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Top 10 Best Red Wines Brand in India With Price 2021

As India is taking slow steps towards development & globalisation is playing its part in way like never before, liquor market is growing at a rapid pace. Young people have made liquor their part of recreation. Pubs & cafés are budding in every corner of every small & big city. Indian liquor industry has flourished as the taste for liquors have grown. Starting from Wine to Vodkas to Gin everything is available in local F.L Shops as well as in bars & cafes.

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Today, we’ll have a look in the wine segment from the list of liquor line up. In India there are three types of wines are available in market which is Red Wine, White Wine & Port Wine. Mostly people love red wines compare to White & Port. So Here at Fashion Guruji We are putting a list of top 10 best red wine brands with price you can buy now in India for 202.

Best Red Wines in India 2021

Red Wine Under 1000 Rs.

Sula Dindori Reserve Shiraz

Crafted from the wine yard of Dindori estate, Sula Dindori red wine is first red wine in our list of best red wine. Served best at 160c it is aged in barrels of American Oak. It has a pleasing finish with flavours of berries & vanilla. Ranked 25th out of best 100 wines of world in 2014. It tastes awesome with any meat, mutton biryani, barbeque lamb/mutton, curries & Cheddar Gouda. Also from the house of Sula vineyards.

PRICE: Rs 750- Rs 900

Fratelli Sangiovese

Comes from the house of Fratelli wines, harvested in their vineyard of virgin land at Aklu. Best served at 80c – 120 It has light but elegant oaky smell, with an impression of sweetness & elegant tannins. Aged at stainless steel tanks & then in bottle. Tastes best with Lamb Biryani, Gorgonzola, Mushroom risotto, Masala fish & Sticky Pork Ribs.

PRICE: Rs 850- Rs 950

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Seagram’s Nine Hills Shiraz

From the house of Seagram, this wine is deep red in colour with subtle touch of violet. Has a fruity note of cherries &Strawberry. Goes well with any kind of Meat & Barbeque dishes.

PRICE: Rs 450 – Rs 550

Grover La Reserve

Fourth red wine brend in our list is Grover Zampa Vineyards. It combines grace &splendour on the palate with chocolate, Coffee beans & vanilla. Aged in French Oak barrels for minimum of 6 months. Best served at 160c to 180c & tastes best with any kind of meat.

Price: Rs 670 to Rs 750

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Chateau d’Ori Merlot

Produced at the wine yard in Nashik with Merlot grapes. It is deep ruby in colour & has a taste of concentrated cherry, blackcurrant, blackberry & vanilla. It is paired best with any kind of meat & barbeque. Aged in French oak barrels. this is the best red wine under 1000 rupees.

PRICE: Rs 480 to Rs 600

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Red Wine Under 2000 Rs.

Chene Grand Reserve

This red wine from Grover Zampa Vineyard brand is a great one. Aged in French oak for 15 month & then in bottle for 15 months. Served best at 160c to 180 Made out of Tempranillo (60%) & Syrah (40%) Tastes like Plum & blackberry with a hint of chocolate, tobacco, Vanilla & spices. chene grand reserve is the our first choise in 2000 range.

PRICE: Rs 1700

Barrique Reserve Shiraz

This wine is crafted by Four Seasons from their vineyard in India. It has a beautiful aroma of Spices & Blackberry. Inky red in colour & served best at 180c to 200 It has a smoky & earthy flavours. Tastes best with Herbed duck, Barbeque, red meat & chargrilled veggies.

PRICE Rs 1000 to Rs 1200


This is one of the best vintage vine from the house of Fratelli, based out of Akluj vineyard. Only the top 2% of the grapes goes into production for Sette. There are four editions 2009, 2010, 2011,2012 & has won many awards. It has a taste of Vanilla & ripe fruits which goes best with Indian spicy dishes.

PRICE: Rs 1650

Rasa Shiraz

From the house of Sula wines Rasa Shiraz is one of the best wine you can have. Produced at Sula’s own wine yard in Nashik it should be served at 160 Crafted out of hand picked grapes it has a complex test with supple tannins & a Peppery finish. It has bagged SYRAH DU MONDE for 2014 in France. Tastes best with Chocolate, Barbeque & gouda cheese.

PRICE Rs 1100- RS 1500

Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve

With a kicking taste & spicy aroma with notes of cinnamon, pepper & nutmeg. Pairs great with lamb dishes & barbeque.

PRICE: Rs 1345 to Rs 1450

Wine is slowly becoming an integral part of every occasion we have in our lifestyle. With its great taste & grandeur it has become a part of success, love & celebration. There are many good wines available in the market & there will be for sure other preferences. Hope this list of 10 best red wines in india will help you to choose the perfect red wine. Comment down below with your choices & let us know about what is the best red wine brand your choices for you.

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