Best Gas Stove in India 2022 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Best gas stove in India 2022 : When it comes to cooking, gas stoves make the most convenient options of all. Although you can find many other ways of cooking in India, this is possibly the most affordable one.

The demand for gas stoves in India is high. Any house you visit, you are sure to find a gas stove. The high demand for gas stoves has convinced the companies to come up with newer models now and then.

If you are looking for the best quality gas stoves, then you are in the right place. In this review guide, we will suggest you some of the best models available in the market. Along with that, we will also discuss some other important details of gas stoves. So without wasting time, let’s get started.

Best Gas Stove in India 2022 Reviews

Here is the list of some of the best gas stoves available in the market. These are currently the top-selling products. Check out the details of each of the products and pick the one that suits your need the best.

#1. Lifelong Glass Top Gas Stove

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If you live in a joint family and looking for a gas stove to support your big family, then this could be the perfect option for you. this is a three gas burner stove that comes with a glass top. It features an attractive design along with a bunch of special features.

This is an affordable buy compared to the features it offers. The stainless steel body of the gas stove makes it extra durable. It also has anti-skid legs that prevent it from moving from its place. The burners are placed in such a way that you can use all three of them without creating a mess. This gas stove is durable and easy to use. Lastly, it comes with a 1-year warranty for the buyer’s satisfaction.

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#2. Eveready TGC2B Glass Top Gas Stove

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This gas stove is suitable for buyers who are looking for a durable option for their kitchens. It comes with a high-quality glass top with a stainless steel body. It has many special features that make it one of the top choices in this price range. To start with, it gives you gas burners that are made of high-grade brass materials.

It also features a brilliant design that is hard to resist. Unlike other gas stoves, this one is easy to install. To make your purchase risk free, it is also backed by a 2-year warranty. In case, you find any faults with it, you can get it repaired.

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#3. Prestige Marvel Glass 4 Burner Gas Stove

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This four-burner gas stove is suitable for people with large families. if space is not an issue for you, then you can go for this model. It not only has a brilliant design but is also made of highly durable materials. It has a shatterproof glass top for extra durability. The burners are smartly placed so that you can use them all at once.

It comes with easy to use knobs that make it a convenient choice for many. Not just that, but it is also easy to clean. This gas stove is designed to give you the full value of your money. This is a reliable model and perfect for your Indian kitchen.

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#4. Prestige Marvel Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove

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This is yet another great gas stove designed for the Indian kitchen. It comes with three burners that make it a convenient option. This model is mainly known for its performance and quality. With this gas, stove cooking becomes much easier. It has a durable glass top and efficient burners to get you started.

The good thing about this gas stove is that it is easy to install. You can do it all by yourself without any help. It is designed keeping in mind the needs of users. For an Indian kitchen, it serves as the perfect model. It gives you reliable performance, just what you are looking for.

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#5. Sunflame Pride 2 Burner Black

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This gas stove is perfect for small families. It has a compact design which makes it an ideal option for those who have space issues. It is equipped with many features that make it one of the best in this price range. It comes with two burners along with a toughened glass top which has a golden finish to it. To make your purchase risk free, it is also backed by 2 years warranty.

It has easy to use knobs so that you can use it conveniently. Along with that you also get euro coated pan supporters. All these features make it the perfect choice for an Indian kitchen. If you are looking for a reliable option within an affordable rate, then this could be the best option for you.

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#6. ElicaVetro Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove

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If you are in search of an easy to use a gas stove, then this could be your option. This is a there burner gas stove that comes with a toughened glass top. Unlike other gas stoves, this one is easy to clean. It comes with a stainless body that makes it extra durable.

The attractive looks of the gas stove can help you enhance the look of your kitchen. The burners are efficiently placed so that you can use them all at the same time without creating a mess. The product is also backed up with a 2-year warranty. They also give prompt customer service.

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#7. Eveready TGC4B Glass Top Stove

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This is a four-burner gas stove which makes a great choice for larger families. Despite having four burners, it is quite affordable. The burners are made of high-grade brass for durability. Just like the rest of the gas stoves on the list, it also has a toughened glass top.

This is a premium grade gas stove that is meant to last long. Unlike many other gas stoves, it is easy to maintain. Apart from a great performance, it also features an excellent look that will compliment your kitchen décor. In case, you are worried about the quality of the product, you should know that it comes with a 2-year warranty.

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#8. Pigeon By Stovekraft Favourite 2 Burner Glass Top Gas Stove

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If you are looking for an attractive and efficient gas stove, then stop looking any further. This model, right here is what you need to make your cooking easier. It is highly affordable and therefore, anyone can buy it. It comes with a durable glass top with a dual-tone body that makes it a great performer.

It has a spill-proof design that is easy to use and maintain. The size of the burners is perfect and can be used at the same time. This is a reliable gas stove with all the right features. Within this price range, this is the best you can get.

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#9. Lifelong Glass Top Gas Stove, 4 Burner Gas Stove

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If you are looking for a flawless performance, then this could be the ideal option for you. This four-burner gas stove is meant for long-lasting use. It comes with all the right features that you would want in your gas stove. This serves as a perfect option for every Indian kitchen.

It features a great design along with efficiently placed burners. It comes with a stainless steel body and base that makes it more durable. To give you more confidence in your purchase, it is provided with a 1-year warranty as well. so if you are looking for a high-quality product, then this could be the ideal option for you.

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Best Gas Stove Brands in India 2022

Now that you are acquired with all the information about investing in a gas stove, here are honest reviews by us for you to pick the one which would easily adapt to your kitchen.

1. Surya

Best Surya Gas Stove

Surya is the most affordable and durable brand when it comes to cookware. You might not be able to spot a fancy cook top but all the designs are practical are extremely easy to handle. They are super easy to clean with no difficult spots and hence they stay like new forever. Both glass and stainless cook tops are available with auto ignition feature. The knobs are heat resistant and the main keyword is that it is ‘Made in India’.

Key features –

  • Practical design
  • Durable stoves
  • Low maintenance
  • Energy efficient

2. Sunflame

Best Sunflame gas Stove 

Sunflame is another brand famous for its durable cook tops. Invest in one of the products from sunflame are you will not need to re buy it anytime soon. There are not many designs available but those are there will easily blend with the décor of your kitchen. It is super easy to clean too. Moreover, there is after sale services are something to invest on. They are available on call at anytime of the day.

Key features –

  • Ease of functionality
  • Affordable
  • Glass and steel cook tops
  • Sleek designs

3. Bajaj

Best Bajaj Gas Stoves

Bajaj is a brand which has been around since decades. We have all grown up having at least one product from bajaj at our house. It is unarguably a name etched deep in our memory. The gas stove designs by them are stylish and also user friendly. Both glass and stainless steel gas stoves with manual and auto ignition are available with the company. These are also not very heavy on pocket. The after sales service is too good and company is also equipped with a customer care facility for 24 hours.

Key features –

  • Classy designs.
  • Warranty and extremely good after sale service.
  • Durable and easy to clean gas stove.

4. Brightflame

Best Brighflame Gas Stoves

Brightflame gas stoves are known for their sturdiness and durability. There are glass tops which are both simple and digital. These are so fascinating that you would not want to leave the kitchen. The attractive colours will blend with the interiors of your kitchen. The classic stainless steel version too is easy to use and maintain. The products are rust proof, possess great strength and highly affordable too.

Key features –

  • Contemporary designs.
  • Highly durable and rust proof.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Commendable after sale service.

5. Faber

Best Faber Gas Stoves

Faber has a wide variety of stylish and sleek gas stoves and hobs. It can fit with ease both in traditional and ultra modern households. Five years warranty is a huge plus for faber gas stoves. It has also been tested to last for 40,000 cycles which also vouches for the quality and durability of these cook tops. The brand also gives a 100% anti-leaking assurance. Cleaning kit is also provided along with the gas stove to ensure oil free surface. This is a premium brand to look for all of your housing needs.

Key features –

  • Stylish models to fit every household.
  • European quality assurance.
  • Five year warranty.

6. Butterfly

Best Butterfly gas Stoves

Butterfly is famous for the contemporary designer mixer grinder in red and black and same effect is given to its LPG stoves. They are stylish and sturdy. The ease in setting them up is their huge advantage. Cleaning around the corners too is an easy task so they can be well maintained for years. The cook top is can be used with almost all your kitchen equipments. The brass burners provide even heating which speeds up cooking process eventually saving gas. Both glass and the traditional stainless steel version are reliable and energy efficient.

Key features –

  • Affordable
  • Stylish and sleek designs
  • Durable
  • Reliable and energy efficient

7. Glen

Best Glen Gas Stoves

If you are looking for a cook top which doesn’t have any flaw then glen is where you should invest your money. The mirror finish designs and the forged brass burners are a sight to relish. It is not only a visual treat but also a highly efficient device which would satiate all your culinary needs. Both glass and stainless steel models are available in manual and auto ignition mode. The highlight is ample spacing proved in between each burner which allows you to place big utensils on all the burners at the same time hence saving time and energy. Five years warranty is also something to vouch for.

Key features –

  • Five years warranty
  • Durable and efficient
  • Brass burners save energy
  • Contemporary designs

8. Prestige

Best prestige Gas Stoves

Prestige is a household brand which is highly trusted by Indians. It’s extremely reliable and energy efficient. The LPG gas stoves too are no different. Sleek, stylish and trustworthy are synonyms to a prestige gas stove. It’s affordable too. The toughened glass finish can easily be placed in an otherwise dull kitchen décor to brighten up the space. Any cook top according to your need is available with this brand and that too is an economical price. Moreover, all the gas stoves are ISI certified there by certifying their efficiency.

Key features –

  • ISI certification.
  • Wide variety of designs
  • Superb after sale service with outlets almost everywhere.
  • Exclusive warranty.

9. Kutchina

Best Kutchina Gas Stove

Kutchina is all about classy hobs which would instantly pep up the overall look of your household. The auto ignition feature is hassle-free with smooth movement of the knobs. There are timers which help in the ease of functionality in kitchen. Besides, the brass burners too ensure even heating thereby saving time and energy. There is ample spacing in between the burners which ensures higher levels of performance. Kutchina is a high-end brand but the functionalities are worth all the money spent on the gas stove.

Key features –

  • Classy and clean designs
  • Safe to use auto ignition
  • Multi flame feature for temperature control
  • Durable and energy saving features

10. Hindware

Best Hindware Gas Stoves

Toughened glass and stainless steel are both used for hindware gas stoves. Metallic knobs are a key highlight of this product since most of the cook tops use plastic knobs. These do not wear and tear very easily and stay intact for a long time. Forged brass burners ensure even heating and cast iron for a sturdy support. The brand ensures high durability and reliability. A five year warranty on brass burners and a 2 year warranty on toughened glass tops is a catch. Customer care is extremely efficient and always available.

Key features –

  • Five year warranty available.
  • Superb after sale service at one call.
  • Metallic knobs
  • Sturdy pan support and a durable cook top.

Buying a gas stove is a long term investment so make sure to buy the best one suited to the needs of family. The brands stated above are all trustable. Moreover, the after sale service is a plus since that is important in case of such devices.

Types of gas stoves available in India

Gas stoves can be categorized according to the number of burners. The most common ones used in Indian household are two burners, three burners and the four burners cook top. The number of burner determines the size of the gas stove. More burners mean a large cook top. The number of burners could be decided by the size of family and their eating habits. The preference of the person who would use the gas stove should be the prime consideration while choosing one. Market is filled with a vast variety of gas stoves which are stylish and competent. Choose the one most suitable for your family needs and this guide is going to be truly useful for the purpose.

Why choose a gas stove for cooking?

Cooking has been there from the ancient times when humans understood that food tastes better when processed. The contemporary terms such as barbeque, smoked, grilled etc were the only cooking methods in the prehistoric era. There are also OTGs and induction cookers which operate only in the presence of electricity. Gas stoves are the most easy to handle if we follow some safety measures. There is no need of electricity too. Investing in a cook top is the best way to ensure hassle-free cooking. Here are some features you must look for in an ideal gas stove.

  • Cookware friendly
  • Smooth functioning of knob
  • Even heating
  • Easy to setup and clean
  • ISI mark
  • Budget-friendly

Every individual has their own preferences so there might be some more features you are looking for in a best gas stove. Keep in mind all these prime qualities and also your needs while choosing the ideal cook top.

Why buy a gas stove?

Gas stoves are considered to be the most convenient options for cooking. In a country like India, it is also the most affordable option. They are not only efficient but also easy to use. But if you are still not convinced, then you should check out the pointers below.

  1. Affordable

Gas stoves are very much affordable and therefore, they can be purchased by anyone. They also save you a lot of money by using fuel efficiently.

  1. Easy to use

Another advantage of using gas stoves is that they are very easy to use. All you have to do is just rotate the knob and turn on the fire to cook your favourite recipes.

  1. Variety of models

Gas stoves are available in a wide range of models. This gives you a lot of options to choose from.

  1. Value of money

Gas stoves are designed to give you full value for your money. They are reliable, efficient, and have high usability.

  1. Cooks food perfectly

Gas stoves come with two or more burners. With the help of a gas stove, you can cook food perfectly.

  1. Good control

Gas stoves are equipped with knobs that give you full control over your cooking. You can adjust the flames as per your needs.

Stainless Steel Vs Glass Top Gas Stove: Which is better?

Both the type of gas stoves comes with its fair share of pros and cons. To conclude, you need to first check out the qualities of both types. to help you out, we have pointed out the basic points below.

  • Stainless steel gas stoves are easy to clean and maintain. But over time, they lose their shine which is not the same for a glass top gas stove.
  • In terms of durability, a stainless steel gas stove beats a glass gas stove any day.
  • The problem with glass gas stoves is that they are more likely to crack. So you need to be very careful while using them. But they look more elegant.

Now that you know the basic differences, let’s compare the two in terms of the following factors. This will give you a clear idea about which one to go for.

  1. Appeal

If you are more into aesthetics, then a glass gas stove is the option for you. It features a sleek and modern design. But on the other hand, a stainless steel gas stove can withstand heavy utensils and smudges. In other words, they are more durable.

  1. Heat distribution

Glass cooktops come with halogen and radiant burners that can heat within seconds. However, this is not the case with traditional gas stoves. Another good thing about glass cooktops is that the sealed element can cool down quickly. This makes it a safer option for kids.

  1. Ignition

Stainless steel gas stoves have manual ignition. It takes a lighter to turn on the heat. But glass gas stoves have automatic ignition which is more convenient. You need a lighter to turn on the heat. All you have to do is just turn on the knob. But repairing it can be costly.

  1. Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning, glass gas stoves are high maintenance. They also need to be cleaned carefully. But stainless steel gas stoves are easier to clean. The only thing is that they lose their shine gradually.

It is up to you which type you find more convenient to use. Ultimately, it boils down to your personal choice. No matter what type of gas stove you choose, you need a PNG or LPG connection. If you are someone who loves cooking, then you can also go for induction cooktops.

Best gas Stove in India : Buying Guide

With so many models available in the market, it often gets difficult to choose the right model for yourself. To help you out, we have listed the important factors that you need to consider while buying a gas stove.

Things you need to look for:

  1. Size of the stove

The first important thing is the size of the stove. You need to get a stove size that will fit your kitchen platform. The good thing is that there are different sizes available.

  1. Warranty

Almost all gas stoves come with a warranty period. You should always look for the one that has a long warranty period. In case, you face any problem, then you will have the chance to get it repaired, free of cost.

  1. Number of burners

Gas stoves come with two, three, and even four burners. You need to decide based on the size of your family. If you have a bigger family, then go for more number of burners and vice versa.

  1. Quality of burner

Even the quality of the burner is important. After all, that’s what decides the longevity of your gas stove. Therefore, you should always go for a high-quality one.

  1. Usability

Gas burners are of two types, manually operated ones, and automatic ignition. It is up to your choice which one you find more convenient. The gas stove you choose should be easy to use and clean.

  1. Material

You also need to check the material of the gas stove. Some are made of glass, while others have a stainless body. If you want a durable option, then buying a stainless one will be a good decision for you.

Gas stoves offer a convenient way of cooking. They serve as the perfect option for every Indian kitchen. If you are looking for a new gas stove, then you can choose any of the models mentioned in the list above.


Are brass burners worth it?

Brass burners are more durable and long-lasting. Not just that but they also use fuel more efficiently.

What is the best cleaner for glass cooktops?

You can use a mixture of water and dishwasher gel to clean your glass cooktops.

Glass top or stainless steel top, which is better?

Both the types have their pros and cons. if you want an affordable option, then stainless steel is the option for you. But if you want good looks, then you can go for a glass cooktop.

Final Words 

Now that you are equipped with all the information and have figured out which one best gas stove in India to buy, gift one as soon as possible to the one cooking most delicious dishes for you. It would be a delight watching them brace up for another round to showcase their culinary skills on a gas stove of their choice.

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