Best Ironing Board in India 2021 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Ironing Board in India 2021 : No doubt in the fact that ironed clothes look better, shiny and enhance your wardrobe. It not only helps by enhancing the shine but you feel the same glow in cloth as you did when you bought it. Such reasons encourage people to wear ironed clothes. You need iron and ironing board to get started. Many companies are manufacturing ironing boards and most of them reliable to go with but if you want the best then being selective is necessary for approach.

To begin with the selection of the best one, you have to gain some basic knowledge. Due to this reason, we are offering a buying guide and the top 6 ironing boards. By considering these details, the selection will be easier and you can buy the best product with ease. Let’s begin with the buying guide and then focus on the rest of the details.

Best Ironing Boards in India Reviews 2021

Many brands are offering products which will totally worth your money. During the purchase, you can look after these products because these are most reputed and reviewed products. In order to come up with this list of best ironing board in india, we focused on various factors. Quality over cheap price is our first moto but we do not focus on exorbitantly priced products.b  Let’s begin with our top picks –

#1. PAffy Steel Folding Ironing Board

Nailing the first rank in this list of best ironing board in india means genuine quality, great functionality and reasonable price. Well, PAffy Steel Folding Ironing Board comes with all these things but it is way less priced from all other products.

The foldable legs make it portable to use and there is a multi-function tray to ease up the work. There is also one wire manager to help you keep iron’s wire away from getting tangled. You get an awesome height setting feature and it offers better sturdiness for the price.

As if you look at built quality, you will love entirely metal design which is hollow from inside to decrease the weight. The weight management is great and this ironing board is stable when you are using it. You will get comfortable ironing session with this iron board that’s why it is highly reliable.

Pros –

  • Adjustable height makes it versatile for people with any height.
  • With cord wire holder, you don’t face tangled wire issues.
  • Legs of the ironing board are anti-skid which gives a great experience.
  • The manufacturer is offering two years of warranty on the purchase.
  • The cover is added in the purchase which helps to keep it clean and clear.

Cons –

  • Built Quality could have better.
  • Premium but doesn’t look that good.

Overall Thoughts

With all the great features and design, we loved this iron board. Affordable price point and great functionality are two major factors to keep it at the top spot.

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#2. Bathla X-Pres Ace – Large Foldable Ironing Board

With a huge number of positive reviews about functionality and premium built, this product is the best but it didn’t nail the first place due to a little expensive price. Otherwise, it is the best on this list.

This product is built of entirely metal but the manufacturer is using heavy metal to enhance the durable. This product is built to last long and you can find a minimal design. The size of this ironing board is standard but you get compact add-ons which makes it impressive.

Aluminised cover help utilizing heat transfer from the iron. As you know that the lesser number of wipes over cloth keep the quality preserved. With this iron board, you can expect better durability and if you use a good iron with different adjustable settings then this will fulfill the need.

Pros –

  • Iron Holder is built of high quality
  • Anti-skid legs allow firm ironing experience.
  • Design is minimalistic with all the features.
  • The dimensions are 143 x 42 x 10 cm.
  • You get stepwise height adjustment.
  • The manufacturer offers two years of warranty.

Cons –

  • Overly priced as compared to others.

Overall Thoughts

Expect the pricey side, Bathla X-Pres Ace – Large Foldable Ironing Board is fully reliable coming with all the features and you can’t get any better alternative than this one.

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#3. Trugood Folding Ironing Board Iron Table With Press Stand

Press stands is most required feature among all the ironing boards. The key thing about this ironing board is extremely cheaper price point with the price stand in it. This feature is not common.

You can stand iron one side of it and if you look at dimension then you can find the standard size. The dimensions are 8 x 48 inch (47 X 122 cm) size and it is surely the ideal choice for families as well as bachelors to iron clothes with ease.

Superior quality steel is used in the manufacturing of frame and it is shockproof as well as stable. The drawback is its adjustable height feature. You can’t adjust its height. The board itself is made of iron which helps enhancing the durability and giving the stability to this board.

Pros –

  • Wood is used in ironing base for great sturdiness.
  • Rubber studs are used below the legs for stability.
  • Shockproof material reduces the risk of getting an electric shock.
  • Height is adjustable but only for some positions.
  • Fabric padding helps reducing efforts while ironing.
  • The Ironing board is of full-size dimensions 18 x 48 inch.

Cons –

  • There is no warranty from the manufacturer
  • No add-ons and multipurpose shelves are available.
  • Padding should be better.

Overall Thoughts

After using this ironing board, we loved the overall functionality but we missed multipurpose shelves. The ironing board is stable but not that much. For the price, it’s good to go choice.

#4. Orril Wooden Based Foldable Ironing Table

Willing to buy something vivid and impressive in design as well as a color scheme? Well, you can go with Orril Wooden Based Foldable Ironing Table which is premium in floral design.

This mid-range ironing table is suitable for home use because it is portable and the dimensions of the ironing board are 122X 40 cm. For hot steam ironing, you can’t be wrong with this ironing board. Wooden board lower the risk of electric shock and there are anti-skid rubbers for the same purpose.

You get great adjustability with height and there are steel pipes lowering the weight of overall board but you don’t have to worry about the stability of this product. Proprietary aluminized cloth cover will help in heat transferring and the efficiency increases with this ironing board that’s why it is reliable.

Pros –

  • Medium size ironing board offer better stability.
  • Suitable purchase for bachelors and families.
  • Aluminized cover fabric save energy by 40% or more.
  • Rubber grips help with stability and prevent skids in the future.
  • You can adjust the height between 70 to 80 cm.

Cons –

  • Multi-purpose shelve is missing at this price point.
  • Wire management is common and should be there.
  • The manufacturer isn’t offering any warranty for the price.

Overall Thoughts

For such a price point, the warranty is common to need and buying a product without a warranty is a bad choice. Due to this reason, you should stay selective otherwise it’s a great product with few flaws.

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#5. HOUZIE Wooden Foldable Ironing Table

Mediumly sized ironing boards are getting common due to the design portability factor and HOUZIE Wooden Foldable Ironing Table seems like the best choice for its price.

Foldable legs allow you to save space and the legs are also adjustable at different heights. There are different sizes available in the same design and the price is almost similar that’s why you can consider other size options during the purchase.

Dimensions of this ironing board are 112 x 40cm and you get Proprietary aluminized cloth cover for better energy efficiency. You can save power with this product and you get multi-functional ironing tray to keep everything sorted out. The sturdy steel frame with wooden base improves the usability of this ironing board.

Pros –

  • Anti-skid rubbers installed on legs for stability.
  • Wooden board reduces the chances of electric shock.
  • Premium versions in same design available which offer cord management.
  • Different sizes are available for a slight increase in price.
  • Seems more durable, easy to iron and stable during the use.
  • Built Quality looks premium and better from this range of products.

Cons –

  • No Warranty for a mid-range product doesn’t seem legit.
  • There is no wire management offered with this product.

Overall Thoughts

During the use, this product is stable, easy to use, good for families/bachelors and it comes at an affordable price point. However, it doesn’t have any cord management and warranty so you should think about it.

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#6. Solimo Chevron Folding Ironing Board

Premium design and below average price point is not a common feature to expect however, Solimo Chevron Folding Ironing Board is coming with the same for its lower price point which makes it better to prefer.

The design is simple and you can add padding cover for the better durability. The ironing legs are built of entirely metal and you can adjust the height to any setting which makes it versatile for families. 45x14x35 inches may seem high but this size is good enough to serve the purpose perfectly.

This is also a foldable ironing board which allows you to pack it and save some extra space whenever you want. There is 110 GSM and 100% cotton fabric cover used which doesn’t let clothes stick to the bottom. Even, it enhances ironing experience because it reduces the effort to iron a shirt.

Pros –

  • The outer body is made up of thick material which provides better durability.
  • The wood table is thick and it is also durable due to great quality built.
  • You can adjust the ironing table to different heights as per need.
  • Iron stand help keeping iron at a height which is easy to access.
  • Legs are skid-proof and it is sturdy in design also that’s why reliable.

Cons –

  • There is no multi-function tray included.
  • For the price, there should be a warranty.

Overall Thoughts

After using this ironing board, we loved the quality, ironing experience and medium-size factor. The stability is doubtful. Having said that, the manufacturer should have offered a short term warranty also.

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Best Ironing Boards in India 2021 : Buying Guide 

Mostly people think that all the ironing board is the same in design, size and functionality factor but you are wrong in various ways. The different manufacturer offers different features but they have some common features to share. Here, we are also focusing on the basic features that you should not miss otherwise you may end up getting the wrong product.

  • Portable or Not- Portable Ironing boards are easy to use and you can take it wherever you want, this thing leads to better convenience and usability. Due to the increase in size factor, you can’t expect better portability but if the weight is low then you can bring them anywhere. Even, the portable ironing boards have foldable legs which make it easy to port them anywhere. Over the ironing boards are easy to take anywhere and they are helpful to save extra space.
  • Size – For a common household, the standard size of the ironing board is enough to fulfill the need that’s why you should choose the basic size. As if there are a higher number of clothes to iron every day then a large size can help for sure. Large size can handle the higher weight, and you can put lots of clothes on them. Large size decreases the portability factor and they are heavy also.
  • Height – To avoid the trouble and get a versatile product, you can go with an ironing board which lets you adjust the height as per your need. Due to this reason, you can look for an adjustable ironing board with folding legs. This thing let you decrease or increase the height as per your requirement that’s why they are better to prefer over other ones. Ironing board with a greater range of adjustability are little costly but way more convenient to use.
  • The sturdiness of Board – Needless to mentioning, as with the increase in price, the sturdiness increases. The ironing board will be more stable and ironing clothes become easier. In case, you have a decent budget then you can compare different ironing board and choose the best one as per your need. This method helps to find the right ironing board and you can rely on this decision for sure. Ironing board with four legs are highly stable to prefer and they can fulfill the need for sure.
  • Weight – With the increase in weight and sturdiness, you get perfectly ironed clothes. Always check out the weight of the ironing board, the overall weight of the ironing board should be for sturdiness. Ironing boards with 10 kg of weight are suitable to use but make sure that more weight will decrease the portability and you will face issue taking them to other places. For most of the people, a study base of the ironing board is necessary but they don’t want an excess of weight that’s why check it in advance.
  • AddsOn – The adds-on are necessary to consider where you can get clamps, covers and a few more stuff to install. These are to help with the ironing that’s why you can consider such factors to avoid getting into an issue. Most of the products available from reputed sellers come with few add-ons and they are perfectly fit. In case, you buy an ironing board from a new brand of unusual shape then you may not get all the add-ons that’s why to be selective in approach.
  • Warranty – Reputed brands offer a warranty on physical damage and it can save your money as if the product is a faulty one. Always buy the ironing board which is coming with a warranty from the manufacturer. You can check out return policy also. If the product is not that good then the return policy can save you buy exchanging or returning the product to the seller.
  • Online or Offline – It completely depends on you where you love to buy. However, buying ironing boards online is better due to better variety, great convenience and discount factor. Otherwise, it is up to you.

In addition to this, you can find some special features such as retractable shoulder to help with the ironing of shoulder parts. The add-ons will keep on increasing the price that’s why you have to stay selective during the purchase. Your budget will decide which one is a suitable product for your need.

Let’s Jump to The Final Verdict

Doesn’t matter that if you go for a built-in ironing board or foldable one, you should always look for basic features like as iron stand, adjustable height, Aluminised cover and warranty. Having a budget in mind and sticking to the same will let you find the best product.

Keep in mind that you look after products with a warranty. If you have a small and tight budget then you can skip the warranty factor. Hope, this buying with top 6 best ironing board will help you choose the perfect ironing board.

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