Why is the floor sticky after mopping?

Why is the floor sticky after mopping?

While cleaning your floor, you might encounter the bad-smell or a sticky floor. It is common to get sticky or smelly floors after mopping. This usually happens on wooden floors, brick, and even on the plastic-coated floors.

Sticky floors make you very depressed. It seems like there is no solution to this problem. Having someone in your home who walks around while cleaning when you have put a lot of time to clean and see their shoe marks. Well here is good news, that a sticky floor can be fixed.

Read the following article to know more about how to fix the sticky floor.

Some of the reasons there’re that sticky feeling on your floor even after cleaning very well. The reasons are as follows:

  1. Using the wrong floor solution

While cleaning normally in some of the areas you need a simple/mild solution, but in some of the areas requires a strong solution to remove the sticky.

For a different type of flooring like wooden, brick, or plastic-coated flooring need different kinds of flooring solutions. If it is sticky/smelly, you need a strong solution.

  1. Using too much of flooring solution

People think that using too much solution will clean their floor very nice and shiny, but it is not true, and it can lead to sticky flooring.

  • Follow the steps as mentioned on the label.
  • When you use too much solution, the extra solution creates soapy which sticks to your feet especially, when you didn’t rinse the mop properly.

Nowadays, in most of the bottles, there is a measuring car so that it can prevent using an excess of solution.

  1. Using unclean water to clean the floor

If you clean the full home with some amount of water, it will end up on the sticky floor. Especially if you have wooden, brick, or plastic-coated floors.

The problem is that having dirty water as you go on cleaning will make you pick up the dust and drops in the bucket of water.

It is not cleaning the floor, it is transferring the dust from one place to another part of the house.

Use clean water to clean up the floor and to remove the dirt and keep rinsing the mop while cleaning and change the water in the middle of cleaning.

Cleaning the sticky floor and how to decrease it

Some of the tips are as follows:

  1. Get a clean and a bucket of warm water.
  2. Add the correct amount of floor cleaner.
  3. Wet the mop and wring properly depending on the area.
  4. Clean the mop and keep rinsing frequently and dump off the dirty water and get fresh water.
  5. Allow the floor to dry and then you can use it.


You can use spin mops as an alternative or follow steps properly whether it might be wooden, brick, plastic-coated floor it doesn’t mean anything. It all depends upon you how to clean, maintain the floor, and prevent from the sticky floor.

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