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Top 5 Best Toilet Paper In India 2022 – See Buying Reviews and Guidelines

Our Top Toilet Paper in India Picks 2022

#1 Origami #2 Selpak #3 Presto
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Best Toilet Paper In India : Are you searching for the best toilet paper in India? Then, this article is right for you. Toilet papers are products which are widely used in India and other countries. The product is utilized every day whether you are at home, offices, hotels, restaurants, and other places.

If you see there are various brands in the market that sell toilet papers like Selpak, Origami, Presto, and more. The best part of toilet papers is that they cost very less and hence everyone can purchase it. But before you move for shopping you must have proper knowledge of it.

Here we will see how toilet papers are defined on various factors like comfort ness, softness, no. of rolls, the thickness of the rolls, and much more. We request you to go with each and every detail of the product i.e best toilet papers in India so that you can easily buy it without any hesitation.

Top 5 Best Toilet Paper In India in 2022

Best Value For Money Best Value For Money
Origami So Soft
  • Roll: 3-ply
  • Sheets: 160
  • Uses: Sniffles, Sneezes
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Super Quality Super Quality
Selpak Lavender Perfumed
  • Roll: 4 scented each
  • paper: 100% cellulose pure
  • Fragrance: Very pleasant
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Presto 3 Ply
  • Roll: 3 plies
  • Sheet: 300 sheets
  • Paper: 100% virgin paper
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  • Roll: 300 rolls per each
  • Sheet: 100% hygienic in nature
  • Paper: 100% free of OBAs
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Bella India
  • Roll: 4 with 2 plies each
  • Sheet: 150 sheets
  • Paper: fine cellulose
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1. Origami So Soft Toilet Paper

best toilet paper in india

Origami is the best toilet paper available in India and hence ranked 1 on our list. It is a well-growing brand in the field of health and hygiene which sells toilet papers. They have a combination of friendly rolls, softness, comfort, and easy absorbent. It has been defined as a multipurpose product that can be used in the home, hotels, party clubs, and more. Keeping in mind they do not cause any clogging and hence dispenser free.

Features of Origami So Soft are:-

  • It has been made from super quality virgin fiber for smooth and healthy hygiene.
  • They are made from regenerative forest resources so that they can be recycled.
  • They provide 160 sheets in 3-ply roll each for easy absorption.
  • It is an ultra-soft product for ease use.
  • Specially designed for keeping hands clean in well moistened by locking it.
  • It also takes care of sniffles, sneezes, and smudges of makeup.

2. Selpak Lavender Perfumed Toilet Paper

best toilet paper in india

Once again the best-known brand for selling toilet papers is spotted on number two i.e. Selpak Lavender Perfumed. The best part of this product is softness and gentle over the skin. It gives the fresh aroma as it has a mild scent which keeps you fresh all day.

Features of Selpak Paper are:-

  • It is a 100% cellulose pure paper.
  • The product is also free of chemicals to keep you away from skin problems.
  • The pack contains 4 scented rolls each.
  • Paper is of high quality to avoid any skin diseases.
  • It comes in different colors which have a nice smell.
  • The fragrance is of premium quality and it does not disintegrate.
  • 3 ply layer has been attached to make it stronger.
  • It comes in 4 rolls each/8 rolls each.

3. Presto 3 Ply Toilet Paper/Tissue Roll

best toilet paper in india

Presto makes toilet paper which is 100% made from virgin paper. They consist of rolls that do not easily dissolve in water. It is disease-free and skin protected toilet paper which also takes care of your hygiene.

Features of Presto Toilet Paper are:- 

  • The rolls are made of high premium quality which can absorb water.
  • They are soft in nature as made of 100% virgin paper.
  • It consists of 3 plies with 300 sheets in each roll.
  • Best daily product and ease of use.
  • It can give you the best clean as it contains 3 plies.
  • This product is free of optical brightening agents (OBAs)which can cause skin problems.
  • It can be easily fit with bathroom toilet paper holders.

4. Solimo 3 Ply Toilet Paper/Tissue Roll

best toilet paper in india

This product also has a similar feature background as of Presto Toilet Paper. It is one of the quick selling toilet papers in a country like India. They are very much stronger tissue rolls as it contains 3 ply layers which makes it stronger. The rolls are 100% safe and contain no harmful chemicals.

Features of Solimo Toilet Paper are:-

  • The product can absorb water easily and provide ease of use.
  • It gives you 3 ply in which 300 rolls per each.
  • It is a disease-free product and can easily be used by elders and children.
  • Solimo makes toilet paper which is 100% hygienic in nature.
  • Every rolls of this paper is of high quality and of great value.
  • 100% free of OBAs and protect from skin irritations.
  • This is well suited for all types of skins.

5. Bella India No1 Karo White Toilet Tissue Roll

best toilet paper in india

This product is a European brand that sells paper tissues and fine toilet papers all over the world. They are famous because of their quality which satisfies the consumer at the top level. Moreover, it has a huge range of products which are widely used and toilet paper is one of them.

Features of Bella No1 Karo are:-

  • It comes with a delicate scent that makes a fresh aroma.
  • It is soft, strong, and good water absorbent.
  • Roll sheets are stronger enough to provide comfort.
  • You get 150 sheets per rolls.
  • Moreover, 4 rolls are given for 2 plies each.
  • The quality is superb and made of fine cellulose.
  • It comes in white and blue colors.

Best Toilet Paper In India 2022 – Buying Guide

Before you proceed to buy for any toilet papers in India, you must have knowledge about the product, the features, and many other factors. Now, detailed buying guidelines will be there for you through which you can easily choose the products. So let’s get started with the factors for best toilet paper in India 2022.

Plies are the rolls of paper in which several sheets are stacked into it.

Whether A Single Ply or Double Ply?

Now, the question arises whether you need to buy a single-ply or double-ply toilet paper. There is a simple concept about plies i.e one ply is covered with a single layer of paper whereas double-ply is covered with 2 layers of paper. According to research, it is assumed that higher is the ply number more will be the comfort, softness, and thickness you will get. However, today is the era of technology where we can see that 1 ply toilet paper can be made stronger with greater thickness as you get in 2 ply papers.

Single Ply

If we talk about single-ply toilet paper than it is soft, less thick than double-ply, and provides comfort as well. However, according to some researchers, it tells that single ply are not economical than 2 ply toilet papers as they are less thick. But still, the fact is not yet presented so we can’t say that single ply is less worthy.

When you see the price for single-ply and double-ply both are of the same price. This is because of the simple reason that you get the same quantity of rolls in the single and double-ply toilet papers. However, overall performance is identical as they use the same no. of sheets irrespective of any type. So, as per the fact and researches, people prefer to use single-ply rolls.

Double Ply

Double-ply toilet papers are often stronger, more durable, water absorber, and most importantly have great thickness. These papers put an overall action and performance as compared to single ply. Also, you get more features like skin disease free, no irritation problems.

If you see there are 3 plies and 4 plies rolls are also available in the online market. But still, remember that it cost you a higher price than single and double as they have more layers which satisfy more comfort.

Raw materials

Toilet papers are made from fresh virgin paper which is being made from trees such as softwood and hardwood. These two types of trees provide excessive strength and make them softer to use. Softwood trees like Southern Pines and Douglas Firs are brought in to action to make them stronger and hardwood trees such as oak, maple, gum are brought in action to make them softer.

According to scientific research, we have found that 70% of hardwood trees and 30% of softwood trees are being used to make toilet papers. There are companies that make toilet papers out of recycled and wasteful products. They use several chemical gases such as oxygen, sodium hydroxide, and peroxide which makes the paperwhite and brought in used.


When we talk about the quality of the paper so it has been observed that companies grow their own trees to ensure quality. They do it by themselves as they don’t want to compromise with any health issues. The pulping process is also monitored carefully when the chemicals are used. That’s why everything is being observed and tested before any chemical process took place.

Recycled Toilet Papers

Toilet papers that are made from recycled newspapers, waste papers, and other wasteful papers are best for environment protection. They are one of the best choices you may get while in search of toilet papers. With the help of a large pulping machine, the recycled papers are put in the machine in bulk quantity.

They are later mixed with hot water so that it can be converted into pulp. Later, it goes to several stages where the ink removal process takes place, and paper is softened so that it can absorb water easily. They are eco-friendly papers that can be used again and again.

FSC Certified Papers

This is another quality of paper that is made from FSC standards. They are basically made from 100% pulp which consists of forest materials i.e cellulose fibers which are extracted from wood.

Moreover, FSC products are timber-based pulp which is environment-friendly. They are easy to use and much more comfortable than recycled ones. Also, they carry various labels on toilet paper like virgin pulp and pure pulp.

Size and Width

Generally, the size of the toilet papers comes in 4.5 x 4.5 which is also taken as a standard size. But, it may vary from manufacturers to manufacturers. Always keep in mind about the space you allot for the toilet papers. Higher the size and width of rolls, higher will be the space required to place it.

The length of rolls is also an important factor to see. Nowadays, jumbo rolls are used which are with 1500 sheets per roll. They are very large bundles of rolls which are generally used in industry to save time.

Features of Various Toilet Papers

Chlorine Free

Nowadays, toilet papers are often made with bleaching agents which may be a cause for skin irritation. They generally use heavy chemicals just to whiten the toilet papers. So, you need to take care of this and make a healthy choice before you buy it. You can also go for natural color toilet papers where there is no use of any chemicals.

Embossed Pattern

Now, you can see different embossed patterns on the toilet papers which come in beautiful designs. The patterns on the paper help in wiping out dirt easily and efficiently. Additionally, they give you comfort and cushion-like feature.

Colored Papers

colored toilet papers


People who are fond of colors can go for colored papers to enlighten their bathrooms. It’s totally your choice, if you love seeing your bathroom full of colors then you may go for such toilet papers. Also, if someone visits your bathroom he or she will be happy to see your bathroom again and again.

Scented Toilet Paper

Nobody wants to have a bad smell of different odors in their bathrooms. So, for that, you can go for scented toilet paper which will make your bathroom full of freshness with fragrance. It will make your bathroom a memorable one and you will love to go frequently.

Frequently asked questions about toilet paper?

  1. What is toilet paper?

The toilet paper is nothing but a tissue paper product used mainly in the toilets. People use toilet paper for cleaning their private parts after using the toilet. Furthermore, the countries like the USA, UK and others only majorly use toilet paper. However, in Asian countries the use of toilet paper is low. Yet many Asian countries are starting to follow the Western-lifestyle. So they are learning to use toilet papers now. Also, lots of brands of toilet papers get sold in countries like China, India, Thailand and more.

  1. Is toilet paper hygienic than water?

In many countries, people use water to clean themselves after going to the loo. But now many are beginning to use toilet paper. That is why every year toilet papers are available in bundles in supermarkets. Although it is good to use water to tidy up after using the toilet, many think that it is better to use toilet paper. Now toilet papers are available in restaurants, hospitals, hotels and more. Moreover, many people are also buying toilet paper and are stocking them in their homes.

  1. How to use toilet paper?

Toilet papers are becoming popular because many people are starting to use them. However some are still doubtful on how to properly use it. It is a difficult question to ask out openly. But there is a right way to use toilet paper. Follow the steps below to use toilet paper.

  • After using the toilet remain seated in the same position.
  • Then take the amount of toilet paper you require from the stand. Furthermore, use toilet paper to clean your private area slowly from front to the back.
  • If you want to use more paper you can take it from the stand.
  • At last get a fresh toilet paper and wet it. Then use it for cleaning.

So these are the ways you can follow after using the toilet.

  1. What are the best toilet paper brands in India?
  • Solimo 3 Ply Toilet paper

This toilet paper is a natural virgin paper. So it will not harm your skin after you wipe your private areas with it. Each roll in Solimo will come with three hundred rolls.

  • Presto 3 Ply Toilet Paper

These rolls are made with premium quality paper. Also, the Presto toilet paper is virgin paper so it is soft and absorbent. You can use it daily.

  • Bella India

This product is a European brand and is one of the best toilet papers in the world. It has a great scent and comes in wonderful colours.

  1. What are the types of toilet paper?

There are different types of toilet paper available in the market. They come in many colours, textures, sizes, cost and more. So you can choose the type of paper you want for your daily use. Also, there is a luxury and ultra-soft toilet papers too. The luxury type of toilet papers is of premium quality as it gets exported from foreign countries. Moreover, ultra-safe toilet papers are usually made in soft and absorbent paper.

  1. What is the price of toilet paper in India?

Many manufacturers in India and outside India are selling their toilet paper to the markets in India. That is why if you want to buy toilet paper you can get them at your local supermarkets.  The cost of one roll of toilet paper starts from eleven rupees. If you want to use premium quality toilet paper then it is available from the price starting from hundred rupees.

Toilet paper is a necessity now. Many are learning to use it so if you also want to use it then buy the best quality toilet papers rolls.


I hope you loved reading about the best toilet paper in India. There are many brands available for toilet papers from which you can easily select choose them. However, you can see the list above and select the best toilet papers of your choice. Moreover, we have listed every product’s features and detailed guidelines on toilet papers. So, from now onwards you have enough knowledge about toilet papers. You can share your thoughts and preferences on this article. We hope for the best!

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