Treadmill Vs. Air Runner: Which One Is Better?

Those who prefer indoor running exercises are likely to get confused between a treadmill and an air runner. Usually, it may be very difficult to decide which equipment is ideal for you. They come with many unique features, and one needs to consider those while choosing the right equipment for him/her. Moreover, they have their advantages and disadvantages and provide enhanced performance. They also differ in design and performance. When you look at a treadmill and an air runner, you can easily understand the difference as they are different in shape.

A treadmill has a flat platform, and an air runner has a curved platform. Apart from this one difference, many differences are there that you need to know before picking a piece of equipment for you. Here are the differences between treadmills and air runners to give you an idea about these two. By the end of this article, you can decide whether a treadmill or an air runner is ideal for your needs.

Treadmill Vs. Air Runner


Treadmills are a piece of fitness equipment that many people use for their workouts. It is also efficient and one of the great choices for indoor workouts. This piece of equipment can be used at home by any person for an improved experience. One of the best things about treadmills is they are convenient to use and offer better results. Treadmills have a flat surface that allows you to navigate on it efficiently. Also, the features of a treadmill can be adjusted according to the needs of the user. Therefore, with a treadmill, you can do your workouts conveniently. By setting the treadmill to a 1% incline, you can achieve the same results of outdoor running.

Treadmills are powered by an electric motor that moves the belt. The belt of treadmills is usually cushioned and comfortable for use. So it can be used by people with injuries. Treadmills allow you to make a specific profile for your workouts and follow that for the desired results. Another benefit of using a treadmill is it allows you to perform your workouts without any fear of weather, temperature, and outdoor issues. As this piece of equipment can be used at home, you can do other tasks such as watching TV, reading, etc. Also, some treadmills come with some special features that allow you to track your improvement conveniently.

Though the platform of a treadmill is cushioned, it can cause jerks during workouts. So you need to be careful while working on it. As it allows you to work out at home or gyms, you may get bored after a certain period. Also, you need to consult a professional for the maintenance of the treadmill because it has programmed components. Treadmills also don’t include some muscle exercises.

Air Runner

As mentioned above, an air runner is another piece of fitness equipment that is used for running exercises. But it is different from treadmills in shape and function. An air runner has a curved surface that offers many special benefits compared with treadmills. Because of the curved platform, this piece of equipment provides an improved pace. Also, it offers high efficiency and reduces the chances of injuries. The enhanced pace allows you to do your workouts efficiently by minimizing the back and neck pains. One of the major advantages of an air runner is it reduces the chances of injuries and lets you work smoothly on it. This feature makes it a brilliant choice over treadmills. Also, air runners don’t have any speed limit to force you to maintain your pace. You can do workouts on it at your own pace.

Unlike treadmills, air runners don’t include a motor for driving the belt. It uses roller bearings to move the belt effectively. Because of the absence of the motor, the user needs to put extra effort to move the belt. So, by using an air runner, you can burn more 30% calories compared with treadmills. The motor-less design allows users to experience appropriate workout sessions than treadmills. Also, it is eco-friendly and cheaper than treadmills. As there are no programmed components and motor, air runners are easy to maintain and require fewer maintenance costs than treadmills. While running on an air runner, you can feel like you are running outdoors. Moreover, an air runner is safer than a treadmill as it is operated manually. Even if you fall during workouts on an air runner, then you may not get severely injured.

With an air runner, you can’t meet your distance targets appropriately. As it requires 30% more energy, you may get tired before reaching your distance goal. Because of this reason, people with injuries or health issues can’t use an air runner effectively. Also, it may be harder to run on an air runner compared to outdoor running for some users because it requires extra energy for workouts. If you are thinking of using an air runner for your workouts, then you need to consider these points before making the final decision. Air runners have designed to offer smoother workouts by minimizing the injuries. So you can opt for an air runner if you want to improve your pace and can put more effort into your workouts.


Running enthusiasts mostly get doubtful between treadmills and air runners while choosing a piece of fitness equipment for their workouts. But they can choose the right fitness equipment for them by considering their specific needs. If you need an automatic machine to perform your workouts and track the progress, then you can choose a treadmill. With a programmed system, it can allow you to do your running exercises conveniently. Also, it can make your workout sessions easier because of the motor-driven belt.

But if you need a machine to improve your stride and burn more calories, then you can choose an air runner. An air runner can offer excellent workout sessions and burn more calories. Therefore, it may not be ideal for all runners. So you can make the right decision by checking your requirements. Also, you need to ensure that you get the desired results, whatever equipment you choose.

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