Stylized Casino – a Novel Way to Attract New Shares of Target

Stylized Casino – a Novel Way to Attract New Shares of Target

Recently, stylized casinos have become an especially popular variety of casinos where games and
overall design are themed and have the corresponding visualization. From the ancient world or
circus to New York of the twenties, sci-fi and many, many other topics – themes can be various.
Let’s take a look at this particular type of casino with prominent examples to draw inspiration from.

As you may know, any place intended for a public visit, live or virtual, always attracts more people
if it is conceptual and designed in a certain style. This tendency is successfully used by many
online casinos, which are also more convenient (you don’t need to wear a suit or even leave the
house to gamble). Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting stylized casino cases.
Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco
This amazing place was built in 1878 by the Paris Opera architect Charles Garnier. The majesty of
the interior and facade of the casino can easily be traced. The lower hall of the building is
decorated with marble and 28 onyx columns, while the Garnier Hall is decorated in gold and purple
tones with a large number of frescoes and bas-reliefs. For more than a hundred years, world-
renowned opera and ballet stars have performed here.
As for the gaming halls, they are designed in the style of a big opera house. Everything here is
pompous, chic and literally screaming about the colossal money that players put on bets here. The
casino has 5 main gambling halls with 35 tables for playing casino roulette, craps, blackjack, Indian
roulette, as well as two halls with 315 slot machines and 4 private halls. There is a strict "no blue
Jeans" dress code as well.

Circus Circus Casino in Las Vegas

This is probably the most famous casino stylized as a circus, ranking first in the list of the most
frequently shot in movies casinos in the world. In addition to gambling, Circus Circus Casino is also
a permanent circus show. There is also an amusement park, a hotel, restaurants, swimming pools,
a bookmaker and a full wedding chapel.
Initially, the casino was a small room, near which there was an equally modest circus. The bottom
line was that the proximity of these two institutions allowed family trips – adults in a casino, and
children in a circus. As a result, all this resulted in a hybrid of casino and circus.

Caesar`s Palace in Las Vegas

Popular among Hollywood celebrities, this hotel/casino is designed in the style of classical Roman
architecture and art. The main game room is styled as a forum of Roman times, and the lighting on
the ceiling imitates the real sky, changing throughout the day. The central room is called "Caesar's
Palace" and combines 5 themed rooms. In addition to gambling tables and slot machines,
Caesar’s Palace Casino provides online gambling services. There is also a chain of restaurants, a
large shopping center, and a night club.

Crown Casino in Melbourne

The complex of the largest casino in the southern hemisphere is spread over 500 thousand square
meters. This is not just a casino: the establishment is known worldwide for its fountains and
pyrotechnic shows. There are 400 gaming tables and more than 2,500 slot machines.
In addition to the standard set of games, electronic roulette – Rapid Roulette – was introduced for
the first time in the world in this casino. The casino is divided into separate stylized gaming zones.
In addition to the casino, the complex includes three hotels with 1,600 rooms, many shops,
restaurants, nightclubs and entertainment venues, bowling, pools, saunas and more.


We believe that the excellent work of architects and designers played the most significant role in
the popularity of these casinos. The special atmosphere created by the inimitable and recognizable
style of these establishments sets up players in a certain way, bringing in more excitement and
thirst for gambling. Surely, anyone would better prefer a casino with a cool design different from
other lookalike establishments.
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head-to-toe into the world of exciting gambling yourself.


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