Which brand table fan is best?

Which brand table fan is best?

During summer times, it is essential to have a table fan to keep the air well-circulated. The difference between ceiling fans and table fans is that the later tends to circulate air, which is already present inside the room, and the temperature of the room is improved drastically. Table fans aid in reducing the room temperature, keeping the humidity and the moisture in the air at controlled levels.

Top 3 of the most branded table fans are:

  1. Usha Maxx

Usha Maxx gives you a very cool and worldly experience of maximum provision for cool air. The air current speed is considerably high and dynamic, making the air clear without moisture. There is provision for personal customization, and the table fan is durable with a permanent warranty.

Some of the notable features include:

  • Excess heating doesn’t damage the motor.
  • Thanks to its pivot placement, it can completely move to the sides without effort.
  • The side-movements of the table fan are smooth.


  • The aerodynamic design of the blades throws the air proficiently and also enhances its looks.
  • Over-consumption of electrical energy is put in control, and it is made sure that it doesn’t cause any thermal overload.
  • Highly sustainable with minimum consumption of energy and the maximum amount of work done.


As per some of the customers of this product, the warranty process is filled with hurdles.

  1. V-Guard Multiutility Fan

V-Guard Table fan is a standing-out product with features similar to that of a surround-sound. This fan can rotate 360 degrees, thus making the optimum amount of air circulation in the room. It can be customized to a 180-degree air-throw as per one’s convenience. It comes with a high motor strength, thus ensuring optimum ventilation, circulation, and durability.

Some of the notable features include:

  • The maximum air-throw volume covered is 40 m3 in 60 seconds.
  • No problem in installation due to the plug-in feature.
  • 1-year warranty with a smooth and sound procedure.


  • Beautiful colours which enhance the room’s environment
  • Ease of use
  • No need for extension cables as the cord is extra long.


No auto-swing feature

  1. Havells Crescent

This particular table fan is known for its cuteness and functionality, thus making it a standing-out product. It enhances the look of your home with a nice and bright yellow hue to it. It blows air in all directions with a very flexible head.

Some of the notable features include:

  • Availability of mounting options
  • Very high speed with 3-speed levels
  • 2 years warranty with a smooth and sound procedure.


  • Auto-cut feature which prevents overloading and damage
  • Customizable timer feature
  • No noise hassles during usage
  • Enhances the look of your house

Cons: No battery for the product


Table fans are essential during hot weather. They aid in various other situations as well. There are various beautiful designs and even customized servicing features that are bound to not only match the style of your home but also creating a nice and cool environment.

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