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Top 10 Best Treadmill Brands In India 2022 – Treadmill Manufacturing Companies

Treadmills are one of the best fitness equipment to burn your calories and meet your fitness goals. Though most people in India like outdoor running exercises, running on a treadmill has its benefits. This piece of fitness equipment can be used in homes, gyms, offices, hospitals, etc. for workouts. Also, by using treadmills, you can perform your workouts at home without worrying about the outside weather conditions. Treadmills also come with a set of handy features that can allow you to monitor your workouts and achieve your fitness goals easily. With an appropriate treadmill, you can do your exercises comfortably and get the desired results.

However, choosing a good treadmill for your workouts may not come easy. They are available in different types for different purposes. Also, they include different features and come in different sizes. So you need to consider several points while buying a treadmill for you out of those the brand value is an essential one. You need to ensure that the treadmill is manufactured by a renowned brand in order to get your desired results.

Here is a list of the top ten best treadmill brands in India for you. You can follow this list to find the right treadmill for you.

1. Durafit

Durafit is one of the most favored brands in the Indian market. This brand is passionate about health and fitness. It has a team of experts that ideates and brings the latest technologies for people. Durafit ensures to provide a unique experience to its customers and let them stay healthy. It assures customers to provide the best quality treadmill to let them stay healthy.

One of the best things about this brand is it manufactures fitness equipment with unique designs to let customers use the products at home. It includes safety features in its products so that people can enjoy workout sessions at home. Also, Durafit ensures the physical and mental health of its customers by designing durable and safe equipment. Moreover, the equipment of this brand can act as a trainer and let people do their workouts effectively.

Durafit has a big network of service professionals across India to provide service for its products. With consistent R&D, this brand brings safety and convenience to its products for a better experience of customers. This brand provides an online video to its customers so that they can install the products efficiently. If you are looking for a reliable treadmill to use at home, then you can opt for the products of the Durafit brand.

2. Fitking

Fitking is a wellness brand that provides a range of fitness equipment to let people experience health advantages. It gets motivated by the feedback of customers and brings advanced technologies to its products. Fitking was founded in 1995, and since then, it ensures the fitness of its customers by offering the best quality products in the industry. The products of this brand are ideal for use at home, gym, health club, spa, etc.

The Fitking brand provides friendly customer service to let customers enjoy the benefits of their workout sessions. The professionals at Fitking ensure to answer the queries of customers and satisfy them. It has motorized and motor-less treadmills to allow customers to choose their preferred piece of fitness equipment. It believes that physical fitness is important for daily work and brings a variety of fitness equipment for people.

The products of Fitking provide enjoyable workout sessions to people and let them stay fit all the time. They can burn calories and improve the energy of people. Also, Fitking workout accessories have a good name in the Indian market, and most people love using them. The products of this brand can also help relax the body of people and prevent hypokinetic diseases for improving their efficiency.

3. Nortus Fitness

Nortus is one of the top fitness equipment manufacturers in India to provide affordable machines to people. The machines manufactured by this brand are easy to operate and maintain. Also, the equipment of this brand is preferred by many gyms and fitness centers in the country. The Nortus brand uses CNC technology in the manufacturing process to ensure quality and efficiency in the products. With substantial research and development, it includes the latest technologies in its products to meet customer requirements.

Apart from being functional, the products of this brand look stunning and offer an exceptional experience. While manufacturing the products, this brand takes care of rust, sharp edges, and other small things in the product to ensure smooth performance. Therefore, people can use Nortus fitness products without any hassle. With automatic machinery, this brand ensures to provide stable and durable products to people.

The best thing about this brand is it uses quality raw materials and includes safety features in the products for customer satisfaction. It uses uncompromising quality control to produce high-quality products. This brand provides superior gym equipment in the country and allows people to perform workouts efficiently. Also, the products of this brand are famous in the market for their durability and effectiveness. If you need quality products at an affordable price, then the Nortus brand is perfect for you.

4. Healthgenie

Healthgenie is a famous brand in India for health and fitness products. This brand provides a wide range of fitness equipment to meet the needs of every people. Also, it remodels its products according to the changes in technology and customer needs. Healthgenie ensures to provide products according to the needs of people to give them superior health benefits. This healthcare and fitness brand has the vision to become one of the major brands in the industry.

Also, it is consistently working to attain greatness in its products and business. Healthgenie tries to please customers by providing the best quality products to them. This brand is also committed to providing good quality products with useful features to ensure customer satisfaction. It regularly improves its technology and quality to meet the needs of the modern customer. The treadmills of this brand have ergonomics design and ensure high performance during workouts. So you can use the fitness products of this brand for the desired results.

The specialty of Healthgenie treadmills is they come with USB ports, remote web, and space for iPods. Because of this reason, people love to use the products of this brand. With a wide range of motorized and manual treadmills, this brand allows you to select the right equipment for your home gym. Also, it provides excellent customer support and service for its products to keep its customers happy.

5. Maxpro

Maxpro is another top brand in India that produces standard fitness equipment. Its products are also renowned in the market and ideal for all types of customers. The treadmills of this brand provide high-quality performance and let people do their exercises effectively. With superior quality construction, Maxpro ensures to provide the best results in the industry. This brand delivers the best quality fitness equipment to people so that they can perform their workouts with ease.

Also, Maxpro has a team of experts that ensures its customers get the highest value for their investments. By including safety features in its cardio equipment, the Maxpro brand allows you to achieve your desired results easily. This brand has three series of strength equipment to let users choose them according to their needs. Those are dual equipment, non-dual equipment, and plate loaded series.

Dual equipment is efficient and can let customers do their workouts effectively. These are the best choice for people who need high-quality fitness equipment for their workouts. Non-dual equipment is specially designed to offer high durability and performance. Plate loaded series offers high-quality results to meet customer needs. However, the Maxpro brand is one of the top choices of many customers because of its unique products. Also, the quality of its products is exceptional.

6. Powermax

By producing multiple fitness equipment, the Powermax brand ensures better health for its customers. It tries to change the lifestyle of people and let them stay fit. Moreover, this brand motivates people for workouts and lets them achieve their fitness goals through fun. It helps people think about their health and wellness and allows them to achieve their desired lifestyle through workouts. Powermax spreads fitness consciousness among people and provides them the first-class equipment to help them meet their goals.

Powermax shows the benefits of exercises and helps its customers to perform workouts in their daily routine. Also, it helps you to stay healthy, both physically and mentally, and prevent diseases. That’s why the Powermax brand is one of the top brands in India. Its fitness equipment offers the highest quality performance and allows the users to do their workouts safely. Also, the products of Powermax provide a satisfactory experience to make its customers happy.

The Powermax brand is also famous for its affordability. Its products are reasonably priced so that all people can use them and get fit. Also, it has a mission to make its products available to everyone on the planet. Powermax also recognizes the problems of its customers and help them solve that. Moreover, it helps the customers in installing and using the fitness equipment effectively. So any person can opt for this brand to get their desired treadmills.

7. Welcare

Like the name, this brand cares for people. It provides the best quality products to people to let them live a healthy lifestyle. It brings solutions to the fitness goals of people and helps society to stay active. Welcare has a wide range of motorized treadmills to allow people to choose the right one for them. Also, the fitness equipment of this brand has special features for the convenience of people. The brand has around 70 stores across the country that allows people to access its products easily.

Moreover, it has lakhs of happy customers in India and helps them to meet their fitness goals. Welcare provides the PAN India service for each customer to let them use their fitness equipment easily. This way, it ensures customer satisfaction and allows its customers to stay hassle-free. The treadmills of Welcare are ideal for home use, institutes, corporate, hotels, fitness centers, etc.

The customer support of Welcare is impressive and answers all the questions of its customers. It has a toll free number for its customers so that they can register their problems easily. With lifetime service support, Welcare assures its customers with quality and efficiency. Because of the availability of expert guidance, anyone can buy and install the fitness equipment of Welcare conveniently. For efficient and high performing treadmills, this brand is a brilliant choice. they have some good collection of treadmill under 20000 range.

8. Sparnod Fitness Equipment

Sparnod is a well-known brand in India for fitness and sports equipment. It provides top quality products to improve the experience of people. The motto of this brand is to increase fitness awareness and let people stay fit. This brand considers the needs of each customer and provides the best products to them. Athletes, fitness trainers, students, health-conscious people, boxers, etc. love to use the fitness equipment of Sparnod.

This brand motivates people to meet their fitness goals by explaining the benefits of exercise to them. Also, it helps its customers to stay fit all the time by implementing fitness workouts in their daily life. Its high-quality products allow people to change their lifestyles and get benefited from them. It also provides the best services to its customers according to their needs to give them satisfactory results. With hundreds of products, Sparnod allows you to select the perfect machine for your exercises.

This brand produces standard products to ensure high performance. It provides training, planning, designing, maintenance, etc. for commercial gyms. Also, it provides a warranty on its products so that people can use its products confidently. By doing this, Sparnod provides an incredible experience to its customers. So if you are looking for high-quality treadmills for your exercises, then you can use the products of this brand.

9. Cockatoo India

Cockatoo is one of the leading brands in India for fitness equipment. This brand was founded in 1981 to provide sports products to people. Currently, it provides top-quality fitness equipment across the country to allow people to live healthily. By considering the needs of different customers, Cockatoo provides reliable products that are loved by everyone. Also, it provides the products at an affordable price to let people use them confidently.

The main motto of Cockatoo is to satisfy its customers by providing high-quality products. It has a team of trained professionals to provide service support to its customers on time. Because of this facility, any person can use the treadmills of Cockatoo efficiently. Also, the products of this brand are widely popular in the market because of their uniqueness. It has a broad range of motorized and motor-less treadmills to meet the needs of its customers.

Cockatoo also provides both domestic and commercial treadmills for better usability. Also, Cockatoo has many types of sports equipment that let customers choose their preferred product easily. Whether you need a treadmill for home use or commercial use, the Cockatoo brand is the perfect choice for you.

10. Lifelong

Lifelong is a unique brand in India for home and kitchen appliances. Also, it has grooming and Lifestyle products for people. Lifelong is operational in more than 500 cities in India and offers a unique experience to people. With more than a hundred products, Lifelong ensures that people get quality products for them. In 2015, this brand started manufacturing mixer grinders and covered all home and kitchen products. Then it started with grooming products, and in 2019, it added fitness equipment to its categories.

Currently, Lifelong is manufacturing modern products for its customers to let them have a happy life. The treadmills of this brand are ideal for homes and offices. By designing lightweight and compact fitness equipment, this brand lets customers use them efficiently. The Lifelong brand provides PAN India service in more than 500 cities in the country for customer satisfaction.

By providing friendly customer support, the Lifelong brand allows you to stay hassle-free. Those who are looking for superior quality treadmills with unique features can opt for this brand. As it provides customer service across the country, anyone can use its products to meet his/her fitness goal.


Treadmills are manufactured by many brands in India. Therefore, each treadmill comes with a unique design, features, style, and control options. Also, the brand of the treadmill tells about its quality. So choosing a treadmill from a reputed brand is important than buying a cheap treadmill from an unrecognized brand. The brands explained in the above list are the best brands for treadmills in India.

If you consider the brand value of any product before buying that, then this article can be a good guide for you. you love to check best running shoes for treadmill 2022

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