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Latest Kurta Pajama Designs for Mens 2022

In today’s world, fashion is no longer limited to just the women. Even men want to dress their best and look good in all the possible situations. The above sentence is true for both the western wear as well as the Indian wear in men. In this article, we shall discuss the latest fashionable Kurta Pajama designs meant for the men. Earlier Kurta Pajama was worn by elder persons, but the recent trend on the Kurta Pajama designs for men is such that the same can be worn on various types of occasions for weddings, festivals, as well as for some of the formal occasions.

Here at Fashion Guruji, We are collecting the best stylish kurta pajama designs for men you can try in 2022.

What is Kurta?

The word kurta means a traditional attire as per the Sanskrit language. Not only can it take different forms and designs, a simple wear like a loose-fitting shirt can be defined as a kurta too. The traditional wear can also vary in size-it could be longer than the knee or just till knee-length. You can also team your kurta with dhoti, lungi, as well as with your regular pair of jeans. These are worn all over India, in different parts of the country. It has become a symbol of Indian men across the globe.

You can see latest designer kurta pajamas being spotted by men of different ages. Earlier the traditional wear was meant only for the elderly of the house. Today, the same is worn by different age groups of men. Different brands namely Manyavar, Sareez and others have awide variety of kurta pajama designs for men as their collection.These are also available in colors of various shades and fashion. There are various brands of designers available for kurta pajama which will help you look elegant and flamboyish at the same time. You can look forward to distinguishing yourself in weddings and different festivities by adorning these styles.

Style with Comfort

Kurta pajama not only helps to keep you in style but also are known and preferred for the amount of comfort that these offer. These days, different types of designs and fabrics are used to make each kurta look different from the other. The more intricate the designs, the better your kurta shall stand out in the crowd. You can also team your Punjabi kurta wear with different types of accessories. With each attire and the way you wear the same, your look and design shall change.

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Few brands such as Manyavar design the Punjabi kurtas for men keeping in mind the simplicity and versatility of the Indian men. There are different varieties that can be worn as per the season you are wearing them in. from cotton kurta pajama to the woolen ones that can be worn in winters, there are various varieties of kurta pajama that you can choose from. The various hues and colors in which these are available include the red color, the princely blue color, there are various shades of Beige, the elegant white color is another great option, then there are other flamboyant colors such as the Green, Brown, Pink, Yellow, and a host of other colors from which you can choose.

Formal Kurta Pajama

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Embroidered Neck Kurta Pajama

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Half Sleeved Kurta Pajama

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Traditional Kurta Pajama

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Printed Kurta Pajama

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Front Pocket Kurta Pajama

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Kurta Pajama Latest Trends

Amongst the more famous ones in the recent times are the Punjabi kurta pajama that comes with an elegant jacket. This is the most popular trend that has been observed in today’s world- whether it is in the runaway, or it is in the movies, or simply in the modern world.Plain kurtas, when teamed with an elegant jacket with intricate embroidery, makes for a great combination and is one of the most sought-afterdesigns of Punjabi kurta pajama today.

Different festivities and occasions where kurta pajamas can be worn include weddings, Diwali, pooja at home, openings, sangeet ceremonies, engagements, amongst others.

Latest Punjabi Kurta Pajama

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Thus, Punjabi kurta pajamas for men are in vogue yet again and is no longer a trend of the past. Different designer wears and styles of kurta pajamas are readily available in the indian market today and is a must-have for all Indian men.

Hope you will like our Latest Kurta Pajama Designs. Don’t wait and get planned for an attractive kurta pajama for next festival. Select a Kurta Pajama design according to your style and personality.

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