Best Bluetooth Speakers under 3000 INR in 2022

Our Top Bluetooth Speakers under 3000 INR in India Picks 2022

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For avid music fans, it is very important to opt for different kinds of accessories that provide a surreal sound experience. This experience can be attained through numerous accessories such as headphones, earphones, speakers, and many more. These accessories help the user to listen to music in the best possible ways. The advent of technology and the inclusion of Bluetooth in different accessories makes it quite comfortable.

With the Bluetooth technology, one can get access to the amplified music from a distance. When it comes to speakers, music lovers often find it difficult to choose an appropriate one due to the abundance in options. To make it easy, we are providing a list of Bluetooth speakers under 3000 INR that is going to help choose a wise one. This excerpt will also provide answers to some of the queries that are quite vital and provides adequate information.         

Best Bluetooth speakers under 3000 Rs. in 2022

This list consists of ten of the best in class Bluetooth speakers under the price range of 3000 INR. This will help you in narrowing down a product that is suitable for you. Let’s delve into the list that contains the best in class Bluetooth speakers.

#1. boAt Stone 1000 Portable Wireless Speaker

This is among the topmost brands that provides effective music accessories. These accessories are equipped with all the features that are essential for getting a good sound and music experience. Apart from the par level of sound exposure it also has a warranty that can cater to the need of keeping the possibility of any damages at bay. If you are looking for an excellent speaker, then this can be the ideal choice.

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It is equipped with some of the best technology that helps in connecting to devices. It has 14-watt dual speakers that are capable of providing loud music with desired bass and clear sound quality. This is among those beast speakers that help in providing the ultimate sound experience. The waterproof feature saves it from accidental splash.

Apart from all the features, the aesthetically sound design with durable material makes it worth every penny invested. The battery capacity of 3000mAh helps in providing 8 hours of playtime with ease. Immerse in the soulful music experience with these speakers and help yourself to shed all the stress. Opt this and get a power-packed sound experience with ease.


  • It comes with a year warranty for hassle free usage. 
  • The effective sound produces louder bass.
  • It is equipped with IPX5 waterproof and shockproof material that keeps it safe from Water.
  • The outer is made up of durable silicon with a rubber matte finish. 
  • Influential aesthetics provide outdoor protection from dust and Water.

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#2. Infinity (JBL) Fuze Pint Deep Bass Dual EQ Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Portable Speaker

While equipping a good speaker, everyone wants to attain a portable one that could be fitted in any baggage. This is among the pocket size Bluetooth speakers that have all the features. It has a playtime of 5 hours, which helps the user in getting the musical vibes for a long period. It is also equipped with different bodies that provide bass output. 

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This best wireless Bluetooth speaker under 3000 Rs. come with speakerphone, which helps in providing support for calling options. It is integrated with voice assistance that helps in providing maximum comfort. With the compact 480 mAh battery, one can get a long-lasting music experience. With this, it is quite clear that you are going to spend your money on something premium. 

Opting for a big size speaker is out of trend, now people want to get a grab of portable accessories. This is amongst the travel-friendly speakers that can be carried with normal baggage. The comfort this speaker provides helps in the best possible ways. Attain deep bass sound, and soothing music is possible with this speaker. Get a hold of this and help yourself in shooting out stress from your mind.


  • The portable Bluetooth speakers offer redundant use that can be very effective for travelling
  • Comes with 5 hours of music playtime
  • It is equipped with dual equalizer modes for getting a proper setup.
  • It provides wireless Bluetooth streaming that makes it quite comfortable for listening to music. 
  • You can also assist calls via speakerphone as it has functionality that enables the user to get a multitude of usage. 
  • Comes with voice assistant integration that helps the user to get innovative features.

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#3. JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Mic (Black)

JBL is among those brands that are gaining massive exposure due to its features. People are crazy to have the accessories from this brand as it has a different level of status symbol. If you are an avid fan of music, then having an accessory from this brand will help you in the best possible ways. It has loads of features that are quite effective.

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The aesthetics of this speaker helps in gaining maximum attraction as it comes in 8 different vibrant colour options. With this, you can choose the desired one that suits your personality. The built-in strap hook is the main attraction for the people as they keep on bragging about the features of this speaker. Attaining this will help you in increasing the music sensitivity drastically.

With the compact size and practical design, it is quite clear that this speaker is going to be of great usage. The eye-catchy design, strap hook, silicone grab will help you to make this a perfect companion. You can listen to music while going anywhere or being at any place. Just opt for this and help yourself in the best possible ways.


  • It is equipped with a built-in rechargeable li-ion battery that is capable of providing a long period of music listening experience.
  • Comes with 5 hours of playtime under normal settings.
  • It comes with an inbuilt feature of speakerphone, which provides help during the normal call.
  • The effective google voice assistant integration provides ultimate assistance to the user.
  • It has a compact size that caters to all the needs of the people.
  • Comes with a noise-canceling speakerphone, which provides help in calling options.

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#4. Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker 2 with in-Built mic

This is one of the Bluetooth speakers that has all the functionalities. If you are looking for a portable yet durable speaker that can help you to listen to music anywhere, then this is going to be the best choice. It comes with 6 hours of playback time. The easy to carry function with a hand strap makes it perfect for travellers.

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It has an integrated microphone that helps the user in any phone calls. You can easily answer the phone calls, just in one touch. The significant connection distance is 10 meters, and it is quite apt for a regular user. The availability of different features makes it quite efficient while listening to your favourite music.

This brand is getting popular and making a mark in the segment of Bluetooth speakers. At this price, the features provided by this are ample and help the user to get a grab of music with its persuasive tone. It is equipped with 480mAH of battery that is capable of providing long playback time. 


  • Comes with 6 hours of playback time that helps the user to get the ultimate music hearing experience.
  • The easy to carry approach of this speaker makes it quite effective.
  • Comes with a hand strap and provides comfort as well as portability.
  • For calling experience, it is equipped with an integrated microphone.
  • The hands-free calling support makes it quite useful as it helps in providing ultimate comfort to the user.

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#5. ZebronicsZeb-County Bluetooth Speaker with Built-in FM Radio

If you are looking for a product that has compact and handy features then this ideal one. The multi-connectivity option makes it quite significant as it can be connected through a wired connection also. It comes with a call function and built-in FM also. The inclusion of extra functions makes it apt for the user.

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The charging time of 4-5 hours provides 10 hours of playback time. The massive playback time is the added advantage that is the core of this speaker. One can get satisfaction after opting for this speaker. Help yourself by attaining this and make it your musical companion.

It comes with one year of warranty that doesn’t only assist but maintains the ideal usage for a long time. The compact design and SD card function makes it quite useful. You can easily extend the storage by inserting up to 32GB of memory card into this. Carry your playlist with yourself.


  • It comes with a magnanimous playback time of 10 hrs.
  • It is also equipped with a 1-year warranty that helps the user in getting ultimate support functions from the manufacturer.
  • The driver size of 57mm makes it quite suitable for all the devices.
  • It has a compact design that makes it attractive.

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#6. Infinity (JBL) Fuze 100 Deep Bass Dual Equalizer IPX7 Waterproof Portable Wireless Speaker

Getting a speaker with efficient functionality is a cumbersome process. This JBL product makes it quite simple and helps you to get music experience at its best. This compact portable Bluetooth speaker has all the features that make it a frontrunner among all the peers. 

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It is capable of providing nine long hours of playtime under standard settings. The availability of speakerphones makes it quite effective for long term usage on call. If you don’t want to put the phone in your ears, then it is the best choice. The different modes provide adequate settings.

The IPX7 Waterproof Design helps in preventing accidental splash. A pool party can be optimal music with this speaker as you can use it without any stress. Opt this and help yourself in getting all the significant benefits. 


  • It has wireless Bluetooth streaming that can help you to control and stream the desired content from the speaker itself.
  • It has dual equalizer modes which are the need for any Bluetooth speaker.
  • The user can get 9 hours of music playtime with optimal settings.
  • Comes with best in class audio settings that keep it at par level among all the other peers.
  • It is equipped with an IPX7 waterproof design that saves it from excessive damage due to Water.

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#7. Infinity (JBL) Fuze Pint Deep Bass Dual EQ Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Portable Speaker

Anything that provides a massive playback time of 5hours is going to be the best in class product. It doesn’t only help you in listening to music but can also be connected for office purposes. The inbuilt mic will help you to attain calling options. You can easily connect it over to your phone.

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The durability and inclusion of rugged material make it quite useful and helps the user to get maximum out of this speaker. It also has voice assistant integration that makes it quite astounding. The music lovers will feel the vibe with this speaker. You can also help yourself in binge-watching etc. 

The lightweight and pocket-sized aesthetic make it quite apt for those who want a portable yet powerful speaker. It has excellent quality and can provide amplified sound with proper bass and treble. You can easily connect it with different devices such as computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and many more.


  • Comes with 5 hours of music playtime under a normal scenario.
  • It is equipped with dual equalizer modes which help in getting proper setting of music.
  • The wireless Bluetooth streaming helps the user in attaining maximum comfort.
  • It is equipped with voice assistant integration that is the innovative feature of any Bluetooth speaker.
  • Comes with a compact 480mah battery that offers long playback time.

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#8. boAt Stone SpinX 2.0 R 12W Portable Wireless Speaker

When it comes to hassle-free usage, this is among those accessories that are equipped with all the features. It comes with one year of warranty that caters to the need for long-lasting usage. You can easily get a grab of clear audio with the help of a passive bass radiator that elevates the sound nodes. 

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With this, it is easy to grab a centre stage of attraction as it has all the features that make a speaker worth of compliments. The TWS feature makes it quite redundant and enables the device to get connected with the same model. It helps in providing ample sound. The shockproof design is just the best addition. 

You can increase the musical vibe of your condo with this device as it is capable of providing an amplified sound that can offer a significant advantage. It comes with a 2000Mah battery that is capable of delivering 8 hours of playtime. With this, you are going to be one happy music lover.


  • It comes with a dedicated 1-year warranty on the product. 
  • It has crystal clear audio reproduction, which doesn’t restrict the sound.
  • This feature is amongst the best features of this speaker as it helps to connect two of the same speakers.
  • The design is ergonomic which helps in the significant music experience.
  • It is equipped with IPX6 water-resistant technology that keeps the stress of water damage at bay.
  • Comes with a shockproof design that provides maximum durability.

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#9. Boltt Fire-BolttXplode 1500 Portable Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker

If you are planning to buy a wireless Bluetooth speaker that can provide a par level of music experience, then this is going to be an ideal choice. The low energy need provides optimum sound makes it quite beneficial for the user. Opting this can help you to get massive compliments as it has all the features of the best quality accessory. Part of all the features that rugged look with waterproof makes it quite useful. 

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You can easily connect it with the Boltt app that can help in getting access to different content such as music, movies, and other kinds of stuff. This premium membership can be attained just by buying this product. This is amongst the additional advantages of this product. Help yourself to be a proud owner of an efficient music accessory.

The embodiment of style and looks that provide practical usage are the products of optimum quality. This speaker is capable of delivering that. If you want a multifunctional speaker that can be used in any get-together or party or picnics, then this is the best one. It is equipped with a hook that can help you to attach with your backpack for a cool look.


  • To withstand the water damage, it is equipped with ipx7 waterproof technology.
  • It is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology that connects it effectively.
  • Bluetooth ranges from 10-20 meters, which are quite apt for a good connection.
  • The gridded mesh aesthetics make it quite useful.
  • One can get high definition music experience with this speaker as it has a par level of mechanism.

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#10. Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – New and improved smart speaker with Alexa

The advent of technology is increasing the popularity of AI-enabled voice integration to any device. This is the need of this time as people often ask for this. It doesn’t only help you to control the device, but makes it quite useful. This brand provides an all in one Bluetooth speaker that has numerous functionalities. With this, you will get a significant music experience.

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You can get all the information through voice integration technology. You have to ask Alexa for anything you like. It can quickly help you to get aware of new releases, songs, alarms, etc. Apart from this, the multilingual approach of AI is the best among all the others. It also includes Amazon prime music and all the other song-based applications that rejuvenate any music lover.

The best feature of this speaker is the voice controls the same lights that can control all the appliances from a remote distance. It is equipped with four microphones that help in getting optimum music experience. The reach of the sound is credible and can be heard from other rooms also. This is the best thing about this speaker as it causes concern in some other brands.


  • It is equipped with a smart speaker with 360 degrees sound effect. It helps the user to get a unique experience.
  • Comes with voice control smart lights that provide help in getting effective control of the controls.
  • Comes with four microphones that make the call functions effective.

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What is the use of AI-enabled voice integration in the Bluetooth speakers?

AI-enabled voice integration helps to get maximum comfort. With this, one can quickly get a grab of all the features. You can easily command the speakers to connect to the devices.

How can we get the maximum of these speakers?

It is essential to keep a check on the functioning of the control buttons and other compelling features to get maximum benefits. You can opt these speakers for any purpose as these are quite handy and compact.

Where can we buy these speakers at an affordable price range?

There are different platforms available when it comes to buying these. You can easily opt for online platforms as it is equipped with luring discount deals. This list also consists of the link through which you can opt for online purchases. Just click on the link.

In case of any damage, what is the first line of response?

In case there is physical damage, then it should be addressed to the seller. If they are not able to solve that, then it is recommended to ask for support from the manufacturer’s end.

Are these speakers equipped with a warranty?

Yes, most of the speakers come with a dedicated warranty. This warranty provides practical help to the users in getting stressfree usage. This feature makes the speakers worth every penny.

Final Words: 

If you emphasize music daily, then the Bluetooth speakers are essential. The above list of Best Bluetooth Speakers under 3000 is not a gospel, but it provides useful ideas that can lead you to invest in a good product. It is crucial to research while opting for any appliances or accessories. Choose from the above and help yourself in getting a class apart product that provides practical musical experience. You can even enjoy small get- together with the help of these speakers.

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