How To Lubricate a Treadmill

Today, many have become a fitness enthusiast. With a treadmill, it is possible to make your everyday workout fun-filling. It is one of the excellent fitness machines that can be used by both beginners and professionals. Everything that is required to keep the treadmill running well is maintenance.

Even the treadmill not operated often requires occasional lubrication. To prevent future treadmill issues all you need is to pick is the best lubricator. Today there are plenty of silicone lubricant sprays that can keep your treadmill in good condition. Now let us take a look at the steps and importance of lubricating the treadmill.

The reason why the treadmill requires lubrication 

  • The importance of treadmill lubrication 

The treadmill works on the law of friction. The friction between the treadmill belt and motor is what that keeps the machine running. To avoid more friction, you need to apply lubricant in the treadmill. If there is more friction, it can cause issues such as low speed, rigidity, damage and breakage of the belt. However, when you regularly lubricate your treadmill it can significantly increase the life span of the machine.

Even if you are taking time from treadmill workout, you need to prepare it for the storage. Even the treadmill not used regularly requires lubrication once in a while. The belt of the machine can become brittle and break easily. Therefore, even for the unused treadmill apply lubricant for every six months.

If the treadmill is not lubricated, then it can cause breakage of the belt. A treadmill belt is quite expensive. Therefore, if you want the machine to work for long years, then lubrication is the solution. Prevent belt breakage when oiling it every six months.

  • The number of times to lubricate your treadmill 

Every treadmill requires a different type of lubrication. There are both high quality and low-quality treadmills. If you are using a less quality treadmill, then it may require lubrication once in three months. If you are using a high-quality treadmill, then you can lubricate it once a year.

However, both the treadmill needs regular maintenance other than lubrication. The place you live in and the weather conditions also matters in treadmill lubrication. If you live in a hot climate, then you can oil in twice in a month. Due to heat, the lubricating oil can evaporate faster. Therefore, you can decide how many times to lubricate your treadmill.

  • Deciding the type of lubricant for the treadmill 

If you have a treadmill, then some of the questions many have are which type of lubricant to purchase? How to apply it? If you have these doubts, then you can read the owner’s manual. Every treadmill is different in terms of performance, quality and technical factors.

Your treadmill manufacturer knows the best lubricant that is suitable for the machine. You can follow the instructions for the manual to purchase the perfect lubricant for your treadmill.

However, one thing to remember when buying a lubricant is to avoid alcohol-based products. The alcohol-based lubricants will ruin your treadmill. Therefore, get the lubricants that are 100 per cent silicone-based. They can enhance the performance and smoothness of the treadmill.

  • The ways to apply the treadmill lubricant 

The lubrication applying method can differ for every treadmill model. Mostly a thick strip of lubricant is applied to the bottom side of the treadmill belt. This application is possible with the spray type lubricants available in the market.

After applying the lubricant, run on it for 5 minutes to spread to evenly. The belt is the most crucial part of the treadmill. It is the part that helps you to run on the machine. Therefore, take enough time to maintain it by lubricating regularly. Lubricating the treadmill belt can pay off for the treadmill.

Important Steps to follow when lubricating the treadmill 

Lubrication is essential to keep the treadmill in optimum condition. You can lubricate the treadmill for once in every three months for an excellent performance. Applying the lubricant to the lubes, motor, belt and other bolts can keep the treadmill in good condition. However, follow these important when lubricating your treadmill every time.

  1. Before applying the lubricant, ensure that the treadmill is plugged off. Ensure that it is detached from electricity.
  2. You can start lubricating from the front end of the motor. If you are using spray lubricant, then you can easily apply it on the motor and the deck. If you are using regular lubricant apply thick strip in your hand and slide it in the motor and deck.
  3. If possible you can slide the treadmill lubricant on the lubes and on the middle part of the treadmill deck.
  4. When applying the lubricant to the belt, ensure that it is applied in the under belt part. Control the lubricant pressure to avoid applying lubricant to the upper part of the belt.
  5. After the application, run on the treadmill for 5 minutes to distribute the lubricant evenly.


Lubricating the treadmill is the best way to keep it in optimum condition. Lubricating the treadmill every three months is essential. Follow the above steps to keep your treadmill working for many years.

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