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Best running shoes under 2000 RS in India

Be it for an early morning jog, sports event or even just for fashion. You could say that shoes are man’s best companion. Upgrading your fashion element, improving your fitness, motivating you to be a better confident version of yourself shoes do it all. It isn’t just a part of your fitness but nowadays it is also a major part of your attire. It can define your choices.   But it can be a little tiresome and work to research and find the perfect pair that is suitable for you. There’s so much to consider, the quality, design, budget and common questions before buying one. But don’t worry,

We’ve done the research and analysis for you. They all fall within the budget and are comparatively the best shoes in the market available under Rs. 2000. Check it out to see if you are interested in a pair that will suit your needs.

1) Puma Men Convex Pro IDP Running Shoes

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Ranging between Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2000, Puma Men Convex Pro IDP Running Shoes are best suitable for your morning run, casual wear and also exercising. These are really lightweight making you feel comfortable and free. It also has soft foam footbed to provide pillow cushioning for all da comfort use. The brand itself has established itself with a goodwill among buyer for the last some decades.

These shoes come in six different colours you can choose from. As regards to warranty they come with a solid 1.5 months product warranty against manufacturing defects. It also has a very easy cleaning and care procedure. So, maintenance wouldn’t be such a trouble for the hassle for wearers. It has lace up closure, so you can tie it according to you fit. The snug fit of the sure makes sure that users feel more comfortable with the correct fit and lightweight of the shoes. The heel has a padded collar for comfort and the knitted mesh upper ensures that it has breathability and thus avoids the problem of smell shoes.

The style of the product is really an update according to the modern latest fashion. This training shoe is a sleek modern update to the classic Carson design with a stylish new core material. The material is a knitted mesh upper that ensures utmost breathability. The product is long lasting with comfort and style so definitely worth its price. It is a highly durable material.

Some concerns regarding this are that it is slippery at times and the soft foam could be improved to a much better one. But still, you can go buy these ones if you are using it for running, gym and as an add on to your casual wear. It does not exactly serve rough use purpose. They are an decent collection to own for an affordable price.


  • Comparatively a good price for the features offered
  • Comfort and utmost breathability


  •  Only limited orders per customer (up to 3 only)
  •  Not of much use when it comes to professional athletes or long running.

2) Puma Men Cars on Club II IDP Running Shoes

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 Puma Men Carson Club II IDP Running Shoes are priced in between Rs. 1700 to Rs. 2000. They are light weight and super comfortable. It has flat heels and also has rubber soles. It has a lace up closure. There is also a flexible and dual outsole to give you maximum traction when using them. They come in seven different colours which are stylish and attractive to the eye. The royal blue coloured pair of puma shoes especially have fine knitted upper mesh to ensure high breathability and style. These pair of shoes are made to for comfort and leisure of our feet. The disadvantage being customers have reviewed against the shoes for bad product quality questioning the durability of the product. The sole material of the shoes could be improved.

Even if it is reviewed against bad sole quality, there’s 90 days warranty withing which you could exchange the product. This item is of latest fashion and is lightweight, so there is comfort ensured.

The brand name has good reviews among people, so if you want a pair of style, comfort and quality on your feet, go for it.


  • Flat heels
  • Stylish design
  • Superior material quality


  • Rubber sole tends to become uncomfortable after long use.
  • Only limited quantity available.

3) Red Tape Men Nordic Walking Shoes

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These shoes are my personal favourite. Stylish, comfort and goes with everything you wear and can look really cool exercising, wearing or running in these. They are priced in a range between Rs.1600 and Rs.2000. 

These shoes come in two colour blue and grey and both look bold  and cool enough  to make a fashion statement. The shoe is different from the usual rubber soles, it is made up of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. The textile material makes the finish even better. It is bit of work to care and clean these shoes comparatively.

It is accepted and appreciated greatly among customers, many of them even willing to buy it for the second time. Some users have complained to have had issues with the size and fit of the shoes. But you could always return and exchange it if you aren’t satisfied.

The brand offers a product warrant against manufacturing defects for 90 days and it is highly durable and comfortable. All foot sizes seem to be comfortable and fashionable with these shoes.

Go for it if you want a cool pair of shoes to jog, exercise, gym and even pair up with those cool casual outfits you own.


  • Sole is made up of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
  • Worth its price
  • Firm grip


  • Difficulty in finding the correct size.
  • Less colours to choose from.

4) Adidas Men Running Shoes

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If you are someone who rejected many pair of shoes because you wanted more colours and options to choose from, these shoes are your game. They come in 11 different colours, all of them with fascinating minimalistic design. You can choose what you find appealing and interesting the most. These are a little cheaper compared to the other shoes, ranging between 1330- 2000 . Thw cpmfort element of these shoes should be noticed as they are crafted with Mesh and Synthetic upper for added comfort. Plus, the perforations on the toe area offer breathability with extended grip and comfort. So, it is the real winner in terms of comfort. They also come with Light strike IMEVA midsole for long term lightweight cushioning and shock absorption with a full rubber outsole for durability. These look pretty similar to the cool sneakers you pair up with your casual outfit to make your look. The synthetic material ensures quality of these shoes. The heels aren’t flat they are at a height of 1.5 inches.

Although there are complaints regarding the quality and stitching of these shoes, many users have warranted for this product, appreciating the design, durability and use of these shoes. There’s also a 90 days period warranty provided for this product.

You can absolutely go for these shoes, if you are looking for a casual and running shoes which, you can use all the time. It is definitely a top up for sneakers cum workout shoes. And it also comes at an affordable price for these features and design.


  • Stylish yet minimalistic design.
  • Has a full rubber outsole for better traction.


  • Many complaints about being given a duplicate product.
  • Comparatively higher prices.

5) Puma Men Sea walk IDP Sneakers

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 It is priced at an average rate of rs.1200 to Rs, 2000 which is comparatively a decent price for this product. This has soft foam and has stylish features and a variety of 14 unique colours to choose from. The shoe itself is designed in a very much stylish way. The outer material is synthetic and the sole is made from rubber, and it has a lace closure.

It is also offered with a warranty period of 90 days. Its feather weight, really comfortable and goes well along with your casual wear outfits. It has received great response from customers, appreciating the smart look, fit and durability. Though some reviews say the sole quality to be of lesser quality. But there’s a warranty period if you want to return or exchange the product. You can use it as a fashion add on and also for you morning walk or jog. Or even for exercising.

It has received appreciable reviews overall and the overall quality, design and comfort is worth its price. In overall, you can buy this product if you are intending to use it as a walking or running shoes. It doesn’t seem to endure rough use though.


  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Great reviews online.
  • Comes in variety of colours.


  • Doesn’t endure daily rough use.

6) Reebok Men’s Speed-o-Nick Running Shoe

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These shoes are perfect for athletes. It allows you to flex your foot as intended, not restricting your comfort. It also provides customized cushioning for adaptable comfort. The Two-toned knit forefoot and soft rear foot for ultimate breathability and comfort is an add on benefit. It is a reebok product, which has good reputation among athletes and for athletic products.

It also sustains against daily rough use and the price of Rs. 1600 is worth for its benefits. It is really easy to use and it has durability against rough conditions.

It has been rated 4 stars among customers and is quite a popular product. It also comes in 3 different colours. Choose your colour and go for a stylish jog.


  • Amazing reviews among users.
  • Endures daily rough use.
  • Useful for professional athletes and for longer performance.


  • Less options of colours to choose from and comparatively basic design.

7) Nike Men’s Revolution Running Shoes

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As it is in the name these shoes are a revolution. They come in almost 37 different colours and designs. It is priced around Rs.2000. It has synthetic sole and has a lace up closure.

The disadvantage being there’s isn’t enough warranty period for the product and its comparatively high cost. They only provide a period of 30 days.

It has soft foam for comfort and the Lightweight knit material wraps your foot in breathable support. Its minimalist design makes it go with anything you’re wearing.

It endures rough use, and the wash care is also easy but the price may be a little high for the features, as there are products with almost the same features and quality for an even better price.


  • Superior design.
  • Soft foam for comfort


  • High price for the product
  • Shorter warranty period.

FAQ About Best running shoes under 2000 Rs

1)How is running shoes different from other types of shoes?

Running shoes generally help you in moving faster. They are lighter in weight but focus on the cushioning and they are made to provide traction and grip mainly in the forefoot area. They carry around four times your weight. They are nowadays also used as sneakers.

2) Can it be washed?

Yes, it can be washed, and most of the running shoes have a pretty simple care procedure to make sure your shoes are in good shape. Maintenance isn’t that much of a trouble when it comes to running shoes. Most of them come with a mesh to promote breathability, so your shoes do ventilate all the sweat away.

3) Can running shoes be used for other purposes like weightlifting, gym, aerobics, walking, badminton or other such activities?

Yes, they can be used for other purposes, but if you are going to play or train in them for a Professional purpose, it’s always better to use the shoes designed to be suitable for that purpose.

4) Does walking in running shoes hurt us or damage the shoes?

No, walking in running shoes doesn’t hurt our heels or foot for that matter. And it doesn’t reduce the value of the shoe. Running shoes are now popularly used as casual sneakers and many people use it as a sneaker for casual wear.

5) How to know the correct fit and size of your running shoes?

Usually, your normal shoe size will be the same as your running shoe, but even if it may differ it may be a size bigger or smaller. If you feel comfortable and the shoe fits around you snugly, then that is the shoe size for you.

Final Words

Shoes are a must in this new modern and outgoing world, and if you can find the perfect one that goes well for your daily exercising needs, goes along with your fashion choices and fits inside your budget, nothing would be better than that. These are all those shoes that has quality, decent price and superior design to it all with in the budget. So, choose your pair and make your day the best run.

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