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How to Pick A Right Spin Mop – The Beginner’s Guide

Mops are an essential part of the house cleaning stuff. Mopping the floor of your house is very important since it wipes all the dirt away. Earlier only conventional floor mops were used by the people, but now, there are varied ranges of floor mops with many advanced features. One such variation is a spin mop. However, if you are just a beginner, you need to keep a lot of things in your mind before buying the right spin mop for the very first time. This article is going to provide you with complete basic information that you should have regarding a spin mop.

What is a spin mop and how does it work?

Those who don’t know about spin mop here are a brief understanding. As the name suggests, the spin mop is a mop that works with a spinning mechanism. The head of this mop is circular, but flat and looks similar to a mop with the cut end. You just have to rinse the head of the mop in clean water by spinning it continuously. This way, a major amount of the excessive dirt can get wiped away and you can again have a fresh mop to use. The spin mop is a cleaning mechanism which accumulates dirty water from the head of your mop by spinning. There are many different kinds of spin mops available in the market and you have to choose one out of them according to your needs. For choosing the right spin mop for yourself, there are a lot of points to be taken into consideration.

Things to consider when buying best spin mop:

Before buying the perfect spin mop, one should consider the following things:

  • The material of the mop

It is very important to check the material your spin mop is made up of. Maximum spin mops are made from microfiber material which is quite gentle and absorptive on the floors. Some mops also consist of materials for both gentle cleanings as well as heavy cleaning for which they have scrubbing brushes attached to them.

  • Room size 

You should always keep the size of your room in mind while purchasing a spin mop because the size of the head of the mop largely depends on the area to be covered. For a large kitchen or a bathroom with a hard floor, it is always better to opt for a mop with a bigger head since it can help you in saving a lot of time.

  • Bucket design 

 The design of the bucket can differ in terms of shapes and sizes. The way to choose the right one is how simple it is to use. You should always select the bucket with a pour opening so that the dirty water can be outflowed easily. The bucket should also have splash guards so that excess water can be prevented from smearing on the floor.

  • Length of handle 

Many spin mops consist of a handle made up of stainless steel or aluminum. However, the handles made up of stainless steel are much sturdier and heavier. You have to consider the handle length based on your height. A few spin mop models have an add on or an adjoining handle which is great for preventing backache.

  • Size of the mop

You have to decide the size of the mop according to the area for which it will be used. Supposedly, for wiping a larger floor area, the mop should be larger whereas for wiping a smaller area, a miniature size mop can work well.

Now, let us all take a look at the features you should look for in an ideal spin mop.

Features to look for in a spin mop:

The features that should be there in the right spin mop are as follows:

  • Shape and size of the mop head 

A triangular-shaped mop head can be used for better cleaning of the room corners in comparison to a circular mop head. Mops with bigger heads can be used to quick cleaning of a larger area and mops with small heads can be ideal for wiping the restricted space at the back of toilets as well as beneath furniture or refrigerator.

  • Drain plug 

While a large number of spin mop buckets don’t come with a drain plug but you should always look for a drain plug when buying a spin mop since a drain plug makes the functioning of a spin mop easier. It makes draining out the dirty water easier without creating any mess.

  • Liquid Dispenser 

Although a liquid dispenser may not matter much for most people, having it can be highly beneficial because you just have to fill up cleaning liquid in the dispenser and you don’t need to search around for a bottle.

  • Agitator 

With the help of an agitator, one can remove the excess dirt from the mop easily, and changing of water wouldn’t be necessary. Thus, while looking for a spin mop system, try getting the one with an inbuilt agitator.

  • Spinning system

This is the utmost thing to be looked for in a spin mop system. There are different kinds of mechanisms on which the spin mop system works. One is a spin mop with a foot pedal and the other is the one with a handle pump. One thing to be noted here is that hardware can be comparatively fragile in the case of a foot pedal.

So, this article has everything that you should know about the spin mop system. The features mentioned here are very important to be looked for when you are buying a spin mop. Some points are also mentioned which are to keep in mind before buying your spin mop. You can buy your spin mop system both online as well as offline. Although, buying it online can save you a good amount of money. So, you can choose the mode to buy according to your convenience.

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