20 Goatee Styles and Tips How to Get Them Rightly

20 Goatee Styles and Tips How to Get Them Rightly

Men and their fashion trends that they have started to follow in the last decade has changed the course of men style statements. Not just with branded clothes now men also experiment their looks with innovative hairstyles and facial hair accourding to newest trends.

Now a days Goatee beard style is the popular facial hair style for business professionals, college students, and guys in general, the goatee just seems to look great regardless which variation you choose. First, let us tell you what is a goatee. It is a facial hair style which is grown mainly on the chin. To be precise, the width of the goatee beard is the same as the width of our mouth. Since the beard style represents the chin of a goat, the term ‘Goatee’ has emerged. However, there is also a debate among different people whether to call it a goatee or van dyke.

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The first step for having goatee style is understanding which style works best (looking cool) with the shape of your face. Here We are collecting 20 best goatee styles which help you to choose the perfect goatee beard styles for your face or face shape.

#20: The Classic Goatee


#19: The Full Goatee

The Full Goatee Amitabh

#18: The Cool Dude


#17: Robert Downey Junior Goatee (Balbo Style)


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#16: The Landing Strip Goatee

The Landing Strip Goatee

#15: The Van Dyke Goatee

The Van Dyke Goatee

#14: Goatee With Mutton Chops

Goatee With Mutton Chops

#13: Pretty Boy Goatee

Pretty Boy Goatee

#12: Salman Khan Goatee

Salman Khan Goatee

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#11: The Goat’s Goatee

The Goat’s Goatee

#10: Goatee With Chin Strap

Goatee With Chin Strap

#9: Goatee Style for Young

Goatee Style for Young

#8: Bolding in the Bald Head Goatee

Bolding in the Bald Head Goatee

#7: Gaotee With the Mohawk Hair

Gaotee With the Mohawk Hair

#6: Gaotee With the Mohawk Hair

Gaotee With the Mohawk Hair

#5. Virat Kohli Gaotee Style

Virat Kohli Gaotee Style

#4: The Businessman Goatee

The Businessman Goatee

#3: Highlighted Goatee

Highlighted Goatee

#2: Goatee for The Elderly Man

Goatee for Old Man

#1: The Pointed Goatee

The Pointed Goatee

How To Trim and Style Your Goatee

  1. First, Make sure that your skin and the beard are all dry.
  2. Set the beard trimmer settings to 5mm (not more) and Trim your beard and mustaches evenly with beard trimmer.
  3. Depending on the goatee beard style you’ve selected, just follow the pattern and remove the rest of your beard and mustaches except soul patch and wide area underneath your mouth (keep goatee style beard picture infront of you for reference).
  4. If you’re still worried about getting the right goatee style, Dont worry Use precise trimmer and beard shaping tool to create perfectly shaped oval jawbone line and curved lines on soul patch that connect with your beard.

Now, your goatee is ready. But, that’s not the end of it. You’ll need to maintain your goatee style every few days. Hope you like this article, Do you have anything to say about these Goatee facial hairstyles? Please leave your comments below and keep coming on Fashion Guruji.

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