Best Washing Machine Cover in India 2022 : Expert Reviews and Buying Guide

Our Best Washing Machine Cover in India Picks 2022

#1 Classic LG#2 Dream Care#3 Bosch
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In this fast-paced and technologically advanced world, we are surrounded by various home appliances to help us with our everyday work. One of the essential items found in every household is the washing machine. It cleans our clothes in less time and protects our hands from the effects of harsh detergent powders. We invest a good amount of money for a good quality washing machine, therefore, we want to preserve the goodness of it for a longer duration. One of the basic products that can safeguard the washing machine from the air, water, and other bruises is the cover. in this article we talk about Best Washing Machine Cover in India.

While buying a washing machine, you should also buy a high-quality washing machine cover that would fit your machine well and protect it. If your washing machine is installed in the kitchen, the oily stream makes the surface oily and sometimes damages the dashboard circuit. If your washing machine resides in the bathroom, again, it can get damaged by the hot steam and excess water spills. Intense sunlight fades the color of the machine and makes the body weak. All of these problems can be curbed by a washing machine cover. If you still do not have a cover for your machine and are looking for the best option, the reviews of some of the products would help you to make your decision.

Best Washing Machine Covers in India 2022

When you practice using a washing machine cover daily, you would benefit in various ways. A well-fitted washing cover can provide complete protection to your washing machine. To increase the longevity of your washing machine, you should get the best quality product. The following reviews would enlighten you with the product descriptions of various Best Washing Machine Cover in India available in the market.

#1. Classic® LG Top Load Washing Machine Cover

Best Washing machine covers protect your machine from several harsh conditions. To experience the foolproof safety of your machine, you can buy this amazing product Classic. This item is suitable for all LG top load washing machines that have a capacity of 6kg, 6.2kg, 6.5kg, and 7kg. The cover is strategically designed and has holes for the outlet pipe, power cord, and inlet pipe. You would not have to face any kind of difficulty while connecting the power cord and pipes. 

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The holes are done at the appropriate positions to cut the inconvenience. The material of the cover is waterproof and dustproof. It would keep the unwanted moisture away from your machine and will not allow the dust to accumulate. When laundry work seems to be boring, the attractive floral print of the cover would add a charm to the regular chore. Besides the grey and white combination would make your washing machine look great in your home.

The washing machine cover can be easily maintained by washing it easily. A quick wash would get rid of the unwanted stains and keep your cover neat and tidy. The cover is equipped with a zipper facility. The cover would fit well on your washing machine as soon as you zip close the cover. The zipper makes it convenient to use. You can change the overall look of your washing machine with this trendy cover on it. The cover is durable and will give long-term protection to your washing machine.

What we like

  • Floral print
  • Transparent panel cover
  • Zip closure
  • Waterproof
  • Features appropriate holes
  • Easy to maintain

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#2. Dream Care Washing Machine Cover Top Load 6.5 kg Fully Automatic

To instantly pep up the look of your washing machine, you should choose this trendy cover from Dream Care. This cover would provide ultimate protection to your high-quality appliance. The Dream Care cover is ideal for top load washing machines that have a capacity of 6.0kg, 6.2kg, 6.5kg, and 7kg. The cover is dustproof and waterproof. It has holes at the appropriate locations so that you can set the power cord, inlet pipe, and outlet pipe easily. 

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This best washing machine cover is crafted with a waterproof material that keeps the unwanted moisture away from your washing machine. It is easy to maintain, as it is washable. You can remove the stains with just one wash and keep them neat for a long time. The appealing floral print on the cover provides an additional charm to the boring laundry work. The aesthetic look also makes your washing machine look great at any corner of the house. The washing machine cover is made of good quality polyester and it is durable.

The cover would help you to keep your machine safe from any kind of scratches, dust particles, and stains. When your machine is protected from hazardous factors, it tends to last longer than you expect it to. There is zip provided with the cover that allows you to use the machine without removing the entire cover of the machine. The cover provides full-body coverage of a top load washing machine. This cover serves as a perfect companion for your washing machine by ensuring total security.

What we like

  • Waterproof and Dustproof
  • Floral print
  • Easy to maintain
  • Zip mechanism
  • Holes located strategically
  • Made of Polyester

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#3. BOSCH Front Load Washing Machine/Dishwasher- Dust Cover/Protective Cover

This best washing machine cover is a 100% genuine product from the house of Bosch. It is suitable for both front load washing machines and dishwashers. It will fit perfectly on the appliance that has dimensions of 82*60*60*cm (L-W-H). The cover would provide full protection from dust and sunlight; therefore, you can leave your washing machine at the balcony as well. The material of the cover is stitched with high precision so that it can keep your machine away from scratches and water. 

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The material is durable and you wouldn’t have to change it frequently. The smart design of the cover is strategically created to fit all the Bosch washing machines and dishwashers. By providing all-time safety, it enhances the life of your appliance. There are Velcro openings allotted on the cover for cords and pipes. The sturdy and smooth zip ensures convenient usage for all the users. With the RoHS approved zipper, you can use the machine without removing the entire cover.

The cover is easy to wash and you can simply wipe off the dust to keep it clean. You can use your appliance carefree when you have this cover on it. The washing machine cover keeps away the unnecessary moisture that can ruin the internal parts of the appliance. The cover is an advanced solution to increase the lifespan of your appliance. It will keep the newness of your appliance for a longer time. The cover is an expert care companion for your machine. You can place your appliance anywhere in the house without worrying about any external damage.

What we like

  • RoHS zipper
  • Original design by Bosch
  • Perfect fit
  • Complete protection
  • Easy to maintain
  • Highly durable and water-repellent

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#4. Stylista Washing Machine Cover

If you are searching for the best protection cover for your washing machine at an affordable price, then you should try this product. The perfect fit of the cover settles down on your machine like its own skin and protects it from various harsh elements. The dark grey color of the cover looks compatible with any machine and suits well in various home decors. The washing machine cover is ideal for Whirlpool 7.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Load 360 Degree Bloomwash Pro and with the cover on; you can place your machine anywhere inside the house or at the balcony. 

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The dimension of the cover is 96*61*61cm (H-W-D). The material used to manufacture the cover is good quality polyester. It is waterproof and can keep the moisture away from your machine. Due to the high quality of the cover, you can wash it whenever required. It is easy to clean and maintain the cover for a longer period. The cover also protects the washing machine from the dust particles in the air.

You can enhance the life of your machine with this amazing cover. The cover comes with a 1-year warranty on any manufacturing defects. It has the required holes for pipes and wires; hence, it is convenient to set up. The cover is stitched using high end double to trip thread sewing machines and therefore they are durable. The cover allows you to use the machine without removing the entire cover every time you wash clothes.

What we like

  • Washable
  • Dustproof and waterproof
  • Affordable
  • Space for an outlet, inlet, and water pipes
  • High-quality polyester used
  • 1-year warranty

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#5. Lithara Washing Machine Cover for Front Load IFB Senator Aqua-SX

If you are searching for a premium quality cover for your IFB Senator Aqua-SX 8 Kg top load washing machine, you can buy this amazing product from Lithara. With the Lithara washing machine cover, you can be assured that your washing machine has the best protection moisture, water, dust, scratch, and stain. IFB washing machines are expensive and you would be able to increase the longevity of the product with this cover. The waterproof cover restricts the water from spoiling the goodness of the washing machine. 

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This best washing machine cover is wrinkle-free and heat resistant. It will easily glide on your machine and deliver a perfect fit. The cover is made up of dust-free material and it protects your machine from moisture and other dust particles. The fabric of the cover is thick and of premium quality. Therefore, it is extra durable and lasts long. There is a special net attached to the interior side of the cover. That makes it scratch-resistant and strong. The cover is easy to maintain. You can just wipe it with a piece of cloth and instantly it would appear clean.

The cover is equipped with a high-quality zipper. The zip closure facility allows you to wash your clothes without removing the entire cover. You can remove one side of the cover and wash clothes with convenience. There are vents provided for the inlet, outlet, and power cord at the backside of the machine. The vents are strategically placed so that you don’t face difficulty in setting up the washing machine.

What we like

  • High-quality zipper
  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof
  • Vents for pipes and power cords
  • Stain and scratch-resistant
  • Premium quality material

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Best Washing Machine Cover in India 2022 : Buying Guide

Before buying any product, you consider a few things about it. Various factors prove the credibility of the product and you should check them before buying. Some of the aspects that determine the quality of the best washing machine covers in India are mentioned below.

  • Consider the type of washing machine you have

Washing machines are primarily two types and they are front load and top load. In a front load washing machine, you can insert the clothes from the front side of the machine, and in a top-load machine; the door is located on the top. When they both work on separate mechanisms, their designs are different from each other. Hence, you need the appropriate cover for them. Their covers look different and cannot be exchanged. Your cover would depend on the type of washing machine you have.

  • Right size

With the advancement in technologies, washing machines are available in various shapes and sizes. Some are bulky and some are slim as compared to the others. The size mostly depends on the brand and capacity of the machine. Observe the model of your washing machine minutely and then decide on the cover. If the cover does not fit well on the washing machine, it would be of no use. Tightly fitted covers would tear away with passing time and loose covers wouldn’t be able to protect your machine from all sides. Get a cover that best fits your machine and gives coverage from all corners. Only then, your machine will be protected from dust, water, and other harmful aspects.

  • Location of the washing machine

The choice of the washing machine cover would naturally depend on the place where it is placed. If you place your washing machine in a separate room, then a regular cotton cover would suffice. However, if your washing machine stands outside on the balcony, then you need a cover that can withstand the sunrays and the rains. In such cases, buying a waterproof cover would be a wise decision. Your machine would be safe even from the morning dew as the absorbing material of the cover would absorb the dewdrops and keep your appliance dry. In another scenario, if you decide to keep your washing machine in the bathroom, your cover should be such that it can keep the steam and water away from the machine. The adverse effects from the sunlight, dew, rain, water, and dust can harm your machine in a few days.

  • Decide the fabric

Washing machine covers are available in various kinds of fabric and you can choose the appropriate one for your machine. They are mostly made up of plastic, cotton, cotton duck fabric, and many more. The fabric should be chosen wisely so that it meets the need. Cotton duck fabrics are one of the best in the category as they are reasonable in price, thick and absorbent. They can absorb the steam and give protection from the sunlight. Plastic covers on the other hand are perfect for heavy downpours and snowfall. However, plastic cannot resist the scorching heat of the sun for long.

  • Color and design

The washing machine stands at one corner of the room and therefore, it is also one of the items of the house that are visible and should look good. The look of the machine should blend in well with the other appliances of the house. Hence, choosing the right cover with great aesthetic looks is essential. Choose the color of your choice that would complement the overall look of the room. The design of the cover should not be mismatching and loud. A beautiful cover would enrich the look of your washing machine.

Final Words

Apart from the protection, good looks of the washing machine also matter. Hence, you should choose a cover that is made up of excellent fabric and has stunning looks. Choose a cover that fits into your budget well. It is a fact that good quality cover that fits well on your washing machine would last long, however, we as humans are always in search of newness. We tend to change the entire decor of the room after a certain period and obviously, we would want new covers for our machines as well. Therefore, no matter how good is the cover, go for the one that is value for money and do not pinch your pocket. As per our verdict, we find BOSCH Front Load Washing Machine/Dishwasher- Dust Cover/Protective Cover – (Blue) and Dream Care Washing Machine Cover Top Load 6.5 kg Fully Automatic (Design05) as the best ones among the five mentioned above. They are durable, easy to maintain, and are affordable. They would last long and are readily available on Amazon. You would never repent after buying these products. You are certainly free to take your own decision.

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