Gas Stoves Vs. Induction Cooktop: Which Is Better?

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Who would not like to be the chief of their house, no matter you are a girl or a boy? Cooking can be a common hobby for both unless you have a kitchen with all the things of your choice, because we believe you should be happy while cooking as it adds more taste and love to the food. However, the gas stoves and Induction cooktops have always been a topic of discussion for their own pros and cons which may also confuse you which one to install into your kitchen. Yes, that’s true as it always costs you a good sum of your hard-earned money which you surely cannot just spend trying out stuff and later throwing them off to a corner of your store room. For those who are not sure which one to go for, we have come up with a detailed comparison between gas stoves and induction cooktop, which surely will help you make a smarter choice that suits your budget and requirement.

Gas stove:

Gas stoves is one of the common kitchen appliances which is fueled with combustible gas to help you cook. They are just the modern innovations of the stoves which previously used wood, coal and kerosene.

Advantages of Gas Stove:

  • Time saver

Gas stove are quite time saving as you do not have to wait for a much longer time, all you have to do is just lite it and you are all set to cook your food. You can also adjust the heat with the help of the knob to cook faster or slower. Other electric heaters do not assist you with this feature, you need to wait to heat up the cook top.

  • Visibility

There may be times when you assume that your meal is being cook, which however is not the same way. This mostly happens with he electric cook tops be it a heater, induction, cookers etc. as they suddenly stop working and you gradually have to look for other alternative. In such cases gas stoves are best, as you can easily see the flame and there is further misconception.

  • Compatible

Gas stoves are quite compatible. You don’t have to hunt for the special vessel unlike electric cook tops. Also, you can attach with the gas cylinder of any size, which is quite great for smaller families or the bachelors and the people who keep moving places and love cooking. A small gas stove and cylinder can easily fit in your cars back cabin.

  • Affordable

You may feel electric cookware are much cheaper than the gas stoves but remember they are not just enough. You need to buy new compatible utensils that, along with the electric bills you have to pay every month which definitely is much higher than the cost you pay for the gas stove and the cylinder. Well, you may not find much difference but gas stove are affordable.

Disadvantages of gas stove

  • Safety issue

Although you may find gas stoves safe and free form electric shocks, you always have to make sure that you have put off the knob any sort of mistake can lead to gas leakage which however in turn can lead to accidents.

  • Maintenance issue

They may look sorted but you always have to keep up into maintenance as they get dirty quite easily and are sometimes hard to clean. They can also get permanent stains if not maintained properly making your kitchen look filthy.

Induction cooktop:

Induction cooktops are the kitchen appliance that work only on the electricity and do not require any further extensions.

Advantages of induction cooktops

  • Speed

Induction cooktops relies on direct radiation which allows high power and rapid increase in temperature to be achieved and changes in heat setting as instantaneous. It is able boil a half litre of water in just 90 seconds. However, gas stoves take this time to heat the vessel itself.

  • Heat efficient

You must have noticed the vessel on the gas stoves are much heated up to the handle as well, which is not the same in induction cooktop. It only heats the base, and some extends which are in contact with the inductions top.

  • Sleek design and easy to maintain

Nowadays induction cooktops have become a style statement to every kitchen. It requires a smaller space to help you cook food unlike the big gas stoves. They in turns add a great glamour to your kitchen making it look a modular one. They are sleek and futuristic design, so are easy to clean and maintain.

  • Safe

The induction cook tops are quite safer as they are switched off automatically in there is no vessel on the top. Also, it has no risk of fire due to gas leakage or electric shock as it is totally wrapped up.

Disadvantages of induction cooktops

  • Compatibility

They are not as compatible as the gas stoves as they require special vessel that are able to heat up with the induced current. Vessels made of aluminium are strictly advices not to be used on induction cooktops.

  • Time consumption

There is no knob or manual operation, yes you have certain functions and heat controlling buttons but they are not as efficient as the gas stove which however makes you lag behind. Also, this takes some time in switching between the modes and the temperature.

  • Cost

Induction cooktops are not initially much costly but once you are planning to get this home make sure you have the vessels that are good to go with this. So, this adds some more to the expense when you choose induction cooktops.

Now that you have enough of reasons to choose gas stoves or the induction cooktops, we would be glad if you share the one you are going to buy and the reason behind it. Most of the people are gradually switching to the induction’s cooktops, but the review is not as such as they are of the gas stoves. The popularity of gas stoves remains the same as it was years back. With the speed of advancement in the field of induction cooktops we expect much better products which can for sure replace all the gas stove in this nation.

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