Treadmill Vs. Outdoor Road Running: Which One Is Better?

Running is a common exercise that everyone does to meet their fitness goals. But a common doubt that every runner has is whether it is better to run on a treadmill or run outside. Usually, both running conditions are different, and they have their advantages and disadvantages. According to researchers, running on a treadmill is approximately the same as outdoor running but with some adjustments. The difference between these two options is the efforts involved in them. Usually, outdoor running requires more effort than running on a treadmill. However, this question needs a more accurate answer so that runners can decide which option is better for their workouts.

Outdoor run running is usually preferred for improved stability as it takes you on different terrains and allows you to gain energy by putting your efforts. By running on a treadmill, you can achieve higher speeds in running exercise and improve your performance. But you can balance the difference between treadmill and outdoor road running by adjusting the treadmill slope to 1 to 2 percent. This way, you can choose a running option according to your needs. However, those who prefer outdoor road running say that it requires more energy compared with treadmill running because of wind resistance.

In this article, we are going to discuss the difference between outdoor running and running on the treadmill. If you are unable to choose one option out of these two options, you can decide which one is better for you after reading this article.

Running On a Treadmill

Treadmills in India are a popular piece of fitness equipment that is used in homes and gyms. They offer many advantages that allow people to meet their fitness goals. In the case of bad weather conditions, when outdoor running is not possible, treadmills play an important role. With a treadmill, you can do running exercise at home, whatever the outside weather conditions are. Another benefit of the treadmill is it allows you to control the speed according to your requirement. So people with injury also can use this piece of equipment easily. Because of this feature, you can check your mileage conveniently.

A treadmill can let you do running on your own time irrespective of the outdoor weather conditions. Also, you can set it in different running conditions according to your requirement. It allows you to plan different types of races and practice them efficiently. If you do running on a treadmill, then you can listen to music, watch TV and read magazines and books during workouts. As the surface of the treadmill is smoother than the road, it is comfortable for running. Also, by adjusting the gradient of the treadmill, you can experience running on the outdoor hills. Running on a treadmill is also safer than outdoor running, and you can do it alone. Therefore, many people prefer for running on treadmills for a smoother experience.

Though treadmills are the safer options for running, you need to be careful to prevent injuries. If you don’t set the treadmill appropriately, then you may get injuries during workouts. If you run on a treadmill too fast or too slow, then you can get head injuries, cardiovascular, etc. Therefore, it is important to take precautions while running on a treadmill. Also, most of the treadmills don’t include the downhill option. Though most people don’t use this feature as it is risky, it can help stiffen the anterior tibialis muscles. So if you want this feature, then you may need to opt for outdoor running. Another disadvantage of running on a treadmill is sometimes it can be boring. As you do running on a treadmill in your home, you can feel boring after some time. Also, you can’t improve your lateral agility skills by running on a treadmill.

Outdoor Road Running

If you are preparing for a race, then outdoor running is the perfect option for you. This running activity can improve your stability and offer many other benefits that are hard to achieve with a treadmill. Also, people who are ready for hard work to meet their fitness goals can prefer this option. For outdoor road running, you don’t need to install any machine in your home or become a member of a gym. Outdoor running exercise is free, and you can do it anytime when you are outside. When you are outside, you can do running instead of walking. By running outdoors, you can strengthen your joints and muscles efficiently. Outdoor running also provides vitamin D and can make you pleased. It can also make you more energetic compared with treadmills because it exposes you to nature.

Another advantage of this type of running is it allows you to run on different types of grounds in different weather conditions. By running outdoors, you can get familiar with different weather conditions and come close to nature. Also, you can enjoy outdoor running efficiently compared with running on a treadmill. When you run outdoors, you can set goals daily and achieve them. Also, it helps you stay motivated all the time. Even if you are not interested in running, you can enjoy outdoor running compared to running on a treadmill. Outdoor road running is also effective compared to other exercises. You can achieve excellent bone and muscle strength by running outdoors. Because of the wind resistance, this exercise can burn more calories compared to treadmills. But this exercise requires more effort.

Outdoor road running is usually risky compared with treadmills. As per research, runners are highly prone to get injured while running outdoors. While running outdoors, you may get injured on leg, foot, knee, and ankle. Because of this reason, many people don’t prefer outdoor running. Also, it can cause many other dangers during the workout sessions. Therefore, outdoor road running is harder compared with treadmills. However, hardworking people like it to get its advantages.


Both running methods have their pros and cons and are beneficial. Usually, those who want to achieve their fitness goals by maintaining their health can opt for treadmills. It can let them adjust the speed and incline as per their needs and track their workouts. Also, a treadmill can allow you to work accurately and achieve your goals. One of the advantages of a treadmill is it can offer time flexibility.

Outdoor running is ideal for those who want to prepare for any racing events. It can improve their strength and make them enjoy their running sessions. It can provide excellent experience of running through different fields. However, anyone can choose any running method according to their requirement and choice. If you think you can enjoy a specific type of running exercise, then you can confidently opt for that.

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