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#1 Inalsa#2 Inalsa#3 SToK
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Are you fond of cool kitchen appliances? Do you love mouth-watering dishes made from some cool appliances? Do you enjoy spicy fried food? With much technological development these days, people have innovated new frying techniques through an air fryer’s electrical appliance. An air fryer is designed to cook food using less or no oil. An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that is meant to fulfill all these needs of yours. Being one of the innovative appliances for the kitchen, specially manufactured for cooking food, will hot air instead of using oil makes it the appropriate appliance to have.

According to research, food from air fryers has less fat when compared with conventional fried food. With so many people taking care of their health globally, you should also do it with air fryer usage. No more tension while overeating to satisfy your hunger for deep-fried and crunchy food. Air fryers are those appliances that are known for using few drops or no oil to make the food crunchy and fried. You must be thinking about how this whole process takes place. The rapid air or water circulation technology is used for frying, roast, and bake grills to boil food. We have come with the list of a few best in quality air fryers in India to help all the interested buyers.

Best Air fryer in India 2021

Now you won’t have to compromise on your cravings for yummy food. The favorite french fries will become easy to cook using the air fryers. If you want to buy some good quality air fryers, you may have an eye upon the below listed some of the best air fryers in the market. We have enlisted ten best air fryers, which will remove excess oil dripping from the tasty foods for you. This will help you in narrowing down your selection. Let’s get started:

#1. Inalsa Air Fryer Fry-Light-1400W (black/gray)

The first product on the list of best air fryer in India comes from a renowned brand – Inalsa. Inalsa has come up with Inalsa Air Fryer Fry-Light, which is perfect for every individual whose primary concern is health. It is all functions like baking, grilling, roasting, frying, and whatnot. It is going to fulfill all your instant cravings with fully adjustable temperature control. With 1400 watt of power consumption, it is known to be heated up at max 2 to 3 minutes faster than any conventional oven. This product provides all the essential attributes that are needed for an optimal feature equipped appliance.

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The quick-release button feature will help you detach the basket from the air fryer for quick serving and easy cleaning. The product is equipped with an intelligent knob that is very easy to use to set timer and temperature depending upon your cooking requirements. It has a 2.9-liter food basket that will be sufficient for preparing delicious food for the whole family. The capacity of cooking Pan is 4.2 liters, which will make your preparation of food effortless on any occasion. This appliance is safe as it can get switched off itself on the removal of the basket. It also has the feature of overheat protection, which will keep you safe against sudden overload.

No, you don’t have to worry about its uses as it comes with manufacturers’ two years of warranty. The sleek and shiny surface is cool to touch and has anti-slip property. The handgrips of air fryer have a non- slip feature for an easy cooking experience. It is manufactured to function using rapid air technology e which circulates air to reduce the need for oil. You will get an electric appliance that will make you healthier and keep the calories away. Inalsa is gaining a proper market share among all the kitchen appliances brands due to its futuristic design and effective features. Opt for this and help yourself with tasting crispy food items.

What we like:

  • Two-year warranty
  • Non-slip feature
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Timer Selection
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Intelligent knob
  • Ease of usage

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#2. Inalsa Air Fryer 2.3 L Crispy Fry-1200W (Black)

Fried, roasted, grilled food keeps a specific place in the life of every foodie. However, these are delicious food items, but health issues and cause a lot of stress. Those who prefer these kinds of foods should use air fryers, which are quite efficient and help with the intake of a minimal amount of oily substance. The enormous features this fryer provides are top of the grade and helps the user in the best possible ways. This is among the top grade air fryers that can easily complement your kitchen.

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It uses substantially lower oil content as compared to traditional frying methods. With the adequate power wattage of 1200 watts, one can get the optimal temperature in a jiffy. It comes with an optimally designed cooking pan that fulfills all the cooking needs. The fast heating mechanism makes it apt for frying in minimal time. In addition to that, the 30 minutes timer setting helps the user save efficient energy if anything is not in the frier.

With the help of a quick-release button, you can detach the basket with ease, and that provides easy to maintain function at its best. The control accessories are way efficient as the intelligent knob system can effectively help you set the timer to set the specific temperature as per your cooking needs. With the 1.8 liter basket, it is quite easy to fry food for the whole family. With the 2 year warranty on a product, it is quite easy to attain a hassle-free usage for a long-lasting period. Keep the fear of oil intake in your food consumption at bay with the help of this air fryer.

What we like:

  • Smart Rapid Air Technology
  • Light heat indication
  • Versatile
  • Timer Selection
  • Fully Adjustable Temperature Control
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Non-stick
  • Design

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#3. SToK Air Fryer 2.6 Litre 1350-Watt (White)

Though air fryers are the niche appliances, the functionalities make it quite efficient. With the increasing pollution and uneven lifestyle, it is quite mandatory to keep a check on the oil content in your food. Oil is very harmful to your health. Most of the doctors prescribe the minimal consumption of oily foods to maintain a healthy living. This air fryer is among the best in class due to its functions and attributes.

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The capacity of 2.6 liters, makes it a good appliance that can fulfill all household needs. Opting for junk food or fried foods from outside is not beneficial for your health. This fryer provides practical help in keeping a check on minimal oil intake. It comes with adjustable temperature control with which you can calibrate the temperature between 80 to 200 degrees Celsius. With the rapid air technology, it is quite easy to saute, grill, steam, bake, air dry, and roast with the help of this appliance.

The easy cleaning approach of this air fryer makes it aptly suitable for daily usage. You can clean it with minimal efforts and even put it in the dishwasher if you find manual cleaning a bit hectic. The multitude of functions, it acts as a USP for this fryer. It gives a run for the money to its peers with powerful features. If you are opting for this brand, it is quite easy to compliment your near and dear ones. Now it is quite easy to consume less oil with a crunchy and crispy flavour.

What we like:

  • Smart Rapid Air Technology
  • Double Layer Grill
  • PFOA free
  • Removable basket and Pan
  • Unique design
  • Indication Bell
  • Dishwasher safe

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#4. SToK Digital Air Fryer 4 Liter 1500-Watt with Smart Rapid 3D Air Technology with Free Double Layer Grill (RED)

If you want to cook your favorite snacks in a jiffy, then the air fryer’s need is quite evident. This is among those brands that are equipped with all the functions and available at a nominal price tag. By acquiring this, you will not only help yourself in maintaining the health needs for taking minimal oil intake but also help you in increasing the arsenal of your kitchen. These are the mandatory appliances for a homemaker.

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This fryer is equipped with a detachable basket and Pan that helps in moving the food to the platter. The basket’s design makes it detachable that provides help for cleaning and for shaking the ingredients while frying. The one-touch detach button helps a lot while cleaning. One of the most compelling features of this fryer is the non-stick basket and Pan that makes them scratch resistant and can withstand the high temperature easily. The quick cleaning up is the core functionality of these non-stick utensils.

The simple approach mechanism and way to use this fryer feature make it apt for daily usage. All the control buttons are easy to understand and smooth, which is the USP of this appliance. With the 8 presets, it is quite a capable fryer that can help you grab all the crunchy and crispy foodstuff. With the quality testing that offers PFOA free for non-stick material provides a hygienic touch to this fryer. With this fryer, you can get all the features and a keen check on your oily food intake.

What we like:

  • 8 presets
  • Digital LCD
  • Sturdy rack feet
  • Versatile appliance
  • PFOA free
  • Non-stick material
  • Detachable basket and Pan

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#5. Havells Pro-life Digi 1230-Watt Air Fryer (Black)

Those who are more of a brand-oriented person and finds it quite easy to invest in an excellent appliance can attain this best air fryer from one of the market leaders of kitchenware i.e., Havells. It is among some of the best manufacturers that provide all the par grade kitchen appliances. Not only kitchen appliances, but also deal with all kinds of electrical equipment. If you are opting for this fryer, then you will get maximum value for your money.

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This air fryer is equipped with a timer setting that has an auto shut off feature. It is efficient for saving power and safety at its best. The quick cooking time of this fryer will enable you to cook your crispy chicken in just 12 minutes. With the temperature knob control, it is quite easy to calibrate the temperature. With this fryer, you can easily bake, roast, grill, roast, and reheat the food with hot air. With the maximum capacity of 4 litres, you can easily help yourself cook any crispy food.

With the high power wattage of 1350 watt, it provides maximum efficiency. The unique rapid cool technology keeps the outer body of the fryer cold enough. With this, you can get a combination of safety, efficiency, and healthy food just at your fingertips. The whole package consists of the main unit with a pan, including a food basket, instruction manual, and recipe book. If you are going for this brand, then the assistance it provides in case of any discrepancies will be of utmost help. Feel free to opt for crunchy and crispy food items with the help of this best air fryer.

What we like:

  • Appealing design
  • Air filtration system
  • Cool-touch handle
  • Auto on-off timer
  • 4-liter capacity
  • Temperature control
  • Rapid air technology

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#6. Prestige PAF 4.0 2.2-Litre Air Fryer (Black)

Prestige is among the leader in manufacturing kitchenware and efficient appliances. It is specifically a kitchen appliance brand that fulfills all the needs of the kitchen. It provides various products as per different segments. It has been a torchbearer that has included all the innovative features in its appliance. With these innovative features, it is quite natural for a user to grab maximum functionalities. The prestige air fryer is the frontrunner among all the peers as it is equipped with numerous features altogether.

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With this, you can get easy maintenance due to the simple mechanism. The frying basket is designed for providing optimal air circulation as it is a removable one, so it provides a smooth and effective cleaning. It comes with temperature and timer control that are the basics for providing ease of use to the user. You can easily set a timer for 30.minutes, and it gets off automatically. This is an efficient function for those who keep the energy-saving approach at the top of all attributes. Opt for this and help yourself in the best possible ways.

Apart from all the additional features, this fryer’s core attributes are its oil and smoke filter. It is designed with an optimally safe oil and smoke filter that provides a hygienic environment. It will help you, with this fryer you can quickly cook a multitude of food and in different ways, such as you can quickly cook, bake, roast and grill. Opting this product can help you to keep yourself fit and beautiful without any stress of any disease.

What we like:

  • Saves power
  • Temperature control
  • Timer feature
  • Easy to maintain
  • Quick cleaning
  • Multitasking functions
  • 2 litre capacity

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#7. iBELL AF23BS 2.3 Litre 1200W Crispy Air Fryer with Smart Rapid Air Technology, Timer Function & Fully Adjustable Temperature Control(Black)

This product is a mid-range fryer equipped with innovative features and all the functionalities that provide maximum value to the investment. ibell is among those brands which have a credible reputation in delivering these types of kitchen appliances. If you want to attain an appliance that gives you a nudge over others to maintain a healthy life, this is an apt alternative. Opting this product at a nominal price will help you in the best way possible.

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If you are an avid cooking enthusiast who takes an interest in cooking and eating fried foods, then the smart rapid air technology provides crispier food. The fast, consistent heat helps you to cook or fry different ingredients in a jiffy. With the power wattage of 1200watts and the capacity of 2.3 liters, you can get proper help in frying and roasting. The body of the fryer stays cool to the touch after frying the food at high temperatures also. The temperature setting is quite useful for attaining the maximum features of the fryer.

The anti-slip feet provide apt stability and help you to keep it at any surface. It is equipped with a specially designed frying basket that ensures maximum ease and efficiency. The non-stick coating helps the appliance for adequate circulation of hot air after each usage. The easy to clean feature of this fryer helps you to keep it clean. With the safe, dishwasher function, you can clean it with minimal effort by putting it into the dishwasher. With the detachable frying basket, it is quite easy to maintain.

What we like:

  • Smart Rapid Air Technology
  • Consistent heating
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Control knob
  • Ease of operation
  • Detachable frying basket
  • Smoke vent

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#8. American Micronic AMI-DFP-30LDx-Black

Some of the appliances that provide maximum aesthetic value to your kitchen as well as immense offer features. It is among the best deep air fryer that holds optimal features that are way beneficial for the health freaks who want to have a minimal quantity of oil in their food. This is for those users who find fried foods very delicious but keeps a check on oil intake. Opting this fryer can be an ideal decision for them to maintain their health.

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This best air fryer is equipped with a detachable basket that provides maximum ease in transferring food to a dish. The air circulation system can provide even heat distribution, which ultimately helps the food to cook. The non-stick coating of this deep fryer tank provides a scratchless surface. The adjustable temperature setting and the timer control are the added innovative features of this appliance. With the auto switch off option, it is quite easy to get a stress-free frying process. The innovative approach in the manufacturing technique of this appliance helps the user attain maximum value for money.

It is equipped with a year warranty on a product that helps the user attain continuous prolonged-lasting usage. With the exterior handle’s help, it is quite easy to get a grab of lowering the food with the cover. It prevents the sudden spattering of oil. Apart from this, the fryer’s shockproof body provides an optimal benefit to the users to maintain personal safety. The material and mechanism of this appliance are quality tested with the help of safety standards that are way credible. Opt this and help you to attain something crispy and crunchy.

What we like:

  • 3 Litre Electric Deep Fryer with Timer
  • Variable Temperature Control
  • 3 liter capacity
  • One year warranty
  • Lasting exterior handle
  • Shockproof body
  • Certified quality

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#9. Inalsa Professional 2-Litre Deep Fryer (Black/SS)

Everybody wants to invest in an appliance that provides maximum functionalities. If you are getting a professional level appliance that provides immense functions, it will undoubtedly be a good investment. Inalsa manufactures the optimal quality of cooking appliances that can provide all the benefits for a cooking enthusiast. This 2-liter deep fryer is equipped with almost all the features that make it quite the right equipment that offers healthy food without oil content.

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It can provide the optimum capacity that enables the user to fry 800 grams of any ingredient. It is equipped with two years of warranty that helps. The user can get a hassle-free long-lasting usage. It is equipped with a power wattage of 1700watts that is optimal for this kind of equipment. This fryer’s 2-liter oil capacity makes it just like the professional ones that are being used in restaurants or other places. With this, you can expect maximum efficiency while frying your favorite food items.

The adjustable temperature control provides dynamic control that helps the user set the temperature as per their need. It comes with anti-slip feet, which makes it quite safe to be placed upon any surface. This feature is way efficient as it provides maximum safety. The indicator light of this machine helps the user get the visual alarm for the oil is at the desired temperature. The mechanism of this machine is way simple, and it is entirely natural to maintain. All the parts are detachable that helps the user to clean them individually.

What we like:

  • 2 litre capacity
  • Two-year warranty
  • Temperature control
  • Anti-slip feet
  • Visual alarm
  • Detachable parts
  • Ease of cleaning

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#10. COSORI Air Fryer(100 Recipes Included)

It is advisable by most doctors that the use of excessive oil in our food can get you towards some of the chronic diseases. To prevent that, there should be an appliance in your kitchen set that can help minimize the oil content. CosoriAIr fryer provides all the relevant features that can keep you from the fatal effects of oil. Some people find it very hard to keep their appetite under control. To attain maximum benefit against all the diseases and maintain the taste, this fryer provides all the functions.

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This fryer is equipped with 360-degree air circulation technology that decreases the maximum fat content as compared to traditional frying techniques. With this appliance, you can easily roast, grill, bake, and fry. It is a multifunctional appliance that can help you to get a grab of different dishes. This appliance’s easy-to-use function makes it suitable for anyone who is an avid fan of crunchy recipes. It provides the maximum presets option in comparison to other machines. The 11 presets will enable you to get everything.

Apart from all the technical specifications, it comes with some of the best accessories that can help you with cooking. One of the best accessories is the cookbook, which consists of more than 100 recipes of delicious meals. Apart from that, the full temperature range helps to calibrate efficiently. The function that helps remove moisture from the food is the USP of this fryer, which keeps it apart from most of the fryers available in the market. Opt for this fryer and help yourself in equipping an effective appliance for your kitchen.

What we like:

  • 360-degree air circulation technology
  • Multitasking appliance
  • Easy to use
  • 11 preset option
  • Temperature variant
  • Efficient cooking

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Best Air fryer in India : Buying guide

If you have been looking around for a while to know how to choose the right air fryer for your kitchen, we are here with some factors you should note. Before making the purchase, you should ensure that the product quality is reasonable by comparing it with these below-mentioned factors.

  • Capacity

The primary thing to ask yourself is the capacity of the air fryer you want to purchase. The market is filled with different functions of air fryers that range from 1 to 16 liters. Depending on the family size or usage, you have to decide which extent will be useful for you. The air fryer of 1 liter to 4-liter capacity is enough for bachelors and nuclear families. Six liters or above is sufficient for large families.

  • Timer control

In some air fryers, the timer has a range of 30 minutes that is sufficient for basic frying grilling, etc. You need to determine what kind of dishes you are going to cook in it; then you may go for a 60-minute timer. It saves efficient energy that keeps a check on your wallet.

  • Aesthetics 

If you intend to make good use of the air fryer and don’t like a cluttered kitchen counter for yourself, the stuff you use regularly should be out on display. So you should have a look at what your air fryer looks like. Go for the sleekest one. However, you can look at the finish, color, shape, and size of the air fryers. The size of the air fryer should be adjustable on your kitchen counter. You should measure and then try to imagine what that appliance is going to look like on your shelf.

  • Type of air fryer

There are two types of air fryer depending upon its shape. One is pulling out an air fryer, and the other is circular. The circular air fryer has a paddle inside it, which makes it easier to use. The paddle goes around in circular motion and mixes the food all by itself. You need to be careful while choosing one depending upon how you’re going to use it. While buying, keep a check on this as it helps you to fulfill all the kitchen needs. It is very important to invest in an appliance that provides maximum benefits.

  • Digital display

You should also decide what you want your temperature now or a display to look like. With the presence of a digital display in the air fryer, it becomes really easy to check how much remaining time you have twins cooking when you are out. However, when you have the knob type of air fryer, it becomes very easy to operate because you only have to turn the knob. It is a convenient way to look over and check the time left to finish while cooking. You should rather prefer the digital one because of its convenience factor.

  • Additional features

The existence of an additional feature in the air fryer will make your work easy. Some of the products have fancy features like temperature selection, alarm, type of cooking need, and many more. You can pre-select the program and just set it off to cook by itself. This is not a necessity, but it’s nice to have those additional features because they make your work effective and easier than the conventional ones. These additional features make the model very handy and easy to operate, but these shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

Frequently Asked Questions of best Air Fryers in India

  1. What is an air fryer?

In the first place, an air fryer is a type of electrical appliance. Even more, it is a type of home appliance that is widely used today. Further, an air fryer uses less oil in making fired food. Indian households are accepting this new technology. Lastly, the demand for air fryers is high in India.

  1. How does an air fryer cook food?

In the first place, an air fryer uses advanced technology in cooking food. Even more, the technology is called rapid air technology. It means the food is cooked by circulating hot air to fry the food. However, the air fryer gets hot after cooking. Hence, use kitchen gloves for adding and removing the food.

  1. Is it safe to use an air fryer?

The most common question asked is the safety of using an air fryer. In the first place, an air fryer uses less oil in cooking food. Even more, the food cooked in an air fryer is less in calories. Furthermore, the food cooked in an air fryer is the same as a deep-fried one. So, yes, it is safe to use an air fryer.

  1. What are the advantages of using an air fryer?

There are multiple advantages to using an air fryer. Even more, the top advantages of using an air fryer are as follow:

  • It is healthy – the first advantage of using an air fryer is health. Even more, eating food cooked in an air fryer is much healthier. It is because it uses less oil in making the food crispy. Further, the fired food coming out of an air fryer is less in calories.
  • Fast and easy – the second advantage of using an air fryer is fast and easy. Even more, an air fryer cooks food fast. Further, they make it crisper similar to traditional cooking. Lastly, cooking food in an air fryer is easy. It is because there is no danger of oil splattering when deep-frying the food.
  • Easy to clean – the last and most significant advantage of an air fryer is easy to clean. Even more, cooking in an air fryer means the use of less oil. Hence, while cleaning you need not deal with hot oil. Furthermore, an air fryer can be cleaned easily with just a piece of tissue.
  1. Which brands in India sell air fryers?

The top brands in India that sell air fryer are as follow:

  • Philips
  • Kent
  • Kenstar
  • Koryo
  • Havells

Each of the brands mentioned above is the best in quality and performance.

  1. What is the cost of an air fryer?

The price of an air fryer in India depends on its features and company. Even more, when buying an air fryer consider the warranty and capacity of the appliance. However, they are available at a low price of 5000 rupees each.

Bottom Line:

To sum it up, an air fryer is one of the highly used home appliances these days. Even more, here in the article we have answered widely asked questions about it.

Final Words

These were some of the best air fryer in India that we have mentioned with a few crucial factors that you should mark while buying air fryers. Purchase the product with almost all the features like excellent quality, good looks, digital display, timer control, and other factors. We have already paid out some of the great products available in the market. Furthermore, we have selected two best air fryers in India whose quality and other features have come out with flying colors. The first one is  Prestige PAF 4.0 2.2-Litre Air Fryer (Black)from a renowned brand with premium quality and features. Havells Pro-life Digi 1230-Watt Air Fryer (Black)is best amongst all the products with excellent look, shape, size, and functions, making it suitable for your use.

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