How To Fix Common Treadmill Problems

Everyone is aware that a treadmill is the best gym equipment to have in your house. If you want to do cardiovascular exercise at home, then all you need is a home treadmill. However, like every other gym equipment, the treadmill can run into problems. There are plenty of common problems many face when using a treadmill.

These problems occur if the machine is used too often. The home treadmills are available in different sizes, models, with diverse specifications but some of the issues are common in every treadmill. If you fix this problem quickly, then you will not experience any further damage. Therefore, let us check out the solution for the common treadmill problems.

The fixable treadmill problems

  1. Some of the general treadmill troubleshooting 

Before trying out different treadmill fixing solution, you can try out the easy troubleshooting to fix any problem. Some of the things you need to recheck are the plugging of treadmill in other outlets, checking the adapter, checking the fuse and doing the maintenance. When doing everything regularly you can keep your treadmill in good condition.

  1. The problem in speed 

One of the most common treadmill problems is inconsistent speed. When running on the treadmill, the speed may automatically change. This varying of speed can cause several inconveniences to you.

If the treadmill speed varies without your knowledge, then immediately check the speed section of the user’s manual. Next, you need to check if there is any hitching sound in the treadmill. If you experience these issues, then there is likely a problem with your treadmill belt. You can easily fix this problem by replacing the belt of the machine.

  1. Treadmill display not turning-on issue 

If your treadmill display doesn’t turn on, then all you need is a treadmill troubleshooting. The first and foremost step is to check if the power cord of the treadmill is properly plugged. If it is a battery-powered treadmill check then if it needs a replacement.

Low power supply or low battery power can cause display issues. If none of these tips work, try to unplug the treadmill for two minutes and turn it on. This time helps the treadmill circuit to reset and the issue will be fixed. If your treadmill uses the magnetic flywheel, then try to replace it. If none of these works, then try to seek professional help.

  1. A treadmill that shows error 

The error code of the treadmill can vary as per the manufacture. Regardless of your treadmill model, there is an error code that displays on every treadmill. If your treadmill displays an error code, then you should review the manufactures instruction.

The manufacture will provide you with a set of instructions to troubleshoot the issue. You can follow it to fix the problem at home. If you find a problem to search the error code and its troubleshooting method, then email the manufacturer for solutions.

  1. The belt slipping problem in treadmill 

If your treadmill belt is slipping, then it can affect your workout. It is a common problem experienced by many. It can occur if the belt is too loose or tight. Centering the belt is the best option to fix this issue.

Once in a while, make it a habit to centre the treadmill belt to prevent this problem. To centre the belt, you need to lift it 20 or 3 inches above to align it. If the belt is tight then try to lubricate the belt every 40 hours of use.

  1. The wire burning smell on the treadmill 

While doing your workout if you experience burning smell in your treadmill then unplug it immediately. A burning odour can be the cause of friction between the treadmill belt and track. This issue is easily fixable with treadmill lubricant.

If the burning odour smells rubbery, then there is too much friction in the treadmill. If you smell a plastic burning odour, then your treadmill may have any other motor problem. The short circuit is one of the main causes of the burning smell. If you are unaware of the burning smell, then immediately call the experts. However, for the common burning issues, you can apply the lubricants and fix the issue.

  1. The motor problems in treadmill 

Today, in many treadmills there is the issue of erratic speed. Inconsistent speed, belt flat out, machine not working and speed inconsistencies can lead to the motor problem. The motor issue starts with minor belt problems and technical problems.

If you are slightly aware of technical repairs, then follow the instruction manual to fix it. However, many find it difficult to fix this issue on their own. The best way to solve the problem is to call a professional. They can easily diagnose the issue and fix it effectively.


If you have a treadmill at home, then it is easy to remain fit and healthy. It is one of the fitness routines that provide your hassle-free experience. If you experience any of the common treadmill problems, then consider the above steps to fix it.

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