Boat Rockerz 650 Vs Boult Audio Thunder : Which Over the ear headphone is best

Choosing the best headphone can be quite difficult. With so many new models being introduced every month, it can become very confusing to make the right pick.

Recently, two new headphone models are launched in the market, one is from Boat and the other one is from Boult. The models are Boat Rockerz 650 and Boult Audio Thunder.

Both Boat and Boult are well-known brands when it comes to headphones. To choose between the two newly launched headphone models, you need to first know their features. To help our readers, we have reviewed both the products below. Along with that, we have also compared the two products in the end to give you a better idea.

If you are unable to decide between the Boat Rockerz 650 vs Boult Audio Thunder, you should give this article a read.

Boat Rockerz 650 Review

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If you are in search of a wireless headphone with the best battery life, Boat Rockerz 650 fits the definition perfectly. This is one of the newly launched Boat headphones with a capacity of 1000mAh. It includes features that you would find in a head-end headphone.

Starting with the design, Rockerz 650 is an over-the-head headphone that is designed to keep the comfort of users in mind. It is built in such a way that it won’t fall off your head. It features an ergonomic design that helps you to wear it for long hours without feeling discomfort. Plus, it has adjustable ear cups for extra comfort.

This is a wireless headphone with Bluetooth 5.0 version. It provides seamless connectivity and instant pairing. Unlike other headphones, Rockerz 650 can be used with all types of Bluetooth-enabled devices, including iOS and Android. The best thing is that it provides dual pairing, which means you can connect two devices at the same time.

It provides up to 10 meters of Bluetooth connectivity without any hassles. It includes smart twist features that allow you to easily control the music.

Despite all the good things, some users might have problems using it as it is not waterproof or splashproof. So if you are using it near water, you need to be a bit careful.

As far as the looks are concerned, the headphones are available in red, black, and cyan colours. It includes a built-in microphone that allows you to pick calls and talk wirelessly. You can also activate the voice assistants with the press of a single button.

Coming to sound quality, Rockerz 650 includes dual EQ modes, which allows you to enjoy your music to the fullest. With these headphones, you can enjoy higher quality music. This is possible because of the two big 40mm dynamic drivers.

It delivers deep bass, while the frequency response ranges from 20Hz to 20Khz. The boat has made sure to improve the sound quality and also boost the bass system. These headphones deliver a clear and loud sound, so you can hear everything without distortion.

It also includes the passive noise cancellation feature which ensures a great music experience even when you are in a noisy background. The headphones also have multi-function buttons for play/pause and volume control.

As far as the battery life is concerned, it provides playtime of 60 hours, which is pretty decent. It comes with a 1000mAh battery with a type-C charging cable.

Like many other headphones, it includes a fast charging facility. With just 10 minutes of charging, you will get 8 hours of playback time. This feature will come in handy when you are in a hurry and have no time to charge your headphones.

The fast charging feature enables the headphones to get fully charged in just 60 minutes. You can charge the headphones using a type-C charger. The good thing is that the headphones are usable even while they are on charge. But in that case, you will have to wait longer. You can also use an AUX wire with headphones for wired connectivity.

Overall, the Boat Rockerz 650 is a comfortable, lightweight headphone with pretty decent features. It has a long battery life with fast charging capacity. Plus, it provides both wireless and wired connectivity.

Boult Audio Thunder Review

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Like Boat, Boult is also an Indian company that makes quality audio accessories. They have recently introduced their new creation called the Boult Audio Thunder headphones.

This is a pair of stylish looking headphones Bluetooth version 5.0. It features an over-the-head style that fits perfectly on the most head. The padded ear cups are provided for comfort, so you can wear them for a longer time. The truly wireless design of the headphones is what makes them great and popular among buyers.

The red and black combination makes the headphones more appealing. If you want a pair of good headphones for gaming, you can consider opting for this one. Compared to other headphones it is lighter and therefore, you shouldn’t feel discomfort while wearing it.

The good thing about this headphone is that it is IPX5 rated. This makes it water-resistant and splashproof. You can use this headset in the gym or outdoors on a rainy day without any worries.

In terms of audio quality, it includes 40mm dynamic drivers for an incredible sound experience. It delivers extra bass which is what Boult headphones are known for. The deep bass accentuates the clear sparkly highs.

It also includes passive noise cancellation which mainly focuses on cancelling out lower frequency sounds like aviation environment, engines, traffic noises, etc. You can activate the voice assistants with just a 2-second click on the headphone.

With the dual-mode feature, you can enjoy music even when you run out of battery. All you need to do is connect the headphone with an AUX cable. Talking about battery life, it offers a playback time of 10 hours, which is quite less compared to Rockerz 650 from Boat.

To sum it up Boult Audio Thunder is a basic headset with modern features. If you want budget-friendly headphones with good sound quality, this could be the one for you.

Difference Between Boat Rockerz 650 vs Boult Audio Thunder

Now that we have already discussed the features of the two headphones, it’s time that we point out their differences. This will help you decide which one to buy. Our comparison is based on certain important parameters that you must check while buying a headset.

  1. Bluetooth & connectivity

In terms of connectivity, both the headphones are on the same level as they have Bluetooth 5.0 version. It is the second latest standard in the industry.

Rockerz 650 provides 10 meters of Bluetooth connectivity. On the other hand, Boult Audio Thunder can cover approx. 10 meters.

The major difference between the two headphones in terms of connectivity is that Rockerz 650 can be paired with two devices at the same time. But this feature is not available in Boult Audio Thunder.

With these two headphones, you can enjoy both wired and wireless connectivity. All you need to do is use an Aux cable. This wired feature enables you to enjoy music even when your headphone is out of charge.

  1. Waterproof/splashproof

Many Boat headphones are splashproof, but unfortunately, Rockerz 650 is not. Therefore, it can be risky to use it near water. The fact that it is not even sweatproof, you cannot wear it to the gym either.

For someone who needs waterproof headphones, they should opt for Boult Audio Thunder as it is IPX5 rated, which makes it both splashproof and water-resistant. This enables you to wear these headphones outdoors even when it is rainy.

  1. Sound quality

In terms of sound quality, there’s not much difference between the two. Both the headphones are equipped with 40mm dynamic drivers for great sound quality.

Besides that, both the headsets deliver deep bass that allows you to enjoy your music to the fullest. However, with Boult Audio Thunder, you can enjoy extra deep bass.

Both the headphones have passive noise cancellation, which allows you to take calls and listen to audio even in a noisy background.

  1. Battery life & charging

If you compare the battery life of the two headphones, you will see a huge difference. While Rockerz 650 delivers 60 hours of playback time, Boult Audio Thunder lasts only up to 10 hours.

Not just that, but you get a fast charging facility with the Boat headphones, while this feature is missing in the Boult ones. With the fast charging feature, you can enjoy 8 hours of playback time with just 10 minutes of charging.

Final Words

After going through the above discussion it is clear that Boat Rockerz 650 is slightly ahead of Boult Audio Thunder in terms of features. But when sound quality is concerned, both the headphones are great. 

It is up to your choice which one you will pick. If sound quality and functionality matter to you the most, then Boult Audio Thunder would be the best pick. But if you want long battery life and great sound quality, then you should go for Boat Rockerz 650.

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