphone that is affordable and has amazing features. As the new age is trending with advanced technology, you would easily be able to get superior quality headphones at a reasonable price. Some of the qualities that matter in a headphone are; good sound quality, wired or Bluetooth connection, bass speakers, and design.

As people wear headphones for a longer duration, it should be necessarily comfortable. You should select the one that would fit in perfectly onto your ears and will not slip off easily. There are various types of headphones available in the market and they are in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear. All of them have their benefits. It is up to your preference which one you should buy. In this article, we have mentioned some of the best Bluetooth headphones under 1000 in india 2022. You can go through the reviews before buying one for yourself.

Best Bluetooth headphones under 1000 in India 2022

#1. pTron Studio Over The Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Mic – (Black)

If you are in search of best over the ear wireless headphone under 1000 RS, then this product from the house of pTron would be an excellent choice. The headphone has a 40mm large-aperture with dynamic drivers that are designed to meet your musical needs. The headphone can deliver clear vocals. clean bass, crisp percussions, and precise guitar sounds. 

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With this headphone, you would be able to discover the best quality of your favorite music. The headphone is powered with a 400mAh Li-polymer battery that can carry the charge for a longer duration. You would be able to enjoy non-stop music for about 12 hours on a single charge. The headphone is popular because of the comfort aspect.

The foam padding on the ear cups allows the headphone to comfortably sit on your ears without causing irritations. The Bluetooth connection of the headphone can connect within 33ft of the radius. The headphone can’t the outer lower frequency sounds of aviation, trains, traffic, and other noises so that you can focus on movies and music. The product has a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.


  • Built-in Aux and Mic facility to receive hands-free calls.
  • Press and hold mechanism for power on and off.
  • Accurate notes and best deep bass technology for best quality music.
  • Durable and soft ear cups for all-day listening.
  • 2 hours of charging time and the standby time of 500 hours.

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#2. ZebronicsZeb-Thunder Wireless BT Headphone

On number 2 of best bt headphones under 1000, ZebronicsZeb-Thunder Wireless BT Headphone is one of the most comfortable and stylish headphones that are available in the market. You would be able to listen to back-to-back music without the tension of getting tangled up with the wires. This best wireless headphone in India would allow an easy-breezy experience of listening to good quality music.

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The ergonomic design of the headphone would perfectly fit on your ears and they are quite comfortable for long hours to use. The super-soft ear cups don’t strain your ears, even when you wear them for the whole day. The adjustable band of the headphone allows you to adjust it perfectly so that it doesn’t slip off while you work or listen to music.

The headphone has 9hours of playback time with superior sound quality. For wider frequency and outstanding sound reproduction, the headphone is designed with 40mm drivers. The headphone can be connected through Bluetooth, MicroSD card, and 3.5mm aux input. It also has a built-in FM tuner for more options.


  • 9 hours of playback to elevate your listening experience like never before.
  • Available in various colors like red, blue, brown, and black.
  • Soft padding, adjustable headband, and comfortable ear-cups to boost up the comfortability.
  • Built-in FM radio so that you can listen to your favorite RJ.
  • The call function allows you to attend online classes, enjoy the online conference, and take hands-free calls.

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#3. pTronBassbudsLite V2 in-Ear True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Nowadays, in-ear wireless headphones have become a trend. The young generation, especially has become obsessed with the product. The pTronBassbudsLite headphone is an affordable option as compared to the rest. This is the 2nd best wireless headphone under 1000 in india from pTron brand. These earphones come with a portable 400mAh charging cum storage case where you can charge the device and keep going. 

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The standby time of these Bluetooth in-ear headphones is 100 hours. If you charge the earphones for 1.5 hours, it can perform for 6 hours continuously. The earphones deliver hi-fi stereo sound with bass. You can hear high frequency and distortion-free bass from various genres. 


The earphone is built with leading Bluetooth technology and that is it can establish an undisturbed connection with your smartphone within the range of 33ft. You can instantly get connected to your iPhone, Android, Mac, iPad, and other tablets. There is a built-in microphone on both sides of the earbuds that allow you to make hands-free calls.



  • The headphone is universal and can be connected to phones and tablets of all brands.
  • Seamless connectivity and fast pairing allow you to stay connected to music without any interruption.
  • Charge on-the-go case allows you to charge your headphone anytime anywhere.
  • pTronBassbuds Lite earbuds have the latest wireless technology configured for providing powerful sound.
  • The lightweight and comfortable design provide a better fit.

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#4. Leaf Bass Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Hi-Fi Mic and 10 Hours Battery Life

This is another dynamic headphone that is packed with various amazing features and is available at an affordable price. The headphone has 40mm powerful drivers that provide HD sound to the users. The massive deep bass technology of the headphone makes it your ideal companion during workouts or while performing any other activity. 

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The Li-ion battery of this headphone power-packed and has a battery like of up to 10 hours of music time. The standby duration of the battery is up to 300 hours with just a single charge of 2.5 hours. The ergonomic design of the headphone helps to cut out the noise around you while you use them.

They come with a noise isolation mechanism that lets you allow your favorite song in your zone. The ultra-soft cushion ear cups and the headband cushion provide supreme comfort to the users even when they use it for a longer duration.


  • It has a perfect design for long listening hours with all they require comfort.
  • The deep bass gives you the feel of thumping bass before you start with work.
  • Up to 10 hours of battery, life allows you to do more.
  • Soft cushion cups and headband cushion is provided for a high level of comfort.
  • Besides Bluetooth technology, it can be connected through an AUX cable as well.

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#5. iBallEarWear Base BT 5.0 Neckband Earphone with Mic and 12 Hours Battery Life

For an excellent listening experience with crisp and clear audio, you should buy this Bluetooth earphone manufactured by iBall. iBall is already an established name in the Indian market and that enhances the credibility of the product. The lightweight material of the earphone makes it comfortable on your ears and you do not get irritated wearing them. 

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The stylish design and the comfortable fit of the earphone give you all the reasons to own them. You can effortlessly answer calls or skip a song with one touch on the button. The over-ear hooking design gives the earphone a secure fit during workouts. 

Even during intense workouts sessions, the earphone won’t fall off from its place. The instinctive touch controls available on the earphone keeps it simple in all ways. You can stay connected to the world without feting out on your mobile phone.


  • The lightweight neckband allows style, comfort, and convenience while wearing them for long hours.
  • It has high sensitivity due to which it isolates your voice and you can hear better in a noisy environment.
  • The ergonomic design allows you to wear the earphone while gyming and jogging.
  • Instinctive touch controls allow easy access to the earphone.
  • The playback time of the earphone is up to 12 hours with a single charge.

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#6. Techfire HBS 730 Wireless Neckband Bluetooth Earphone Headset Earbud Portable Headphone

At  the no 6 of best wireless headphone under 1000 in India, we have techfire wireless neckband with Bluetooth technology is one of the most affordable earphones that come with outstanding features. The earphone is compatible with all the smart devices and is an ideal companion for you to listen to good quality music. 

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The Bluetooth V4 allows the earphone to get instantly connected to your gadget so that you can enjoy music and take hands-free calls. The earphone is energy efficient as it has energy-saving lithium batteries. The convenient design of the earphone gives a perfect cozy fit without falling out. Its compact size lets you store it in a pocket or purse.

The earphone can be sued in the office, gym, outdoors, and home. The Bluetooth facility allows skip-free stereo sound and exceptional sound quality. You can hear deeply engaging music in crystal clear clarity. Noise-canceling technology allows the user to experience the best sound quality in their own space.


  • The neckband is soft, flexible, and light in weight. 
  • 4.0 Bluetooth allows you to stay connected for a longer duration.
  • The earplug and the slot are magnetically designed so that they are directly plugged in when not in use.
  • It is equipped with energy-saving lithium batteries.
  • Smart compatibility connection allows it to get connected to all smart devices.

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#7. WeCool Moonwalk M1 True Wireless Earbuds (TWS) IPX 5 and Digital Display Charging Case

If you want to keep up with the trend and are searching for an affordable in-ear Bluetooth earbud, then you should choose this model. WeCool Moonwalk M1 True Wireless Earbuds has sleek looks and is ultra-stylish. It allows a rich and balanced sound to its users. The digital display battery indicator helps you with the charging decision. 

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The latest Bluetooth V5.0 builds a stable connection at a maximum of 10 meters range. There are multi-functional buttons to help to control the playlist, change tracks, and answer a call. The earphone is equipped with a voice assistance feature that allows you to do several works just by using your commands. 

The standby time of the earphone is about 120 hours and it also has the noise isolation feature. Each earbud weighs only 3.5 grams; hence, they are not heavy on your ears. The wireless earphones are splash proof and sweat proof. Hence, you can use them during your gym sessions.


  • Effective noise isolation technology keeps unnecessary noise out.
  • Long-lasting battery life allows you to do more.
  • The ergonomic sporty design of the earphone enables comfort and a secure fit.
  • The splash-proof technology of the earbud allows you to use it everywhere.
  • It has a charging case where you can also store the buds safely.

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#8. Truke Fit 1 in-Ear True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Mic

Moving to next best bluethooth headphone under 1000 inr, we have Truke fit wireless Bluetooth headphone. For crystal clear sound quality at a budgeted price, you should try this truke Fit 1 in-Ear True Wireless Bluetooth Headphone. For delivering the best musical experience, the earbud is equipped with true bass technology. The Bluetooth 5.0 support of the earbuds allows a seamless connection with your smart device. 

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It ensures a steady wireless connection within 30 feet of distance. The earbuds come with a 300mAh charging case and it gets fully charged within 90 minutes. When the charge is full, these earbuds will be able to provide 3.5 hours of music playback and standby support of 12 hours. The earbud has a single press operational button to manage your music and calls.

Siri and Google’s assistant is supported by truke Fit 1 True Wireless Earphones. The sweat-proof design of the earbuds allows you to use them during workouts, jogging, and running. Each earbud can get connected to your mobile separately. Hence, you can drive safely using a single earbud. The ergonomic design provides the best comfortable fit.


  • The design of the earbud allows a comfortable and secure fit for everyone.
  • A single press button helps you to control music and receive calls with just a single press.
  • Sweatproof technology keeps your earbud safe from water and sweat.
  • Bluetooth v5.0 supports seamless connectivity for a longer duration.
  • Monopod Operation lets you use a single earbud when required.

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#9. Syvo Flex Bluetooth 5.0 IPX4 Sweatproof headphone with 10 Hours Battery Life

The superior design of the Syvo Flex Bluetooth 5.0 IPX4 Sweatproof Earphones would attract you at the very first glance. The earphones have built-in magnets to let you attach the two ends while running and to carry it safely around. The IPX4 rating of the earphone denotes that it can withstand heavy sweat and splashes and you can wear them during strenuous workout sessions. 

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The earphone is equipped with an advanced chipset that provides premium sound quality and Bluetooth 5.0 technology assures skip-free listening experience. The wireless earphone is light in weight and easily stays on your ears for a great listening experience.

You can communicate seamlessly without holding your mobile device with the three-button in-line remote and microphone. The pack includes different sizes of ear tips to provide the perfect fit for every individual. The lithium-ion battery of the earphone allows up to 10-12 hours of audio playtime. The condenser microphone allows HD calls and voice commands.


  • It is water-resistant and hence can be used everywhere.
  • The magnetic earbud has a noise reduction mechanism with a hi-fi built-in stereo.
  • The Li-ion battery provides an extraordinary battery life.
  • It is compatible with all the leading brand’s smart devices. 
  • The secure fit neckband allows the earphone to stay in place during workouts and running sessions.

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#10. HolyHigh BT01 Wireless Earphone with Mic

Last but not the least of our best wireless headphone under 1000 list is HolyHigh BT01 Wireless Earphone with Mic. The newly upgraded microphone woofers allow you to receive hands-free calls with crystal clear voice clarity. Dual 10mm speaker drivers deliver outstanding stereo sound quality that would duly motivate you during powerful workouts. 

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The earphone has a battery backup of 10 hours if you listen to music with a 50% volume. The earphone is built with silicon wingtips so that it doesn’t hurt your ears while you wear them for a longer duration. The agronomical design of the earphone is sports-oriented and hence you can use it while performing exercises, yoga, workouts, and other physical activities.

There is a remote place on the body of the earphone with which you would be able to control playback music, adjust volume, and manage calls. The earphone is compatible with all laptops, mobile, and tablets. The latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology allows a stable connection with your smart device.


  • HD stereo sound quality boosts up the performance level of the earphone.
  • Lightweight neckband and ergonomic ear design offer comfortable wearing.
  • The premium magnetic design prevents from falling off while you are busy with work.
  • 10 hours of battery life allows you to use it for a longer duration.
  • The easy remote control allows you convenient access to managing calls and music.

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What are the things that I should consider while buying a best headphone under 1000 in India?

Primarily, you should understand the utility of your headphone. If you are a person who loves music, then you should get one that has good sound quality, amplifier, loud and bassy. Budget is also an aspect that you should consider as no one likes to spend more than required. You should check the comfortability of the headphone if you are planning to wear it for long durations in a day. Aesthetic looks do matter sometimes for some people.

What is the difference between closed and open headphones?

Open headphones are designed in a way that some portion of the back of the headphone is open. That is the reason open headphones can provide you wider and natural sounds. Closed headphones sound more like little boxed in. The benefit of a closed headphone is that it gives you isolation from the outside noise and does not leak out the internal sound.

What are headphone amplifiers?

The headphone’s amplifiers are crafted to provide power to the headphones. The headphones that do not have the technology of an amplifier tend to sound flat and lack dynamics. The headphones with amplifiers outperform the other headphones without an amplifier of the same price.

What loud can the headphones be?

Most of the headphone’s high sound levels can cause hearing damage. Hence, it is advisable not to volume up your headphones to the maximum level. It is quite easy to train your ears too low volumes.

What if I receive a broken headphone from Amazon?

You can inform Amazon as soon as possible and your product will be replaced. You can even change your model within 7 days of delivery for any other reason.

Final Words

No matter whichever headphone you choose, do check the features and decide how it would be beneficial for you. There are several options of best wireless headphone under 1000 INR  in INDIA 2022 available in the market, however, to find the perfect one, you should verify their details and read the reviews of the customers. As per our verdict, WeCool Moonwalk M1 True Wireless Earbuds (TWS) IPX 5 and pTron Studio Over The Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Mic – (Black) are the best ones among the others mentioned in the article of best Bluetooth headphones under 1000 in India. They are affordable and come with great benefits.

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