Magic Spin Mop – Features, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Mopping is one of the tedious tasks when it comes to cleaning the home. Mopping becomes tough when you try to reach the nook and corners of the room. Also, you would have to strain a lot in squeezing the mop and cleaning the floor. With Magic Spin Mop, as the name suggests, it does wonders. There is a separation line between the mop-bucket system. On one side, there is a steel bucket that squeezes the mop completely in a 360 degrees spin system. On the other side, there is a plastic bucket, where the water is filled up.

Features of Magic Spin Mop 

There are certain features you need to look out for while purchasing a magic spin mop. Some of which are listed below.

  • Spinning System 

When you are choosing a Spinning System, make sure whether it’s a pedal-based or handle pump. The hardware of the pedal should not be too flimsy.

  • Agitator

The agitator is one of the most important features you need to look into while looking at the operation of the magic spin mop. When the agitator is strong enough, then it can remove all the excess dirt attached to the mop. Their arises very little need to change the water often and dirt do not stick to the floor very well.

  • Liquid dispenser 

Make sure the magic spin mop has a provision to hold the liquid dispenser. When there is a provision, you need not carry a liquid dispenser along with you wherever you take the magic spin mop.

  • Drain Plug 

Drain Plug provision provides easy cleaning access. You can let the water out of the magic spin mop. Otherwise, you will have to turn the magic spin mop upside down to drain out all the water.

  • Accessories 

Make sure there are accessories to suit your cleaning needs. An extra mop and other accessories make your cleaning very much easy.

  • Wheels 

If you don’t want the dirty water to be splashed all over your home, then it is best to go for a magic spin mop with wheels. These help to clean your floor better and make it crystal clear.

  • Splash guard 

When you move the spin mop from one place to another, there are a lot of chances for the water to get splashed all over the place. To prevent those kinds of situations, it is more than important to have a splash guard on the sides of the spin mop.

  • Size and shape of the mop 

The size of mop usually comes in two shapes. One is circular and the other being triangular. The triangular ones are usually quite large and are very comfortable to clean large rooms. If you want to clean the nook and corners, underneath the furniture, you need to use circular mops.

  • Type of Floor 

The magic spin mop has to clean all types of floors. Be it stone or wooden, it must be very adaptable.

  • Cleaning Performance 

One needs to take into consideration, either it is a 360-degree mode or any other degrees of rotation.

  • Fibre 

Fibre is one of the most important materials for cleaning. You need to choose a microfiber. These kinds of microfibers have proper absorbent quality.

  • Durability 

Check if the magic spin mop can last for at least 2 years. It is an onetime investment. You don’t have to change the magic spin mop often.

  • Size of rooms 

When the size of the rooms is large, then you need to choose a larger mop. When the size of the rooms is small, then you need to choose a smaller sized mop.

  • Build and handle 

The kind of handle needs to have proper material. It should either be made of stainless steel or it should have another kind of stronger material. If you are tall enough, then you need to have handles that can have an adjustable height.

Advantages of Magic Spin Mop 

The following are the advantages of a magic spin mop.

  • Proper cleaning 

Magic Spin mops provide you squeaky clean floors when compared to the normal mops. If cleanliness is your priority, then choose the right kind of mops.

  • Less Damage

The magic spin mops generally have microfibers in it. These don’t cause any kind of damage to the textured floors. If you have a special type of floor, then make use of these magic spin mops.

  • Saves Water 

When you use the traditional mops to clean the floor, you end up using a lot of water. If you use magic spin mops to clean the floor, then you can save up a lot of water. One can use the same mop to clean all the floors.

  • Electricity requirement 

There are other equipment to clean the floors. When you use those, it might require some amount of electricity to perform. These kinds of magic spin mops do not require any electricity to perform.

  • Best suited for regular usage 

When you clean your home regularly, it is best to go for the magic spin mops. These help to clean your home swiftly and in one of the cleanest manner possible.

Disadvantages of Magic Spin Mop 

The following are the disadvantages of a magic spin mop. It is listed below.

  • Bucket size 

The size and the shape of the bucket used in the magic spin mop need to have proper dimensions. When the dimensions are not in the proper size, then it leads to a lot of water spillage.

  • Mop Replacement 

When you use the magic spin mop often, then you need to replace the mop. Replacement is indeed a costly affair.

Magic Spin Mops are one of the latest innovations. With all the kind of cleaning devices available, the magic spin mops top the list. With all the features, advantages, and disadvantages listed in the magic spin mop, you need to choose this mop over anything else. Magic Spin Mops clean the floors in one of the best possible ways. They are available in the market space often these days.

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