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How Do I Know If My Digital Scale Is Accurate?

A digital scale is used to know the weight of any object. It is reliable comparing to analogue scales. A sensor in the digital scale measures weight of an object. They can measure and display the weight in milligrams. They are usually compact in size and light-weighted.

In this article, let us discuss how to check if the digital scale is working properly.

  • Zero the scale

Make the scale readings to zero and place the object to have an accurate weight.

  • Weigh a known object

You can check the accuracy of the scale by placing an object with a known weight. For example, take a sealed pack of half kg of sugar. Try placing it on the scale to check the accuracy.

  • Keep your device in a flat surface

Keeping in rough surface or uneven surface can result in wrong weights. Ensure to keep your device on a flat surface. Ensure to clear the scale when you move your device.

  • Add one or more items on a scale

Adding one or more items must increase in weight. This is the easiest way to check the device for accuracy.


Try placing an object again and again to check the scale accuracy. Ensure that keeping the same object must display the same weight again and again. If the weight varies each time, then the scale has low precision.


Many manufactures provide the calibration certificate along with the device. Although certified, in some cases, the devices may not have accuracy due to the change in location. The differences in geomagnetism and barometric pressure can also lead to a difference in measurement.

Tips for maintaining a digital scale:

It is essential to maintain a digital scale that is working properly. Here are a few tips to make your device work properly.

Use on even surface

Always ensure to use the device on a flat, hard surface. Keeping on an uneven device may result in wrong measurements.

Replace the batteries

Replace the batteries whenever the indicator displays a low battery. In a low battery, the weighting function may affect.

Keep your device clean

Always keep your device and pan clean. Remember that your device is not waterproof. Clean with a dry cloth.

Overloading may cause damage

Overloading the scale beyond its maximum limit may cause damage to the device. Therefore avoid placing overloaded objects on the device.

Do not tamper or disassemble

The sensor will get damage if you tamper or disassemble the device. Therefore, do not try to disassemble the scale.

It is essential to check the accuracy of the device while preparing dietary food or medicines. Digital scales are helpful to measure the ingredients in cooking. There are few low-quality devices available in the market at a lesser price. These devices may not be efficient comparing to the best digital scales. Therefore, ensure to buy the quality device rather than going for a lesser price.

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