Interview with Fashion Designer Arun Kumar from Kolkata

Arun Kumar is a fashion designer from Kolkata and he is doing very well in fashion designing. He is worked with so many brands as well design cloths under the own label “Arun Kumar” by supporting their immense creativity, their handwork as well as their ideas, this line seeks to prevent the extinction of the indian textile tradition.

Arun Kumar and his TeamHe’s been busy developing her own signature mix of architectural shapes with distinctive prints on luxurious fabrics to make clothes that are elegant and practical. The 24 year old Arun Kumar talked to Fashion Guruji Team about hir journey in fashion designing, his favourite name in fashion and where she sees herself in 5 years.

Prakash ThakurHi Arun, Welcome to FashionGuruji.in . I am so glad to see you here. My readers want to know more about you, please say something about you.

Arun KumarHello Prakash Thank you so much. Its my pleasure to have on Fashion Guruji.

Prakash ThakurTell us about your fashion love, Why have you chosen Fashion Designer as a career option?

Arun KumarAt first in the word I would like to tell you that, I am a student of Fine Arts. I wanted to emphasizes to express  the ARTS in FASHION, time and again throughout exercise of My Arts. I presented form on the choice of My exercise. That becomes accepted with popularity. That was the main reason standing as a Fashion Designer and growth the “Level of Exercise” to be.

Prakash ThakurWhere did you get the inspiration from?

Arun KumarThe time when I was a school Boy. I use to draw figure of human & Design a dress on it throughout My school note- book. That happened every time when I use to go for study, getting in the different Design of My choice.

Prakash ThakurIs it difficult to be a Fashion Designer?

Arun KumarIf you love your effort ,in which you want to be than your wellness will be ease instead of tough as a Fashion Designer.

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Prakash ThakurHow to go about the entire process?

Arun KumarThere are some  common and particular steps which has to be trained perfectly with practice and exercise. Loral  education would not help rather he/she must having own creativity in order to be Fashion Designer.

Prakash ThakurDoes fashion designing have a scope in India?

Arun KumarNow a days people are very much concern about their dress up. Dress are basic need people life. Dresses are beautifying  on people life from beginning and its present . Now the Tex-Tile industry is the second largest Industry over the world. And today its business turned over Three Trillion Dollar per year around the world.

Prakash ThakurSharing is always fun here at Fashion Guruji, please share your most exciting or memorable accomplishments in fashion designing. Thoughts vary person to person, so what is the definition of fashion and styling for you?

Arun KumarFashion & Style are both related  Discourse where applied features are reveal  with analyzing. and also its aesthetic future. That evolves most marvellous feelings of beautifulness enjoyment through the mind of Designer & Viewer. Then its stands as Fashion of its Style.

Prakash ThakurWhat is your Future Plan?

Arun KumarMy future is to do more development into my work & create a Creation continue.

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Prakash ThakurWould you like to describe your personal style?

Arun KumarI do not add eny extra to my self and go through very simple.

arun kumar with model parnobha
Arun Kumar with Model Parnabha Sengupta

Prakash ThakurWhat is that one item you can’t live without from your wardrobe?

Arun KumarTouch of Yellow and red !

Prakash ThakurFashion and Bollywood (Now Cricket) these industries are much interconnected. People follow celebrities, and fans follow celebrity styles. Who you think is a Indian trendsetter?

Arun Kumar“The Subject” itself is trendsetter when “Evaluation” take Place !

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Prakash ThakurOne piece of advice that you would like to give to people who are passionate about fashion designing & Styling?

Arun KumarI believe each person has his own passion for fashion designing and styling. Be able to take insults. Nobody is perfect. Take advice from friends and family. Never give up, you can’t quit your passion!

Prakash ThakurHow to be in touch with you Arun?

Arun KumarYou can touch with me trough Facebook and also by email (akjantua@gmail.com). And lastly I will say your love and likeness is the best touching with Me !

Prakash ThakurArun Bhai Thanks for Giving me Time for Fashion Guruji

Arun KumarAaahhh Its mine pleasure sir

Some Photos of Arun Kumar


Arun Kumar with Team

arun team

Arun Kumar with Girl Model

arun bhai

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Prakash Thakur

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