How to Care and Maintain your Home Treadmill

A home treadmill is a smart investment that can keep you fit and healthy. It is one of the convenient fitness routine you can follow every day. All you need to keep the treadmill running for many years is to maintain it.

Maintenance is essential for any fitness equipment. Especially, Electric treadmills need regular maintenance to run smoothly. Even though taking care of the treadmill is a tedious task, you can do it with the following tips. Let us see some of the smart tips to maintain your home treadmill.

  1. Regularly lubricating your treadmill 

When using lubricants for your treadmill, you can keep it running for many years. If you have any confusion on how to apply the lubricant, then the treadmill manufacturer will give you instructions.

The silicone or paraffin-based lubricants are excellent for the smooth performance of the treadmill. It is applied in the under belt of the machine. Ensure that the lubricant is applied properly in the area where your feet and the treadmill belt meet. Also, do not apply the lubricant in the upper side of the belt.

Before applying the belt, try to loosen the belt of the treadmill. After when the lubricant is applied tighten it again to use it. You can follow this maintenance routine once in every three months. At least apply lubricants once in a year. As per the usage, you can determine when to apply the lubricant to the treadmill. However, do not use lubricants that destroy the belt.

  1. Vacuuming the interior 

The treadmill may contain any dust or dirt in the interior part. Most of the dust accumulates in the motor compartment of the treadmill. If the dust clogs inside the treadmill, then it will not perform smoothly.

The area you need to vacuum in the treadmill is the motor area. However, be careful when clearing the dust in the area. Ensure that the treadmill is plugged-off during cleaning. Also, try to be delicate around the electrical parts of the motor. Do not directly place the vacuum nozzle in the electric wires. When maintaining your treadmill by regularly vacuuming the interior part you can make it run for more years.

  1. Clean the exterior of the treadmill after every use 

Cleaning the exterior of the treadmill is essential to wipe out moisture. In fitness equipment due to sweat and other factors, there is a possibility of moisture build-up. If the moisture stays in the treadmill, it can cause rusting and bacterial growth. When this happens, the material part and the crucial parts of the machine can easily damage. To avoid this damage you can get the cleaning kit for the treadmill. The kit contains brush, cloth, cleaning agent and wiping material.

  1. Maintaining the treadmill belt 

Centering the treadmill belt regularly can help in efficient working. If the treadmill belt is not centred you may experience issues such as slow-moving speed and other disturbances.

If you feel that the belt is maligned, then immediately centre it to experience a smooth running. If you use the treadmill in maligned belt state, then it can cause serious damage to the treadmill. If the belt is crooked or not straight, they are high chances of belt breakage or damage. To avoid this, check if the treadmill belt is centred or twisted.

  1. Installing a treadmill mat 

To maintain the home treadmill, you can follow smart tips to take care of it. One smart tip is installing a mat under the treadmill. When using a mat below the treadmill you can save it from damages and scratches.

If you use a treadmill without a mat, then it can cause damages to both the flooring and the treadmill itself. If you want to avoid any squeaky noises and damages when using the treadmill then place a thick mat under the machine. Also, placing a mat below the treadmill will help you to keep dust and pet hair away from the machine. When the treadmill is maintained without any damages or dust, then it can last longer.

  1. Other maintenance to consider 

Once a month, check if the nuts and bolts of the treadmill are tight. Sometimes due to the vibration, the nuts of the machine can become loose. Therefore, tighten the nuts and bolts with a spanner once in a while.

Also, keep an eye on the electrical problem of the machine. If you notice any wire burning smell, then immediately fix the problem. If left unnoticed the small issues can turn out as big problems.

 If you are unaware of these things, then immediately call a professional for help. There are plenty of treadmill manufacturers who check the equipment once in every six months. When getting an appointment for the treadmill service you can maintain your house treadmill well.


With regular maintenance, you can fix the common treadmill issues at home. However, if you think that the treadmill needs repair, then do not hesitate to contact the experts. Follow the smart tips to maintain your house treadmill well.

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