Kitchen Chimney Height Calculation and Quick Installation Guide

Kitchen chimneys play a vital role in your kitchen. They are needed to keep your kitchen odour and smoke-free during the cooking process. But at the same time, the placement of your kitchen chimney is also important. This is because it helps you to get optimal performance out of your new chimney.

Determining the right height of your kitchen chimney, in regards to your cooktop, ensures that your kitchen is odour free, healthy, and safe.

Several factors need to be considered when calculating the proper height of your kitchen chimney from your cooktop. If you need help installing your new chimney, you are in the right place. In this installation guide, we will tell you how to calculate your chimney height.

What should be the ideal kitchen chimney height from your cooktop?

When installing a new kitchen chimney, it is extremely important to determine the height. This is crucial for both safety and effective functioning.

You must maintain a balanced distance between the hood of your chimney and the cooking surface. If the distance is too less, it increases the risk of your chimney hood catching fire. This makes your kitchen space unsafe and dangerous.

On the other hand, if you leave too much distance between the cooktop and the chimney, then it reduces the exhaust rate. In this case, the chimney will release such in fresh air and defeat the entire purpose of installing it. It is because of these reasons you need to calculate the right height before installing your chimney.

The ideal height of installing a kitchen chimney usually ranges from 21-30 inches. However, this depends largely on the type of cooktop you own.

  • Electric stove – 21-30 inches
  • Gas stove – 24-30 inches

Besides the type of stove, many other factors need to be considered. We will be discussing those factors in detail in the section below.

Important Factors to Consider When Installing Calculating Kitchen Chimney Height

For those who are installing a kitchen chimney for the first time, you may have less idea about the entire installation process. Here are the main factors you need to consider while calculating the chimney height.

  1. Size of your chimney 

The very first thing you need to consider is the size of your kitchen chimney. If your chimney is bigger than your gas stove, it should be installed at a safer height. For a cooktop with 4 to 6 burners, a 60 cm wide chimney should be ideal.

  1. Stove type 

The next important factor is the type of gas stove you own. The height of your kitchen chimney installation depends on the type of stove. For instance, if you have an induction or an electrical stove, the ideal height is between 21 and 30 inches. For gas stoves, it is 24 to 30 inches.

  1. Chimney duct

Next comes the chimney duct. You should always opt for ducts that are shorter than 12 feet. Having a longer duct means multiple bends. This may obstruct the fumes and smokes from escaping and thus, it affects the efficiency of the chimney. Instead of opting for lower installation, you should get a smaller duct, which is a much safer option.

  1. Distance between chimney and cooktop

As already mentioned above, the ideal distance between your kitchen chimney and cooktop should be 24-30 inches. If the distance is lesser, it makes your kitchen unsafe. On the other hand, if the distance is greater, your chimney will fail to function properly. Before installing your chimney, make sure you go through the instruction guide to understand the details.

  1. Suction capacity

Last but not the least; you also need to consider the suction capacity of your kitchen chimney. If your chimney has a low suction capacity, you should install it below 30 inches from the cooktop. This will enable the appliance to function effectively. Also check best chimney exhaust pipes

Final Words

The efficiency of your kitchen chimney largely depends on the height of installation. If you want your kitchen to be healthy and safe, you must install the chimney at the right height. Instead of trying to install the chimney on your own, you should seek professional help as they are more experienced than you.

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