Top 10 Best Watch Brands for Men in India 2020

Best Watch Brands for Men in India 2020

“A gentleman’s choice of timepiece says as much about him as does his Saville Row suit.”  Ian Fleming said those very special words a long time back. Staying in India we might not get chance to have a Saville Roe suit but a nice watch can tell a lot about a person’s personality. We are often stirred when we receive that priceless piece of time which our grandfather wore.

On the other hand, we know time waits for none, we need to keep a track of it. Now-a-days it is just not about seeing what time it is but also what looks good on us, with our outfits. From digital to analogue, from which gets connected with our phones to one which is diamond plated, we have the option for all. We have the advantage to make our grandsons happy in a different way. So here is the list for top 10 watches brand for men in 2020.

Best Watch Brands for Men in India 2020

10. Fossil


Fossil Watches Brand

Let’s start with a US based company, Fossil was founded in 1984 by Tom Kartsotis out of Texas. Fossil has a long line up of watches for both men & woman, jewellery, bags, belts & fragrances. It started with analogue watches & now has entered in the unexplored smartwatch segment. The company has its root stuck with bona fide vintage & classic designs. Today the company has the styling language where past meets present.

Price: Starts at Rs 6000

Availability: Available across all states in both online & offline stores.


9. Gucci

Gucci Watches Brand

Gucci Watches Brand

From USA let’s move to Italy, Gucci was founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921 out of Florence, Italy. The company has a long product portfolio from designer bags, shoes to other accessories like watches, scarves, sunglasses etc. They started making watches from the year 1997, with the simple philosophy which combines a sense of Italian style with high quality and precision Swiss craftsmanship which has made the roots of the brand. They believe in advanced quality, precision and attention to detail.Stainless steel, sapphire crystal and soft silver are some of the major constituents, characterizing the appeal of the brand. Soft silver is still extensively put into use to fashion some of the model’s dial.

Price: Starts at Rs 30,000

Availability: Mostly offline & few online websites.

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8. Swatch

Swatch Watches Brand

Swatch Watches Brand

It is the first Swiss brand in our list, founded by Nicholas Hayek, in the year 1983. We all know nobody makes it better than Swiss does. We find the exact precision & beauty of Swiss built watches in their collection.The brand has continued to push the limits of technology, introducing an astonishing range of materials from plastic, stainless steel, aluminium to synthetic fabrics, rubber and silicone. Their experience & excellent craftsmanship is ruling many hearts

Price: Starts at Rs 6000

Availability: Both offline & online stores.


7. Fastrack

Fastrack Watches BrandThis is the first Indian brand in the count down of top 10 watch brand in India. Founded in 1997 it is a sub brand of Titan. Aimed mainly at the youths, watches are modern, funky, colourful & sporty in design. It also has a large product line which includes belts, bags, wallets, sunglasses etc. they have their exclusive stores in more than 75 cities. One of the cheapest in our list.

Prices: Starts at Rs 700

Availability: Online & Offline stores.


6. Omega


Omega Watches Brand

This is the second Swiss company in the list. The company was founded in 1903 & is doing business for more than 100 years now. This is a brand, which our grandfather & dad owned for sure & many of us had the opportunity to have their time pieces passed on to them. Other than their exquisite design, these watches are famous for working in zero gravity areas. Royal Flying Corps of Britain & NASA made Omega their official timekeeper.

Price: Starts at Rs 32,000 & can go up to a whopping Rs5,00,000

Availability: Both Offline & Online stores.

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5. Rolex

Rolex Watches Brand

Rolex Watches Brand

Another Swiss made company which is worth mentioning is Rolex. Everybody & everyone has for surely, at some point of time in their life has come across the name but sadly not all can buy one. It is one of the most premium & luxury brand of watch that is available in the market now. Rolex has proven themselves as a company that delivers finesse & quality towards their customers. The list of innovations under their belt starting from the first water proof watch to being the first company to have two different time zones in one watch speaks all for it.

Price: Starts from Rs 3,50,000 & can go up to a mind boggling Rs 25,00,000

Availability: Authorized Rolex outlets only.

4. Casio

Casio Watches Brand

Casio Watches Brand

Based out of Shibuya, Tokyo, this is the one of the two Japanese watch which deserves a place in the list. Founded in 1946, Casio makes all digital products like calculators, music instruments etc. including watches which are all digital. Casio with its strong backbone in the digital industry now has entered the smartwatch market to make a name for itself. Casio watches comes with style & technology. Now you may think that the price tag on these watches are too high, then don’t worry Casio got you covered with their entry level watches which looks good & are pocket friendly.Casio Support &G Shock are few of their well known brand.

Price: Starts from Rs 700

Available: Both offline & online.


3. Citizen

Citizen Watches Brand

Citizen Watches Brand

It is the second Japanese company in our list. Based out of Tokyo, Japan Citizen was formed in the year 1918. They are pioneers of Japanese watches in terms of technology. Citizen launched the world’s first multi-band Atomic Timekeeping watch & combined it with their light powered Eco-Drive technology so when you own a Citizen Atomic Timekeeping watch you will get the precise time powered by any light source. They also have other innovations under their belt such as such as first voice recognition watch, first professional dive watch and thinnest LCD watch in the world.

Price: Starts from Rs 2500

Availability: Both offline & Online.


2. Timex

Timex Watches BrandTimex Group USA is an American company founded in 1854, now owned wholly by the Dutch subsidiary Timex Group B.V. The brand has one thing from their inception, quality. Their line up has some classic analogue to modern digital watches. Started with their first dollar watch to their range of running watches till date Timex stayed strong to their roots & has won several hearts across the world. With their cheap price & high quality it is a strong contender here in India.

Price: Starts at Rs 1000

Availability: Both offline & online.


1. Titan

Titan Watches Brand

Titan Watches Brand

At the top spot Titan, which is a joint venture of Tata & Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation. It was founded in 1984 & has a wide product portfolio from Bags to perfumes to watches. Be it your first watch, anniversary gift or as a farewell gift to your teacher. Titans long product line up has a watch for everyone. Not only in India it is quite familiar in other countries too.

Price: Starts at Rs 1000

Availability: Both offline and online.


Some More Watches Brands

Famous brands line Sonata, Raga, Steel, Tycoon, Bandhan, Octane etc. are all brands of Titan. If you have a Titan watch, just smile because it is one of the best watch in India. Be it design, simplicity or service Titan has it figured out.

Price: Starts as low as Rs 500

Availability: Online & Offline

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This is a list which will give you an idea on what type of watch will suit your personality. We hope we have given you few helpful insights about the Top 10 brands of Watches for men in India 2020. Feel free to comment down below if you think of any other worthy mention in the list. Happy Shopping. Keep Coming On Fashion Guruji.

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