Reasons Why a Sewing Machine Deserves a Place at Every Household

Many people are born with the inner talent to sew and they take it up as a hobby. For some, sewing works as a relaxation therapy. They learn the ways of sewing and do it in their leisure time. When the end product comes out as a flawless piece of art, it gives immense satisfaction and soothes the mind. To do all types of sewing you need a good quality sewing machine. The sewing machine not only saves the sewing time but also saves on your energy and brings precision to your work.

Nowadays, people are always in search of uniqueness in every fabric, be it their clothes or home furnishing. When you have a sewing machine handy, you can bring your imaginations to reality. You are no more dependent on the availability of a tailor and you can make beautiful creations for your loved one. In this article, today we would update you with all the reasons why buying a sewing machine is worthy.

What kind of sewing machine should you go for?

If you are planning to sew regularly, you should choose a heavy-duty, good quality sewing machine. The modern-day machines are equipped with several programs for embroidery as well as other complicated tasks. You should check if the internal parts of the machine are tough enough to meet the challenges of all types of fabrics. Some of the vintage models are also worthy of praise as they have powerful motors and metallic gears that lasts for decades. You should the machine that suits your needs. However, do not forget to check all the parts and get a finger guard installed if the machine doesn’t have one.

The advantages of owning a sewing machine at home

Remake the worn-out clothes –

When you buy a garment you expect them to last for several years, however, for any reason they wear out in just a couple of years. Looking at the investment that you did to buy the clothes, you do not feel like stashing them away. That is when a sewing machine comes to use. Here are some of the things that you can do with your worn-out clothes.

  • Modern-day fabric is often stretchable. When you use these fabrics to sew on your machine, it becomes easier to make sturdy overcasts stitches. These particular stitches restrict the fabric from further raveling. You can deal with spandex, jersey knit, or stretchy materials with ease when you do it with your sewing machine.
  • If you have a worn-out cloth, which has elastic in them, you can work on them with a sewing machine. Re-sewing the elastic onto the garment isn’t an easy task to be done by hand manually. While with the sewing machine in place, the foot weight and the tractors that lie beneath the fabric keeps the fabric in their appropriate position during the sewing period and the elastic fits onto the material with ease.

Easy to mend socks and other items with holes –

Socks are made up of a different type of fabric and we generally throw away the socks once it develops a hole. It has been observed that the modern-day socks wear out in just a few months when used daily. No one ever thinks of darning a sock hole at home and instead stash them. However, if you have a sewing machine you will easily be able to darn the holes on the socks and wear them again. With the help of the sewing machine, you cannot only darn the sock holes successfully, but also would be able to repair the small holes on any kind of garments and fabrics. The sewing machine helps you in such ways:

  • When you are stitching a flat piece of fabric, the sewing machine makes sure that the fabric doesn’t bunch up or become uneven. If you try to do embroidery on a thin fabric by hand, you would realize how tough it is to repair holes without a good sewing machine.
  • Even if you keep the thin fabric on the embroidery loop, it will keep bunching, however, with a sewing machine, you will easily be able to get fine quality stitches on thin fabric.

Able to sew through coarse and heavy fabrics –

The manufacturer generally uses stronger stitches and patterns on the fabric to make durable garments out of it. Fabrics like denim or the ones made up of coarser and heavier materials are hard to stitch without a sewing machine. It would be quite difficult and time taking to sew the tough fabric by hand. Especially when you use old clothes to transform them into new ones, you get smaller margins of clothes to work on. Therefore, a sewing machine should be used to make the work easier.

  • When you try to duplicate the factory-made stitches manually using your hand, you would require more amount of fabric to work on. The sewing machines use two threads; one from above the thread pool and the other beneath the fabric from the bobbin. Hence, the stitches done by the sewing machines are always tighter and stronger and they last longer than the hand-made stitches.
  • Even if you are somehow able to stitch the coarse fabric by your hand, it would take 3-4 times longer. You would end up straining your hand and eyes for such a long duration. Whereas the sewing machine will help, you do it easily.

You can become a professional –

There is no doubt that people are getting frustrated with the commercial garments. Either they do not fit in properly or they just get shabby in some time. Even after spending a bomb on clothes, people are not able to get what they expect. When there is so much crisis in the market, you can think of becoming a garment designer using a sewing machine. This way, you will not only save up on your expenses but instead, you will also earn some. The cost of raw materials like fabric, notions, and patterns are not too much, hence, you should be able to start up your business with just a little investment. Your sewing machine would help you in the below-mentioned ways.

  • It is always not possible to sew fancy stitches using your hand, instead of when you have a sewing machine at the place the work becomes convenient. You can make some fancy and decorative stitches and embroidery work on the fabric and impress your customers.
  • With the sewing machine, you will be able to finish your work on time. It will also help you stitch fabrics of any kind at a very less time. When you can deliver on time, you will get happy customers.

You can make clothes to meet your need 

There are endless possibilities with a sewing machine. Suppose you go shopping for heavy clothes like jackets and camouflage prints, mostly and suddenly you move into a warmer climate, you might feel helpless with a scanty number of clothes that are best suited for warm weather. That is the time when a sewing machine can come to rescue. You can use the sewing machine to make many kinds of garments as per your need. The stock of old clothes that you have can be stitched in a new pattern to form new garments. The other times when the sewing machine can help you in need are:

  • When you have kids or expecting one, the sewing machine would help to make children’s clothes rather than buying them. Due to the growth-spurts, that children go through you would need a large number of clothes. You can also adjust their clothes as per need.
  • When your body undergoes some changes, suppose you lose weight and you are unable to use your existing clothes. With the help of a sewing machine, you can adjust the sizes of the clothes so that they fit you properly.

Make blankets and quilts that serve multi-purposes –

Sewing a quilt or blankets takes a few days if you do it using your hand. However, if you do it using a sewing machine the same work can be done within a few hours. Blankets and quilts are something that is considered essential at home as well on the roads. Therefore, it is good to make and keep a few blankets that can be sued during the time of crisis. You can use the fabric from your stockpile or worn-out clothes. Some of the times when you might need more number of blankets that you have are:

  • If you want to make a shelter for the animals who do not have a building to stay. Blankets provide comfort and warmth to the stresses animals.
  • If you are out on a road trip and you need to rest without a tent, the blanket may form a temporary shelter for you.
  • Blankets can also be used to cover up the precious items at home that need to be away from dust and dirt.

Therefore, you can see how useful a good quality sewing machine can be in your everyday life. If you feel convinced, it’s high time that you should grab one.

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