Best Portable Washing Machine in India 2022 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Our Top Portable Washing Machine in India Picks 2022

#1 Portable Wash#2 DMR#3 DMR
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When it comes to the washing machine, people often find it bulky. They keep on looking for a small one, but it is quite impossible to find a portable one who has extensive features. If you are also going through this, then we are providing all the related information about the portable washing machine that is equipped with all the features. These features don’t only help in combating the need for clothes washing, but also helps in saving the space.

Sometimes, the cause behind opting for this washing is related to safety as when for a baby, it is recommended to clean their clothes separately as your clothes can lead them towards bacterial infections. This review is all about the portable washing machines under different price ranges. This is also an attribute that keeps the user attentive while purchasing this. This is the time that needs a smart decision. If you are investing a massive chunk, then it is mandatory to keep a check on all features and factors.

Best Portable Washing Machine in India 2022

Following is the list of the nine best in the class portable washing machine that is selected based on different factors. These factors will help you to consider a good one that is needed by the user. With this list, it is quite easy to get an understanding of all the related concerns. Just take an overview of this loss and narrow down your choices.

#1. PORTABLE WASH Virgin Nylon Handy Bucket Washing Machine

Attaining the way of washing experience is a cumbersome process. If you are a traveller or do not have that much space, then there is a sole need for portable equipment in your home. This handy bucket washing machine is the best in the class portable washing machine that is equipped with all the features as same as the regular ones. Portable Wash provides a class apart product that is going to differentiate the market by providing ultimate attributes in small equipment which is going to be the most productive appliance in the household.

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It is equipped with one year of home service warranty that keeps the stress of maintenance at bay. This manufacturer provides its assistance service in over 300 cities. This washing is capable of carrying in just a bag. People who are living in metropolitan cities are not able to find a spacious apartment; for them, this is apt equipment that keeps the space saved and also provides essential services. With this washing machine, you can quickly solve your daily problem of washing clothes in a jiffy. Just opt for this and help you in saving efforts as well as space.

The average life of this portable washing machine is five years without any discrepancies. In case of any damage, the parts are available online as well as in the offline market. This portable washing machine is shockproof and provides a different point of safety. You need not worry about the damages or issues regarding the shock. The risk-free approach this portable washing machine provides is ample as it is equipped with extra cover that keeps it safe from all the ambiguities. This cover also helps in preventing the input of water that saves the essential parts of the machine.

What we like:

  • One year warranty
  • Durable 
  • Good quality universal motor
  • Lasts long
  • Suitable for everyone
  • Exclusive design
  • Shockproof

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#2. DMR 3 kg Portable Mini Washing Machine with Dryer Basket (DMR 30-1208, Blue)

There are different products which are hard to install. This is among those who don’t need any kind of installation. After getting the package, you just have to use it. The manual of this product provides all the relevant information about the features and handling procedure. With this, you can expect the maximum value to your product as this is equipped with all the efficient features that make a washing machine useful. This portable tub machine is amongst the best in class due to its attributes that help to acquire a fair share in the market.

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This single tub portable washing machine comes with a capacity of 3kg which is apt for a couple or only person. The package contains a washing machine, a drainpipe, and an inlet pipe. This product is equipped with one year of comprehensive warranty that provides a hassle-free usage. This lightweight, small size portable washing machine is equipped with some of the accessories that make it quite abundant in the aspect of the operation. It has a drying basket which helps the user to soak the clothes. Approach to low maintenance and energy efficiency is the best thing about this machine.

Apart from above, the technical specifications of this machine provide a sufficient advantage. It comes with a spin capacity of 1.5kg with the wah time of 15minutes. The spin time of 6minutes provides ample efficiency in cleaning and soaking of fabrics. This machine is capable of handling a bulk load of clothes. This mini washing machine provides you with a compelling advantage as it saves the cost as well as space. The robust performance is the icing on the cake. Opt for this brand and help yourself in getting all-around advantages. Apart from all the features, the compact design of this machine makes it quite useful and lures maximum customers.

What we like:

  • One year comprehensive warranty
  • 3 kg capacity
  • Semi-transparent lid
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lint collector
  • Compact design
  • Semi-automatic in nature

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#3. DMR 46-1218 Single Tub Washing Machine with Steel Dryer Basket (4.6 kg, Blue)

DMR is a renowned name in the portable washing machine industry. It is capable of providing some of the efficient appliances that can help you in cleaning as well as saving space. If you are concerned about your space getting occupied due to the bulky equipment such as refrigerator, washing machine, etc., then this portable washing machine is the ideal choice that can save you from all the hassles. This is among the best quality portable washing machines that has a superior body and effective operations. Opting this can save you from all the troubles as it provides maximum portability.

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This is among the best single tub portable washing machines that has a massive capacity of 4.6 kg. With this capacity, it is quite easy to get all of your clothes cleaned in one batch. The package comes with a machine inlet and drain pipe. It is equipped with a 1-year comprehensive warranty on the product which is valid for curing the damages. The specific dimensions of this portable washing machine are 42x45x66 cms. With the gross weight of 9kgs, it is quite lightweight in its range. It comes in different colour options. It has some of the accessories such as Inlet pipe, cover for the spin basket, product manual, steel spin basket.

With the wash capacity of 4.6 kgs, it provides adequate space for a couple to clean their clothes in one go. It is equipped with a spin capacity of 2.5 kg that can help to soak the batch of dresses efficiently. The maximum wash time it needs is 15 minutes with a spin time of 6 minutes. It runs on AC input of 220v/50hz wash, and spin needs a power of 240 watts. The motor is equipped with Copper motor knobs that have two knobs, each for wash and spin selector and washing cycles. The compact design of the washing machine makes it apt for those people who want trendy colour to compliment their interior. 

What we like:

  • High-grade plastic body
  • Ergonomic knobs
  • Semi-transparent lid
  • Compact design
  • Portable and easy to clean
  • 6 kg capacity
  • One year comprehensive warranty

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#4. Whirlpool 7 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine 

It is the renowned name in the market that provides almost all the appliances that are going to help you in your household’s work. This product has almost all the compelling features that offer maximum efficiency. This semi-automatic washing machine is of high capacity, but keeps an ultimate portable aesthetics.it is equipped with three wash programs that give the user a decisive advantage in calibrating as per the toughness of stains. Opting this can help you in saving space as well as provides an effective cleaning process for the clothes.

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It is equipped with three wash programs that are delicate, normal, and heavy. The user can use it as per their desire. It is equipped with a massive tub that has an epoch wash system that provides enormous space for the clothes. With the 340w powerful and efficient motor one can get a compelling advantage in cleaning clothes. This portable washing machine comes with easy mobility to keep a check on the needs of people. It is mandatory to keep this attribute intact as this the crux of a portable machine.

It’s equipped with a waterproof control panel that sheds the stress of shock or water dislodging and ultimately washing the same. The maximum speed of the spin makes it quite useful and holds the drying of clothes in the minimum time possible. It is equipped with some of the unique features such as auto restart, soak technology, and end of cycle buzzer. These functions are ways perfect and help the user in the best possible ways. Get ready to remove the hardest stains easily with the cleaning action of this washing machine.

What we like:

  • Shockproof and waterproof panel
  • 340-watt motor
  • Scrub station
  • End of cycle buzzer
  • Easy mobility
  • Soak technology
  • Maximum spin speed

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#5. Hilton 3 kg Single-Tub Washing Machine with Spin Dryer (Blue)

Hilton is a portable semi-automatic washing machine that is equipped with a dryer basket. It is the ultimate lightweight due to its manufacturing body which is made up of plastic. This is among the best in class and convenient to carry a washing capacity of 3 kg. It comes in two different colour combinations either white and blue or white and pink. It is equipped with a spin capacity of 1 kg wash, which is ample for a single person. It has a spin power of190 w. The specific dimension of this appliance is 400x395x535 mm. With the motor type of 100 %, copper-coated it provides maximum life. You will get a wash time of 15 minutes and a spin time of 5 minutes. The rotatory motion of the washing cycle is clockwise and anti-clockwise, which is apt for washing 05 to 06 clothes.

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Suppose you are looking for a super easy and portable washing machine that is equipped with all the desired features, then this is the best option. Hilton brings you a portable washing machine that comes with a single tub with a spin dryer. These functions are efficient at this time. This washing machine’s maximum load capacity helps the user to wash many clothes in a jiffy. With the ergonomic design and compelling features, it is quite easy to attain this and take help in combating the stress of cleaning the clothes.

This is a product that doesn’t need any kind of installation. You just have to use it after getting it. The investment in this washing machine is a productive one as it will help you to shed all the stress of leaning the clothes in a jiffy. With the powerful performance of this machine, it is quite easy to get all the chores done with excellent efficiency. The ready to use attribute the best one as it provides an upper hand with the customer. The core competency it gives is the action in both directions, whether it is clockwise or anti-clockwise. Apart from all of these, it comes with a year warranty that makes quite stress free for the users.

What we like:

  • Anti-rust body
  • Durable
  • Clockwise and Anticlockwise washing cycle
  • Capacity is 3 kg 
  • Spin power of 190w 
  • One wash program

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#6. Vetronix Portable Mini Washing Machine 3Kg with Dryer Basket 

This portable Vetronix washing machine is a unique product with a capacity of 3 kg. The compact and portable small size of this product will make your daily chores easier to perform. No more hassle in washing clothes through using this semi-automatic single tub washing machine that comes with the dryer basket. Even if you are a bachelor, it is relatively suitable to wash 6-7 clothes at a go. 

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It is made of plastic and specifically, the washing time is 10 minutes and the time spent is 6 minutes, which seems quite fast and easy. Preferably you can wash your T-shirt standard towers, sarees, children’s clothes for curtains or anything you want to. After all, it is one of the best products which has a spin power of 250 Watts and requires an AC input of 220 volts or 50 Hz. The cloths in Vetronix portable mini washing machine are undoubtedly going to be appropriately cleaned because of its clockwise and anti-clockwise rotations. It has a semi-transparent lid with a filter which makes washing clothes comfortable. 

The presence of ergonomic knobs makes its operation simpler, precisely one is about a wash with spinner selected, and the other one is TO wash and spin timer. The compact design of this fantastic product is known to be developed in a manner to fit comfortably in smaller spaces as well as can be moved or carried from one place to another with ease. The presence of a filter in this semi-automatic washing machine from Vetronix is known to collect length in a particular portion during each cycle of wash which prevents the length from combining with clothes or lying at the bottom of the tub. Overall this product is an amazing product with suitable features for small families for bachelors for the one who can use it properly. 

What we like:

  • Semi-transparent lid
  • The washing capacity is 3kg.
  • The clockwise and anticlockwise washing cycle
  • Ergonomic knobs

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#7. DMR 3.6 kg Inverter Mini Twin Tub Portable Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Another superb product on the list is a portable semi-automatic washing machine from DMR. Being a top load washing machine, it has a capacity of 3.6 kg e which can be operated on inverters too. It is embedded with two wash programs which are highly easy to plug and use. Being very compact and lightweight makes it a portable product with a powerful motor used in a twin-tub washing machine from DMR. It is elegant and amazingly designed with many smart as well as convenient features which are going to fulfill your requirement of washing clothes. No more manual efforts while washing clothes in this because of its handy nature and known for providing a comfortable washing experience. 

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The subtle spin capacity of this mini washing machine is 2 kg, which is software for drawing 2-3 pairs of clothes. This product is equipped with an inbuilt diamond drum spinner that efficiently dries the clothes. It is ideal for all the small families with three to four members in it, different kinds of clothes such as -shirt, pair of trousers, a saree, bedsheet, curtain, and other clothes can be easily washed in it. The presence of three knob dials on the control panel is quite easy to operate. These knobs function for wash timer, spin timer, and program selector.

The auto switch-off feature will make your work simple and comfortable as once the timer is completed, and the machine gets automatically switched off. It is embedded with a robust aluminum motor that can easily operate in adverse conditions. The power rating of 240 votes for wash motor and 120 watt for spin motor makes it efficient and reliable to use for washing clothes. DMR has come up with a super product that is known for producing an active washing cycle because of its rotation in alternating directions. The rotation of the alternating course educates the impurities which are trapped in the fabric. We can assure you that using this product you will experience exceptional comfort and solace 

What we like:

  • 120Watt for Spin Motor
  • 240Watt for Wash Motor 
  • Wash timer
  • Program selector 
  • Spin timer 
  • Robust aluminum motor

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#8. DMR 5 kg Inverter Portable Semi Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine Only Washer

DMR OW-50A Portable is a washing machine that comes with 5kg capacity. It is equipped with a washer only. Numerous features hold the crux of this machine. It is ultimately portable, which is the core need of the users. With this portability, it is straightforward to get adequate cleaning as well as saving space. This energy-efficient machine acquires low cost as well as low electricity consumption. With the wash and spin capacity of 5kg, this is the productive machine for a single person. It can easily clean 12-13 cloths at a time. It comes with a 1-year warranty which also includes the free spare supply support.

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The specific dimension of this machine is 46x44x74 cms, and with the net weight of 10.5 kgs, one can easily attain maximum mobility with this. It has a wash time of 15 minutes and needs an AC input of 220v. The washing power of 360w with two knobs makes it a productive one. The body material is plastic that provides durability and helps you in using this for a long time. Apart from all the assistance the manufacturer also provides specific home support in case of any damages. Opting this can be the best source that can help you in cleaning the clothes efficiently.

This brand has gained its fair share of popularity due to its features. These features are the binding stone that holds all the aspects of this washing machine. While purchasing one should look for all the features intact. These features are way practical, which effectively lures customers. At this price tag, this is among the best mid-price range machines that can help you in specific ways. Opting this can shed all your stress about the cleaning.

What we like:

  • Wash timer washing cycles 
  • Single tub washing machine 
  • 5 kg wash capacity 
  • Low cost
  • 5 kg of spin capacity

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#9. Onida 6.5 kg Washer Only (WS65WLPT1LR Liliput, Lava Red)

This is a Semi-automatic top-loading washer machine only. It is equipped with a powerful motor of 270 W. This motor provides ample functioning. One can attain cleaning with absolute efficiency. This is also included with its hydrologic pulsator that generates powerful water flow action. This ensures better cleaning of your fabrics. It has a capacity of 6.5 kg, which is suitable for 3-4 people. With the comprehensive warranty of 1 year, you can expect a hassle-free approach that makes the product efficient and helpful enough

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The spin has a speed of 800rpm that provides higher speed and ultimately faster drying time. The additional warranty of 6 other years on the motor makes it useful and provides minimal stress. The unique features of having two wash programs, and with the powerful motor, it is quite easy to attain practical help. With this portable washing, machine one can shed all the stress of cleaning their fabrics. Just opt for this machine and help yourself in the best possible ways. This product is known to offer a more unobstructed view of the operation inside through transparent tub covers. There are two individual compartments for washing and spinning the clothes, which is why it is called a twin tub washing machine.

The powerful features make it quite useful. At this price range, it is quite easy to opt for this machine. The smallest effective detailing of this machine helps the user in useful ways. With this try to get all the relevant information about the instructions and mechanism, this mechanism can help you in productive ways. All the cleaning issues can be cured with the help of this machine. Just opt for this and help yourself in the best possible ways.

What we like:

  • Hydrologic pulsator 
  • One year comprehensive
  • Two wash programs
  • 270 w powerful motor
  • 800 rpm

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Best Portable Washing Machine in India 2022 : Buying guide

While buying any kind of portable equipment the crux is the compact size and the movement. Though there are people who find it very difficult to get a grab of all the features and attributes while buying. Here we are providing the information with some of the attributes that can help you to take a good buying decision. Nowadays purchasing a good product is very important as people often get dislodged while buying as they haven’t been equipped with any information about the same. These are the features that can hold the crux of any best portable washing machine in India 2022.

  • Capacity

It is the most important factor which should be considered while selecting any type of washing machine. Here you are looking for a small one. Then you should look for the specification or capacity less than 6kg. This is the normal range that can help you in cleaning clothes and saving space also. There are different needs for these machines. If you are equipped with numerous clothing, then you have to use this bi-weekly, but if you are opting for this machine for your baby clothes, then the 3kg capacity is also ample. 

  • Weight and size

The portable washing machine should be handy and equipped with less weight. Most of the products in the above list weigh 10 kg or less. This helps in carrying out as mobility of a portable washing machine is the crux. It is very comfortable to shift to a place like a bathroom or a staircase.

  • Body material

While buying a portable washing machine, you should look for the body material. It is built with high-grade plastic. As these are portable machines, these plastics help them to carry around. While buying look for a rigid material that can help in having them for a long time. While shifting, keep a check on all the relevant attributes. In addition to this, the rustproof and corrosion-free aspect is massive. While purchasing, keep a check on these attributes.

  • Manual help

Portable washing machines are not that equipped with innovative features. They may need manual help while washing. However, there are different programs available that can help you in cleaning the clothes efficiently. In the case of a portable washing machine, you have to attach a spin bucket, and then it helps you to dry your clothes.

Final Words

As per the size, this portable washing machine is very small in size. The DMR-46-1218 model with 4.6 Kg capacity has dimensions of 42 cm x 66 cm x 45 cm is the best among the list of best portable washing machine in India 2022 due to its features and other related functionalities. One can easily use this washing machine for baby clothes which are small in size. Apart from this, the Vetronix Portable Mini Washing Machine 3Kg with Dryer Basket has its place in the category of the efficient machine. This is because it saves massive energy and provides higher efficiency. You can easily opt from these two as they are the best in class.

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