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Best Running Shoes under 1000 in india 2022 for men

Best running shoes in india 2022 : Running shoes used for sports and other outdoor activities

Shoes, an important accessory for everyone when in outdoors. They are not only seen as a footwear but also an object that defines the personality and elegance of the wearer. The various requirements of today’s world has made shoes manufactured for different purposes. Coming to this article’s topic, fitness is a necessity of a proper well being. So why not choose the appropriate shoes that helps in running, gym workouts or other physical activities ? If you are looking for a formal or a casual footwear, don’t worry we have catered to your taste as well. Please take a moment and go ahead on this page of best running shoes under 1000 in india to check out some of our shortlisted items. The items shown here vary according to one’s requirements.

Points to be taken into consideration:

  • Go through each item properly, decide whether it meets all your criteria and go for it only if it seems fully satisfactory. It is not recommendable to go for any sort of compromise while purchasing anything online.
  • See the customer reviews and ratings to form an idea about product quality and reliability. Check the warranty of each item and the necessary steps to avail it.
  • Read all terms and conditions related to return, replacement, refund and cancellations. This is the main dispute topic that arises after any unsatisfactory purchase.
  • If you are happy with your purchase, do maintain your shoes properly. This will help them survive for quite a long time. Also try to use them frequently to keep them active.

Best Running shoes for men under 1000 inr in India

#1. Bacca Bucci Men’s running shoes

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This item ranges from 929 INR to 1208 INR depending on the size which ranges from 6 UK to 13 UK, weighing around 650 grams. At present, the variants of this shoe are black, blue and orange. The shoe sole is of phylon, which provides good enough cushioning and a foot pressure absorption thus making the foot feel comfortable while running or exercise. It provides a lace-up feature which further helps it to make a comfortable fit. Its inner build up is slip resistant, thereby making it easy to walk or run safely by keeping our feet protected.

Speaking more about this best running shoes for men under 1000 INR,  its lightweight and comfort, it is designed with polyester lightweight vamp, and the free tension of the material allows us to have the ultimate barefoot feeling. The shoe sole made by EVA + MD, allows 17% better performance than ordinary rubber, which improves the wear and tear resistance, grip strength and supports the heel. The material is scratch resistant, non-slippery and the shoe is medium sized in breadth. The highly durable, reinforced MD sole having an excellent back resistance adds up to its flexibility.

Its design and versatility can be identified by its elegant design of a knitted finish, which covers the outer surface of the shoe. The knit fabric besides adding to what is seen as a pleasant design also helps to keep the feet perfectly ventilated while on a walk. This helps to maintain a hygiene of sweaty feet and keep the feet cool and fresh even after a laborious day. Therefore it is a multi purpose footwear which can be used for vacation trek, formal appearances, workouts, biking or any other activity we perform.


  • Cushioning moulded sole, using EVA secondary foaming technology.
  • Lightweight design allows to enjoy a barefoot feeling
  • The outsole made of EVA + MD, is anti slippery and waterproof.
  • Heel supporting inner sole, tear and wear resistant.
  • Comes with manufacturer’s guarantee.


  • Flexible inside (build up material), flexible outside (multi purpose feature).
  • Nice design helps get a personal satisfaction and an attractive personality while with someone or in somewhere.
  • Lace up feature for customized loose or tight fit.
  • Provides full refund if the customer finds an issue with quality.


  • Although the overall quality seems good, but the inner mesh might not be able to handle regular stress. The heel area which is rubbed against the most might get worn if heavily used.
  • Wearing it without stockings might not be a good option as the skin might get heavily brushed leading to irritation and pain.

#2. Liberty Men’s vision-3 Sports shoes

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The shoe ranges from 755 INR to 1048 INR depending on the size available from 5 UK to 11 UK. The color variants of this item are gray, black and navy blue. It weighs around 740 grams and has a medium width. It comes with a pull on closure with a snug-fit Velcro strap for a perfect fit. The mesh build up consists of a suitable texture for good grip underneath and suitable response.

The stylish look overall is an attraction along with a high quality upper material which makes it easy to wear and maintains a good grip while running or walking. It should be worn over socks to give a comfy feeling altogether. The underneath grip is good as the specialized texture and design helps it to resist slipping on wet solid areas like a marble floor, stairs or muddy patches on field. It is of lightweight design and comes with a label detailed reinforced heel with bouncy midsole for an excellent energy return, assisting a smooth or rapid movement while wearing it. It can also be used in a casual wear if it goes appropriate with the instantaneous attire.

However, the shoes have to be kept clean and taken care of. It should be allowed to air and deodorize regularly, to help them retain their natural shape for an increased life. The dust and dirt should be cleaned with a dry cloth and any kind of polish should be avoided.


  • Designed mainly for sports, athletics or even casual walk.
  • Comfortable and high quality shoe outsole.
  • Looks stylish with a high quality upper material.
  • Provides slip on and pull on closure.
  • Provides strong grip while running or walking on wet areas.


  • Can be used as both casual and sports wear.
  • Non slippery and is suitable for moving swiftly while in a hurry.
  • Extra heel padding provides additional comfort and rest on the heel.
  • Manufacturing warranty covered within 10 days of purchase.


  • Should be avoided contact with water, especially flooded areas.
  • Might cause skin problems if worn barefoot.
  • Cleanliness and hygiene has to be taken care of regularly.

#3. Campus Men Continent-3 Running Shoes

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It comes with a price-tag of 899 INR with the size ranging from 6 UK to 10 UK. The variants available for this best running shoes for men under 1000  are blue and red. This is a typical sportswear or rather specialized as a sports accessory. However it is not necessary to use it only as a running shoe or a sports shoe. It looks smart even if worn as a casual wear or an office wear.

The shoes shoes give the best experience during workout and other physical exercise training sessions. It weighs around 900 grams which makes it a shock and wear resistance over a long period of time. It is made of a phylon sole, comes with a lace up facility and some padding for comfort for foot relaxation.

The design and finish is quite attractive and is non slippery in wet conditions. These shoes should be allowed to air, deodorize and ventilate itself properly on a regular basis for a longer duration. External polish or shiners should not be applied on them.


  • Lace up closure feature.
  • Designed mainly as a sports accessory.
  • Elegant design and good quality outer material.
  • Outsole bottom grips nicely on wet surfaces.
  • Comfortable padding for foot relaxation.


  • Facilitates running, workouts and other exercises.
  • Stylish looks and customized tightening facility with laces.
  • Can be used with formal as well as sports attire.
  • Manufacturing warranty covered in 30 days.


  • Contact with external chemical agents might damage the shoe material.
  • Water should not enter inside the shoe.
  • Will become unhygienic if ventilation is not maintained.

#4. Sparx Men’s Sm-9035 Sports Shoes

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The price of this item ranges from 874 INR to 1147 INR, with its size ranging from 6 UK to 10 UK. The variants available are Black Neon Orange, Blue Green and Gray Red. This is a specialized sports shoe which comes with a lace up feature and a medium sole width. This best sport shoes for men under 1000 in india is said to be as per the latest fashion trend from Sparx.

The sole material is made of Ethyl Vinyl Acetate or EVA which provides a good cushion for the heel. The upper material is made of a high quality mesh. It weighs around 760 grams and is a lightweight footwear. The laces allow us to fit it tight or a bit loose according to our comfort. The key features includes a long last, an elegant look, a perfect gift option and zero compromise on product quality.

Things to be taken care of include avoiding of being soaked in water, not using any cleaning agents, avoiding machine wash or machine dry and not using any heating equipment. Only a dry cloth can be used for cleaning and the shoes should be allowed for natural ventilation.


  • Masterful manufacture to last long.
  • Sole made of EVA and outer material of quality mesh.
  • Comes with an elegant packaging and provides storage box.
  • Has zero compromise on product quality.
  • Good internal cushioning for foot rest.


  • Comfortable to wear, is light weight and provides good grip.
  • Elegant looks makes it a suitable gift option.
  • Provides midfoot support, making it good for workouts, running, athletics and emergency drills.
  • Value for money in the mentioned budget.


  • Shoe material is not dust resistant
  • Tear resistance is questionable if put under hard stress quite often.
  • External chemicals, water and washing can damage the shoe.

#5. Bourge Men’s Loire-z126 running shoes

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Falling under the category of running shoes under 1000 in India, this item provides a slip on closure with a Velcro strap to make a proper fitting on foot. The price ranges from 494 INR to 629 INR and the size from 6 UK to 12 UK. The variants available are Black (major) and Dark Gray (minor), Dark Gray (major) and Black (minor), and Navy Blue (major) and Dark Gray (minor). These shoes are helpful for jogging, physical training and short distance running where the movement needs to be swift.

The build up material is of mesh and the overall looks are quite good. This best running shoe for men under 1000 RS in india comes with a midfoot support at its rear. It is mainly a strain reductive footwear while walking or running. It provides good cushioning inside to make the foot feel relaxed or not overdone after any outdoor activity. It can be used as a sports wear, fashion wear or even a casual wear like going somewhere for a formal or informal activity.

A regular airing and deodorizing has to be taken care of to maintain hygiene and retain its quality. Shoe bags can be used to prevent it from dust and dirt. Like others cleaning with external agents like polish and shiners should be avoided as it might react with the material substance causing adverse effects which are mostly irreversible in nature. Other than that its a good buy.


  • Provides pull on and slip on closure feature.
  • Velcro strap for customized fitting.
  • Item is targeted to be used for running purposes.
  • Can be also used to add style to a formal attire.
  • Internal cushioning and gripping outsole caters to foot comfort.


  • Stylish, comfortable and reduces foot stress.
  • Very economical for a low budget purchase.
  • Has strong endurance to various strains, especially those from any athletic run or any acrobatic movements.
  • Comes with a product warranty against manufacturing defects upto 90 days from purchase.


  • The sole is thinner compared to other running shoes which at times might cause discomfort.
  • Using it barefoot might cause problems to the skin , especially when sweaty.
  • It is non elastic, hence does not have flexibility for a minor foot size mismatch.

#5. Lancer Men’s Sports Walking shoes

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The shoes come with a price range of 599 INR to 899 INR, with the size ranging from 7UK to 10 UK. It comes with five types of variants namely green, navy blue, teal blue, black and blood red. The item weighs about 530 grams, which makes it a lightweight footwear. It gives a decent style and comfort while going for a walk or any outdoor activity apart from running. Through its various range and variety, it tries to fulfill the needs of all.

The sole of best light weighted running shoes under 1000 Rs. in india   is made of Ethyl Vinyl Acetate or EVA, it provides a pull on closure facility. The inner material provides a memory cushion footbed, adding to the comfort feature. The looks are quite classy as the upper shoe material come with a knitted finish. It is very well suited as a casual wear with a comfortable walk.

The shoe should be prevented from water soaking or contact with any other cleaning agents. The ventilation should also be maintained. It is though designed to have a long life without much maintenance in between.


  • Knitted upper material gives good outlook.
  • Used as a formal footwear for walk and short run.
  • Comes with five different color variants.
  • Provides pull on closure feature
  • EVA made sole and memory cushion footbed helps foot relaxation nicely.

Pros :

  • Excellent and lightweight as a casual wear, for a walking purpose.
  • Decent looks and classy knitted
  • Good cushioning feature provided inside
  • Budget friendly choice and the range of having five variants makes it more appealing.


  • Not suitable for running or any stressful physical activity.
  • The sole over a period of time might become noisy while walking.
  • Not waterproof or dust proof.

#7. Sparx mens Sm-614 Running shoe

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This item is specialized to endure stress arising from various physical activities. It gets a laced up pull on closure feature to provide customized tightening comfort. The price of this item ranges from 785 INR to 1049 INR, and the size ranging from 6UK to 10 UK. The product comes with a variant of four colors: White Gray, Navy blue neon orange, Black Golden and Blue. It weighs around 600 grams.

This best running shoes under 1000 Rs. in india is a lightweight footwear and has a comfortable shoe sole made of EVA and the upper material of a high quality mesh. Sparx shoes are made to kast ling, have an elegant look, make it a perfect gift option and making no compromise on build quality. The shoe has an internal cushioning feature, thereby giving the foot a relaxation after some activity. The exclusive designs are made to match with the latest trend of footwear, especially among the youths. Sparx footwears are trusted by millions of Indians.

The care instructions for this item include wiping it with a clean dry cloth to remove dirt and dust, avoid soaking in water and other cleaning agents. It should be allowed for natural ventilation like airing and deodorizing by itself.


  • Made according to the latest fashion trend.
  • Outer build material and sole quality is fabulous.
  • Allows good enough foot rest after an outdoor activity.
  • Comes with a lace up closure feature.
  • Can be used both as casual and sportswear.
  • Inner and outer sole comes with flat heels.


  • Comfortable to wear, is light weight and provides good grip.
  • Elegant looks makes it a suitable gift option.
  • Provides midfoot support, making it good for workouts, running or other exercises.
  • Excellent material quality makes it a long lasting purchase.


  • Not suitable to wear it barefoot.
  • The light weightness sometimes lead to low tensile strength, making it to tear under regular hard strains.
  • Slippery soles when feet are sweaty, not ideal to wear in monsoon..
  • Water and any household cleaning agents might cause damage if accidentally comes in contact.


All the shoes listed above are good for sports and activities, with quite a number of varying specifications. It is therefore advisable to have a sound knowledge of features that would comfort your foot to a good extent. Most of the branded items are generally reliable but it is advised to take good care of your shoes if used for running. Scrutinize every stated fact before purchase to avoid complications. Hope this article about best running shoes for men under 1000 RS in india caters to your taste. Thanks for your time.

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