How to Use Kitchen Chimney Properly?

This is one of the basic questions which many people ask. Well, a kitchen chimney can be used without any fear. You just need to assume that you are cooking with an open window just above the gas stove. However, there are a few factors which you need to keep in mind before buying a kitchen chimney.


The first and the foremost is to check your kitchen area space and make a rough sketch in your mind whether the area is sufficient for complete installation of chimney (from bottom to top).

Secondly, you need to go for a chimney whose size is slightly bigger than the gas stove. If not, then the same size as that gas stove will also work. One needs to completely avoid a small sized chimney in comparison to that of a gas stove.

Thirdly, you need to install a chimney which is 26 to 30 inches (min.) above the gas stove. An ideal height around 12 feet ranging power suction between 400 to 1000 cubic meters per hour is best to go for.

Fourthly, you need to check out the output area of the gas emitted. It should be completely open, free from your neighbor building. Else the smoke might be jammed in chimney or your neighbors may have a problem.

Steel, Aluminum or PVC

If budget is not an issue then you can go for the stainless steel e-chimney. Else there are other options such as aluminum, PVC etc. However, the sales of aluminum and PVC are slowly fading away. People prefer stainless steel material not only because of its strength but also for it is easy to clean, remains glossy for long run and is durable.

Different Filters

Apart from all of the points noted above, one of the most important point is to know about the different types of filters available. There are three types of filters available – Cassette/Mesh Filter, Baffle Filter and Carbon Filter.

A Cassette/Mesh Filter is little difficult to maintain as it requires cleaning once a week. A Baffle Filter is moderate to maintain as it requires cleaning once a month. A Carbon Filter is not washable but it needs to be replaced every 3-4 months.

Proper usage

There are a few important factors which one need to follow in order to increase the durability of e-chimney. Firstly, switch on the chimney only when required. Secondly, it is necessary to clean the chimney periodically in order to keep it functional. Be it any filter, cleaning depends upon how much oily or spicy food you make everyday i.e. the smoke emitted. If your kitchen is way too smoky, then cleaning once a month is preferable. If your kitchen does not emit smoke on regular basis (i.e. less smoky food items made), then cleaning once in two months is preferable.

While frying food, remember not to leave the hot cooking oil by itself. This could be dangerous, resulting in a fire. To be noted – it is always advisable to keep the running chimney far out of children.


To conclude, the above mentioned words were just to give you a fair idea about how to use the kitchen chimney properly. Just like any electronic machine, an e-chimney also requires proper cleaning and maintenance from time to time. This does increase the durability of the product. Now that you have also got a little clear picture about the different filters, material, size etc. of a chimney, you also need to consider the different points i.e. budget, ideal size of the kitchen, routine cleaning etc.

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