Kitchen Chimney Duct vs Ductless – Which is better? Pros & Cons

Kitchen chimneys make an important part of your kitchen. It helps to keep your kitchen space smoke and odour free at all times. Not just that, but it is effective in eliminating other harmful substances as well.

A kitchen chimney is installed over the cooktop so that it can efficiently get rid of combustion products, heat, smoke, gases, and steam.

When installing a chimney, you need to choose between the different types of kitchen chimneys available. Most buyers find it difficult to choose between a ducted and a ductless model. To make the right choice, you need to know the difference between the two.

In this post, we will highlight the difference between the two types of the kitchen chimney. Along with that, we will also mention their pros and cons. This should help you choose the right chimney type for your kitchen.

What is a duct chimney?

Ducted chimneys are equipped with a large pipe that is needed to expel the heat and smoke generated in the kitchen. These pipes suck in the smoke or hot air and blow them outside the house.

The advantage of having a duct chimney is that it can expel large amounts of smoke and hot air at once. This makes them perfect for commercial use. However, it can also be used by residential users.


  • Ducted chimneys are designed for heavy-duty performance.
  • It is capable of removing large amounts of hot air and some from your kitchen. It helps you to maintain an optimal temperature in the kitchen and also keep it odour free.
  • Ducted chimneys require less maintenance. This is because of the release of the air outside the house.
  • The good thing about duct chimneys is that they operate silently. The fans attached to the system don’t make much noise.


  • The installation process of a duct chimney is complicated. It relies on the availability of ducts in your kitchen.
  • It costs more money to install a duct chimney.

What is a ductless chimney?

Ductless chimneys are just opposite ducted chimneys. This type of kitchen chimney is equipped with an exhaust fan that helps filter out the smoke and dirty air from your kitchen.

The main purpose of a ductless chimney is to improve the air quality inside your kitchen. It is made possible with the help of the filter that comes attached to the hood, which helps clean the air.

Ductless chimneys look more modern and are great for renovating your kitchen. These types of chimneys don’t need holes or pipes and are, therefore, easy to install.

A ductless chimney recirculates the air after it is filtered out. As a result, you get fresh and clean air. Plus, it is an eco-friendly option.


  • It is very easy to install a ductless chimney.
  • Since they are easy to install, it is more affordable.
  • It is ideal for decorating or renovating your kitchen.


  • Ductless chimneys can be noisy. This is because the exhaust fans in the system suck in the smoke and hot air through the filters.
  • Compared to ducted chimneys, ductless chimneys require more maintenance.
  • It is not very effective in maintaining a cool temperature in the kitchen.

Difference between a Ducted & Ductless Chimney

To give you a better understanding, we have summed up the main differences between the two types of chimneys in the pointers below.

  1. Noise production

Ducted chimneys are less noisy than ductless ones. The exhaust fans on ductless chimneys spin very fast to suck in the air through filters. This leads to a lot of noisiness and disturbance. On the other hand, fans on the ducted chimneys just have to push the air outside your house.

  1. Power consumption

Compared to ductless chimneys, ducted ones require less power to operate. Ductless chimneys consume more power because they have to suck in smoke and air into their carbon filter before blowing it back.

  1. Heat production

In terms of temperature maintenance, ducted chimneys are more efficient. They work to release the hot air outside your house. On the other hand, ductless chimneys only recirculate the air after it is filtered out.

So now you know the difference between a ducted chimney and a ductless chimney. If you want a chimney to just make your kitchen space look good, a ductless chimney would be great. But for efficiency and improving the temperature in your kitchen, you need a ducted chimney.

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