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15 Types of Nehru Jackets Every Man Should Know About

Our outfits have evolved over the time making it colourful, stylish & comfortable. Nehru Jacket as the name suggests it is hip length jacket which our Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru used to wear from 1947-1964. But Nehru jackets can be traced back to the times of Mughals. Over the year it evolved to Sherwanis to very recent formal wears & informal wears which are shorter in length. You can also go for latest stylish designer Kurta Pajama as a ethenthic wear.

The evolution has given a long line of different types of Nehru jackets which varies from fit, fabrics, to design. Nehru jackets have evolved to be a particular apparel which can be wore for all types of occasion starting from formal meetings to wedding. So Here at Fashion Guruji We are suggested some nehru jacket styles which you love to wear.

Stylish Nehru Jackets for Men 2021

Nehru Jackets On the basis of Fabrics

Linen Nehru Jackets

These are made out of linen fabrics. It is one of the most common fabrics used which can be used in summer as well. This gives a touch of both modern & classic design which goes well with Indian ethnic as well as western semiformal dresses. These are light in weight & suits. you can style these linen nehru jacket in several ways and feel very comfortable.

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Jute Nehru Jackets

This is a type of Nehru jacket which is woven out of Jute. Jute gives a classic look to your outfit. Good for all season this nehru jacket style type will make you flaunt your outfit.

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Khadi Nehru Jackets

This type is crafted out of Khadi as the major material & is time-honoured. Favoured by all age groups this type is not available easily & is little costly as compared with the others. Looks best when paired with ethnic Indian dress.

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Polyester Nehru Jacket

This type is usually polyester & cotton mix. Often have a light shiny finish which is favoured by young guys. It looks best when paired with trouser & shirt. It is not an all-weather jacket as polyester doesn’t allow breathability.

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Silk Nehru Jackets

This is a very light jacket as silk itself is very light. Have a very shiny finish with bright colours & would obviously not meant for any formal occasion. It will also not be good for summer places with high humidity as silk will make you sweat a lot.

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Cotton Nehru Jackets

This is the best of the lot. It is trendy, comfortable & have lots of option. Easily washable, this kind have a huge fan following. It is available in both 100% & mix cotton option. Can be used in any season & fits perfectly in any occasion be it a formal meeting with your boss or a party night with your friends.

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Woolen Nehru Jackets

This is one of the type which is a must have for all of you guys. Woollen jackets are best for winters & it requires dry wash. Comes with sophisticated as well as bright colours it suits all occasion & is meant for all age groups. Like the Khadi Jackets these are also on higher side of the price line.

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Velvet Nehru Jackets

This is another type which have a velvety finish on the outside. It gives a different look to your outfit & is perfect for party wear or evening wear. It also requires dry wash. It is for young men out there &pairs perfectly with casual attire. This will suit all weather conditions but is best for winter.

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Poly Viscose Nehru Jackets

This one is a mix of polyester & synthetic. This is another great jacket for summer season. It is light weighted & is very breathable fabric.

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Nehru Jackets On the basis of Design

Checked Nehru Jackets

As the name suggests these are checked in design. Checks varies from small checks to big checks & looks good. Suits all age groups & when properly paired it works well both for formal & informal occasion. Checks comes with many fabric types & looks trendy & fashionable.

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Striped Nehru Jackets

Stripes are classic & never go out of fashion. It looks different & makes you stand out. Stripes comes both as horizontal & vertical. Vertical stripes make shorter people look taller but if you are a little healthy you should avoid horizontal stripes.

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Nehru Jackets On the basis of Fitting

Sleeveless Nehru Jackets

In modern day when we refer to Nehru Jackets it is actually half sleeve. But full sleeve Nehru jackets are also available. This type of jacket is actually setting modern day trend with its versatility & varieties.

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Double Brested Nehru Jackets

This type of jacket has two buttons which are visible on the outside & looks the best of all types. It is a more formal style of jacket which looks fabulous. Looks great on all age group & makes you look slimmer.

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Slim Fit Nehru Jackets

A separate category of slim fit Nehru jacket is created because most of the jackets available are comfort fit. This gives you the smartest look as it takes the body shape. It suits all occasion.

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How to Style Nehru Jacket

#1. Slim Fit Orange Jacket and Jeans

Slim Fit Orange Jacket and Jeans

#2. Fun Printed with Trousers

Fun Printed with Trousers

#3. Classic and Casual Look

#4. Black Nehru Jacket on Kurta Pyjama

#5. Woolen Nehru Jacket with Jeans

Woolen Nehru Jacket with Jeans

#6. Teal Blue Velvet Nehru Jacket With Trouser

Teal Blue Velvet Nehru Jacket With Trouser

#7. Simple Red Nehru Jacket and Kurta

#8. Loose Fitting Nehru Jacket with Jeans

Loose Fitting Nehru with JeansNehru Jacket is a must have for all the men. Such a versatile attire that suits all occasion & nearly all season. Hope this guide will give you guys an in- depth of all types of Nehru jackets & help you to choose the perfect one for your wardrobe. Comment down below with your best nehru jacket style & let us know about your choices and keep coming on India’s Mens Fashion and Style Blog.

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