Is the Online Purchase of Ceiling Fans safer?

Is the Online Purchase of Ceiling Fans safer?

A ceiling fan, as the name suggests, is a fan that is installed on the ceiling. It is a common item found in almost every household. It is considered a good household appliance even in this age of air-coolers, air-conditioners, etc. Why is it important even after having an alternative?

Importance of ceiling fans

  1. The occupation of space is less as it is installed in the ceiling.
  2. Once installed, there is no need of making any changes unless the case is of house shifting or installation of new ceiling fans.
  3. It cools the occupants of the room instead of rooms as a whole.
  4. If properly maintained, the maintenance and repair costs are less.
  5. It is available in many colours, sizes, and designs.

With the increase in e-commerce marketing, people are crazy about online shopping. To some extent, online shopping saves a lot of time and energy for the buyer. How far is online purchase of ceiling fans safer?

Precautions to be taken while shopping for ceiling fans online

  1. Choice of fan size: Based on the room size, the ceiling fans should be chosen. If the room is small, a fan will small blades should be chosen. Likewise, a room with a huge area will demand a fan with big blades or 2 fans with small blades. So, based on the requirement, the product has to be purchased.
  2. Reliable e-commerce website to be approached: Since many users use the website, a proper and reliable e-commerce website should be approached to check and order the products. This way, some personal details entered on the website are not passed to the wrong hands.
  3. Technical specifications: Since the product is not displayed to the buyer and only its image is presented, the buyer should study the technical requirements of the products published on the e-commerce sites.
  4. Guarantee period: There should be some guarantee regarding the parts used in the ceiling fan. Guarantee typically depends on the brand of the product.
  5. Accessories: Check out for additions given along with the product.
  6. Colour of the product: Ensure choosing the right colour of the product. Once the product is dispatched, it is tough to track the seller. Everything has to be done through online transactions and correspondence. However, nowadays, many e-commerce websites are replacing the product if any fault is found in the product after dispatch.
  7. Discounts: Every e-commerce website provides a discount and other offers to promote the products posted on its website. The buyer must check every website properly and thoroughly and then make a decision.
  8. Payment mode: Normally, payments through credit or debit cards are acceptable by e-commerce websites. But there is another option, “COD,” i.e., cash on delivery which is payment of cash on the delivery of the product, which to some extent is safer than the other modes. There is no risk of being cheated by e-commerce websites after taking the money from the buyer.


The answer to the query would be yes if proper precautions are followed during online shopping. Not only ceiling fans, but any online shopping also requires certain precautions to be followed.

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