Best Laptop Bags in India 2022 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Laptop Bags in India 2022 : A laptop becomes the basic need these days. Portability compact design and great power make it appropriate for businessman and such other people. It is also the entertainment center that you can take anywhere using a laptop bag. However, if you don’t have any laptop bag then you may end up keeping the laptop in one place.

Due to this reason, you should buy a laptop bag as soon as possible. There are plenty of manufacturers to offer great quality and all the features. For a first-time buyer, it may be hard to choose the perfect product due to the huge variety available in the market that’s why we have a quick buying guide to help you find the best laptop bag in India 2022 one with ease.

Best Laptop Bags in India 2022

Straightforwardly, we come to 7 products which pass the safety test with ease and they have plenty of storage for your laptop. However, we can’t say that which one is best for you that’s why we are mentioning all the products with their pros and cons including our verdict to let you decide the finest among all. Make sure that you consider the laptop dimension at first place and then look for a bag. An uncomfortable fit can cause issue and you may end up getting the wrong product by this method.

#1. GODS Polyester Black & Grey Laptop Backpack

Polyester holds the property of waterproof fabric and it is one of the most durable fabric as compared to all other that’s why this product becomes our top pick of best laptop bags in India in 2022 here. Elegant design, efficient storage design, easy to use function and a secure zipping provide the great number of advantages. Having five different variants make the choice way better and let you use carry this bag without any tension in mind.

Most of the time, first-time buyers don’t know that which product is best as compared to the others that’s why they go after reputed manufacturers so you get the same in this case. GODS Polyester is well known for quality, efficient, great design and long-term warranty that’s why you can trust blindly on this purchase. The chances of facing issues with the quality are way lower than you may expect.

What We Like

  • Design is super-efficientas the chain is hidden; no other person can access it directly.
  • Material quality is durable enough to make the product last for years.
  • Available in five different patterns from the Marvel character universe.
  • There are quick access points to reach Wallets, keys, chargers etc. during the use.
  • The 6-point stretchable mechanism makes it easy to fit all size laptop up to 15.6 inches.
  • Easy to clean material, just use a wet cloth to clean it without many efforts.

What We Dislike

  • One of the most expensive choice as compared to other laptop bags available in the market.

Overall Thought

For the smart design and features, this bag stands out from others and there is no bad thing about it expect the premium price tag. However, this product worth the price and it will serve you the purpose for the long term. One year warranty makes it a perfect choice and lets you trust on the product during the purchase.

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#2. Hammonds Flycatcher Leather Messenger/Laptop Bag

In the starting days of the laptop, messenger bags were popular and used for laptops but the time is changed after that and carrying bags are more popular. However, the messenger bags give the genuine feel of being an office person or a boss. Most people prefer these bags because these are handheld and these look premium.

With the Hammonds Flycatcher Leather laptop bag, you can expect the same. Premium quality leather is used where you can find small grainy pattern making it unique in all kind. You can find two shades of color and there is one large change to open and close the bag easily. One shoulder strap lets you carry the laptop with ease.

What We like

  • The color pattern will get better with the age of this bag.
  • Manufactured with a higher quality of leather and metal chain.
  • Plenty of pockets to store all the basic things inside this bag.
  • A huge number of positive reviews about effective storage space.
  • Place sensitive things like hard drive, SD cards and other things.

What we Dislike

  • It is hard to carry for a long time when you are going to the office.
  • Price feels higher than it should be as if you compare with others.

Overall Thought

Design wise, this product is great and you get plenty of space. And the usability is also great but if you want to carry it for a long time then it became hard to place it otherwise our top pick doesn’t create such issues during the use.

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#3. F Gear Luxur Brown Laptop Backpack

A backpack is easy to carry and it offers ease during the long-term use that’s why you can go with F Gear Luxur Backpack designed with perfect for people with a small budget. By spending a couple bucks, you can easily get this backpack Laptop bag that’s why you will feel safe during the purchase. Synthetic is used for the outer layer which is water resistant and reliable during the rainy hours.

There are total of two compartments in this bag providing lots of storage for your laptop, charger and other stuff. If you want to use this backpack for travelling then it is a great choice to fulfill your need and you can definitely rely on it without a single issue. Make sure that you focus on laptop size and its compatibility otherwise it can be a big mess during the use.

What We Like

  • Storage space is way higher than our first two products.
  • Reliable to carry a laptop and it can be used during travel trip.
  • Comes at three times the lower price point of our top pick.
  • The manufacturer is offering one year of warranty on durability.
  • It can hold 15.6 inches laptop but make sure to measure the size diagonally.

What We Dislike

  • Seems durable but it can’t give you that long durability.
  • In hand feeling is not that great, it feels a bit cheaper and weird.

Overall Thought

After considering the price, there is no need to say much about it but the in-hand feel is not that great which makes it look like a cheaper product. If you have a tight budget then there is no better choice than this one.

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#4. HP Trendsetter Backpack

No doubt that HP is quite a popular brand for its laptop. They are highly in use from a long time and known for great performance but one more common thing is their laptop bags which are durable, lightweight and easy to use. The number of pockets is just like a normal backpack but the laptop sleeve is large enough to carry two laptops.

While this best laptop bag in India is designed by HP, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use it for other laptops. I have seen people preferring this Laptop bag for their Dell, Acer and Asus laptops. It may feel weird to use a laptop bag from a different brand than your laptop is that’s why some buyers avoid the purchase of this product.

What We Like

  • Efficient design is always loved by everyone so this product is best in that.
  • Quality is remarkable. It is made up of synthetic and it is water resistant also.
  • It is mainly designed for HP notebook series having the size 15 inches or less.
  • One main chain and two small pockets can carry all the small accessories.

What We Dislike

  • Despite the simple design, it feels expensive at some of the online sources.
  • Using a different brand for your laptop seems weird and bad for sure.

Overall Thought

After considering the design, quality and its efficiency, it seems like the best choice but it has a bit expensive price which may feel weird.

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#5. American Tourister Black Laptop Backpack

American Tourister has a huge reputation in the Indian market and you may have product from the same brand. The quality, great design and one-year warranty make it perfect. Maybe it seems like a mid-range choice but it is surely efficient as our top pick. If you have a basic budget and you don’t want to spend a higher amount then you can rely on American Tourister.

Having three number of compartments and one front pocket gives you enough space to store stuff inside this bag. It is capable of holding 15 inches laptop easily. Make sure that you measure laptop size diagonally. If laptop size is less or equal to 15.4 then you can prefer this laptop bag without any kind of issue.

What We Like 

  • Elegant design with 32L storage provides lots of space.
  • Come with three full compartments and one front chain compartment.
  • Manufacturer offer one year of international warranty.
  • New waffle weave fabric provides great water-resistant properties.

What We Dislike 

  • Affordable if you get it on discount otherwise it is a way expensive choice.

Overall Thought

The price for such products may vary with time. You can get this bag for an affordable price point but if you buy offline then this product will cost you way more than the double amount from the mentioned price on online sources.

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#6. Skybags Ion Grey Laptop Backpack

As American Tourister is called as the best in quality and known for the expensive price point, Skybags is known for the impressive quality at a lower price point. The real affordability is offered by Skybags that’s why this brand is highly recommended by most of the sources. If you want genuine quality with durability then you can trust blindly on this brand.

Keeping personal opinion aside, you can find plenty of positive reviews about this brand. Polyester is used in manufacturing and there are plenty of pockets to store stuff with ease. The front pockets are secured as the chain is hard to access for other people. It can be accessed when you are steady that’s why reliable.

What We Like

  • Comes for affordable, or mid-range price point.
  • It seems premium and the in-hand feel is great also.
  • Manufacturer provides 12 months international warranty.
  • zippered side pocket, key chain holder, and adjustable chest strap.
  • Polyester provides water-resistant property and higher durability.

What We Dislike

  • Not too many color choices available with this one

Overall Thought

Reason to keep this product at the end is, poor color choice and there are mixed reviews as it gets dirty with ease. So, you can find that the bag doesn’t look that great after using it for a couple of weeks.

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#7. Wildcraft Turnaround Blue Laptop Bag

Wildcraft is also a popular brand known for durable products that’s why you can find that Wildcraft Turnaround is highly sold product online. The quality is great and this bag offers genuine storage and capacity of 27 liters that’s why a number of people prefer it over the selection of other ones.

It is available in blue color and you can find that polyester is used in manufacturing which makes it one of the reliable choices as compared to the others. People willing to buy a laptop bag for 14 inches size or less then this bag is a great choice. The smaller size eases up the work and you can rely on it with ease.

What We Like

  • Manufactured using high-quality polyester.
  • There is a total of three compartments for storage.
  • Lightweight but easily carry heavy weight laptops.
  • Comes with one year of warranty on the damage.

What We Dislike

  • Can’t fit laptop sizes more than 14 inches.
  • Available in single color choice

Overall Thought

If laptop compatibility is not the issue then this product is a great choice. MacBook users can find it reliable due to extra padding on the back. You should check out laptop dimensions before preferring this product.

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Best Laptop Bags in India 2022 – Buying Guide

No doubt that laptops are convenient during the use and there are plenty of sizes for the specific need that’s why you must be selective during the purchase of a good quality bag for a laptop. Plenty of factors require consideration with the budget factor that’s why you can consider the below-given points and choose the best laptop bags in India with ease –

  • Laptop Sleeve Size Compatibility

Laptops are available in plenty of sizes but 15 inches is widely used all around the world. One more common size is 13 inches that you can find with MacBook series and such other. So, you should check that how much sleeve space is offered by the manufacturer.

  • Quality of Fabric

Most of the weight of the laptop more than 1KG and if you want long durability from a bag then you should check the quality of the fabric. Even, laptop bags made up of soft materials can provide long term durability and they are going to feel comfortable on the long term.

  • Pockets

Mostly people want one laptop sleeve, one charger pocket, and some extra storage for additional things like the camera. It depends totally on your need. People with the basic need can prefer a laptop bag with two main columns for laptop and charger stuff. You can keep an additional keyboard, mouse, and trackpad.

  • Design and Style

Basically, laptop bags are made to carry a laptop from one place to another with few security approaches. However, if you want something for design and style then you can search online and find a huge variety to choose from. This method will come in handy and let you get ease during the selection of a reliable product.

  • Properties

A water-resistant laptop bag feels safe to use, you can carry lots of stuff without tension and if you are outside and you stuck in rainfall then you are fearless about all the stuff inside the bag. So, you must go for a water-resistant choice to get an extra layer of protection during the use.

  • Extra Foam padding

Except the straps, you can find extra foam padding on the back of bag o secure it. Even, the bottom part is also secured which can help to keep laptop perfectly inside the bag. This will help to get better durability and long-term usability of the same. Make sure that you do not forget considering these major factors during the use.

After looking for these factors, you can check out the manufacturer, quality of the chain, water bottle storage straps on the side and adjustable straps features. Having an additional warranty can let you find the best product in the market and without wasting lots of time online.


Laptop bags come in different sizes, colors and shapes that’s why you should look after a personal preference in term of style. Even, considering the manufacturing material and reviews about the product can help you find the best one with ease. Hope, this guide  of best laptop bags in India will be enough to help you.

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