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How to Calculate BMI for Male and Female?

A BMI is a ratio of your body weight and height. It is good to calculate the BMI as you can know how healthy you are. It also helps you to identify any potential health issues. BMI helps you to maintain a healthy weight and regulate blood pressure. Obesity may have many negative impacts on your health if you want to calculate your BMI on your own then you find how to do it here.

Important factors of BMI 

The BMI rate can help you to decide if you are overweight or underweight. Before calculating the BMI, you need to know what these rates suggest. Now let use what these following BMI rates mean.

  • The BMI rate for underweight The BMI rate below 18.5 is considered underweight. Underweight BMI may cause several health risks. An underweight BMI suggests that your weight is very low for your height. If you consult a health adviser, they can help you in healthy weight gain.
  • The BMI rate for normal 

If your BMI is 18.5 to 24.9, then it is considered as normal. This BMI suggests that you are healthy and fit. If you get a normal BMI, then you can maintain your weight from increasing or decreasing. You can use any fat analyzer weighing scale to calculate BMI.

  • The BMI rate for overweight 

If the BMI rate is 25-29.9, then it is considered as overweight. If you get overweight BMI, then you should work on healthy weight loss. Overweight can cause cardiovascular diseases. If the BMI suggests overweight, then improve your lifestyle and diet to attain normal BMI.

  • If your BMI rate for Obese 

If the BMI is greater than 30, then it suggests obesity. Obesity can cause several health complications. If you get a BMI above 30, then you can consult a health adviser to improve your health.

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Calculating BMI for adults 

The ways to calculate BMI for both men and women are the same. There are many ways to calculate BMI. The following are four ways to calculate your BMI.

  • The basic method to know BMI is consulting a doctor. When you go for regular checkups, you can easily know your BMI. The health adviser may have BMI calculators that are suitable for both men and women.
  • If you want to calculate your BMI on your own, then follow the metric method. The metric formula for calculating it isTo do this divide your body weight in kilogram and height in a square.                                
  • You can follow the imperial method to calculate the BMI. The imperial formula isEnter your respective weight and height according to the formula to know your BMI.
  • If you want an easy method to calculate BMI, then you can use the simple online calculators. By entering your height and weight, the online calculator will produce accurate results.


BMI calculation is important to be aware of your weight and health. Use the above ways to calculate your BMI on your own. Also, enter correct height and weight to get precise results. If you are looking for recommendation about best weighing scale in india.

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