Top 10 Best Wines in India With Price 2021

Top 10 Best Wines in India With Price 2021

Wine is slowly becoming a cultural phenomenon in India. With income level slowly rising & the average population being the youth, trying fancier things, having a pub night or boozing has become common. Youths resort to clubbing, pubbing or boozing for their entertainment purpose. Indian liquor market is estimated to be valued at more than INR 3,000 Billion by the end of 2026. One of many liquor type is wine. Wine is a drink which is dated back to 6000BC-5800BC. Wine was an integral part of ancient religion of Egyptians.

Wines can be differentiated between three types, Red Wine, White Wine & Sparkling Wines. Here We putting a list of top 10 best wines in india which houses the bests of each type(Red, White and Sparkling) which you can buy from your nearby wineshop.

List of Best Wines in India 2021

Red Wines: This kind of wine is produced out of dark coloured grapes. The colour range from intense violet through brick red to brown. Colour varies with the age of the wines. If you interested only in red wine then checkout our top 10 best red wines in india.

Best Red Wines in India

Chene Grand Reserve

Chene Grand ReserveA red wine from Grover Zampa Vineyard,aged in French oak for 15 month & then in bottle for 15 months. Made out of Tempranillo (60%) & Syrah (40%) Tastes like Plum & blackberry with a hint of chocolate, tobacco, Vanilla & spices.Served best at 160c to 180c & tastes best with barbeque meat.

PRICE: Rs 1700

Sette Wine

Sette WineOne of the vintage red vines from the house of Fratelli, it has four editions 2009, 2010, 2011,2012Produced out of Akluj vineyard. Only the top 2% of the grapes goes into production for Sette according to the company. It has a taste of Vanilla & ripe fruits which goes best with Indian spicy dishes.

PRICE: Rs 1650

Chateau D’Ori Merlot

Chateau DOri MerlotSolely because of its beautiful taste out of Merlot grapes out from the yard in Nashik.With a beautiful taste of concentrated cherry, blackcurrant, blackberry & vanilla. It is paired best with any kind of meat & barbeque. Aged in French oak barrels.

PRICE: Rs 480 to Rs 600

Rasa Shiraz

Sula Rasa ShirazAnother “Made in India” red wine to the list of best wines in india is Sula’sRasa Shiraz. Sula’s own wine yard in Nashik houses it.From thehandpicked grapes, it has a complex test with supple tannins & a Peppery finish. It has bagged SYRAH DU MONDE for 2014 in France. Tastes best with Chocolate, Barbeque & gouda cheese.

PRICE Rs 1100- RS 1500

White Wines: This kind is made out of fermentation of non-coloured grapes. Colours vary from straw-yellow, yellow-green to yellow-gold.

Best White Wines in India

Fratelli Sangiovese Bianco

Fratelli Sangiovese BiancoA white wine from the house of Fratelli wines, aged in stainless steel tanks and final ageing in bottles. It imparts delicate yet refined aromas of coconut and bougainvilleas & the palate has a hints of vanilla and violets along with a light body characterize this rare white wine. Paired best with Kababs &thai cuisine.

PRICE: Rs 750 to Rs 850

Reveilo Chardonnay Reserve

Reveilo Chardonnay ReserveIt is one the finest india made white wine which is properly barrel aged. Chardonnay is a green-skinned grape which was first harvested in Burgundy. It is full of fruity flavours which is very evident from the melon, pineapple, and lime notes accompanied with peach and apricots. Pairs extremely well with chicken & lobsters

PRICE: Rs 775 to Rs 885

Sparkling Wines: Sparkling or Bubble wine has a beautiful level of carbon dioxide which creates a fizz in the wine.

Best Sparkling Wines in India

Casablanca Vino Spumante

Casablanca Vino SpumanteA new entrant in the Indian Market. It has a fruity taste on nose. Sprightly & refreshing has a good punch of acidity.

Price: Rs 900 to Rs 1100

Chandon Brut

Chandon BrutRecently came into Indian market, the name is synonymous to sparkling wine. It has a tasting notes of Smoke, hay & mellow citrus on the nose firstly & opens up ripe fruits & berries. It has a good punch of acidity which leaves a sweet taste sweet.

Price: Rs 1200 to Rs 1400

Brut Rose

Korbel Brut RoseCan’t miss a rose sparkling wine in the list. Other than Carbon Dioxide, it has beautiful smell of Rose. It is fresher than the Chandon, & has beautiful aroma of cherries, red roses & plum initially. Palate is subtle with medium acidic in nature.

Price: Rs 1400 to Rs 1500

The taste & preferences of wine would vary from people to people. Other than this there are imported or even more aged wines which are costlier & tastier. In above best wines list mentioned wines are ranged in the price bracket of Rs 400 to Rs 2000. Comment on what you feel about the wines & name few other wine which you think that should come in the list of best wines in india.

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