Top 8 Best Juicer In India 2022 – Read Reviews & Guidelines

Our Top Best Juicer in India Picks

#1 Philips#2 Sujata Powermatic#3 Sujata Powermatic
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So, basically today we are here to discuss the best juicer in India, types, and a detailed buying guide with some faqs. I am sure you must have heard the proverb, ‘Health is Wealth’. So, how you are spending your time being a healthy person.

We all know there are various activities that can make our health strong. And one of the activities is you can add healthy juices in your diet. It will give your body a boost and instant energy with lots of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, it clears toxins from the body and protects you from any bad health effects.

I know you can drink juices in your nearby shops but you can’t repeat this activity daily. So, why not have the best juicer in your kitchen. We request you to go with each and every detail of the product i.e best juicers in India so that you can easily buy it without any hesitation.

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Here are Top 8 Best Juicer In India 2022

There are various juicer brands available in India like Philips, Sujata, Panasonic, etc. Here are the top 10 best quality juicers available for you. We have also added a whole bunch of features of every juicer.

Best For ValueBest For Value
Philips HR1863/20
  • Power: 700 watt
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Use: Easy To Clean
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Super ProductSuper Product
Sujata Powermatic
  • Power: 900 watt
  • Material: Sharp Blades
  • RPM: 22000
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Sujata Powermatic Plus
  • Power: 900 watt
  • Material: Super Blades
  • Run: 90 min continuously
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Philips HR1855
  • Power: 700 watt
  • Capable: 2 liters juice in one go
  • Warranty: 2 years
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Philips HR1832
  • Power: 500 watt
  • Capable:1.5 liters juice
  • Clean: Quick clean technology
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Bajaj JEX 16
  • Power: 800 Watt
  • Juice Collector: 1 liter in one go
  • Control: LED control panel
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Prestige PCJ 7.0
  • Power: 500 watt
  • Material: ABS steel
  • Feature: Dual lock system
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Rico Electric
  • Power: 350 watt
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Warranty: 2 years replacement
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1. Philips HR1863/20 800 W Juicer

best juicer in india

We all know Philips is one of the great brands in India and we love to choose Philips products. If you are looking to buy a perfect juicer than it is a good choice for you. It has a good look and has a compact size. This is the best juicer in India and suitable for every kind of vegetables and fruits.

Features of Philips HR1863/20 are:-

  • It is a powerful juicer of 700 watts through which you can easily grind, blend, and mix heavy vegetables and hard fruits.
  • It has a pro-clean function which helps you to remove unwanted materials.
  • One of the best Centrifugal Juicer.
  • The lid and pulp containers are useful tools to see the progress of juicing.
  • Large size Feeding Tube to cut fruits and vegetables and also for saving time.
  • Easy to clean with quick-clean technology and you can use as much you want.
  • Best smooth sieve to clean the surface of the sieve as it has a smooth surface.
  • The pulp can be easily disposed of after being extracted.
  • Safety is there with clamps, non-slip feet, and integrated cord storage while using it.


  • Great and powerful product
  • Use of various advanced technology
  • Easy to clean
  • Best for home use


  • Heat is a concern for this juicer

2. Sujata Powermatic PM 900 Watt Centrifugal Juicer

best juicer in india

Sujata is another high demanding brand for home kinds of stuff. The Sujata Powermatic juicer has got a powerful motor of 900 watts which is the best part. You can make unlimited juices within a short span of time. It’s not only a juicer it works as mixer best mixer grinder too.

The design is simple and attractive which will shine more in your kitchen space.

Features of Sujata Powermatic are:-

  • Best juicer which has got a powerful motor of 900 watts.
  • You can easily blend, mix, grind.
  • Double ball bearings for low maintenance and efficient mode of use.
  • Honeycomb mesh for higher-yielding of various juices.
  • Very much fast with 22000 rpm for a perfect flavor.
  • One and a half hours you can run this juicer continuously.
  • It is a shockproof kitchen appliance and safe to use.
  • Sharp blades to cut fruits and vegetables at a faster rate.


  • The powerful motor of 900 watt
  • Good for veggies and fruits
  • Very fast juicing


  • The speed of the motor is irritating.

3. Sujata Powermatic Plus 900 Watts Juicer

This is a plus version of Sujata Powermatic which has exactly the same features as of Sujata Powermatic juicer. It is a great buyer’s choice through which you can make juices every day. They are also highly reliable as their blades are made up of stainless steel. Also. they are used in hotels, juice parlor, cafes, etc.

Features of Sujata Powermatic Plus are:-

  • Have a high-quality motor of 900 watts.
  • It is a shockproof juicer appliance.
  • You can run it for 90 minutes continuously and do your work.
  • It has a honeycomb mesh for better juicing results.
  • Great stainless steel blades for an easy cut of fruits and vegetables.
  • It works as a mixer grinder as well as a juicer.


  • You can do instant juicing
  • Powerful blades for chopping
  • Powerful motor acquired


  • Little bit noisy

4. Philips HR1855 Viva Collection Juicer

It is the same company again which you are reading right now. Here is the other best Philips juicer in India from Philips. Now, you can fulfill all your diet plans and live a healthy life by making fresh juices. It is designed in black color to throw a shine to your kitchen.

Features of Philips HR1855 are:-

  • You can easily clean this juicer with pro-clean technology within a couple of minutes.
  • Also, you get a pre-clean function for removing unwanted materials.
  • It is a centrifugal juicer for best blending, mixing, grinding.
  • You can collect and assemble all things properly.
  • 2 liters of juice you can make in one go.
  • The biggest 75 mm extra-large feeding tube for blending, even more, larger fruits.
  • You can see while juicing with a transparent lid for a better experience.
  • Powerful motor (700 watts) to work on heavy things.
  • Best 2 years of warranty.


  • Easy to use and manage
  • 2 years of warranty
  • Good for making juices of vegetables


  • Dismantling is a long process

5. Philips Viva Collection HR1832 Juicer

This is a third collection best juicer from Philips. It is built with a powerful motor of 500 watts as compared to other Philip juicers. A well modern color juicer to being a top model in your kitchen space. You can expect a lot from this awesome juicer. That’s why it is being listed in the top ten.

Features of Philips HR1832 are:-

  • The juicer is small in size which means you can easily set up anywhere.
  • You can set your glass up to 12 cm and easily pour.
  • Powerful watt juicer of 500 Watt to fast juicing.
  • With innovative technology, you can make 1.5 liters of juices.
  • Same here you get a quick-clean technology as Philip juicers.
  • Easy clean in approx 1 minute of time over smooth surfaces.
  • You need an operating power of 220-240 volts.
  • Best for all types of fruits and various vegetables.


  • Ideal juicer for making small quantity juices
  • Strong metallic body
  • Quick clean technology


  • The power cord is a short one

6. Bajaj JEX 16 800-Watt Juicer

Bajaj JEX 16 is one finest juicer in India with more than 100 reviews. It is a well-known brand in India due to its wide range of products. This juicer will surely help you in making various juices from different types of fruits and vegetables. It is available in a dark black color with a stylish look.

Features of Bajaj JEX 16 are:-

  • Speed Controller is there for customizing speed according to your preference.
  • Stainless-Steel mesh with dual lock system for safety reason and good workflow.
  • Advanced performance with 800 Watt motor power.
  • LED control panel stylish look in Bajaj JEX 16 for ease use.
  • Juice collector which can store up to 1 liter in one go.
  • Multiple accessories – Juicer collector, a wide feeder tube, and washable stainer.
  • Cleaning became an easy job for removable parts.


  • Easy to handle and clean.
  • Ideal for instant juicing
  • Best for daily use


  • The body of the juicer is not good.

7. Prestige PCJ 7.0 500-Watt Centrifugal Juicer

If you are looking for low-profile end juicers then here it is Prestige PCJ 7.0. It is the considered best juicers in the low budget under 3000. The Features of this particular juicer makes it more unique and useful.

Features of Prestige PCJ 7.0 are:-

  • Super sharp blades for cutting fruits and vegetables easily.
  • It has ABS steel which makes it more durable with urbane design.
  • Anti-Skid vacuum feet which protect from toppling.
  • It is to easy to run and operate with simple functions.
  • The juicer takes 220-240 volts which save maximum power.
  • It comes with an easy maintenance facility i.e you can clean with a cloth.
  • Easy dual lock system and rotary switch for safety usage.


  • Best juicer for doing small juicing work
  • Strong and durable with a safety feature
  • Centrifugal power for making quick juices


  • Soft fruits are difficult for juicing

8. Rico Electric Juicers Fruits and Vegetables

Here is the final juicer which is by Rico Company. This is something different that will make your healthy lifestyle easier and effective.

Features of Rico Juicer are:-

  • Powerful motor with ball bearings made of pure copper.
  • Several components are durable for longer longevity.
  • You got a dripper for stopping juicer when the juice is made.
  • Anti-Skid feet for perfect placement in the kitchen.
  • Nice design and compact body with durability strong plastic.
  • You can clean with ease by opening and cleaning safely.


  • Super-strong product for longer durability
  • Best Fruit and vegetables juicier
  • Easy to use and clean


  • A lot of pulp goes in wastage

Detailed Buying Guide For Best Juicer In India 2021

There are several important points that you need to put in your mind for juicers. Here we will cover the following points:-

  1. How Juicers Work?
  2. Impact of juices on your Health
  3. Types of Juicers
  4. Pros and Cons of Types of Juicers
  5. Points To Remember

How Juicers Work?

They have a simple process or workflow in which juices are being extracted from vegetables and fruits. There is no rocket science here or any uncomplicated workflow of juicers.

Just you need to that juicers extracts juices from vegetables and fruits after shredding and crushing them with sharp blades.

And after that, the left portion is being separated from the pulp.

Also, there are 3 main types of juicers and all of them are have their own features, pros, and cons. We will see the types of juicers in detail.

Impact of juices on your Health

Juices are rich in nutrition, vitamins and also they have a strong amount of fructose. These can be an alternative to veggies and fruits as they are used while making juices.

It also puts heavy pressure on your gut. If you choose to have more fruits in your juices then it will make you fat as they have fructose in it.

Also, it will make you an overweight person and chances of diabetes.

Types Of Juicers

Based on various technology and functionality of juicers they are divided into three parts.

Centrifugal Juicers

They are the ones whose blades are sharp and cut fruits and vegetables at a higher speed. Their workflow of juicing is as simple as washing clothes from washing machines.

It has a tube in which you have to put the vegetables and fruits. After that, the rest of the job is done by the shredding with the help of blades.

Then the centrifugal force works on it to separate the pulp from the fruits and vegetables. It is a popular juicer among the three juicers.


  • Easy mode of use.
  • Compact design with a simple workflow.
  • Cheaper in price.
  • You can extract juices very fast.
  • It occupies less space.
  • Demandable juicer in the market.


  • You may find foam in juices.
  • A large sound is being produced.
  • Less juice is extracted.

Masticating Juicers

They are considered as slow or cold press juicers because they yield juices at a slow rate. Because of its functionality, more juices are being extracted and hence rich in nutrition.

Moreover, you get benefited from 5 times yielding juicing power than centrifugal juicers. They work on gear technology which is in a spiral shape.

It shreds all the fruits and vegetables and brings down all juices in a container.


  • They are best in producing more nutritious juices.
  • Slow juicers but extracts more juice.
  • Capable of converting frozen foods as well.
  • Less noise compared to centrifugal juicers.
  • No foams inside the juice.


  • More expensive than centrifugal.
  • Takes time to clean parts.
  • Small feeding tubes which mean you need cut veggies and fruits.

Triturating Juicers

They are also one of the most popular juicers as of centrifugal juicers. It is also known as Twin Gears Juicers.

If we talk about the workflow then triturating juicers are slower then masticating juicers.

These types of juicers work with the help of two gears systems. They press the fruits and vegetables very hard and extract juices up to the max level.

In this way, it extracts more vitamins, minerals, fibers from the pulp. They are very costly as compared to the other two juicers.

Triturating juicers are made up of advanced technology which slows the oxidation process. Also, they are capable of keeping juices fresh for a longer period.


  • Best for extracting juices from leafy vegetables.
  • Produces juices in a higher amount
  • No Foam in juices.
  • No noise while juicing.
  • Capable of preparing sorbets and baby foods.


  • Most expensive than the other two juicers.
  • Small feeding tubes which mean you need cut veggies and fruits.
  • Space would be required for a larger machine.
  • It takes time for preparing juices.

Points To Remember 

Once you have finished your juicing job then it becomes a heavy job to clean it. So, always tries to pick the juicer which has less cleaning jobs. I know it sounds easy but it’s not that easy to find a perfect juicer that will meet all your needs. There are many juicers that are likely to be dishwashers friendly.


We know there are many products available on an online platform that may confuse you. That’s why we have given you a detailed list of top 10 best juicers in India which fits in your budget. Now, you can compare the best deals and prices which fall in your budget and easily buy.


You should always look for the warranty period of the product you buy. Go for the product which a nice warranty period between 2 to 5 years. A warranty period resembles the product assurance.


Noise is something which irritates everyone especially in the morning time where you will prepare juices for everybody. So, make sure you choose a less noisy juicer.

FAQS – Frequently Asked Questions About best Juicers

Q1. What brands are available for juicers?

Ans: There are many brands available for you like Philips, Bajaj, Panasonic, Prestige, Sujata, and a lot more. These are the brands that have to own their reputation in the home appliances market.

Q2. How to choose the best juicer?

Ans: We have already discussed the types of juicers where we have seen each type and their respective pros and cons. However, if you want a juicer that is fast in the process then you can go for centrifugal one. If you like the slow process and want juices of herbs, wheatgrass, and green leaves then you should choose to masticate one. Additionally, if you want to boost your body with more nutrition than you should go for triturating juicers.

Q3. What is a normal warranty period of juicers?

Ans: Again this depends on what the brand offers. If you see different brands offer a warranty period on the motor as well as on other parts. The normal warranty period of juicers is 2-5 years.


I hope you enjoyed reading about the guide on the best juicer in India 2022. Here, we have enlisted top brand best juicers which will surely help you to choose the best one. Also, share your questions on juicers we would love to hear from you.

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