Top 5 Best Dry Iron in India 2022 – Best Buying Guide Review

Our Top Dry Iron in India Picks 2022

#1 Philips#2 Bajaj#3 Usha
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Are you in search of the best dry iron in India for removing wrinkles from your clothes? Then, you are in the right spot. Having dry irons at home is the best choice one can think of it. They are very much helpful in ironing the clothes and making them free from wrinkles. Moreover, after pressing clothes it gives shine and keeps the clothes warm. There are various dry irons one can find, but our motto is to deliver you the best dry irons in India so that you can easily make choices from the best ones.

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Top 5 Best Dry Iron In India 2022

Here are the top 5 best dry iron box in India you can go for shopping. We have also added features, pros, and cons of the product which will help you in buying.

Best For ValueBest For Value
Philips HI114
  • Plate: Non-stick soleplate
  • Watt: 1000 watt power
  • Warranty: 2 years
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Editors PickEditors Pick
Bajaj DX 7
  • Plate: Non-coated version
  • Watt: 1000 watt power
  • Warranty: 2 years
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Usha EI 1602
  • Plate: Non-Stick Polt Teflon
  • Watt: 1000 watt power
  • Warranty: 1 year
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Orpat OEI 187
  • Plate: Soleplate German-based
  • Watt: 1200 watt power
  • Warranty: 2 years
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Singer Liwa
  • Plate: Non-stick soleplate
  • Watt: 1000 watt power
  • Warranty: 2 years
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1. Philips HI114 1000-Watt Golden American Heritage Soleplate Dry Iron

best dry iron in india

If you see in history, Philips is the oldest company that manufactures home appliances and other electronic home products. Here, is the Philips HI114 which comes with a sleek body material with a Golden American Heritage soleplate which is light in weight. It supports all types of clothes and can easily press clothes in an adequate manner. You can get higher performance with this dry iron. Hence, it is one of the best selling best dry iron in India.

Features of Philips HI114 are:-

  • Best max performance comes with a 1000 watt power for easy heat distribution.
  • For safety nature, you get a led indicator when the temperature is at its highest point.
  • Non-stick soleplate for easy movement on clothes so that it does not stick.
  • Thermostatic control is there for easy controlling of heat to iron your clothes.
  • Swivel cord for easy movement in any direction to put your clothes safe iron.


  • The best heat level for ironing.
  • The iron plate is durable and nonstick.
  • 2 years of warranty.


  • Since it is a lightweight product so ironing on hard wrinkled clothes may not be effective.

2.Bajaj DX 7 1000-Watt Dry Iron

best dry iron in india

If you see Bajaj in the Indian market, then it is the most satisfactory brand which serves the best quality products. The dry iron from Bajaj is one of them with top quality features. It comes with an easy hand grip through which you can make your iron session a memorable one. Moreover, it is a super lightweight product with 1.5 meters wire long.

Features of Bajaj DX Iron are:-

  • For instant heating, it consumes up to 1000 watts of power.
  • The soleplate is of a non-coated version which ensures the safety of your clothes.
  • It has a clean surface with a simple dimmed design.
  • The swivel cord is rotatable with 360 degrees for easy movement anywhere.
  • You also get a double indicator- Red for heat and Green for temperature.
  • You can also control the temperature with adjustable knobs according to the type of fabrics.


  • Easy safety with thermal fuse.
  • Warranty period – 2 years.
  • A rotatable cord with 360 degrees.


  • Led power indicator may not last long.

3. Usha EI 1602 1000-Watt Lightweight Dry Iron

best dry iron in india

This is another well-known brand that delivers home appliances. Usha EI 16002 is a super lightweight dry iron that makes your work easier. It comes in a simple and compact design with a PTFE soleplate for easy ironing. The iron heats up very fast which is a cool part of it.

Features Of Usha EI 16002 are:-

  • It is a 1000 watt dry iron for the best iron experience.
  • The thermostatic control knob is for easy control of the heat as per requirement.
  • The plate of this iron is covered with Non-Stick Polt Teflon.
  • The Product comes with a full 1-year warranty.


  • Heats up very fast for quick ironing.
  • The auto cut of iron is good.
  • 1 year of warranty.
  • Light in weight for easy movement.


  • Small in size.

4.Orpat OEI 187 Dry Iron

best dry iron in india

Orpat is considered one of the best selling appliances for home purposes. It serves the highest rating products on which one can rely easily. Moreover, it makes your task easy with a simple iron pressing process. Now, with the help of Orpat dry iron, you can keep your clothes neat and clean within a few minutes.

Features of Orpat OEI 187 Dry Iron are:-

  • It comes with a cool body design with a simple grip for easy ironing.
  • The iron has 1200 watts of power rating and also temperature control board.
  • A curved pointed soleplate for reaching out into tricky areas.
  • An easy Swivel cord for rotating iron into 180 degrees.
  • The iron body is shockproof which takes care of safety with good experience.
  • Also, it has a power led indicator that tells you when you have reached the temperature and ready to use.
  • The soleplate is of German-based which is non-stick to make the user experience smooth and comfortable.


  • The best soleplate of German-based.
  • Led power indicators.
  • You can maintain the uniformity of temperature on types of clothes.
  • 1200 watts power rating.


  • Tough while ironing on jeans.

5. Singer Liwa 1000-Watt Dry Iron (White/Red)

best dry iron in india

Singer Liwa is another brand for dry irons at affordable prices. It comes in a stylish color of white and red and thus gets a premium look from all sides. The grip of iron is smooth and comfortable so that one can iron for a long duration. The features are awesome of this iron which makes it efficient while ironing.


Features of Singer Liwa are:-

  • It is strong and light in weight which makes it durable for years.
  • The power of this steam iron is 1000 watt.
  • It is a product by ISI marked.
  • Non-stick soleplate for easy removing of creases.
  • Soft wheel for controlling the temperature as per need.


  • 1000 watt power rating.
  • The auto-shutdown led indicator.
  • Light bodyweight for easy movement.
  • It comes with a shock-resistant body.


  • Gets hot very soon.

Important Points Before Buying Best Dry Iron Box In India 2022

Before you go shopping, you must keep these points in your mind so that your shopping can be a good one. So let’s get started…

1. Power 

As we all know how much power is important to run any electronic item. In the same way, dry irons need a lot of power than other products because they need to be heated instantly for use. So always compare more than two products and their power consumption. In this way, you can save your money and buy a good dry iron with lower power consumption.

2. Brand 

In this fast-moving life, there are various brands are there which have owned their reliability for a long time. Brands like Philips, Usha, Bajaj are some awesome brands that are holding a strong move in the market. There are new brands also there which offers strong quality products. So you can keep an eye on such brands and proceed further to have the best brand product.

3. Soleplate

Soleplate is one of the most important parts of any iron. It is the plate that is being heated for ironing clothes for a long time. There are various types of soleplates available now in the market such as aluminum, ceramic, and non-stick. According to our research Ceramic and Non-Stick soleplates are considered best. So select the best soleplate while choosing dry iron.

4. Temperature Control Knob

When we talk about the temperature control knob, there is a simple reason to consider it. We know that all the clothes have different fabric material so they need a different temperature to get ironed. So, there you need an adjustable temperature control know so that you can easily control temperature and maintain heat for your clothes as per requirement.

5. Length of Cord

Generally, all the dry irons don’t have the same cord length. Well, if you have your power board near the ironing board then there would be no problem. But if you are having your power board away then you need a long cord to iron your clothes. There is one more advantage of long cord i.e. you can give your iron a particular direction for the best ironing in any corner.

Frequently Asked Question on Best Dry Iron in India

To begin with, dry iron is a home appliance that is widely used in India. Even more, people use a dry iron for removing wrinkles from their clothes. Further, it is pressed onto clothing to make it smooth and wrinkle-free.

Read through the article to find answers to the FAQ on a best dry iron in India

  1. What is the difference between a dry and steam iron?

In the first place, iron is of two types. There are dry iron and steam iron.  

  • Dry iron is the most used type of iron in India. Even more, it is a traditional iron box. However, a dry iron doesn’t include an in-built water tank. Furthermore, when using a dry iron a person needs to sprinkle water manually.
  • On the other than steam iron comes with an in-built water tank. Even more, a steam iron doesn’t require manual spraying of water. Lastly, steam iron is also used widely in India.
  1. What features to look for when buying a dry iron?

Tough dry iron requires manual spraying of water, it is often used widely. Even more, when buying a dry iron consider the following features:

  • Budget – it is the amount you are willing to spend on the dry iron. Even more, in India, we get various types of dry iron. Further, the cost of these iron vary in price. So, getting a dry iron within your budget is not a big deal.
  • Size of the iron – After deciding the amount you are willing to spend, the next step is size. Dry iron size is of various types. In India dry iron is available in small, medium and large sizes. Choose a dry iron size that is suitable for your requirement.
  • Make and quality of the dry iron – the last feature to consider when buying a dry iron is made and quality. Check the soleplate, the cable and the operating system of a dry iron before buying it. Make sure all these features of a dry iron are made of good quality material.
  1. Does dry iron consume a lot of electricity?

In the first place, the electricity consumption of dry iron is not high. It consumes around 800 to 2000 watts. Even more, the usage of dry iron will not affect your electricity bill. However, look for a dry iron that is suitable and uses less electricity to save your money.

  1. How to maintain a dry iron?

The maintenance of a dry iron is simple. Even more, a dry iron needs to be cleaned manually. Use clean and fresh tissue or a cloth to clean it. However, make sure that the iron box is cold before cleaning it. Also, do not forget to unplug the iron box after every use. Even more, following these two steps will help maintain your dry iron.

  1. What are the best brands selling dry iron in India?

The list o top brands selling dry iron in India are as follow:

  • Philips
  • Bajaj
  • Usha
  • Polar
  • Tefal

Bottom Line:

To sum it up, dry iron is an essential home appliance. Read the FAQ’s mentioned here in the article before investing in one.


So here we are at the end of the post. We hope you liked the detailed buying guide for the best dry iron in India 2022. Keep all the points in your mind for having the best dry iron box at your home. Also, tell your experiences in the comment box in which iron have you chosen.

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